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Friday, January 29, 2016


Welcome to the usual set of Friday thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, they are in no particular order. Sorry for the delay!

--The last Labour Day Classic at Mosaic Stadium will be memorable, but the annual first Sunday in September visit by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will be more memorable after news Tuesday that Weston Dressler would be on the field that afternoon as a member of the Bombers. Two weeks after Dressler was released, there is still a great deal of anger in the Rider Nation and that anger was fuelled by this tweet from one of my favourite all-time Riders Jeff Fairholm.

That is a sentiment being shared by a lot of people. There is no doubt Dressler is one of the most popular Riders in the 100 plus year history of the franchise. He is arguably top 5 and he may arguably be top 3 and for good reason. It still sickens me to think Dressler's CFL career won't continue with him wearing a green and white uniform, and I will be very interested to see what type of reception he is given during the LDC. No doubt Rider fans will salute him before the game starts with what should be a standing ovation for his 8 years of service, but would they cheer for him if Drew Willy or whoever throws two TD passes to him. They probably won't do that, but they will make the call-in show interesting.

I remember when Wayne Gretzky got traded to Edmonton, and while an Oilers fan deep down I wasn't disappointed to see the Kings beat the Oilers in the 88-89 playoffs. I somehow relate this situation to that one.

The rivalry is a great one, but I had to wonder if the Bombers poured some fuel on it Tuesday when announcing Dressler was now a member of their organization. This quote really had me wondering if there was a dig given. That quote being "The stadium is hands down the loudest in the CFL." Now it wouldn't surprise me to see a quote get crafted, but is he suggesting Winnipeg fans are louder than Saskatchewan fans. We know how loud Mosaic can get, and admitedly I have not been to Investors Group Field, but I think a challenge has been issued as to how loud Mosaic can get.  Is it Labour Day yet?


I am hearing rumblings, and there is nothing concrete to this at all, that Jeff Fuller could be a guy heading to Saskatchewan in free agency. I would applaud that move if it were to happen.'s top 30 free agents are led by Trevor Harris, Andrew Harris and Ted Laurent. I can't disagree with that, but Chad Owens is a tad low at 15 and Travis Lulay at 10 is a tad high. As for Laurent, it seems as if one of the newest Riders--Shawn Lemon--wants Laurent to come here. If that happened, it would be like a Ted Laurent for John Chick trade. I'm OK with that.

We are still a week away from Super Bowl 50 and it seems as if Cam Newton is doing the best job he can to make this about him. Why is he bringing race into the issue? His newser Monday in which he said America doesn't know how to deal with him because no African-American quarterback can do what he does was a little over the top. Cam Newton is a good quarterback, but he is not the first black quarterback to play in or win a Super Bowl so why is he coming off as he is.  I think it is safe to say some do hate him (sadly) because of the colour of his skin, but others hate him because of his demeanour. Not all quarterbacks are going to be golden boys like Joe Montana and Troy Aikman, but show some humility and instead of coming off like the arrogant guy that he is. There can be an arrogance factor, but you need to do something first and last I looked, Cam Newton hasn't won the Super Bowl or been named the league MVP yet.

--The NHL all-star break has arrived and all I can say is "When do the games start again?" Ovechkin isn't going to be there, Crosby isn't going to be there, Toews isn't going to be there and either will be McDavid while Jagr just doesn't want to play.  Those who have read this blog in the past know of my dislike for all-star games. I won't be watching it and it seems some players don't want to be in it. Yes, it means they will miss their team's first game back, but the Capitals and Hawks don't have to worry about making the playoffs.

--John Scott will be at the NHL all-star game much to the NHL's disdain. A lot has been written about Scott over the past few weeks, but his article in the Players Tribune is absolutely fantastic as it paints the picture as to what has been going on his mind, and how his life and that of his family has been turned upside down, and how the NHL doesn't really want him there, I have no idea what the weekend is going to hold and as Phil Andrews said, this could be his last ever game in the NHL. I hope that isn't the case, but I can't disagree with what Phil is thinking.

--A tip of the hat to TSN's Sara Orlesky. Her feature on former Pats forward Rick Rypien and Jets assistant GM Craig Heisinger was brilliant. The only problem I had with it is was that it wasn't longer. Every Pats fan needs to see that piece.

--I don't know who has applied for the vacant U of R Rams head coach position, but I am hearing someone who hasn't applied is Thunder coach Scott McAuley which is too bad seeing he is probably the best candidate. Perhaps a bridge has been burned beyond repair, and if it has I can't really blame Scott especially when he watched the implosion that occurred in Ramsville this year.

--Above zero temperatures in late January. I'm down with that!

--The first fantasy baseball magazines have hit the shelfs with season previews to follow very soon. I'm down with that too!

--The Saskatchewan Rush are back home tonight to take on the Colorado Mammoth (love that name). The first home game saw a crowd of 10-thousand come to Sask-Tel Centre, and despite the home team losing I heard a lot of positives so hopefully a crowd of 10-thousand plus will be there for this one.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the spring-like weather!


Anonymous said...

I hope John Scott shoves it up everyone's tailpipe this weekend. He is trying to make the best of a situation he had no involvement in, and the NHL is crucifying him for it.


Anonymous said...

John Scott Rocks!


Anonymous said...

IGF is definitely louder than Mosaic. I was there for the 2013 Banjo Bowl so I know this first hand. The stadium is designed to bounce the sound around.

So Dressler wasn't lying.

Anonymous said...

Deep within by little beer belly I feel that Grey Cup 2016 will feature a Bomber vs. Ti-Cat battle. My drinking buddies refer to it as my gut feeling.

Gasish Clay

Anonymous said...

Is Dressler going to be 13 for the 13th man like he was going to be in Kansas City? If he wanted to be a Rider bad enough, he could have found a way. The same for Chick.

Anonymous said...

Dressler moved on get over it. He may have a tremendous 5 years in the peg and go in the hall of fame as a bomber. So what? He was part of a 3 win team and wanted a grey cup salary, so did Chick. Next men up will replace any departed players.

Anonymous said... Top 30 free agents ... Corey Watman as a regular starter and has become the player the Riders hoped for.


Did he start a single game? Did he even see actual game action outside of a tight end set? The #1 ranked Rider free agent.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Fairholm was a great player but he is an idiot pure and simple. Typical Rider Alum. Support when supported.

Anonymous said...

Check Fairholm for CTE

What has Dressler done against a Jones defines?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Fairholm bailed on the Riders after the 1993 season to Toronto. Won a Grey Cup with the Riders in 1989.
So once again its ok for a player to come and go as they please. However when a player gets cut for the betterment of the team. Mainly salary costs. Then the players feel hard done by. What a bunch of BS. I learned years ago that you love your team and you like the players. Every team has see so many good players come and go. So why is this any different. The guys were simply over paid for their positions in the CFL. After a 3-15 season they have to expect HUGE change.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Fairholm irrelevant to anything.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that their "fans" are louder than us. It has everything to do with stadium configuration. I'm sure when we move to the new mosaic stadium we will be louder in there compared to the old one because of its configuration. But still not louder the IGF because of the steel roof. Steel bounce noise. And translucent roof does not. Well at least not as much. If you put 33000 rider fans in IGF though that would be the loudest that stadium would ever be. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare re: Fairholm traitor