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Friday, January 15, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today international defensive end John Chick and international receiver Weston Dressler have been released by the team.

“Decisions like these are never easy but we felt it was necessary in order for us to move forward and better position ourselves as a football team,” stated Roughriders vice president of football operations, general manager and head coach, Chris Jones. “We spoke with each player and their respective agents at length in an attempt to negotiate more cap friendly contracts but unfortunately could not reach satisfactory agreements.”  

Chick spent six seasons with the Riders after originally joining the team in 2007. After winning the CFL’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player in 2009, Chick embarked on a three year NFL career. He returned to the Green and White in 2013 where he spent the next three seasons. Chick ranks fourth in Riders all-time quarterback sacks with 53. He is a two-time Grey Cup champion having won in 2007 and 2013.

Dressler joined the Riders in 2008 and went on to win the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie award. Through eight seasons Dressler surpassed the 1,000 yard receiving mark five times. He sits third in Riders all-time receiving yards with 7,797 and fifth in all-time receiving touchdowns with 50. He won his first career Grey Cup in 2013.

“We want to thank John and Weston for all that they have done for the Roughriders and the province of Saskatchewan,” added Jones. “We wish them both the best of luck.”


- It's never easy with good long-standing citizens in the CFL such as these.  But they were all tied to salary.

- We took as long as we could.  There's things that happened along the way and we had to exhaust every effort to see if we could trade or get something for our team in return.  We exhausted everything we could do, we talked to the agents, and we couldn't get them to come to where we could afford them.  It was basic economics.

- They were due roster bonuses in the coming days.

- You have to take (fans' reaction) into consideration but when it comes down to it, you have a team to run.  We've never won any championships with only one or two guys.  You have to worry about the complete good of the football team.

- I don't want to shut the door on anything.  They are two really great players and had they been able to agree to the terms that we needed, we were willing to listen to and look at that idea but as of right now it wasn't going to fit what we're doing financially.

- I don't want to start speculating on anybody else.  This isn't something fun for me today.  It's kind of a bad day to make this release.  It's a necessary evil.

- This is what we get paid to do -- to go out and find football players.  Will we find players exactly like them?  Likely not.  They're unique in their qualities but we can find players that we can line up and win with.

- We've spoken with their agents and via text with John.  I'm sure for them it's never easy to leave somewhere especially when they're as connected as they are.

- They were making a lot of money for the CFL and I won't get into the numbers but it was something we couldn't afford.

- Don Mathews experienced this in Montreal when he took over and we had this in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.  Different guys had to not be there and unfortunately that's the business we chose to be in.

- We're not worried about sending messages or anything like that.  We're trying to put together the best team we can win with within the salary cap.

- The Maurice Price deal was totally separate from this.  He's a great player and I don't want to talk about any other player.  Let's make this completely about John and Weston today.

- I'm not gonna talk about Darian.  I'm not gonna talk about anyone that's on our roster or anybody we could potentially sign.  We'll keep this about these two guys today.

- Father Time catches up with everybody and Weston's not getting any younger.  He was still very dynamic last year and somebody you had to be aware of at all times.

- There was an abundance of leadership that we lost today but everywhere I've been, there's always been somebody that was willing to step up and fill that void.