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Friday, January 8, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced international defensive lineman Caesar Rayford has signed with the team. As per club policy, terms of the contract were not released.
Rayford (6’7 – 270) joins the Riders after attending 2015 training camp with the Minnesota Vikings, playing four preseason games. The 29-year-old will be entering his ninth professional season since graduating from the University of Washington in 2007.
Rayford is experienced with the CFL game having spent time with BC in 2009, and Calgary and Montreal in 2014 – playing two regular season games for the Alouettes, registering one defensive tackle.
The Washington native played seven 2013 NFL regular season games for the Dallas Cowboys totaling five tackles. He has also previously spent time with the Indianapolis Colts practice squad.


Anonymous said...

Caesar Rayford will be turning 30 before camp opens.
Nice to see Jones and Murphy building for the future by signing a retiree.

They trade away a young starter for a grandpa in football years

Another great move by Jones and Murphy

Anonymous said...

He has tried to make 3 other cfl teams and was not good enough to even make the PR.

A great find Murphy - not

or is this a great signing by Jones - pathetic

Anonymous said...

His resume sounds similar to that of stevie baggs when he first arrived here. Saying this is a bad signing already is beyond idiotic... stop trying to satisfy for side agenda you hyenas! Your buddy O'Day will never be a GM in this league.

Anonymous said...

I agree that signing older players isn't too exciting. However, give this regime some time. If these guys will be an improvement over last years product, then who cares their age. I am sure mgmt is looking for young up-and-comers, but they also need to bring bodies to camp and see who can plug the many holes we have.

Anonymous said...

Most likely sad sack stumps or Mos fans who know that in two seasons when everyone in Alberta is flat broke (repossession companies can't keep up with banks demands right now) and both teams only sell 1000 seasons tickets that they will no longer be able to buy anything they want.

Already can't keep entire coaching staffs from walking away for GREENER pastures.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Rider hate by the sad-sack Eskimo fan.

Anonymous said...

The guy’s training camp fodder if nothing else… No one’s suggesting he’s a blockbuster signing.

T. Brown

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a really really great aquisition by the Rrs and its really really nice to the team reconstruct build taking shape. Good on the new regime, kudos actually. I applaud Mr Jones and his staff.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Zero risk involved with this signing, and the Riders might get lucky and he will be productive for two or three seasons.
Jones likes big guys, and at 6'7" this guy fits the mold.