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Friday, January 22, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today national defensive back Dan West and national punter Josh Bartel have signed with the team. As per team policy, details of the contracts were not released.

West (6’2 – 205) will return to the Riders for his second season after originally joining the team in July, 2015. Last season, the 29-year-old Ontario native picked up six special teams tackles in 11 regular season games.

Prior to the Roughriders, West spent three seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers after signing with the team as a free agent out of Bishop’s University.

West was eligible to become a free agent on February 9th.

Bartel (6’3 – 200) will return to the Riders for his second stint after spending the 2014 season with the Green and White. The 29-year-old Australian born kicker was originally acquired by the team in a trade with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Through three CFL seasons, Bartel has totaled 335 punts for 14,520 yards (43.3 yard average) including an 83 yard long in 49 regular season games. He is a two-time East Division All-Star picking up nominations in 2012 and 2013.

*Meanwhile despite internet rumours to the contrary, the Saskatchewan Roughriders ARE not close to a new deal with pending free agent receiver Ryan Smith.  The NDSU product led the Riders with 991 receiving yards in 2015.


Anonymous said...

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Left Coast K

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the scoop as to last year's punter Ray Early. Loved his moon shot punts. Is he going to give the NFL a shot or will he be back to compete?

Anonymous said...

Jones rebuilding the Riders with what - oh yes old guys !!!!! Both will be 30

But will cut Rider all stars

Jones and Murphy are idiots !!!!!!!!!

Keith Pottruff said...

The incessant whining that Chick and Dressler are gone is getting to be sad. The fact is that the CFL has a $5.1 million salary cap this year. Those two were slated to get over $650k in salary and bonuses this year, add in Durant's deal and you are already using more than 20% of the cap on three, albeit great, players.

I'm as much a fan of Dressler and Chick as anyone else but the fact is that for the team to improve they need new players at a lot of positions and this helps them find and sign those guys.

I like Early as a punter, he has an awesome leg. While Bartel is a bit of a downgrade he is a National which again helps being able to play another American somewhere else. Jones may not be doing the warm fuzzy things, but then again championships aren't won with warm fuzzy roster moves.

Anonymous said...

This Bartel signing is just wrong. Because of him we always lost the field position battle. Early is a great asset, not this guy.

Anonymous said...

When were chick and dressler Allstars. .not last year that's for sure..

Anonymous said...

The trolls are idiots…….no other words describe. They're the same ones who want to re-sign a 31 year old receiver and a 33 year old d-end. Both being in the highest paid of the CFL and coming off very mediocre/poor seasons. Really stupid people who ought to have their keyboards taken away and then apprehended on Mental Health Act warrants.

Most of the Rider roster as with other teams rosters are comprised of 27-29 year olds. A lot happens to a football body between 29 and 33. They are bringing back Canadians who can help and whose bodies don't take the same beating as a lineman. If Bartel shows well, he can be a ratio changer that allows an American to play in a key position. Early was OK but not exceptional. Its all about ratio. That is far too complex for the two or three trolls who come on here and display their diminished mental capacity.

Great signing by football people. The team is already better.

Anonymous said...

More older players no talent shows why the riders will again be in the basement of the league

Anonymous said...

Aren't Bartel and West Taman recruits?

Christopher Evans said...

This is all about competition... no one gets a free ride, so Coach Jones will be making everyone earn their roster spots! Relax folks... some of you aren't going to make the season at this rate!!

Anonymous said...

Recruits? Taman wouldn't know a football if one hit him square on his snozz.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Rider fan. Me so smrt. I know every guy that is signed means he will be a starter. Why don't they only bring 46 guys to camp.

Dan West plays special teams you dummies! Canadians! Both are non-imports. Important in the CFL. Bartel gives Jones and crew the OPTION of going non-import at that spot and dressing an american elsewhere.

Stop embarrassing the rest of us!

GWils2626 said...

Taman retreads!? GASP!

Anonymous said...

Go Eskimos!!