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Monday, January 4, 2016


Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Pats will be without Captain Colby Williams indefinitely.  The 20 year-old defencemen is scheduled to undergo surgery to aid in the healing of an arm injury sustained over the summer and is expected to return to the lineup later in the season.

Williams originally missed the first 16 games of the season due to his injury.  The Pats captain made his 2015-16 regular season debut November 13, recording one goal and an assist.  Williams has 11 points (5G, 6A) and is a +3 plus/minus rating in 16 games this season.

"Losing a player of Colby's calibre is never easy," said Pats Head Coach and GM John Paddock.  "However, we've consulted with a team of surgeons who work with the Edmonton Oilers and this surgery is what is in the best interest of Colby the individual as well as the hockey player."

Williams enjoyed a career season in 2014-15.  The Regina native was named a WHL Eastern Conference Second Team All-Star as well as the Regina Pats' MVP and Top Defenceman.  He recorded 41 points (11G, 30A) and was second in the league in plus/minus with a +45 rating.  He was drafted by the Washington Capitals in the fifth round, 173rd overall, of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.


Anonymous said...
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RWAH said...

ouch that hurts

Anonymous said...

**** it's bad new at every level for the team. Do they go on without a third 20 year old and hope he makes it back in time, provided they even make the playoffs. Do they pick up another 20 in the event he doesn't make it back in time. Reading the article in the LP it seemed as if Williams himself is very unsure as to his recovery time. This thing didn't respond properly the first time so what's to say it will the second time. One would think it would be prudent to cover your bets. Don't know if it's doable but this team needs a shot in the arm by way of a couple moves. Some guys need a message sent to them.****

Anonymous said...

Good luck Coby on your surgery and you healing time hope you are back soon .Thoughts and prayers are with you this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Pats are bad enough as it is , with this injury they probably will drop out of playoff contention and the Saskatoon Blades will take their place.

Anonymous said...

---- after all the new additions Saskatoon has made, its likely true. Read that Saskatoon may not be done.
Pats haven't improved their team all year. Now this and goalie issues. Big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Sound the alarms! The Pats might not win another game all season.


Anonymous said...

Very disappointing effort last nite by the Pats with the exception of Brooks...this team has problems and must get sorted out quickly. Sam Steel looks like a player that would rather be at home than playing hockey...if anyone thinks he is going to be drafted in first round you are kidding yourself unless he has a huge turn around...goaltending is another major concern as neither of them have been consistant and our defense is awful...hope the phones are ringing as it could be a long 2nd half.

william weppler said...

This story is about a young hockey player, with professional aspirations, who is having surgery so that he can hopefully get back to 100% at some point.
Who cares whether he makes it back to the Pats (those being selfish I guess) or that the Pats are struggling the last month... as Fans of WHL and Pats Hockey we should be more concerned he can continue playing the game he loves in a professional environment. Hoping the surgery goes well Colby.

Anonymous said...

Without Williams, the Pats were really lousy early in the season. This is terrible news for Pats hopes this year.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've seen anything that isn't sympathetic to Williams situation. I read comments like "who cares whether he makes it back to the Pats" I can tell you his coach cares and wants him back ASAP. He went to great lengths today to say that Colby would be back sooner than the word indefinite conjures up. This is not a life threatening or career ending procedure. It's more of a remedial procedure to advance his rehab. When some fool gets on here and portrays it like the end is near, it's rather ridiculous. Fans don't need some self righteous brown noser calling them selfish and evidently uncaring. If the causation of the injury were known to the self appointed moral compass, he might be a little more restrained in his criticism of others.

If you want be a cheerleader then post "Go Pats Go". Thats enough if there isn't any knowledge based comment or critique available to you. Fans have every right to be upset and concerned about a franchise which hasn;t progressed in the past two years over the 30 plus before that. A team that recently has played more often than not like it doesn't care. In two years Anholt has turned Lethbridge from sad sacks to genuine contenders. We're still waiting.

william weppler said...

I was just saying that most posts weren't even about Colby's issue but more about how lousy that Pats have been, or will be without him. That wasn't the point of the article. All posts should have been sympathetic, or well wishes, towards Colby. Lots of avenues on RP's blog to cut down the Pats if that is what posters want to do.

Selfish? ....I want Colby back sooner than later as well but want him to get healthy 1st, not be asked to be the saviour of the Pats this year, and risk further injury. I am well aware of "causation of the injury".

To Anon "Without Williams, the Pats were really lousy early in the season" ... if you listened to John's intereview the Pats were .500 without Colby...similar to thier record now.

Fool and self righteous brown!

Anonymous said...

Well said William. The Pats are doing what is best for a young man, and that should be respected.

Get well Colby

The Captain

Anonymous said...

Paddocks comments nailed it. This kid did something stupid, and now it has hurt his chances at even maybe going pro. Career ending injury right here (hopefully not, but 95%).