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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


EVERETT, Wash. - Cole Sanford scored a power-play goal in his Regina Pats debut 4:57 into overtime to lift Regina over the Silvertips 4-3 Tuesday night in the WHL.  The 20-year old veteran was acquired on Sunday's WHL trade deadline from the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Adam Brooks scored two goals and set up another for the Pats (19-18-6) while Jake Leschyshyn also scored.

Remi Laurencelle led Everett (24-12-4) with a goal and two helpers. Carson Stadnyk and Cole MacDonald rounded out the offence.

NOTES:  Everett outshot Regina 26-23 and held period leads of 2-0 and 3-1 ... Jordan Hollett got the win in the Pats goal ... The Pats were 2/7 on the powerplay and 5/6 killing penalties ... The attendance was 3234 ... Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Regina of Regina was in attendance.

Regina is 2-1 on their six-game road trip and visits Portland Wednesday at 9:00 pm on 620 CKRM.

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Anonymous said...

What a game! Welcome to the Pats Sanford!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Protect us all and WASH YOUR HANDS everyone. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

I washed my hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs long ago.

william weppler said...

Certainly was a great comeback win. Sanford and Steel looked very good together after only a practice or is going to up Zablocki's game as well just being with those 2 skilled players.

Everyone seemd to be energized once Jake got the PP goal...the 3rd line was also very good with Cole leading the way.

Brooks can just takeover a game again and again it seems...outstanding.

It's only one game since the moves, but I guess the negative nellies will have to wait at least one more game before they can come on and bemoan John's and Team Mgmt's decisions at the deadline. I am sure they had thier text ready before the game started and were just waiting to hit the enter key. JK....JK!!!

And oh yea....Go Pat Go!!

Anonymous said...

It's still a bad trade, even if we win 1 round in the playoffs. Tell me who is going to be steels linemate next year when we are suppose to contend for the league championship. Sanford is a great player and I'm glad he's here instead of some other team but next year we will have to trade for another winger because if we don't have anyone to play with steel.

william weppler said...

Well easy to say it is a bad trade now...a lot of assumptions there for sure. 1st we have to make the playoffs which this trade should ensure that we do. Once in the playoffs the experience will be a big payback no matter how far they make it. I guess they could have done nothing and HOPE they make the playoffs...and then what would that change for next year?

If you listened to Paddock's explanation for the moves it makes a lot of sense. Basically gave up 1 player (Kroeker) to get Sanford, an insurance player. Brian Williams was hurt but someone still wanted him; Haden is a "prospect", nothing more at this point; 3 draft picks spread over 3 years, which no one will ever know what they would have turned into; and time to get some of those picks back if they think they need them.

I am not so sure that the Pats won't find a player within their own ranks to play with Steel and Zablocki; let's trust them on that one; they know one H%^# of a lot more than we do. Remember Zabber is very young as well, so to be able to play with Steel and Sanford is going to make him a better player the rest of this year, and that will carry over to next year.

...and oh yeah...Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

At this rate will brooks even be back ad an overager next year or will he get drafted and turn pro? I know the odds say he'll be back but holy moly is he lighting this league up!

Anonymous said...

Hand washing in other countries such as India are not common.

Anonymous said...

Playing two rounds of playoffs last year really helped the team this year.

Anonymous said...

This is not India and communicable diseases are in our community, lets protect each other by washing our hands!!

Anonymous said...

10 sailors from the crew of HMCS REGINA based out of Esquimalt, traveled to Everett to meet Coach Paddock and the PATS for the morning skate. They talked about their shared values for success of teamwork and leadership and took some photos. The REGINA has a good relationship with her host city and there are more than a few Sask sailors that have sailed in 'er. The sailors stuck around for the game and had a great time. Whatever they said must've worked...BA BZ RCN

Anonymous said...