Realty One



Sunday, January 24, 2016


REGINA - Sam Steel had a pair of third-period goals as the Pats doubled up Prince Albert 4-2 Saturday night in the Brandt Centre. Remarkably, Steel wasn't even named a game star.

Adam Berg and Cole Sanford also scored for Regina (20-20-7) who led 1-0 after the first period and were tied 1-1 after two.

Simon Stransky and Parker Kelly found the back of the net for the Raiders (26-16-5).

Tyler Brown made 32 saves to get the win in goal for Regina.

The attendance was 4713.

The Pats host the Brandon Wheat Kings Sunday at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM.

(Canadian Press/KH Photography)


Anonymous said...

Got lucky. Will get mishandled by the Wheat Queens!

Anonymous said...

Wheat kings licking their chops in this one. No Contest! Prove me wrong Pats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome game by Sanford & Son!

william weppler said...

If there is one thing consistent about Asst Coach Struch - he's negative! Doesn't matter whether the guys win or lose they never play good enough for him. Kinda gets me a little boring after a while...hope the boys don't listen to his post game interviews.

Thought the boys had ooddles of great scoring chances in the 1st 2 periods but no puck luck... e.g. Steel's crossbar then post almost goal!! An unfortunate giveaway by the youngster Bruce (for the Raiders go ahead goal) but other than that thought he had a decent 1st game. Missing Hobbs and Williams is really hurting this Team both from leadership and defensive play standpoint.

Going to have to stay out of the Penalty Box this afternoon...if we can do that should be a good one.

...and oh yea...Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Not a rembrandt by any stretch. With any luck PA could have buried us and hit a couple crossbars themselves. Both Paddock and Struch call a spade a spade, and I darned well hope the players do pay attention. That game was poor by any standards. There were a huge number of unforced errors with most by veteran guys. Zabrovskiy, Hilsendager, and Harrison were just awful considering they're the vets now. This team isn't good enough to carry any dead weight. The errors were those you make in the first few weeks of the season, not at this point. When Bruce, Schoiler, and Freadrich were our best d-men, someone needs to pick it up. This may be a payback for when we've played well and got nothing. It however can't keep going like this on home ice.

BM said...

Here's my take on the game from last night involving the Pats and those pesky Raiders. Trade Sam Steel now! If Paddock is serious about fielding a contender pertaining to the 2016/2017 season, make the bold, what I'm sure would be controversial move by unloading Steel for a seventeen year old(even a sixteen year old would be acceptable)comparable to lead the push into next year.

Secondly, Jared Freadrich continues to impress. As eluded to in the post game coverage last night by assistant bench boss Dave Struch, Freadrich was one of the few standouts and is getting rewarded with tangible power-play opportunities.

Thirdly, is there a more dangerous player in the entire Western Hockey League then Austin Wagner? This guy, although some may disagree is a sure fire NHL'er and I'll throw out the bold prognostication that he'll be a member of the 2017 Team Canada world junior squad. The best penalty killer in the Canadian Hockey League.

william weppler said...

Interesting thoughts BM. Here's my take on your take:
Steel trade - WOW...don't agree. Still think Sam is one of the best players in the WHL and will only get better as they find players of somewhat equal ability to play with him. I just don't think their is a comparable (to Steel, if that is what you meant) 17 or 16 year old in the league right now.

Freadrich - totally agree...the extra playing time is making him better every game. Handling the disc with more confidence; possesses a great shot; and seems to fair okay despite a smaller build. Not as quick as some of the smaller players I have seen but ok mobility.

Wagner - On the fence but leaning towads falling off on the right side :)). After coming out of nowhere last year I thought he would be a superstar this year but hasn't met those expectations (yet). His speed makes him what he is, but seems to struggle with "smart" hockey and handling the puck (too much one handed play for my liking) sometimes. To be an NHL'er he needs to put on a few pounds as well 'cause if you notice he is easily knocked rorund even tho he is 6'2"...I saw him in the off season in shorts and his legs are like toothpicks. That being said I agree he is a big big threat on the PK and the play (on his back) to Berg last night was highlight material. Brooks, Berg and him are certainly a strong line and compliment each other well. I would like to see Austin (or any Pat player) make the Junior Team...and agree he has a chance.

Grind up those WHEAT kings today boys!

Anonymous said...

Listened to the game while ice fishing last night. Sounded like Pats played a solid game.

Anonymous said...

Was at the game last night having traveled by bus from P.A. What a beautiful rink you people have! It was an entertaining game to watch for sure, thought the Pats capatilized on all their chances. One thing Pat and Raider fans have in common...we all hate the

Anonymous said...

This Nolan Patrick for Brandon (#19) is going to go top 5 in the 2017 NHL Draft. Another kid of former NHL'r

Anonymous said...

Great to see Raider fans make the trip to support their team. It's easy to hate the Blades, thank you and please come to the Brandt Center anytime.

william weppler said...

To the PA fan - THx for making the trip. Yes the clock has certainly added a lot to the atmosphere of the Brandt Center. THx for the positive comments on our venue. It was 2 pts for us but agree that we did (finally) take advantage of our opportunities.