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Friday, January 22, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today national fullback Spencer Moore has signed an extension to remain with the team. As per team policy, details of the contract were not released.

Moore (6’4 – 230) will return for his fourth season with the Green and White after originally being selected by the Riders in the fifth round (44th overall) of the 2013 CFL Draft. The 25-year-old McMaster product has been a solid contributor on special teams through his first three seasons picking up 14 tackles, while also chipping in on offence with nine receptions for 55 yards through 35 regular season games.  

He won his first career Grey Cup in 2013 as a member of the Riders. 

Moore was eligible to become a free agent on February 9.


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Anonymous said...

A Taman draft pick?

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Anonymous said...

Jeez some people who post on here are stupid. Do any of you yahoo's have a clue about anything except showing the readers of this blog how totally dumb you are?
If you have ever watched a CFL game you might notice that not every player is a superstar but since football is a team sport players like Moore contribute in many ways. So why would you no-life nut cases think you should make negative comments towards a young Canadian player who does his part to help the team?
Go back to reading your comic books and leave posting on this blog to others who actually can say something intelligent.

Anonymous said...

How many more do Jones/Murphy want to keep? There can't be many left. Bagg, Getzlaf, Adcock, Fulton, Hall. I know I am missing a few.

Anonymous said...

Lots of young Nationals getting signed first.

Good start. Jones & Murphy are busy.

Newt from YQR

Anonymous said...

sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
It is used by the weak minded which is all the EE fans posting on this SK blog

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Dick Rubnutz said...

Always smart to lock up young Canadian players. 2 Moore years

Anonymous said...

.@garylawless: #CFL drafts new anti-tampering policy via @TSN_Sports

Should be named the JonesRiders policy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the master debater at the beginning of these comments. He has a name and is also a human being, show some respect.

Anonymous said...

So tell my this site isn't updating the latest news on the new CFL TAMPERING law that was specifically drawn up on behalf of the sliders and traitor Jones ,it's totally about the riders it has traitor Jones on the cover of the story,loserville Sask you deserve to stay as worst team in CFL

3RD and 1 said...

When you ask the EE organization for permission to speak to an Eskimo employee and the answer is yes go ahead. Then allow that employee out of their last year of the contract. How in the hell is that tampering? It is exactly how the EE got Jones from Toronto.
If anything the way in which the EE tried to steal the Als D-coordinator without permission. Had the guy retire from his contract. Then announce him as the EE D-coordinator is serious tampering.
As mentioned above, the weak minded on here are the EE fans who post. As well as pretend they are Rider fans. Not to mention that they suggest they are glad Jones is gone and then post crap like the comment above. The EE fans have become lower than a snakes belly on a concrete road. The slithering fits there behaviour and unsubstantiated comments as well.

Anonymous said...

That tampering article was written up because of the way the Edmonton Organization acted with the announcement as follows.
"" Als' coach Noel Thorpe could be headed to Eskimos ""
Edmonton never asked for permission to talk to Noel. Had him retire which was ok if you are retiring. Not if you are jumping ship.
In fact the CFL commissioner put a stop to Noel Thorpe jumping ship and also put a stop to everything because of the Eskimo's slimmy way of doing things. At least when the Eskimos did get Jones from Toronto. They did the same thing SK did. They asked for permission. Then they offered Jones a better position that he had in Toronto. Just as SK did by offering Jones the GM position.
Even before this the Eskimos GM announced and was fined from the CFL for stating that tampering goes on all the time.
Any fan stating otherwise on here has no knowledge of how things transpired. Nor do they have a clue on how the professional world of sports work.They are just loud moth shmucks.

Reginald of Regina

GWil26 said...

It's not updating because RP is on vacation you loser...

Anonymous said...

The Riders must be desperate to sign any Canadian players.

Anonymous said...

As a season ticket holder for over 40 years, & a Rider fan since birth, I appreciate what Reynolds has done in a short time.
The Acquisition of Chris Jones & Murphy is the best thing that has happened in franchise history along with the 4 Grey Cups

For those who hate change, cash in your tickets so fans who appreciate the Green can get their tickets!!
Monty. Regina