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Monday, January 18, 2016


Outgoing University of Regina Rams head coach Mike Gibson addressed the media and university officials at a news conference on Monday in the team's clubhouse on campus.  Gibson unexpectedly resigned on Sunday after only one year on the job to take a position with the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos.

Gibson opened with a statement, and this is what he said:

"I'd like to thank Vianne Timmons, the President of the University, and Harold (Riemer, Dean of Kinesiology) for giving me this opportunity.  It's a great opportunity.  To be quite honest with you this was a very tough decision for myself and my family.  I always tell the players this and I thoroughly believe it; this is their football team.  It's not the head coach's football team.  The head coach is just the one who has the responsibility of organizing things and making some tough decisions.  That locker room will be just fine.  I thoroughly believe that.  There's a lot of great young men in there and a lot of people who will be leaders and are leaders and will be just fine.

"I know the question's going to be asked that a year ago I made the statement that I wouldn't like to move again and I'd like this to be my final move.  At that time that was a very honest statement.  But things change in a year.  I think each and every one of you would agree with me in that regard.  This has been a great opportunity, I've enjoyed every single minute of it, but in your lifetime some opportunities come along and you owe it to yourself and your family to make decisions that are best for them.  That's what this was.

"I did not reach out to (the Eskimos).  They came to me, and that's what I decided to do.  Again I appreciate everything the university has done.  This is a great university, a great organization, there's a lot of great people here.  I mean great people.  They'll be just fine without Mike Gibson."

From there things got a little testy, with reporters trying to pin Gibson down on why the Eskimos presented a better opportunity than being the head coach of a CIS football program (a perceived paycut).

"I just told you, I made this decision for my family," Gibson repeated.  "I think this is a better decision for my family.  You may disagree with me.  I respect your opinion.  I'm not getting into the specifics of what the offer is guys.  That's really none of your business, okay?  At the end of the day I have to decide if it's a better opportunity for my family and I decided it is."

Gibson's address to the media lasted over 12 minutes and frankly, he should be commended for facing the music that came with walking out on his commitment to the program.  However at the end of the session, he delivered a final punch to the gut.

"Everybody said this would be tough," Gibson concluded.  "This wasn't tough."

And with that, he exited the room.

Acting U of R Athletics Director Curtis Atkinson said an interim coach would likely be named and that the Rams Board was scheduled to meet Monday evening.  The search for a full-time replacement begins immediately.

Rams President Dan Johnston said he's disappointed with Gibson's decision - above all because they lost a great coach - and said they'd hoped to have his services for "the long haul".  Regarding compensation from the Edmonton Eskimos for plucking Gibson, Johnston said that process is being reviewed.



Anonymous said...

Of course it wasn’t tough, who wants to be the HC of a team where the board of directors and certain alum think they can do a better job than you and want to make your life a living hell for 10 months of the year by treating you like you’re their puppet. There’s some associated with that club that think they could do a better job than Bill Walsh, Chuck Knoll, Marv Levy, and Tom Landry put together, but don’t have the brass berries to apply for the job themselves to prove it.

Gibson took a big bullet for the program and the next coach because the alum blood runs deep in that program and the person to replace Frank was always going to be looked down on, even though Gibson wasn’t given a lot of talent to start out with (it showed with 0 wins)

Anonymous said...

Good on Gibson for standing his ground. Some jerk stain media types think they can conduct themselves like small town drunkards. Ask any stupid question they want and expect some coach to patronize them. I can tell you Jones won't put up with nay of it. If Vanstone or anyone else needle him, he will politely put them in their place.

What Gibson isn't saying is he didn't have the means to build the program, and that he is facing nothing but treachery and back stabbing from alumni. He don't need that. He found out a lot more about the U of R than he is saying which shows a lot of class on his part, and a lot of stupidity on the part of other small-town fools.

Until they hire a proven CIS oath who has won a Vanier Cup, the team will never go anywhere. They will likely take some two bit local hack that the alumni think they can cajole. Sad situation there.

Anonymous said...

Compensation really?What a joke of a question that is lol,the Rams sound just like the lowly sliders organization now ,Leave the man alone he is gonna get a grey cup ring with the Eskies this year

Anonymous said...

CAn't blame him for wanting to get out of the cesspool that regina is.

Anonymous said...

Gibson was probably the worst hiring in CIS history. The Rams are in a far better spot now. Just shows how desperate the lowly Eskies are now; hiring guys who can't cut the mustard in the CIS.

Anonymous said...

Joins the hundreds of thousands that have left saskatchewan for greener pastures. Why is this a story, and why are people outraged?

Anonymous said...

Whoever replaces Towriss in Saskatoon will face the same thing. Overbearing alumni who think they are gods because they played 19 years ago and think everyone still loves them for it. University football alumni, guess what - time to stop living in the past and live like adults. And treat people like adults.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What got everyone up on the wrong side of the bed today?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sliders guy,

Do you or anyone you know over there in Alberta have a premium SUV for sale. Something alone the line of a Denali. Looking for a good deal from you or one of your bankrupt friends, what with the economy in Alberta and all.

I can pay cash.


Little Richie.

Anonymous said...

Eskimos fans still haven't come to terms with Jones leaving them high and dry and destined for the West Division basement. At the end of the day the Eskimos look desperate with this signing. Hiring a guy that couldn't cut the mustard in the CIS rankings... good luck with that City of Losers.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry there will be plenty available at foreclosure sales shortly lol

Anonymous said...

Alberta is in an economic death spiral

Anonymous said...

Takes a low piece of shit to talk about people that could be in struggling times, remember sask was there once also but your typical rider fans.

Anonymous said...

I checked the blog to see if anyone had anything intelligent to say about Gibson and the Rams. Unfortunately I didn't find anything intelligent. BTW, does anyone think that in general we welcomed Gibson with open arms as the Rams coach?? Forget about the Board, the U of R, the alumni or the players, how about the press and the folks who seem intent on degrading him. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, you're part of the problem, not part of the solution??

Anonymous said...

And we remember exactly how caring and understanding Albertans were in our time of need.

Typical hypocritical, arrogant Alberta a$$hole lol

Anonymous said...

>>>> Anonymous Anonymous said...
Takes a low piece of shit to talk about people that could be in struggling times, remember sask was there once also but your typical rider fans <<<<<<

When SK was struggling years ago. Every fricken fan from Calgary and Edmonton piled on the crap. Day in and day out.
Its just pay back... Biotch

Anonymous said...

I thought he was over his head

Anonymous said...

Hypocritical POS trash Albertans