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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Former Regina Pats owner Morley Gusway passed away in the early morning hours of Friday, January 22, 2016.  His family said Morley passed away peacefully.  He was 86.

Gusway was perhaps best known for being part of a group of Regina businessmen who purchased the Regina Pats from the Western Hockey League in 1985.  The group included Gusway, Bill Hicke, Jack Nicolle, Ted Knight and Huddy Bell.  They had ownership of the hockey club until 1995.

From the website, here's a short bio on Morley:  "He is the owner of Gusway's Rent It Centre. Vice-Chariman of the Board for the Saskatchewan Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission. In 1975 he opened the first ever Detox House in Regina."

Morley Gusway was a friend to all who knew him.



Anonymous said...

They won't be writing nice things like that for the last Pats owners LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon # 1.... This is about a Death. How can you be such a PIG and make a comment like that. You are either very young or your Brain Is Up Your Ass. Or Both .

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 - calm down and quit holding death up with such high regard. It's death and it happens to everyone, might as well smile about it.

Bill Fuller said...

Yeh.Well then you drop dead and give me something to smile about

Anonymous said...

no they won't write it about the last owner. Morley's life is defined by assisting people with substance abuse issues, and if you had any clue how much suffering this man healed it's be overwhelming.

Maybe the other guy can still turn things around, but he'll be remembered as a vindictive, petulant and moody rich boy that had it handed to him.

RIP Morley

Anonymous said...

Yo Bill! Been there, done that!

Anonymous said...

The last ownership was disgusting