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Friday, January 15, 2016


Receiver Weston Dressler bid farewell to Saskatchewan Roughriders fans Friday, but not before taking a parting shot at the new coach who released him.

Dressler and veteran defensive lineman John Chick, both longstanding Roughriders and fan favourites in Regina, were released Thursday by Chris Jones, the team's new head coach and general manager. In a statement, Jones said the players were let go after efforts to restructure their contracts were unsuccessful.

But Dressler, who spent eight seasons with the Riders, took to Twitter to disagree with Jones' contention.

"The negotiations that took place, or lack thereof, led me to believe I was never in the Roughrider plans for the 2016 season and beyond,'' the 30-year-old Dressler said in a statement. "I have come to terms with that and respect their decision.''

Dressler enjoyed a stellar career in Saskatchewan. He was the CFL's top rookie in '08 and cracked the 1,000-yard receiving plateau five times during his eight seasons in Regina. He also helped the Riders capture the 2013 Grey Cup.

"First, I will say that I highly respect Chris Jones as a coach in the CFL and believe he will be highly successful with the Saskatchewan Roughriders,'' Dressler said. "A man in his position has many decisions to make and I have no hard feelings towards him or the organization for their decision to release me.

"With that being said, I am upset and saddened by the fact there wasn't more effort put in by the organization to allow me to remain a Saskatchewan Roughrider.''

The five-foot-eight, 179-pound native of Bismarck, N.D., concluded his statement by thanking Riders fans for supporting him as well as his former teammates and coaches.

"Thank you Riderville for everything you have given back to me as a football player and as a person,'' he said. "Thank you to all the people I have worked with and played with over the past eight years.

"Being a Saskatchewan Roughrider has allowed me to develop many friendships that will last a lifetime. It has truly been an honour to represent the Riders and all of Saskatchewan.''

Dressler leaves the Riders ranked third in all-time receiving yards (7,797) and fifth in receiving TDs (50). He's currently a CFL free agent.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

I think Weston is correct.
He never figured in the Rider plans for 2016.
Good luck in all your future endeavours Weston.

Anonymous said...

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and have no doubt Weston and John both will excel in the next chapter of their careers. However I will never get used to the cold calculated way people are ousted from their jobs, no matter what that job may be. If you have ever held a job with a large corporation it happens a lot. Call it downsizing or money related, call it moving in a new direction, call it age related, if you are the one that loses your job it is never easy and very hard to accept. In the end, every person has the right to do what they think is best for themselves and their family. I do not believe either of these men deserved the treatment they got from our team. Honest, sincere dedicated players both of them and they possibly would have remained in some capacity for many years to come. I hope they know how much they were truly loved by the people of Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Pure class

Anonymous said...

Sadly Im sure Chris Jones gave a dollar number to Dressler's agent with a take it or leave it mentality. That would be what Weston would probably consider a lack of negotiations.
What most of us do not realize is that Taman had the Riders Salary Cap in a real mess. Even Oday almost threw Taman under the bus on a Sports Cage update several Months back. Basically saying the cam was a mess.
Weston if you can get anything oround $150K with another CFL team. Take it, jump on it because your on the wrong side of 30 now.
Best of luck to you except when your playing the Riders.

Love the Team
Like the players.

Anonymous said...

I take that to read that the riders gave him a number they’d be willing to keep him at, and Dressler thought that there was negotiation room when there wasn’t.

Anonymous said...

Here's a life lesson to guys who have been coddled and enabled since they were little guys - you deserve nothing and you are entitled to nothing. Robb Bagg said it best you never know when your career ends and after 4 wins nothing is guaranteed.

It's take it or leave it - these guys had opportunities to sign elsewhere so this taking a hometown discount is for the birds.

In the final analysis, the fans are not paying their bills. It was never between you and them anyway.

Anonymous said...

Weston is much loved by the fans, but it must be said that he forever holds a special place in hearts of the women of Rider Nation, many coming of age as passionate fans since 2007. That he is set to marry soon may be more heartbreaking to many young ladies here than seeing him wearing another CFL uniform in 2016.

Anonymous said...

What made anyone think that Chris Jones has any class? Doesn't anyone remember that two years ago in Edmonton, after every game, he refused to shake hands with the opposing coach, regardless of whether his team won or lost? I remember that well. That was the beginning of my dislike for Chris Jones. Nothing since has changed my mind about him. Weston Dressler and John Chick have more class in their little fingers than Jones will ever have. Good luck to Weston and John. We love you in Rider nation. Unfortunately, I am afraid there will be many more classless acts to come. Jones has shown nothing to me yet, except that he can convince many mindless people that he is god.

Anonymous said...

Well we will see what his true value is. If taman wouldn't have offered him such a ridiculous contract, he would have left. There is no lyalty when it comes to money.

Anonymous said...

Weston and John can have class. Chris Jones and John Murphy have championship rings and they also have jobs to do. You don't like it go work for the government.

Anonymous said...

Weston's statement just confirms what I have thought for a long time about Jones - he can not be trusted. He is a liar who will say whatever he thinks is necessary to try and justify his actions. Jones has no respect for the rider players at all. The sooner the Riders get rid of Jones and Murphy the better off they will be. You can not have people like Jones around who can not be trusted in what they say or do - lying is not acceptable at any time and Jones has shown that he is a liar.

Riders used to have respectful people at the top - now they do not

Jones is a liar - get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where trust, loyalty and class are playing into this.

Above all else i want the Riders to win. If that means without Dressler and Chick, I support that 100%.

That's why I buy season tickets. And I am positive the LARGE majority of fans feel the same.

Anonymous said...

"Jones is a liar - get rid of him"

Gotta say this jilted Eskimo fan is getting a bit tiresome with his Jones bashing and his multiple posts. Give it a rest and worry about your own team. Take a hike!

Anonymous said...

To all the anti-Jones/Murphy/Reynolds folks:

I can assure you, beyond a reasonable doubt, that your fears are groundless and your complaints are moronic.

These men have more football knowledge and savy than you could ever hope for.

You're really worse than small children who just found out there is no Santa.

Shut your mouths, you are stupid and your opinions are poorly conceived and irrelevant.

Just buy your tickets and cheer when we are a power house the next few seasons, you slobbering Pavlov's dogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... A Liar? Not sure about that! I'd say a person that has a 3-15 mess to clean up. With Salary cap issues to deal with as well.
I don't like the fact that these guys are gone this way either. Would have hoped something could have been worked out for both, as they are more than just players in our community. They are part of us now in many ways.

Thanks boy's for everything you have done for us, and good luck in the future!

Anonymous said...

“Jones is a liar - get rid of him”

Really? I don’t ever remember Jones saying he was never going to cut Chick and Dressler. In fact I do remember him saying that there will be changes due to the salary cap.

The only reason Dressler and Chick were getting that kind of money in the first place was a because Taman couldn’t find talent and had to over pay free agents. A real GM would have had trouble signing 1 of them to that kind of contract let alone both of them

Anonymous said...

Dressler and Chick also have GreyCup rings... and class. Jones has Grey Cup rings but will never have class.

Anonymous said...

This will be his 5 team in 6 years - must be a great guy

Anonymous said...

To the last anon... Jones is not going anywhere. So waisting your time lobbying for the Riders to get rid of him is ludicrous. Jones has 4 Grey Cup rings in his short time in the CFL. There is no loyalty or class or anything likeable in a production based business. The Riders have had top tier players come and go over the last 50 years. In order to make a team that will have success year after year you can not have players 2 players eating up the salaray cap. Chick and Dressler are not worth a half a million dollars on any CFL team. How can you pay them 10% of a 46 man roster. It dosent add up to success

Anonymous said...

Weston is a generational player who is well-loved by Rider Nation...and that will never change. However, he's no different than the generational players before him, like Eddie Lowe and Bobby Jurasin who weren't able to leave on their own terms either. Any fan from that time, felt the pain of that loss...but we moved on. I can't see this as being any different. WD will always be one of ours.

Emotions aside, Chris Jones isn't here to ruin the team. He's here to build a winner, and his track record supports that. Our team of loveable aging players played as best they could in 2015, and generated a 3-15 record. The writing was on the wall long before the hiring of Jones and Murphy.

Anonymous said...

The CFL is full of assistants with GC rings.

Thats all that Jones has - his one ring as HC is less that what Chick and Weston have.

Jones only won with the EE because of the team the GM had build and oh yes lets not forget the PI call that allowed him to win otherwise the game was the Redblacks.

I've never liked Jones with any team and like him even less now.

and yes he is a liar and more.

Anonymous said...

Both Dressler and Chick headed South for more money at their 1st opportunity. They both left a big hole on the team when they left. But some of you are calling that class.
Yet a team realizes it has two over paid players. Makes them an offer the team can afford and are turned down. So they release them.
Tell me the difference from the 1st paragraph to the second paragraph?
The answer is nothing! It all comes down to money. Both Chick and Dressler are looking out for number one. Well now Jones is looking out for the Riders. Its all the same. Just different sides of the fence.
Class has nothing to do with anything in this business

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone with a dissenting opinion from Edmonton or Winnipeg

Get real

Anonymous said...

Anon stated... This will be his 5 team in 6 years - must be a great guy
Nice try! This will be his 5th team in 14 years.
His minimum was 2 years on a team.

2002 Montreal Alouettes (def. line)
2003–2007 Montreal Alouettes (defensive coordinator)
2008–2010 Calgary Stampeders (def. coord.)
2010–2011 Calgary Stampeders (def. coord./ asst. head coach/ asst. Director of Player Personnel)
2012–2013 Toronto Argonauts (def. coord./ asst. head coach/ asst. General Manager)
2014–2015 Edmonton Eskimos (head coach)
2016–present Saskatchewan Roughriders

MC Matt said...

The Riders have to remember something. This works both ways. Let's say Lemon has some great numbers here. The fans love him, Lemon jerseys all over the stands. But when Lemon's contract comes up he takes a slightly better offer from BC because he knows that a Rider contract will not be honored and isn't worth the paper its printed on. Lemon will know that if he shows loyalty to the Riders …. it WILL NOT be returned. From now on, playing for the Riders is 110% business. That's the new culture.

Player identification is a huge part of marketing. Now, do we even bother to get attached to our players? Buy jerseys?

Riders are treading on a slippery slope. They are putting all their eggs in the basket of winning. Last year Riders could still sell tix because of the relationship with the team that is developed by players like Dressler and Chick. Now, the Riders are rejecting the notion of intangibles entirely. Not a wise business decision. Now, the relationships will be held in less esteem because they will not be stable. So if the Riders start losing, we will not have the connections to the players that make us want to go to the games anyway. You can have a hell of a soundbite and say its all about winning, but if you can't win and carry yourself with a little better, then you have a ways to go. But, Chris Jones also had his "Im the boss" moment here. Like Reagan and the air traffic controllers.

PS, if you don't think Weston would have put up huge numbers with DD throwing him the ball, you are crazy. If we had a better inside pass rush Chick would have had 15 sacks minimum. These are star players. Riders treated them like crap. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Jones is in over his head

He has no idea what he is doing

Anonymous said...

I agree with the fact Chris Jones is the cleanup guy and the start over guy. I will stand behind his decisions because I believe he is the type of coach to get it done like Kent Austin and Corey Chamblin before him. If Weston and John were not part of the new look I think they should have been let go before Christmas like all the rest. A few days before a $60000.00 bonus was to happen is low and dirty, not how I picture we should take care of one of our favorite players.

Anonymous said...

Have you posters noticed that no team that Jones has worked for has wanted him back for a second time !!!!!!!

Edmonton was happy to get rid of him.

Gee I wonder why, could it be because he is grossly unliked and does not know what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the multiple poster is from Edmonton. He loves to use the word "sliders" just like fans from Regina call his team the "Moes".

The fans who don't understand the Rider player moves lack sophistication about the world of pro football.

Anonymous said...

Is it true ????

Rider board of directors meeting to discuss Jones and Murphy.

I hope so

Anonymous said...

Rider Fans. You can't have your cake and eat it to. I'm sorry to see Dressler/Chick go but that's sports in the new world. Players go for more money at the first chance, players get cut when mgmt. deems it necessary. Life lessons. Hell, I just bought a Dressler jersey last fall. Oh well, more important things in life than this. How about that Canadian dollar. Now THAT sucks. But, that's the Liberal way, better for Ont/Que.

Anonymous said...

Wow you're not bitter at all lol! I love how salty all these Eskimos fans are. They know ride nation stole their meal ticket for years to come! Back to the basement the Eskimos go!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad, that I could just cry! I was hoping Weston and John would finish their careers in Sask.

w said...

#7 has more class than Jones can ever hope to have.

Anonymous said...

BOD's meeting to discuss Jones and Murphy? LOL. There are lots of idiots posting here but you have to be #1 by far. Yes we will miss both Dressler and Chick but $500,000 between 2 players is too much and so is $500,000 for a QB that has missed most of the last 2 seasons! We will miss DD as well if he doesn't renegotiate.

Anonymous said...

Jones has climbed up in position on every move he has made in the CFL. Just like any player would do. Jones is building a team that will have sustained success. Why the hell would he want to go back to a team for a second round if he is always climbing to the top. He dumped his HC position in EDM and is now at the top of his profession in SK.
The BS I read on here from imbeciles of other teams is ludicrous. The EE and Bombers and even the Stamps dont have anything like Rod Pederesen's blog. So they all flock here because they want to participate in the best CFL City and team in the league with their juvenile smack and out right BS Lies. They flock here like seagulls and feast on all the crap they can. Now its time for them to flock off back to where they came from.

Anonymous said...

"Dressler and Chick also have GreyCup rings... and class. Jones has Grey Cup rings but will never have class.”

As a fan of the Riders, give me Grey Cups thank-you

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Wes. Business is business. Dressler and Chick had no problem leaving for money to go to the NFL, and they were cut for financial reasons now.
Both of them will get nowhere near the money they were due to make with the Riders.
Taman and O'Day made a mess of the salary cap, and now Jones has to look like the bad guy to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

I love Dressler and Chick.

But this move was necessary for the team.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Chick/Dressler decision by the Riders had to be made, has been made, so it is time to move on. This matter has been beat to death by sports pundits and bloggers. Back to hockey ....

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Some of the posters here should be checked for mental stability because it seems that a few have deep seated issues. It's great to keyboard when your stupid and have no knowledge of sports, football, economics, the devalued Canadian dollar, negotiating meetings..shall I go on! Unlike you Jones knows what he is doing and saying.

Because Dressler tweets something don't make it so. It's his take and he's angry so he can slant it any way he wants. Unless you were privy to the call and negotiations, it's time to shut your mouth. He was offered money to stay but wouldn't take it. Chick was offered money to stay but wouldn't take it. So much for value and commitment to the team. These were greedy self serving guys who were only looking after themselves. Had Chick taken what Lemons signed for he would still be here. We get a player 6 years younger with similar abilities for 70K less…that's good business. Now we have more money to sign better defensive players.

When Chick and Dressler walked out on the Riders to pursue their NFL dreams, they didn't give a rats butt about Regina or Saskatchewan. If either were good enough they would have never been back. We had been doing quite well without them thank you. DD has missed two seasons in a row and we've had nobody good to deliver the ball because we couldn't afford one. Too many players approaching mid thirties with big back loaded contracts on board doing nothing. Dressler's drop in BC cost the game. If we win that game who knows what might have been. He didn't deliver in the clutch. Chick did little all season yet Jeff Knox Jr playing on the same crappy defence had a great season…wonder why. Couldn't bring in any defensive talent cause we had no money. DD is always one play away from a season ending injury. He has missed two seasons but since we had no money we couldn't afford a better backup QB…….really smart management by Taman/O'Day bunch. Now someone has to clean up all the turds they left laying around.

This team had become old, complacent, and unproductive. Much like a lot of the boo hoo posters whining about Chick and Dressler. Did anyone actually think they were worth the pay and bonuses they asked for, based on last years performance? They could have stayed! It seems unless we over reward the 30 something players, bring in 50 year old kickers, and Geoff Tisdales we won't be a true Rider team.

Jones and crew are doing what should have been done long ago. They will be wildly successful and the boo hoo crowd will crawl back into the musty basements from where they came.

Anonymous said...

So Chick and Dressler will probably take less money to play elsewhere but won't take a pay cut to play for Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

A change will be good for Dressler. He will be a star in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

The best team for Dressler to end up with will be the Stamps.

The reason is that he already has a big fan base in Calgary. They also need a star to replace Rogers their top receiver who sent to the NFL.

Huff should open up his wallet to get the ol' #7 as it will put more bums in the seats and lead to a nice profit from Dressler Stampeder jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Jones and Murphys inability to rengotate their contracts or unwillingness to which is even worse shows just how unsuitable Jones is to be a GM and Murphy as a scout well that is just laughable.

Jones has no idea what he is doing and I do not think that he has any sort of plan at all.

Anonymous said...

If Jones thinks that he will be able to get americans to come to the cfl to play he is highly delusional.

The low Canadian dollar and taxes would currently take about 70% of a players gross pay check.Would they come up here for 20-30,000. I doubt it very much.

So dream on people - jones and Murphy are.

Anonymous said...

I call sour grapes on Dressler. Don't think for 1 moment that the offer made to him wasn't made clear that this is all we can afford and this is all we are willing to pay. He has a bruised ego because he thought he had the Riders by the balls and they called his bluff. If anything he should fire his agent for giving him bad advise to not take the deal the Riders offered. Now he has to leave embarresed and with egg on his face. Obviously if they couldn't trade him at his current salary then he or his agent should have realized his contract was out of line all over the league. Maybe he will be more grateful and appreciative to the next team who signs him. Hood luck and good bye!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe Co-op can make some new chips flavours now for 2016

Lemon & Black Pepper chips anyone?

Anonymous said...

What seems to be absent from Dressler's tweet is what he was offered to stay. It will also be interesting to see what he signs for and the logic given for it.

After what would be kind to say were mediocre seasons, who actually believes they should be entitled to such a big part of the teams cap. If they were the team guys some say they would want to upgrade all positions and hence , be amenable to a more cap friendly salary. You know commensurate with their performance, age, and production last year. It looks as if they are more self centred than team and community driven. And no none of this can be put on DD.

They could both be here but they chose not to be. This isn't on management it's on them. They thought they were worth more than offered and chose to go out on the free market. It's their call but surprises are in store for them as 30 something players.

It's difficult for a 3-15 team to justify about 10% of their cap budget on two guys who were not exceptional last season. Other younger guys who performed need to be paid. We needed Canadian depth and we need upgrades across the board. It's laughable to say that they only needed a few upgrades and all would be fine. Maybe for a 7-11 season.

If older veterans won't play ball then where can the extra cap funds be found? George and Getzlaf appeared to want to be team guys and re-negotiate. It's too bad not all the vets felt that way!

Nobody knows what happened during negotiations except those involved. To assume anything has a general ending. It's telling when some lambs believe unsubstantiated tweets. Why cloud the issue with fact…

It would be better to judge the team and management on it's on field performance at seasons end. It's better than the beer belly outrage being spewed by the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha thanks for the laughs "slider guy". Made my day.

Man it's gonna be sweet when Jones brings the cup home to where it belongs, Saskatchewan

Anonymous said...

i agree with the second last commentary. They left for the NFL for more bucks and came back. But come one, $1mil tied up between Durant Dressler and Chick. No wonder Riders had salary cap problems. Yes the board should meet with Jones, and have a party. This man is saving the team. The same thing happened in 2008 when Tillman let Reggie Hunt go and traded Joseph as he wanted more money. Hunt had maybe one good year left and Joseph regrets leaving Regina. Veteran players with high price tags get cut all the time in pro sports. Good luck to Weston and John but its time to move on.......

Anonymous said...

Riders go 3-15.
Fans demand change
19 players let go and no one sheds a tear--Jones is getting the job done. The rebuild is underway
Two aging legends are let go and the same fans who praised Jones now want him out on the first rail car.
Football is not a popularity contest.
I love Weston and John too, but their time was up and they obviously had no desire to take the salary offered to them. If WD really wanted to be here as he states, he would have taken the offer, but he thinks he can get more and good for him. I hope he does.
Let's just start being a little rational and sensible over this move and stop flying off the handle.

PS: I am guessing Elphinstone DQ won't be bringing any blizzards to the new regime!

Mark D said...

it's pretty sad to me that there are so many fans here who say they'd rather have wins at any cost, instead of winners who have class. God knows I don't watch the Riders because they have the best chance of winning. I cheer for the Riders because I'm from Saskatchewan. A province that loves its team and its players with passion. I feel best about that team when it does things the right way, and wins with players who are not only stars, but classy people as well. Calgary has more of a winning tradition than Saskatchewan, but they sure don't have the class, as an organization, that I thought the Riders had. If they no longer think this is important, I'm left to wonder what kind of team I'm cheering for.

Randolph said...

Funny, didn't Jones work originally under Don Matthews? This cut and gut would make the Don proud. But you know you can't throw a guy the keys to the car and not expect him to drive it. So far Jones has made many moves and his Rider record is 0-0. Have we got a Matthews on our hands? Remember everyone treated his arrival like it was the second coming? Quite frankly, Don's tenure was a disappointment. Great talent evaluator, yet thought Nealon Greene was the long term answer at QB. I think we got Matthews when senility was starting to appear.

As far as Weston and John are concerned, us fans were blessed to have you guys not once, but twice in your exciting, productive careers. You are future Plaza of Honour guys for sure, maybe HOF candidates. You will be missed on many levels, your contributions to team and community never forgotten.

Anonymous said...

When these fools talk about class, the should first have an understanding of what class is. These classless posters truly don't. True "Class" is when guys like Getzlaf and George put the team ahead of themselves and negotiate a deal in a cap friendly way. Sadly Dressler and Chicks put their wants ahead of the team and refused the deals offered. Jones said how he wanted both Lemons and Chick here, but that Chick didn't want to be here. Neither did Dressler. Had one or both wanted to be here, they would have seen how badly the team needed a rebuild, and worked with management. They didn't do it because it was all about "me". Many think that's pretty classless. They responded with ego rather than class. At a time they are declining as older players the team wanted them. After having average to poor years the team wanted them. After taking larger CFL salaries for poor performances last season the team wanted them. They made the chose not to sign instead felt they were worth more. The fact no other CFL would trade for them and pick up their salaries shows that their value wasn't what they think.

Winning isn't everything, is the only thing! To suggest we should underpay some other players so that we can overpay these two guys is idiotic. To suggest that they deserve it because they are classy and fan favourites is again totally daft. It shows how classless some fans really are. To put the wants and needs of the players ahead of the organization is insane. To suggest it's better to lose with perceived class,than win without is loser mentality. Riderville will always be loserville until these type of fans are weeded out.

These two guys left for the NFL when it was best for "them". These two refused to renegotiate to help the team because it was best for "them". The Riders didn't matter to them as it was all about what they wanted. Nobody in the CFL is going to spend that kind of money on these guys. They will end up playing for what they were offered here. "Classless"! Egomaniacs on a 3-15 team wanted more.

Thankfully the mistakes of the past will not be repeated. Thanks to new management for breaking the cycle of stupidity that existed here till now!

Anonymous said...

Weston only has one ring as well. But don't let the facts get in the way of a ridiculous rant.

Anonymous said...

This was going so well until your Don Matthews/Nealon Greene comments. Lol..

Don was here from '91-'93...Nealon from '02-'05.

Anonymous said...

To MC Matt:

Get off the ledge dude and take your green coloured glasses off. Do you want another 3-15 season and no change or do you want a team that will compete for a championship.

If Dressler and Chick were in their mid 20's, this might be different, but its not. Why do you think no other team wanted them. They don't like the money they are making. It has happened with many other players.

Narco sold jerseys and was loved by the fans, but how many championships did Narco win? One! The team didn't have the heart to cut him, but they trotted him out there each and every game to catch a 5 yard hitch pass just to keep a streak alive.

If the Packers could cut Brett Favre, the Riders can cut Weston and John. If you can't accept that, then jump off the ledge because in this CFL, economics plays a big part of it. Two players making a lot of money in their waning years simply won't cut it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Sorry last Anon. Nelon Green wasnt even born when Don Matthews coached 1 year in SK. Nelon was picked as the #1 QB over Henry Burris by Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers. That's why Burris left and went to Calgary! So I have no idea to whom you are referring too???

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

So Mark D ... you enjoyed last seasons classy 3-15 season?

Wow! Please turn in your fan card and leave the province.

Christopher Evans said...

Nice try, Randolph!! There's a decade between Mathews & Greene's time with the Roughriders. Shivers/Barrett brought Greene to SK.

There are a lot of narratives being created by fans. Read the info, understand the info, and discuss the events based on FACTS! There are some things that we as fans will not be privy to (and may never be). There is a lot of emotion involved, but there is more to it than Jones coming into and just gutting the Riders of talent.

Unfortunately, far too many fans don't understand how the process works (trades, player contracts), how the teams need to be managed (salary cap, etc.), and are simply blinded by emotion for what has happened.

Anonymous said...

Riders bent backwards for Dressler when he was trying to get into the NFL and now he shits on them. He might like it in Winnipeg but who cares now.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the incoherent rambling above makes any sense. Don Matthews coached the Riders in the early 1990s and had two 11 win seasons.
Nealon Greene played for the Riders a decade later.
You want to talk about decreased mental capabilities, whoever wrote the above post is a moron.
Check your facts before you write.

Anonymous said...

Matthews won more and did more in the CFL than just about any coach/GM in history, so give it rest moron you're out of your element.

Since mid 2014 Chick has done very little. Dressler has been an average receiver who is declining. At 5'7" once your speed drops a fraction you're effectiveness drops a bunch. Bigger DB's in the league now make it tougher.

Some foolish people seem to think that once you've been here a few years, your entitled to be paid more than you're worth. That's real sad because it primarily from a small a group of socially challenged people that want to have a couple football players to adore! You know and give them jobs with SaskTel when they retire. The players that stay are usually the less loved. All the rest head home. It's not like Colleges where professors get tenure.

These guys were only worried about lining their pockets. Considering how we took them back after they left us, paid them more than they were worth and never traded them. Now when it was time for them to give back to help the team they declined to do it. That's pretty classless in most peoples eyes. They could have stayed but the team wasn't that important to them.

Dressler's tweet doesn't include any fact just his feelings. Yet a lot of idiots believe it and that speaks to their brightness.

Lemon had better stats in half a season last year than Chick did all season, yet he wants more money. Go get a government job.

They didn't want to sign here for the money management felt they were worth. They tried to trade their contracts and there were no takers. They decided to walk. Who is to blame for that? Kudos to Jones and staff. They got it right. As most can see we have a lot of fools in this province.

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is why Chick/Dressler had bonuses coming.

Dressler never made 1000 yards receiving and Chick anchored the leagues worst defense. Does that sound like bonus type performances?

What was Taman thinking?

Anonymous said...

We have to respect the players that bled and won with this team. Have no respect for Jones treating Chick/Dressier in this manner. When you release good people with quality character and don't speak with them, karma will bite you in the ass. Not the way to run a team, we are in trouble rider fans, this is the beginning of the end. Book our demise until Jones is gone.

Anonymous said...

To Rider Nation:

No matter which side you are on in the Jones/Murphy/Reynolds debate, please remember, you are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.

Emotions are not facts.
Theories are not facts.

Santa and the Easter Bunny don't exist, and your favourite Riders won't play forever.

I had a Ray Elgaard jersey when I was a kid. I remember how his performance fell off his last couple seasons, and when he hung up his cleats, I knew it was time.

Nothing lasts forever and it's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Who said these people weren't spoken to? Were you on the negotiating team and If so, what was said? Just as I though it's just shooting off your mouth without any facts to back it up. Like anyone with even a half ounce of brain wouldn't believe a tweet by a recently cut player. It underscores a crass lack of knowledge or understanding of the business, and total gullibility.

When two under performing guys get 10% of the cap while other guys need to work the rigs in the off season to pay bills, speaks to their "class and character". If Chick and Dressler had wanted to be here, they would have signed new contracts they were offered. They would have wanted what's best for the team and not just what's best for them.

If Montana/Elway/Favre can get cut or traded then I don't see any issues with these two getting released. Particularly since they were offered contracts to stay. They were greedy and wanted more than market value. No other team will pay more than their worth.

A few people are running on misplaced emotion along with a total lack of understanding of business. The stupidity of some of these "love In" comments shows just how ridiculous they are.

They didn't want to be a part of us getting better so they declined the offers. They can now negotiate all the money they think their worth. That's all fair business practices. They have been well compensated since they've been here, and maybe overly. We owe them nothing more than a thank you for service. This wretched moaning by some at their release, are the sign of mental defect.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments made about the Rider changing of the guard in the past couple of days must have Obama spinning in his shallow grave!

Even The Woz, ever brilliant, has been so disgusted he has vanished from this comment section.

The problem with comment sections anywhere is that they do not enable true discussions and profound insights. Rather, they seem to be conducive to the simple-minded ravings of people with a narrow agenda (haters sometimes dominate). It is also a bit odd why a frustrated Eskimo fan will bother to spend so much time on this pro-Rider blog site taking shots at their former coach who brought them a Grey Cup.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Wow what a bunch of maroons posting on here.

Lets face it the talent Dressler has is not diminishing, he had no freaking reliable starter to throw him the ball and still accomplished very good numbers. He will receive a better offer than the one that was being offered by the Riders to stay.

Chick he played on a defence that was God awfullllll. He also will receive an offer that is more than what was being offered by the Riders.

They may be 30 years old but they are not past their primes/over the hill. They are not the players on this team who quit playing when the chips were down, and boy can you name a lot. Old Scruffy was saying on the Cage that the Oilers won a cup after they traded Gretzky, sure they did but after trading Kurri and Messier they were weak sisters except for one year. With 3rd rate players for the most part.

Jeff Knox Jr is only here for one more year and most of his 100 plus tackles were downfield go ahead and look at the tapes. So don't drool too much. In a small city word gets out about things and time will tell and some of the players are a close knit community.

Players play and uninformed posters come up with, ahh you know.

7 # 97 forever.

Randolph said...

Don was Argos coach when Nealon was a rookie in '98...also with the Argos. Where in my post did I include Nealon, Don and the 'Riders
at the same time?

My point regarding Don is that I see similarities in Jones' arrival with Matthews' press clippings coming in. After multiple Cup wins elsewhere in the league, he was like the coming of the Messiah. He did not bring a championship to Regina, then quietly left. I hope history does not repeat itself in Jones.

Anonymous said...

Pro Sports including the CFL is a great game but can be an ugly business. It happens in sport all over the place, and it appears its our turn to go through it. Since none of us were in negotiations we cannot say with factual evidence what did or didn't take place. We can voice our emotional response and beliefs, but they are not of any factual value. It's just an angry visceral response that serves no purpose.

Both players were offered contracts, the value we will never know. Both players rejected these contracts. The work that went into them we will never know. Both players have chosen to pursue the open market in an attempt I suspect to see if any other team is willing to pay more. Maybe they will and again maybe not. However at the end of the day, we couldn't afford their demands. There are too many holes in the lineup that need fixing. Management needed the extra cash to bring better player depth to the team. The previous management for whatever reason left this teams fin aces in a crippled state, unable to do anything. They needed flexibility. Players have been asked to restructure so that the supporting cast can be improved. Some players have been agreeable while others have not. Chick and Dressler have chosen not, which is their right.

Clearly a final offer was made and rejected. Management did the only thing they could do. Again nobody knows the details of these negotiations. Therefore these claims of "didn't try hard enough" and other equally foolish statements are reprehensible and counter productive. They are emotional reaction devoid of common sense.

Management needs to run a team and pay all the players under the cap. When they can no longer spend 10% of the cap on two players something had to give. It's very hard being it involved two popular guys but it needed to be done. The players themselves had a say in this happening and management didn't operate in a vacuum. It's now time to move on and let the football people do what they do best, and have the credentials to prove it. The moves are drawing 2-1 approval which clearly shows Rider Nation is behind Jones and team. Good on them!

Anonymous said...

The scuttlebutt in the gym today is the old 96er is quitting on you much like he quit on the team because his buddy O'Day didn't get named GM and his buddies Dressler and Chick have been released. Heard Mullinder with you yesterday so I am guessing there is some truth to this.

Anonymous said...

And only a moron thinks it is a good idea to have almost 10% of your salary cap tied up in two players who are over 30, and if their skills have not diminished yet, they will very shortly.

Players play, and morons with no business or football sense write long posts that are simply wrong.

Go back to pushing a broom and leave comments to those who have a brain.

Anonymous said...

Come on man! Every signal person in Rider Nation is entitled to an opinion and to post it on this comment section.

It matters not if the fan is informed or not. It feels good to make a comment and get it out of one's system. No one is forced to read it.

As a rule, I never read other folk's comments. Too much of a time waster.

For intelligent comment I rely on guys who are part of the professionsal sport punditry and paid to spend their work days staying on top of everything and understanding the business, the players and strategies etc. Guys like Rod, Luc, Kelly, Rob Vanstone, Murray McCormick, Arash etc.

Stay warm my friends and enjoy the NFL play-offs this weekend.

Your friend,

CM said...

Stamps cut Juwan Simpson same reasons no one is calling for hufnagels head. Belichek got rid of wilfork and walker no one bitched except Welker. Point is people who attack Jones and Murphy over this just don't get it. They are trying to win games not popularity contests. Fans will call for their heads if the team loses so they've got to make decisions best for the team.

Anonymous said...

Weston didn't like being interrupted when he ate at Chili's with his family. Now he doesn't have to worry about that.

Anonymous said...

What did I miss. Been in holidays.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dressler made his own bed.

The Roughriders only played Chris Jones and the Edmonton Eskimos twice last year.

In week 6 at Edmonton, the Esks throttled the Riders 30-5 and Dressler had 2 catches for 13 yards.

In week 18 at Regina the score was 35-24 for the Esks and WD7 caught 2 passes for 22 yards.

So in 120 minutes of football in 2015 Dressler scorched Jones' defense for a total of 35 yards.

That doesn't really sound like a quarter million dollars worth.

Anonymous said...

Nah, and he's whining because he could have signed with Ottawa or Calgary...poor little guy. I was never a fan. At best this guy was a third Receiver in a package, but we never had the big guys that traditionally fill his role. John Chick for all intents and purposes was a moron.

Lewis Grant said...

However, he's no different than the generational players before him, like Eddie Lowe and Bobby Jurasin who weren't able to leave on their own terms either.

That's true. That's how football works.

But the difference is that Jurasin was almost 34, and had played 11 seasons at a physically demanding position. Dressler is only 31, and has played only 8 seasons at a less grueling position. He would have easily had 1000+ yards with Durant at QB.

Dressler is still providing value for his contract. And he will provide great value for whoever picks him up. And I will cheer for him, maybe even when he plays against us. (For that reason, I really hope he signs in the East.)

Jones has a proven record of winning. But you don't have to go scorched earth to win. (And he won't win if he gets rid of Durant, and trades for Jermaine Franklin to be his starter.)

Lewis Grant said...

When Chick and Dressler walked out on the Riders to pursue their NFL dreams, they didn't give a rats butt about Regina or Saskatchewan.

Dressler wore #13 in KC to honour the 13th man. He and Chick both took discounts to come back here when they could have signed with other CFL teams.

These guys were loyal Riders. And the fans know it. Just wait until you hear the cheers for them when they arrive on visiting teams.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most other good teams in the league, we didn't have a competent QB to get anyone the ball because we didn't have any "money" to get one. Kevin Glenn was, is , and will always be what he is. That is an inexpensive fill in. He will put up some numbers but never win or lead. He didn't here or in Montreal. So to bitch about not having a good QB to get Dressler the ball, maybe wonder why we couldn't afford one. Question: What should they do if DD either can't or doesn't return to form? Continue to pay him $500K because he's a fan favourite or try to secure a solid QB? Based on the ridiculous logic displayed by the lunatic fringe and some in the press like Vanstone, we better resign him regardless because he's a fan favourite and we somehow owe to him. If he can't play he can go out and do PR work ala Geroy Simon. They id walk out for the NFL and used other teams to up the ante here so that they could be paid more than anyone else would have. Dressler earned most of his yards after games were lost and dropped a routine ball that would have won us the game in BC. Sorry but he's not $250K receiver and it's time to get bigger and tougher. Everybody in the league knows how to play him now that he has lost a step.

Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me most about this issue is that some "fans" are suddenly calling Dressler and Chick names like moron. Come on, man! These two played their heart out for the Riders and when they get released, these so called fans turn on them like that. All this talk about class; you people have no idea what class is. I haven't heard Dressler and Chick refer to Rider fans as morons. We could have let them leave town with the respect they so richly deserve; we all should know how they have helped this franchise. Jones will or will not develop a winning team. That remains to be seen. But what Dressler and Chick have contributed is fact. So good luck to our departing heroes; name callers, please develop some class. If you have nothing constructive to say, just name calling, it might be better to just shut up. You are an embarrassment to the majority of Rider fans. Go away.