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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


There was some movement in the NFL on Tuesday as it relates to the CFL.
The Indianapolis Colts have signed former Roughriders lineman Ben Heenan of Grand Coulee, SK to a futures/reserves contract.

The move comes after Indianapolis added Heenan to its practice roster Nov. 3.

The six-foot-four, 316-pound Heenan originally signed with the Colts as a free agent Feb. 4, 2015, and went to training camp before being released Aug. 7.

The 25-year-old played three seasons with the Roughriders after being selected first overall in the 2012 CFL draft. Heenan made 49 starts with Saskatchewan and helped them win the 2013 Grey Cup.
Meanwhile the Dallas Cowboys have signed former Calgary Stampeders DB Buddy Jackson and the NY Jets have signed former Stamps REC Joe Anderson to futures deals.
A "reserve/futures" contract means they are being signed for the upcoming season even though that season does not officially begin until the official start of the league's new year as outlined by the NFL.

Meanwhile Riffel Royals quarterback Mason Nyhus of Regina has committed to the U of S Huskies.
He was recruited by over 10 CIS, NCAA and Junior teams.  
Nyhus was named Offensive MVP at the Canada Cup in Quebec last summer and will be part of Team Canada competing in the International Bowl at AT & T stadium in Dallas.  Games will be held January 31st and February 3rd.  You can see the games at and on ESPN3.
(With files from the Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

While it is obviously a good sign, these deals mean nothing. All it does is commit to the player so they can't explore any kind of free agency. Don't go flying off the handle, this is good for Ben!

Selfishly, I hope if he doesn't make the roster he also doesn't make the PR.

Anonymous said...

another top recruit lost for gibson and the rams to the huskies. Dhielly before xmas now nyhus. Seems like anyone thats good from regina either goes huskies or thunder? look forward to another winless year for the rams!

Anonymous said...

Naw it's just cause the Huskies are the best. Time to return to national prominence with all of northern SK behind them.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Ben :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Huskies most recent Vanier Cup Championship - 1998.

Anonymous said...

good point anon. Dont worry Huskies will never win as long as Towriss and their little boys club keeps coaching and the rich guy keeps throwing money out the window on fireworks. lol lol.

Anonymous said...

When was the Rams last Vanier??

Anonymous said...

$100 says the Huskies win the Vanier before the Rams do. How bout it bud?

Anonymous said...

The Rams have won as many Vanier Cups as the Huskies since they joined the CIS in 1999

Anonymous said...

$1000 bucks says Rams win 2 vanier cups BEFORE University of Saskatchewan wins another one.

Anonymous said...

Kid doesnt want to sit behind Picton for 3 years, so head up north and play sooner.

Red said...

The Huskies have not won a playoff game in 8 years. Towriss has been at the school for way to long.
The old boys club is alive and well at the U of S. Basil Hughton is not committed to winning as he has tolerated this mediocrity
How in the world does the Dube and Graham families tolerate the losing attitude. These alumni have donated millions of dollars to this program, and the reward is not winning a playoff game in 8 YEARS!!
Blake Nill brought U of C to a national powerhouse and now won a Vanier cup in his first year.
Plain and simple, Brian Towriss,Ed Carleton and Basil Hughton should all be terminated. It is obvious that they are not committed to winning and therefore should no longer be employed.
The real losers in this is the young men who do want to win and have a head coach,defensive coordinator and athletic director who do not have the same passion.
Many of the players have come from winning programs at the high school and Junior level, and have to play their last few years of football with a coaching staff and athletic director that do not want to win.
Shame on you all in the athletic department. Shame on you Towriss and Carleton.

Anonymous said...

Mike Gibson came in and said let's build a fence around Regina so our good prospects don't leave. How's that workin? Mike Gibson is a complete failure and as soon as the people who hired him realize that, a turnaround can start. It is a shame former Rams have embarrassed a once fine run group for whatever reason.


Anonymous said...

Mike Gibson has angered high school coaches so much with his "I don't want Grade 12's" comment from earlier this year. I should know because I am one. A kid at my school asked me Thunder or Rams and without hesitation, I told him Thunder.

Scott McAulay has more football knowledge than Mike Gibson will ever have and the results on the field will keep showing it.

Regina's best high schoolers are for the most part going elsewhere. You forgot to mention Nick Daly is going to the U of S too and he was someone that was highly coveted and will be a CFL'er.

Congratulations Mason---not just for going to the U of S, but for not having to deal with the complete stupidity of the Rams organization.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go read Mike Gibson's quote again. He sure didn't say "i don't want grade 12's". You guys are funny.

Also, a couple weeks ago, the Rams announced a big list of grade 12's that were recruited and have committed.

Listening to Saskatoon folks talk about the Huskies is like listening to Habs fans talk about how many cups they've won! Get over yourselves.

Gibson came in and has done some things that aren't "the Rams way". Are you surprised? Cripes, he said as much in his interview with the board.

Good Heavens people!

Anonymous said...

We've won 24...just saying.

Anonymous said...

Ian Hamilton, Leader-Post 10.08.2015 |

"Right now, I'm not offering (scholarships to) any more high school players," Gibson said Thursday. "I'm going to offer (scholarships to) all junior players.

"If the high school guys I've already offered accept before I fill up with juniors, then they've got a scholarship. But if they don't, (adding junior players) is the way I've got to go."

***You think a University coach would at least let a player finish his High School Season before making threats to the players.Let alone be more concerned about his own season he is currently in***