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Thursday, January 28, 2016


VANCOUVER (CP) - Canada's seven NHL teams sit outside of the playoffs heading into the all-star break, and Don Cherry doesn't envision the picture getting much rosier come April.

The famed hockey pundit predicts the Vancouver Canucks will get into the post-season in the Western Conference, while adding that the Montreal Canadiens could sneak in as one of the East's top eight clubs.

"I think Vancouver will make it and the Canadiens will be knocking on the door,'' Cherry said Wednesday. "At one time we had six (Canadian teams) in. I'd love to see six in, but I don't think it will happen.''

The Canucks currently sit two points out of the playoffs, while the Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames entered Wednesday's night action eight points out. The Edmonton Oilers are 10 points back.

The Canadiens have been in a free fall without injured goalie Carey Price and find themselves three points out in the East along with the Ottawa Senators. The Toronto Maple Leafs are 12 points adrift, tied with Edmonton and the Columbus Blue Jackets for last in the overall standings.

Known for his popular Coach's Corner segment on "Hockey Night in Canada,'' the 81-year-old Cherry is in Vancouver for Thursday's BMO CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game.

The broadcaster is set to coach one of the teams in the showcase event featuring 40 draft-eligible junior players, while Hall of Fame defenceman Bobby Orr will be behind the other bench.

Regina Pats star Sam Steel will suit up in the game, which can be seen on Rogers Sportsnet at 9:00 pm Sask Time.


Anonymous said...

Don Cherry states a fact based opinion and headline reads "Spouts Off".


Anonymous said...

It's called ClickBait.

Anonymous said...

Cherry is so old he doesn't know what a SPOUT is. I hope this is his last year because him and McLean are ruining Hockey Night In Canada with his stupid ranting and raving and McLean sitting there taking it all from him. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

The Huffington Post has a great feature on Shea Emery regarding mental health.

Anonymous said...

Time for this dinosaur to go away. The game has changed.

@mrt_man said...

Hmm... isn't that interesting. Will the cup game be played on ice this year? I am a grapes fan... I am not sure why the cp thought these comments warranted an article, given some of the Golden quotes over the years.

Anonymous said...

Keep Cherry where he is and let the pimple poppers play with their X-Boxes!

Anonymous said...

At Least Cherry and McLean Know hockey,unlike Strombo. Would Like to see him move on.

Anonymous said...

New #Ticats DE @johnchick97 says there was no negotiations with #Riders: new offer was a "take it or leave it" situation. #CFL

Bill Fuller said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE Donald S. Cherry.

(I liked the pimple poppers comment, it's funny cause it's true, haha)

Anonymous said...

Stombolofolofolous and his skinny pants and pointy shoes should quietly walk away and never come back.