Realty One



Sunday, December 20, 2015


REGINA - Marc McNulty scored at 4:19 of the extra period and Zach Sawchenko made 41 saves as Moose Jaw came back from a 3-1 deficit to edge the Pats 4-3 Saturday night before 4108 in the Brandt Centre.

Ryan Bowen had a pair of goals in regulation for the Warriors (17-12-5) and Tristin Langan scored the other. Jesse Shynkaruk had three assists.

Colby Williams, Austin Wagner and Taylor Cooper scored for Regina (15-15-5), with Adam Brooks drawing an assist on all three goals. Tyler Brown made 22 saves in defeat.

The Pats (15-15-5) will look to snap a four-game losing streak in their next action, December 27 at the Brandon Wheat Kings at 7:30 pm on 620 CKRM.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Yes.... The hot , hot better team than Saskatoon Blades lose another one to little town of Moose Jaw.

Anonymous said...

lost 7 of last 8, I hope the west coast trip helps like it did last season

Anonymous said...

….big problems the team won't admit to like no depth. Very little if any leadership or at best inconsistent leadership. If they come back and do this again for another ten games it will be grim. Goaltending isn't good enough lately but then the who defensive game hasn't been good enough the first half. They had better make some changes as the team is trending in the wrong direction…..

Anonymous said...

And who is surprised that this team resembles those of the former regime? Increased ticket prices though and expect another increase next year. Buy into the hype.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a blog near you! Wallet Man.

Wallet Man

Anonymous said...

No advantage being a season ticket holder just wait for game day and buy at half price. There is a rumor going around that in February a game will start at 11:30 a.m. because of a promotion for elementary school kids. The stickler here is if you are a gold season ticket holder you won't be able sit in your seat. Apparently they have only 2 sections for the gold season ticket holders which will be on a first come bases. The promotion for the school kids is a good idea but not at the expense of the season ticket holder. I have no idea whose brain wave idea this is but it will cost future season tickets down the way.

bryan said...

Pats in tough, lately

william weppler said...

Disagree UNHAPPY - think it is a great promo to get school kids (future fans) out for an afternoon game...more than willing to sit or stand wherever for one game. Gotta think of others (most likely not as well off as you) getting a chance to go to a game, maybe thier first game!

Also UNHAPPY - where are you buying a walk up Gold ticket for $6.50???? Gold Season tickets average $13/game...fairly cheap entertainment for 2 1/2 hours these days. Let us in on your secret please :))

Can't figure out why a lot of posters (alias Arm Chair GM's) think this year was going to be a run for the Mem Cup!! Less than a year since the trade and the rebuild started, and we are comfortably in a playoff spot with half a season remaining. All teams have ups and downs thoughout the year. Pats have definitley deserved more than the few points they have in last 10 games...if you have been at the games/or watching WHL Live you would realize this.

I am sure Mgmt are looking at where there are some weaknesses...but need 2 teams to agree to a trade remember and both Teams need to think they are going to benefit immeiately or in the future. Will be interesting to see if any of the 20 year olds go at the deadline for some younger talent. I am sure some Teams are looking for a vet like Colby Williams for the stretch run.

Oh ...did I see the top Team in the WHL gave up a 2 - 0 lead Saturday night only to lose to 5 - 3 to the up and coming Saskatoon Blades! Rockets better seriously start looking at playing 60 minutes, thier lack of depth and make some moves in January! JK...JK!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Pats keep saying next year is the year for them, so stop going this year.

Anonymous said...

William Weppler…are you quite alright?

Anyone who thinks that a person who has likely been supporting the Pats for decades with the same seat should be displaced is foolish. There are enough empty seats in the ends and silver zone to accommodate the school kids needs. The "one game" that someone may be seeing isn't going to build the long term fan base. They also haven't faced a nearly doubling in seat prices that some have. For the most part these games are just fiasco's where kids are running all around with their friends eating nachos. PR - yes. Valuable-doubtful.

You clearly don't have a clue that the Pats are not the youngest team in the League, and that the WHL is a young league this year. At least four teams as young or younger than us are doing substantially better. What teams have been up and down like we have? Just what I thought you haven't a clue. You must live in some fantasy world where you think we deserved more than we got. The great Bill Parcells nearly lost it with some reporters for making that same ridiculous statement. If we had deserved more, we would have won more games and got more. You clearly know very little. With loser points we may have had more than we deserve.

The team has underachieved all first half, and a lot of players stock has fallen including Sam Steel's. When veteran scouts are saying he has been "not very good" and "hard to find most nights" tells more than your uninformed simplistic opinion does. Steel has been invisible but he's not alone. They still haven't found anyone for him to play with. There is strong possibility that the overall talent they thought they had isn't what it needs to be. Its strange that Calgary can engineer trades when they are struggling and turn themselves back into the contenders they started the season as.

Your assertion that the Pats are comfortably in a playoff spot is astoundingly misinformed. Both Saskatoon and Medicine Hat are in easy striking distance. The Pats had the third worst record in the WHL over the past 10 games. Only Kootenay and Swift Current were worse. One more bad 10 game stretch and the playoffs will be a pipe dream. We shouldn't be trying to equate and compare ourselves to the bottom feeders. Your attempt to compare the Pats to the Rockets is embarrassingly foolish. They are only missing four world class players and are at the end of a long East road trip. They have won more championships than we are likely to in the foreseeable future. MJ was missing three top players last night. We were missing Zabrovskiy and a -14 d-man. If we can't beat teams that depleted, we never will. There is good reason for Paddock be be very concerned, and he should be.

Anonymous said...

We actually played Kelowna on the First game of their East road trip....just sayin'.