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Thursday, December 10, 2015



1. After some furious activity early in the week across the CFL, things seem to have calmed down somewhat since the GM/President meetings got underway in Las Vegas.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are represented by Craig Reynolds, Chris Jones and Jeremy O'Day.

2. Have you realized how insane the events of the past week are yet?  Consider this: I was chatting with a shuttle bus driver Wednesday night (who bore a remarkable resemblance to former NHLer and Regina Pat Jamie Heward) and tried to explain what had just gone on with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL.

"We finished 3-15 and pretty much blew out all of the management and coaching staff," I recapped.  "Then, from the team that won the championship, we stole their entire coaching staff and plan to raid half of their players."

His jaw hit the floor.  In fact, it's kind of Mickey Mouse when you think about it because it's so unprecedented and hard to believe it's legal.

The Riders are the winners of the off-season hands down.  The big, swinging hammers.  People are going nuts. Get your tickets and merchandise!

Who knew Craig Reynolds had this kind of cojones?!

4. A TSN reporter said to me on Wednesday, "What does it say about Ed Hervey that nobody was willing to stick around and work with him?"  I countered with, "I think it says more about Chris Jones that all his staff wanted to stay with him, and John Murphy from Calgary jumped too."  Included in the wave of coaches migrating to Saskatchewan is defensive line coach Ed Philion who's looking for a place to rent from June to November.

Saskatchewan is the place to be again folks.  How nice!

All this coverage and these discussions have racked up my data and minutes. Sorry Harvard Broadcasting!  But that's how you stay on top of the pile.

5. Things are in a state of flux for several Roughriders staff.  The therapy staff was due to meet with Jones earlier this week but time evaporated and the new boss had to get on a plane to Nevada.  No meeting.  However therapy, equipment and video staff general survive regime changes and that's how Ivan Gutfriend and Norm Fong stayed with the franchise for so long.  It's believed this will be Ivan's 40th year with the Green & White.

6. That's not to say there isn't movement across the CFL this week however.  Curious news out of Hamilton where it's been reported that Ticats Coach/GM Kent Austin denied the Edmonton Eskimos permission to speak with Defensive Coordinator Orlando Steinhauer about their Head Coach position.  How sad and unfortunate if that story is true, considering the Roughriders allowed Kent Austin out of his contract in 2008 to join Ole Miss.

7. TSN's Farhan Lalji reports Khari Jones is the leading candidate to replace George Cortez as Offensive Coordinator of the B.C. Lions.  One wonders where Rider O.C. Jacques Chapdelaine will end up, however my guess is he has one year left on his deal and will be looked after in that regard.

8. Before joining the Roughriders as QB/Passing Game Coordinator, Jarious Jackson was offered the Offensive Coordinator position with the Calgary Stampeders, according to Farhan.  Perhaps the job will fall to Marc Mueller soon, although head coach Dave Dickenson is expected to call plays.  Perfect situation for Marc.

9. How was the Pats game last night?  Can't wait to get back and watch them.  Well, I can, but you know what I mean.  Unfortunately NO ONE on this trip has asked me about the Pats, and they're all hockey fans. Something needs to be done to get the Pats back into the public conscience in Regina and area.  These SportsCagers went nuts over Tuesday's NHL game in Sunrise, FL.  They didn't care if there were 200 people there or 20,000.  They loved the calibre of hockey and noticed it!

10. On our SportsCage/Marlin Travel Ultimate Sports Trip, today is Day 7 and for most of us, we'll be spending it on the beach enjoying the sun before heading to the Florida Panthers-Washington Capitals game tonight at BT&T Center.  There was an announced attendance of 11,000 for Tuesday's 4-2 Ottawa win over the Panthers but there will be many more tonight with the Great 8 in town.  Hockey fans were celebrating Tuesday night as Broward County Council voted 5-3 in favour of making financial concessions to keep the Panthers here.  One has to wonder now if that will accelerate the expansion process of Quebec City and Las Vegas as they were considered to be "landing spots" for the Panthers and Coyotes however those teams aren't going anywhere.




Anonymous said...

Kent Austin is a jerk.... we allowed him to persue his "dream" job after winning a Grey Cup here and now he denies his own staff to better themselves? This will come back to bite him!


Anonymous said...

The Regina Pats sadly, still have some of the worst marketing out of any of the privately owned clubs in the WHL. I truly believed with the new owners taking Marty Klyne on board things would change, but as a season ticket holder, club sponsor I'm yet to hear any new ideas from the Pats, let alone be approached for any new ideas or promotions. Furthermore, the lackluster front office performance is resulting in fewer fans watching some of the best on ice entertainment we've seen in years.

I truly hope the Pats can improve their marketing and reach out to a broader audience especially over the next couple weeks with some great BC clubs swinging through here.

Great blog Roddy, have to say Reynolds has really impressed me this week, I was skeptical of him early on, but am man enough to admit I was wrong, he is the right person for the job.

Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Sophie Trudeau

Anonymous said...

It is hilarious how these American towns have a bottomless pit of money for NHL teams that nobody down there gives a crap about.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact QCSE bought the Pats, but it would be nice if they would do something with the Pats. The marketing is non-existent. Very disappointing!

Anonymous said...

The Pats had the opportunity to take advantage of a crappy Rider season and try and rebuild the fan base and get some fans back that may have not been spending their money with the Riders. Too bad, missed opportunity on QCSE's part.

Razor said...

Why can't people just come out and watch some damn good hockey.
Should not need any gimmicks. Good game last night but a very poor crowd. Support these boys

Anonymous said...

We didn't deny Kent Austin anything - he moved to Ole Miss which was 4 hours away from Brentwood Tennessee. The thought was he'd get established at Ole Miss and then Eric Tillman would follow. End of the day that didn't happen.

I'll tell you this. There is no way Hugh Campbell would have let that happen to his staff.

The Roughriders were, have been, and always will be pure trash. Looking forward to watching Chris Jones work his magic with Brett Smith as his QB.

Anonymous said...

Steinauer and the Cats came to an agreement that he would stay in Hamilton, that's why they 'denied permission.'

Rod Pedersen said...

You need to tell people how good your product is and promote your star players.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Regina just isn't a hockey town.

Anonymous said...

We had a night off, looked at the website and got tickets to the game. I don't get the marketing thing either you want to watch a hockey game at a good level or you don't.

I'm in the rink every night and I like hockey.

william weppler said...

Pats game a good one last night so whomever chooses not to go is missing out for sure. "Marketing"? ...does no one know where the Brandt Center is located?...come on!! If you're any kind of hockey fan you don't need a whole lot of marketing... but teaming with WestJet for Friday's game; the Leap Year Feb 29th afternoon game promo for school kids...etc. is that not Marketing??

3300 for a game is not a bad crowd for this busy time of year, regardless of who the Pats are playing. It's a great fan experience ...right from the on ice performance to the intermission entertainment.

BTW anyone signing thier name as "Sophie Trudeau" really tells me how seriously your comments on this blog should be taken.

John said...

Anon. Riders trash team? What are you smoking or shooting up? Even we were having a terrible year we were almost selling out. What were teams like Toronto doing? Even when home games were in Hamilton they could only get aprox 3000 fans and they were only a few miles away. Our franchise is the best in the CFL bar none!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The 2015 Sense of Humour of the year award goes to.........

William Weppler!

Congrats William for your fantastic sense of humour and providing such great insight to the blog, you can collect your prize at your nearest yuk yuks where' I'm sure you frequent on a regular basis.

From your friends,
Senator Biden
and ever other "name" used on here.

Anonymous said...

For all of you who don't think marketing plays a role, really shows how small town/minded you are. Like Rod says, you market your stars, market your product and hopefully extend your reach to new audiences or spark intrests of those who may have never taken in a game. Marketing plays a role in everything today and sucessful teams do it well and strive to get better.

The Pats need to improve their marketing, game day experience to attract/maintain a solid fan base...yes, for the average true hockey fans no gimmicks matter, but for some it means they will spend money on the product rather than just ingnoring it.

The artist formley known as William Weppler's sense of humor

Anonymous said...

Justin's approval ratings four years from now will be 15% and to counteract that the Liberal party will ask Sophie to pose for Playboy. No stone unturned to keep the flashy image up to cover up the crappy government he runs.

Speaker Ryan

Anonymous said...

Teaming with WestJet...I work for WestJet and have no idea what your talking about. Maybe marketing does need some work.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Maybe Regina is not a hockey town. Perhaps Jr. Hockey is on its way out as family entertainment especially when the kids can play other sports. Maybe the same old crowd at the game are no longer interesting you know the hockey mom and dad dump and chase mentality, there is nothing wrong with a fight types. They do get tiring. Maybe the nhl package on the plasma is better atmosphere and game. Maybe the casino is better bang for the buck. There was no casino back in the day.
Interestingly the world juniors is entertaining and excellent hockey. There are fewer whl players and strategies there so maybe the way the game is played and coached needs to change. In any case someone would have to give me tickets and I'd have to be pretty bored before going to Jr. hockey game.

Anonymous said...

Maybe marketing dosen't work.... Yup cause the nfl all hype league would agree! Lol

Anonymous said...

Hockey is on its way out. People can no longer afford for their kids to play or for a family to attend a game.

Anonymous said...

Excuses. I don't recall hockey ever being affordable. Every year it was selling chocolates, oranges, meat, bottle drives, working bingo's etc. That was all 25+ years ago. Laziness is the key word. I find it quite funny how everyone clamours to watch a 3-15 team in a "B" rate league but to attend one hockey game people come up with a million... what's the word? Excuses!

Anonymous said...

Marketing is not the issue with the Pats attendance. QCSE has done an incredible job advertising the team. They are out making player appearances every chance they get, they support numerous charities, they are over active on all social media platforms and they promote game events with traditional media partners. What do you wizards think they are missing? It sure as heck isn't in game promotions as they just invested 3 plus mill on improving the game day experience for their fans and corporate partners. Lets face it the Rider and Pats attendance numbers don't lie Sask fans are band wagon jumpers and only support the local teams when they are winning. Even Jordan Eberle couldn't fill the Brandt center on a Wednesday night in December.

Anonymous said...

So lets hear some ideas from all of you guys who think the Pats marketing should be improved!? What kind of things would you like to see? What kind of game day things would you like to see that are not already in place? There are only so many things that you can do. What else is out there that these guys are not doing?

In my mind the biggest thing hindering fans from coming to games is that people do not have the time during the hockey season. Who are the people that go to Pats games? Families with young children who are also playing hockey. Grandparents of those same children. With 2 kids, these guys are already at the rink 5-6-7 times a week. A lot of times the same evenings as the Pats are playing. If not, 8am the next day. Kids used to be on the ice much less back in the day. This combined with the cost of taking the family to a game ($80 bare minimum), nobody is going to hit up 20 or 30 games. Throw in a bit of homework, a Christmas concert (or celebration of who knows what...don't get me started), other activities or God forbid some time for the parents to go out for supper and a movie. University students you say? I know I couldn't afford to go to very many games when I was a student.

Once kids hockey winds down in March the fans will come out IF the team is WINNING games. That is the single biggest marketing tool and the team is doing a damn good job of putting that together in my opinion.

It is not that people don't know about the Pats, it is a whole pile of other factors. People want to go to games, the just can't.

Anonymous said...

No big deal for me if hockey disappeared. No nhl players any longer in my circles. Don't need to hero worship or like the post retirement blues, trauma, lack of education or high maintenance partners. Maybe lakefront property would also become more affordable.

Anonymous said...

Hockey is not going anywhere and it's never been better.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing the pats do is got to Schools with fundraisers with the kids.

My kid (6 years old) came home and thought the Pats players were super stars. A really good way to start to get a young fan.

But personally I go to about 10 games a year.

Marketing won't do anything for me.

I play hockey and so does my kid. So I guess you could call us a "hockey family". I enjoy watching my son and others I know.

The biggest thing is I'm not at all emotionally invested in the Pats team. I usually don't care who wins or loses.

See me after a Rider loss and I'm in the dumps lol

I'm not a robot

Anonymous said...

Jones, Murphy absolute 1- 2 knockout punch. Saskatchewan Roughriders have finally turned the corner and can now be truly addressed as a professional sports AAA+ class enterprise. Thank you Mr.Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

The biggest marketing problem they have is the fact this team is a very ordinary team. It's chronic .500 and really hasn't made any noise since the trade deadline last season. It was terrible game last night that flattered the home team both in the game and score. They were outplayed 50 out of 60 minutes. Anyone who thinks that's good hockey was likely drinking too many sudsy beverages. Dave Struch told it like it really was. This talent won't do much this or next year. There are too many other better younger teams in the league. It's time to get some pop and talent into the lineup or it's going to remain mediocre. Simply put this team isn't good enough. And to get this hockey some had to pay nearly double they did the year before.

Razor said...

At least William Weppler uses his name unlike others on this blog who continue to hide

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Rod!

Thanks for all the updates.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

You mean like you? As if Razor is your real name...might as well sign it annonymous.

Rod in Saskatoon

william weppler said...

Hey westjet employee....r u not aware of the westjet 12,000 mini miracles in 24 hours!!
Maybe they need better thier employees 😊

Anonymous said...

Rod a team is not moving to Quebec or Las Vegas. Moving teams doesn't pay, expansion teams pay. The owners want to get paid a chunk of those expansion dollars. Even your average fan knows this...

Rod Pedersen said...

I'm sorry but you're incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Yes William, I am well aware of the 12000 mini miracles. It was up to each individual employee to perform his own miracle. As I am a Captain with WestJet, my random act of kindness was to buy a 20 dollar gift card to Starbucks for our shuttle driver in Ottawa.

I am not sure what the 12000 miracles has to do with the Pats? You have me confused.


The Captain

Ps: we achieved over 31000 miracles(I perfer to call them random acts of kindness), at least that's what the internal memo said today.

Dion said...

Just received my 2015 Edmonton Eskimos Grey Cup gear today can't wait to proudly wear it around Regina showing it off to all the 3-15 whiners/riders fans gobEskies Go

william weppler said...

To "The Captain" - WestJet is a great organization and I fly with them whenever I am able to ....was just bugging you a bit. It's SUPER that WestJet employess again overachieved with thier acts of kindness at this time of year.

I saw a clip on FB today where WestJet employees and Pats Todd Lumbard were in minor hockey dressing rooms giving tickets out to the young guys for an upcoming Pats game...that's what I was referring to.

Safe Flying and have a Merry Christmas Captain.

Doug said...

To Anonymous, who would post his name, and is obivously an Eskimo fan, in Campbells era as head coach, the Eskimos were the richest team in the CFL. They won 9 GCs between 1978 ( year after Commonwealth stadium was completed ) and 2007 ( the year the salary cap was introduced ). It was not coincidence!!
They bought those 5 Grey cups. No one outside Edmonton feels sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, I never seen that. That's probably something our fantastic customer service agents in Regina and the Pats collaborated on. Thanks for flying with us.

Cheers and a Merry Christmas

Go Pats
Go Riders