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Tuesday, December 8, 2015



1.  Anything going on back home?  The above photo was taken from our seats at SunLife Stadium on Sunday for the Dolphins-Ravens NFL game as part of the SportsCage/Marlin Travel Ultimate Sports Trip V.  We're down here in the Sunshine State with 46 SportsCage listeners who signed up to join me on our annual NFL/NHL/NBA sun and sports trip  Unfortunately the internet is painfully slow here at the Oceanside Comfort Inn in Deerfield, FL and it takes 20 minutes just to upload ONE photo.  The photoblog will have to wait until we get home but that's not what you came here for today anyway.

2.  Dec. 7/2015 will go down as a landmark day in Saskatchewan Roughriders history.  Just like February 2/2005 when Jim Hopson came on board as the franchise's first-ever President & CEO or December 6/2006 when Kent Austin joined the club.  There have been many others over the club's 105-year history too but Monday's hiring of Chris Jones figures to be a watershed day.

3.  And what exactly transpired over the past week-to-10 days isn't known by many however the facts may unfold over the months ahead.  Or perhaps they won't, so we'll have to take Riders President Craig Reynolds at his word when he spoke at a news conference on Monday before a national viewing audience on TSN3 and across Saskatchewan on 620 CKRM.  As the story goes, the head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos was on the team's radar as soon as they compiled a list of targeted candidates for the club's head coach & GM jobs.  The fact is Jones' name never hit the public until the week of the CFL Division Finals and even then I still feel it was just media and fans throwing names against the wall and seeing which ones stuck.  As one CFL source said on Monday, "I don't think Reynolds even thought Jones would be available until Grey Cup Week".  Until then, Jeremy O'Day solidly had the inside track.  More on that later.

4.  The rumours of John Hufnagel being lured to Saskatchewan were nothing more than fun gossip for us to toss around and fill air-time over the past three months.  Hufnagel told his staff privately months ago that he wasn't going anywhere and he issued a news release saying the same thing.  At least we know he's a man of his word.

5.  As far as O'Day goes, I've heard from those close to him that he was "down" with the news he wasn't getting the Rider GM position and Reynolds confirmed as much on Monday however he said Jeremy "understands and supports" the move.  Was he led to believe he'd get the job all along?  I don't believe so but I was told that by someone in the Riders' hierarchy.  However things change.

6.  Like all of us, O'Day only wants what's best for the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization and the hiring of Chris Jones seems to be exactly that.  I haven't seen one detractor to the hiring in the wave of reaction on social media in the past day although one commenter to this blog said Reynolds' "job is on the line" with the hiring of Jones.  Well no kidding!  But not as much as if he'd opted for O'Day over Jones.  Now, no matter how this all turns out, Reynolds can point to the fact he "made the best decision at the time" and also gave the fans what they were clamouring for once we learned Jones was available and wanted the job.  If it all blows up, it'll all be on Chris Jones but I'm sure he's fine with that.  Corey Chamblin was fine with that too last spring, but we all know how that turned out.  However I don't expect history to repeat itself here.

7.  Although Chris Jones has certainly bitten off a lot with the titles of V.P. of Football Operations, General Manager, Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator with Canada's Team.  However he certainly seems ready for it doesn't he?  And no one seems to think he's not capable of it.  The Riders figure to be a Grey Cup contender in 2016, especially since I'm told one of his selling points in the job interview was the fact he plans to bring a lot of the Edmonton coaching staff and free agent players to the 306.  There's something in Chris Jones that inspires confidence and I'm excited for the future of this franchise.

8.  Regarding my support of Jeremy O'Day for the position, I'm still stunned at the negative reaction it garnered.  Some horrible things were said to, and about me over this stance but I was simply supporting the internal candidate and someone I've known closely since 1999.  Imagine the reaction if I hadn't supported him!  The fact is he's ready to be a CFL General Manager but now you have to wonder when it will happen.  A long-time hockey coach surmised last week that O'Day will likely have to leave Saskatchewan to prove his worth as a GM and I'm inclined to agree.  Let's just say Chris Jones leaves in three years -- what's to say O'Day is anymore ready then or will have garnered anymore support from the Rider Nation?

I'm still shocked how much negativity there is about O'Day and most of it's tied to the fact he was a part of the last regime. Maybe he should've been more vocal about his role in it but he bit his lip and took the high road.  That's SUPPOSED to pay off.  In this case it didn't but maybe it will eventually.

But I'm not down in the dumps over the Riders' hiring of Chris Jones.  I'm thrilled and as stated before, confident and excited about the years ahead.

9.  Many people have said over the past 48 hours, "You know Chris Jones far better than I do" but that's not the case.  I only know him from sitting in his news conferences or sticking my microphone into media scrums as the opposition broadcaster over the past few years.  Initially he seemed somewhat harsh but softened this year and I'm guessing that's because Eskimo assistant coaches Craig Dickenson and Ed Philion - two long-time friends of mine - likely told Jones what I'm all about.

From what I could see from the photos and videos from Monday's news conference, Jones looked quite refreshed and content.  He looked 10 years younger than he normally does.  I guess $600,000-$650,000 will do that.  He's earned it.

Speaking of, I heard from players across the CFL on Monday who were upset about the amount Jones signed for.  "It's more than 99% of the players earn" one of them said.  Hey, I'm all for everyone making as much money as possible so I wasn't going to engage in the debate.

10.  And that brings us to Chris Jones' coaching staff with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2016.  TSN's Farhan Lalji reported Monday evening that Jarious Jackson has already agreed to join the Roughriders as Quarterbacks Coach/Passing Game Coordinator signalling the first of likely many Edmonton coaches to migrate to Saskatchewan.  The rumour mill also suggests Craig Dickenson is sure to follow as Special Teams Coordinator but others expect he'll wind up with his brother Dave's Calgary Stampeders.  I questioned that, pointing out the Stampeders already have a quality ST Coach in Mark Killam, but was cautioned, "Family's family".

11.  And Jones's phone will definitely be ringing off the hook between now and Christmas.  Former Blue Bombers head coach and Eskimos O.C. Mike Kelly has expressed interest in coming to Saskatchewan as has former Rider linebacker Reggie Hunt who's coaching high school in Texas and was a guest coach with the Calgary Stampeders this past June.  The hiring of Chris Jones may be behind us, but now comes the next wave of the news cycle with his assistants.

** As of Tuesday afternoon, Sportsnet's Arash Madani reported Bob Dyce has cleaned out his office at Mosaic Stadium meaning he's looking for work. Things are moving fast and furious.**

* Madani further reports Ryan Dinwiddie is heading to Calgary to be QBs coach while the Calgary Sun's Scott Mitchell says Devone Claybrooks is primed to be the Stamps DC.

* Another from Madani: Craig Dickenson is headed to Saskatchewan and former Rider DC Greg Quick is going to return to the Montreal Alouettes (the Quick news was confirmed by the Alouettes Tuesday evening).

* Still more from Arash - Craig Smith is out as personnel director with the Riders and Jason Maas is the leading candidate to be head coach of the Eskimos. If he goes, he's expected to take several Ottawa assistants.

Good luck to Craig Smith. He's a class act.

Interesting too, that the Ottawa RedBlacks announced a rash of transactions today including the release of DE Shawn Lemon. He could help somebody.  What a wild free agent period we're in for.

12.  I should point out too, how this stuff all works.  I've been told that Chris Jones actually signed his deal on Saturday but the Riders truly hoped to hold onto the news until Monday.  That became impossible when, upon learning of his resignation, the Eskimos picked up the phone and notified TSN Edmonton's Ryan Rishaug that Jones was gone.  One of the many patrons on this trip asked over supper Sunday evening, "How could the Riders make this move and not tell you?"  It would have taken an hour to explain the background and the inner-workings of how this stuff all goes down.  I'm not miffed.  The Riders had the best-of-intentions but the Eskimos wanted to spoil their party.  Can you blame them?  "Congratulations on winning the Grey Cup Edmonton!  Now you're in a full rebuild thanks to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their fat bank account!"

But I heard from Craig Reynolds on Monday personally.  We're good.  I could hardly say I didn't want to be involved in the process, then turn around and complain about being left out of the loop.  This has all worked out just fine.

13.  As far as this trip goes, we've had a blast.  About half of the guests are returnees while 20 or so are first-timers.  Almost ALL of them are farmers from across the province and they represent communities such as Kipling, Carnduff, Odessa, Assiniboia, Hodgeville and Saskatoon.  They ALL are avid SportsCage listeners and I'm always astounded when they quote things we've said on the show going back years and years.  Most of it I'd forgotten.

The most special story comes from Brett, a 50-something farmer from Kipling who became a diehard Miami Dolphins fan after reading a book from his "Book of the Month" club when he was just 10 years old in the 70's.  He was mesmerized by the magical 1972 Dolphins and their iconic coach Don Shula however he was only able to watch maybe one Dolphins game a year on TV while living on the farm.  On Saturday night when our plane touched down in Ft. Lauderdale, Brett said, "I've waited 40 years for this.  Come tomorrow, I'll be vibrating".  While the others tailgated, I walked around the whole stadium with him taking it all in and listening to his stories.  It was wonderful.

We'll have a full recap of the week's events in the days ahead.




Anonymous said...

Say good bye to DD, Dressler, Bag, Best and many other Rider vets. They forgot more about football than Jones will ever know and they will not put up with Jones crap and ego.

Anonymous said...

Rod, name one team that would even consider ODay as a top candidate for GM. You cannot. Your self righteous blog has become painful the past couple months, I'm out.


Anonymous said...

I did not like Jones when he was with Edmonton and I still do not like him

Anonymous said...

Don't worry all of you Jones band wagon jumpers Jones will destroy the Riders even more than they are now and then will cut and run to the states.

Anonymous said...

Jones will bamkrupt the Riders signing old EE ass coaches

Anonymous said...

o'day wont have to wait long the bombers are going to be hot garbage next year, that job will be open maybe before the seasons through.

Anonymous said...

Mike Kelly? I still remember some of his press conferences while head coach in Winnipeg. What a character!


Anonymous said...

Seriously? 0'Day a CFL general manager? Where? Which team, teams inquiring to his available services now that he has no title with the Saskatchewan Roughriders? What about Taman? Anyone calling? Who cares? Unfortunately VP, GM, Coach Jones might be stuck with 0'Day, remains to be determined. Fanbase now move on as the Saskatchewan Roughriders a prosperous productive Chris Jones-Craig Reynolds team for a long term foreseeable future.

Go Roughriders!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened on Dec 7, 2014?

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled about the hiring of Jones!! Rod I understand your friendship with O'Day but I am a little disapointed how you were actng ore like his PR person rather than taking a step back and honestly looking at what is best for the team. What if they had hired O'Day and he ended up being brutal? That would of also tarnished you image.

The one question I have for the O'Day supporters is simple.... on what basis is everyone assuming he is such a rock star candidate as a GM? Maybe I am totally off the mark here and he was the best candidate.

This is a business and the only obliglation I feel the Riders have is to give me the best possible product on the field to justify the cost of my tickets for the games.



Rod Pedersen said...

That's okay! You and others like you are not aware of these things but that's not your fault!

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones turned around an Eskimo team to become champions!! Am I missing something here in regards to all the negative comments on the guy??

Anonymous said...

It is my take that you thought O'Day would be given the job no questions asked, and if Hopson had been the CEO that is exactly what would of happened..the search would have been the same as it was for Taman(a complete joke). If you step back,consider and examine all the hiring that Hopson did , you should realize that he cost this club a lot of money( ie: Marshall, Miller asVP, Taman, and in directly Chamblin). And in a few years ODay would have been on that list. He never hired the best person ever and it shows. ps:'I was told by someone close to Craig Reynolds that he would hire the best person for the job and he DID. Sorry you are let down that your buddy never got the job, but this is absolutely the right choice.

mister winnipeg said...

You didn't stay to watch the Grey Cup but you hightailed it down to Miami to watch the feeble Dolphins play the crapass Ravens? Sure the weather is better in Florida than in the 'Peg, but still...

No accounting for taste.

Anonymous said...

I get that most of us fans are not in the know.

Most of us watch football on the weekends and go to work mon-fri.

Were not there at practises, watching game film and seeing what is going on in the back ground.

But Jones over O'day is simple to compare.

We have one who has worked his way up to HC and winning at every level. Has also worked with some great GM's.

O'day who has been out of playing football for 5 years and now wants to be a GM.

For now with Jones the best thing he can do now is to have a really good Assistant GM. I think with other guys who have both roles (HC and GM) the common theme is they have an Assistant GM who is very capable of being a GM. Only difference is the GM has the last word.

Hopefully O'day can be that guy. And one day he will be the riders GM or another team will request to speak to him. For now as far as I now no one has requested to speak to him.

I'm not a robot.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for another pair of season tickets now that Reynolds made this move and Jones is here. Are any of you Negaive Nellie's who have season tickets, and who hate the Riders ready to give up your tickets? I will gladly purchase them from you.

Please let me know Section Number and Row, as I am sure there will be hundreds of tickets offered up now as a result of Monday's news to the Nellie's. Looks like I can be Craig Reynolds for a moment. I will see what kind of qulaity seats are out there and I will pick the best ones..

Thanks Nellie Nation, I thank you for it.

Go Riders Go!!


mister winnipeg said...

PS - Tell Mike Kelly that his application will be taken into consideration. Then shred. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Rod, to say O'day did not have a role in any of the past is bull. If you go back to old stories, where riders signed free agents, they all thank O'day. You think us rider fans are so dumb and we will believe what ever you say.

You try so hard to be this big insider guy. It hurts deep down you never got the news first.

Darren Hilderman

Done with Rod

Clay said...

Our team hired the best coach in perhaps the history of the franchise yesterday. All Jones does is win on a consistent basis. I love his attitude and sense of humour. Now finally we don't need to hear JOs name mentioned all the time on Sportscage. I'm sick of it. I predict an 11-7 season with Jones at the helm

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about it, Chris Jones would NEVER have been hired if Hopson was still in charge. Hopson wanted that hand in the football ops side and having Taman in place allowed it. Even though he's no longer with the team, Hopson still would have had influence under O'Day. Don't kid yourself, that's why Hopson was campaigning for O'Day to get the job. But from talking to Reynolds at Grey Cup, he's his own man and he was gonna hire the best possible candidate. And he did just that. Hopson and the old boys club must be beside themselves, probably feel this is a betrayal after they brought Reynolds in. That's why they're littering these comments section with anonymous negative posts on Jones and saying Reynolds is toast after Jones inevitably screws up.

After its all said and done, Reynolds will go down as a more successful president than Hopson ever was. Book it danno!

Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Lol at the sad people commenting on the blog today.

As for me, happy as heck with everything that went down.

Anonymous said...

Darcy = moron!

Anonymous said...

Darren Hilderman is done with the blog? OMG. I guess everyone should be then.

Wait. Who's Darren Hilderman?

Anonymous said...

Forget Mike Kelly, his attitude and arrogance and hows he been doing the last 15 years. Keep him as far away from the buffet table as the, well you know who. Wasn't he one of the first smack somebody around group.

Anonymous said...

Usual assortment of ignoranus posters, Stupid and assholes. Thank fully they only represent 1% of the views on this blog.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly rod I'm not sure who told you (tillman) maybe to not ever put your name behind one candidate because if he doesn't get the job how is the one who got the job gonna take to you? Anyways this is a great hire. I have had season tix now 20 years and this makes me very happy. I wanted the person who was the most qualified and I think we got it right. Always will be negative people here. I can't wait for season to start.

Anonymous said...

Best part of yesterday is from here on in, Finally someone will point out the idiots in the media. Chris Jones will put Scruffy, Duke, Taylor Shire, Murray McCormick, Lee Jones and Glenn Reid in there Place.

Anonymous said...

I bet Mike Kelly wants to go to a lot of places, but if the Riders pay for him to come here that would be an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I read all the comments and I'm trying to figure out why Darcy was called a moron.

And who is Darren Hilderman?

I'm not a robot

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of ignorant idiots commenting on this blog. Figure it out morons. This is a perfect situation. O'day has two years left as assistant GM and Jones will be able to use him and count on him to help give direction and make decisions. O'day has TONS of contacts all over the place and knows how to find players, if they can work together this could be magic. O'day can keep learning on the job which everyone here that's nay saying was just last week saying we shouldn't hire O'day because he needs experience, well now he's gonna get it. He will be our next GM or more likely the GM somewhere else like Winnipeg in a year or two. Until then he will work with Jones and bring in the talent Jones wants and needs to succeed.

IMHO this is gonna be awesome. Great job Craig.

Also,,, am I missing something here? I read the blog daily and just took Rod's writing about O'day as something anyone who worked with someone or around someone as long as Rod and O'day have would have done or said. Of course Rod is gonna say that O'day is ready and would be a great fill for the role. Never did Rod go off about the subject. Negative idiots who say crap like this will always be around and I wish they would sometimes consider making out with the end of a fully loaded revolver.

Also ......have the Oilers traded Taylor Hall yet? get a dman while people still think he is good. Many players in the NHL could have as many points as Hall if they negated their defensive duties 100% of the time. There are reasons the Oil suck every year and this is one of them. Toews could lead the league in scoring every year if he focused 100% of his energy cheating up nice and not worrying about defence. get Marchand and Krug for Eberle and get any number one D you can for Hall, or better yet trade him straight up for seth Jones and see if they throw in a prospect (which I highly doubt as 1 for 1 is already lopsided and Edm may have to throw in a prospect in actuality). Then trade yak to the Womens national league for anyone you can get.Seriously though I would see if Montreal would let go of Tokarski or Fucale for Yak. These guys gotta make some moves! Unfortunately they will probably just end up trading with Philly and getting the Schenn's for Eberle in a nothing move that helps only Philly.

Peace MOFO's!!!!!!!

Pod Redersen

Anonymous said...

Cronyism, buddyism, nepotism and every other ism you can think about has long been the order of the day. After Tillman left, Miller was handed the job and Taman after him was handed the job. Does anyone see what was going on here. Directly or indirectly Hopson was responsible for the hiring and subsequent payout of millions to guys who were fired with multiple years left on their contracts. If he said it was the best decision at the time, then Reynolds decision to terminate Taman/Chamblin and hire Jones is also the best one at the time. Probably a better one. And just how is Jones going to bankrupt the team? That is a comment from an imbecile for sure. If anyone else had been hired as GM including O'Day, we would still need a head coach and likely an assistant manager. The dollar amount spent would have been exactly the same. The only difference is we have a championship calibre coach, a recruiter, and perennial winner to boot.

The worry about bolting in a few years is a red herring. Coaches and managers do it all the time. It didn't take Austin long to leave in 07. Ritchie Hall left here to be a HC in Edmonton. Guess what people, it happens all the time. If O'Day wants to pull in the same direction, he will be a GM here one day. If he chooses to sulk then he can go somewhere else. There are very few people out there who haven't been passed over for a big promotion. It hurts but we need to work with it or leave. Those are the only two choices. Even if the GM's job in Winnipeg came open, do you not think Murphy would be more qualified? or Sunderland? or Tillman? To suggest O'Day is more qualified than these men is both untrue and insulting to those guys.

Some of the local media embarrassed themselves and looked real petty during the press conference. Harping on nomadic existences, moving here, having and address here, and thinly veiled questions regarding how long he would be here, and his relationship with O'Day. Small minded questions from a small minded press corps. Fans should be rejoicing that such a high end talent even wants to come here. The mental midget fringe will more likely be the reason he ever leaves as opposed to his abilities. In typical Rider and Saskatchewan fashion, we can't stand the prospect of success!

Anonymous said...

Rod: Extremely disappointed that you would post the remarks of the classless individual hoping more Albertans would join the 30% increase in suicide rate in this province. These remarks appeared under the Jones news conference post and have offer nothing but showing the total ignorance of some.

Medicine Hat ALBERTA
Lifelong Rider Fan

John Moore said...

Sure hope this blog can get back to what it was before this GM stuff came up. Now seems two sides have dig in their heels and cant get back to being solid Rider fans. Rod I really hope you can get past all this hit you've had to handle. You made your stand on the issue, that was your right privately but as the rider voice on the air would have been better to have not been so O'Day. I hope that is past but worry by your comment on this post. Enjoyed this blog so much but now it is 2 sides hitting on each other rather then talking Riders. You said first step done now for the exciting time of coaches free agent and scouting signings. Lets talk about that and whats going on with the other teams.

Anonymous said...

I agree with last poster, MOST, not all, but most of the sports media here in Regina are not up to par with other sports media types across Canada. Do these guys even think of the questions they are asking ahead of time?
Rod, I like your show because it is a link to people who have played the game and know the game side of things, ie: Luc and Scott, but when you have a guy come on your show who has never played pro football, or even involved in coaching high level sports or been employed by a profesional franchise and knows the business ongoings I must change to another station. Sorry but, its all about what you bring to the table.


Anonymous said...

The negativity towards an O'Day hiring had much less to do with the fact that he was part of the last regime and much more to do with the fact that he has no proven track record in player personnel and he was going up against multiple candidates that do. Jeremy O'Day was not the best candidate, Jeremy O'Day is not what's best for the club at this point in O'Day's career. Period.

You can try and dress that fact up as "oh, you just didn't want to give him a chance because he unfairly wears the stink of the last regime" all you want, it doesn't change the fact that there were better candidates. Much better candidates with proven track records of finding great players.

Who cares about how far back your relationship with O'Day goes? "I am simply supporting the internal candidate and someone I've known closely since 1999." The fact that you can write that in such a manner that you're actually baffled why people mock such a mindset is mind boggling to me. I'm simply supporting the internal candidate???? WHY DO YOU THINK THAT EXPLANATION IS SATISFACTORY?

WHY do you think there should ever be any bias towards internal candidacy? Why do you think your friendships matter to what is best for this franchise? You're shocked because you don't have a clue what's best for this franchise and, more selfishly, put your personal relationships ahead of what's best for this franchise.

The reaction if you hadn't have supported him would've been "Huh, Rod was actually able to put his personal feelings aside and look at this situation from the perspective of 'what is the best choice for the Riders?'"

Voice of the Riders?

No. Voice of only Rod Pedersen.

No more old boys club. The Roughriders do not exist to be the retirement package for long-time favorite Roughriders. They exist for the FANS. They exist to win and do well. That's all that matters, and Reynolds made the choice that fits that ideal.

Anonymous said...

You, my friend, are a idiot with no vision and little or no understanding of business, pro football or life in general. Nothing lasts forever, in order to keep from regressing, things need to change and develop. Out with the old, in with the new. I know I have used some big words, but I'm sure if you ask an intelligent person nicely they will read and explain this to you.

Anonymous said...

It's a great day in Rider Nation. After listening to the media press conference yesterday I have a feeling this is a great matchup between a passionate football market and a passionate coach. I think that shared passion will have Jones stick around longer than anyone expects a coach that has done some bouncing in his career to stick around. He's gonna love it here.

I kept it much more friendly than many on here but I was in the group that was critical of your support of O'Day. I never had an issue with O'Day I just never wanted the team to head that route without having a real hard look at the alternatives. Your writing often came across as pushing O'Day as the only path. No worries, that's behind us. I continue to be a big fan of your writing. Enjoy the rest of your travels.


Anonymous said...

A coach can be however he wants when he wins..........if you lose, no one cares you were a nice guy. So while Jeremy is a class guy and might be a good manager, but will always be associated with CC and demise of team.

Secondly, great to be the hunter............I remember the day when we could not steal the other teams best water boy. Remember how we all would complain about those old Eskimos!

Lastly, its a done deal....lets get on board and blow the lid of the CFL.......boyahhhhh here comes Canada's team!

The Woz said...

You people are being way to hard on Rod. Don't pump yourselves up by being Captain Obvious and stating that Reynolds was a genius for conducting a thorough search......anyone in that position would have done the same thing. A month ago no one knew exactly who would be interested. All many of us were saying, including Rod (if I can speak for him) is that if there were no other better candidates that ODay would have been a fine selection. If Hufnagel wanted to come would he trump ODay? Yes. Does Chris Jones trump ODay? For sure. But no one knew until recently who was or was not interested. Once Jones said he was it was a no brainer that he should be the hire over ODay. However, if Jones had not be interested then I think ODay would have been the choice over Murphy or Sunderland. Jeremy was the second choice and only finished there because Jones is a superstar candidate.

So quit puffing yourselves up that you are so great because YOU wanted a thorough search and YOU would have selected Jones.......Captain Obvious me down.

Anonymous said...

Hey wind bag! As of yesterday, Jeremy O'Day has no standing/title anymore with the Roughriders Football Club. VP/GM/Head Coach Jones will make a ruling on his contract status when he has the time.

Anonymous said...

Rod, please post a survey asking 'Should the comments section be disabled? yes or no'.
There is little value in comment sections regardless of the site.
Or is it more eyeballs = more money?

@mrt_man said...






Anonymous said...

Yes I've been a Rider fan for over 50 years and this hire will come back to bite the Riders big time.

Up to 2 years ago Jones was never better than an assistant. There was another coach that won a GC in his 2nd year - where is he now.

Jones will be gone and so will O'Day then who will the Riders go after.

This was a stupid move - you never hire someone who is only in it for themselves and the Money.

And to all you idiots who will try and jump all over this well you can kiss my .............

Anonymous said...

"Best part of yesterday is from here on in, Finally someone will point out the idiots in the media. Chris Jones will put Scruffy, Duke, Taylor Shire, Murray McCormick, Lee Jones and Glenn Reid in there Place."

Calling other people idiots while not knowing the difference between "there" and "their" = awesome unintentional irony.

Better luck next time, Cletus.

Anonymous said...

The Woz shows his usual obliviousness to history. If hiring Jones was Captain Obvious and "anybody could've done it, anyone in that position would have done the same thing" then please explain to me how we ended up with Brendan Taman as GM after our last "exhaustive search" in 2011? Oh right, your boy Hopson had an "extensive search" where John Murphy's entire interview was a phone conversation and was never even met in person.

Having an exhaustive search IS Captain Obvious type stuff.

Funny how our last President couldn't be bothered to do the Captain Obvious thing, and even this time tried to influence things behind the scenes in favour of O'Day.

Sorry, Woz, the old boys club is gone. Adapt or be butthurt all the time.

Anonymous said...

"This team does not exist to be the retirement package for long time favourite players".

BINGO. One of th best lines on this blog of all time. That is exactly right. It's that old boys club mentality that has had its death grip on this team for so long. Tom Shepard brings in Al Ford and we know how his tenure as GM turned out. Hopson hires Miller/Taman and look how that's turned out. No, any kind of change where new faces and new ideas are brought in are immediately shut down cause they don't want to lose their control. And the media is part of this club too. Rod has admitted on the show that he is and he talks to them all the time. Look back to 2011, after that disaster of a season he said he expected Ken Miller and the same personnel back next year. Like seriously?? But Rod had to say that, or else he'd be booted out of that club so fast it would make your head spin. Same with O'Day. Kudos to Reynolds to having the balls to go against the grain and do what's right for the team. He's got his own club, it's called Rider Nation.

Old Tank

Anonymous said...

Voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders?
CKRM - The "No Source"

Anonymous said...

I believe that the Woz is correct in that O'Day would have got the job over Murphy and Sunderland… in Saskatchewan! When the Winnipeg job comes open and all these guys apply there, it will be interesting to see who has the better resume.

It's too bad that the lunatic fringe exists in the obvious numbers it does. Instead of making excuses or writing dumb crap, you should be toasting the Rider CEO Craig Reynolds. He pulled off a major coup to the betterment of the Saskatchewan province and fans. Some feelings may have been hurt but nobody lost here. We are now a better and might I say feared team with the addition of Chris Jones. I wouldn't want O'Day around if he didn't feel upset because it wouldn't show fire, drive and caring. These are things that will make him a great Rider manager some day. Now that he has someone like Jones to expand his abilities with, it will only make him better. He can turn it into what ever he wants.

Instead of being so petty we should be elated. Those who are making statements without any knowledge, faces, or insight are just being trivial and nonsensical. There are other teams envious of what Reynolds was able to pull off. Some folks are so rooted in doing things the old way that it's sad. Our team just got it's swagger back and fringe can't or won'y see it. Wait till the hard decisions are made and some of non performing fan favourites are sent packing. Some overpaid individuals are cut loose or traded. Can't wait for the exe to start falling and have the new broom sweep clean.

Anonymous said...

How about that? Sherritt and Ghrymes.

Lewis Grant said...

Wow - we get the most sought-after guy in the league, who just won a Grey Cup, and the complainers are out in force.

If he is the next Don Matthews, that's fine. The Don was abrasive, but he brought us our only two winning seasons between about 1990 and 2005. We missed him when he left.

As for assistants, it would be insane even to consider Mike Kelly. Ask anyone in Winnipeg what they think of him. He was as bad as Jeff Reinebold.

Anonymous said...

I see that the IQ in Saskatchewan continues to follow the price of a barrel of oil.

Anonymous said...

Pumped they hired Jones! Reynolds did well and she be congratulated. Way too much commentary on O'Day. If he is as capable as everyone suggests he will have no shortage of alternate offers. My belief is he is held in less high regard around the league than this blog suggests. That surely is the case with Taman. Not sure who would hire him.

Anonymous said...

Roddy what ever happened to the "Rock Star" applicant that we were told on the Sportscage had applied for the GM job? Who was he?

Anonymous said...

Craig Dickenson's firing was the start of the downfall of Chamberlain's time here.

Would love to have him back.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people are saying O'Day isn't a good guy or won't be a great GM some day but what they are saying is he is not ready. If O'Day was assistant GM with another losing team, would we even be considering him...not a chance. If we wanted the assistant GM from Winnipeg, who is a really nice guy, what would the fans say. O'Day is a good guy but that don't make you a good GM... over time will prove he will be a good GM....a good mentor will help him get there.

Anonymous said...

Rod I think you are taking the negative O'Day comments far to serious. I never saw any that actually hacked on O'Day it's just that people associate him with his mentor and that was Brendan Taman. Taman is the one that generates the negative comments and for now O'Day is associated with him. Maybe after working with Chris Jones for a couple of seasons that impression will fade.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that damn Brendan Taman and his 2013 Grey Cup! How could anyone want to be associated with him? If Durant stays healthy in 2016 all is possible, if he gets hurt then all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

Changes are a coming. Say goodbye to the old crowd. It worked in the old farming community, maybe, but not now. There were a lot of fans there and I applaud them, but how in heck do you have money for an eastern trip? For Chrissakes! You love Sask but cannot wait to get away: Shut up already and deal with it like the rest of us poor buggers do.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones...welcome to the fish bowl they call ridernation.....the pp on this blog are vp's of operations and g.m's....cause they know wats best for the team

Anonymous said...

There was incredible hope and excitement about the Riders upcoming season in the laundromat today. People care once again.

Anonymous said...

Jones is getting way to much credit for how good he supposedly is. He only has 2 years experience as a HC. Only won the GC because of a pass interference call. He has never been a GM or even ass GM. no Scouting experience except possibly a small amount last year - the ESks players were found by the Esks GM and scouts not Jones.. Other wise he has been an assistant or a DC, BIG DEAL.

In short he really has done piss all !!!!!!! and all you idiots on this blog think he walks on water like you did with Chamberlain.

Give your head a shake you idiots - lets see in 2-3 years

Clarkenstein said...

Mr. Reynolds I want to congratulate you on the outstanding job you did in beginning to restore the real "Rider Pride" to the community. You made the tough decision and this could be the beginning of a legendary job as head of the Organization. Well done.
I'm excited about Jones. He has earned this over the past ten years and I'm sure he is excited to put together a helluva football team. I will predict right now that next year a playoff team and maybe even a home game depending on injuries, here and elsewhere.
Darian has something to prove to everybody but more importantly to himself. He is a competitor and a winner so I think he and Jones will be fine together.
Craig Dickenson has been the best special teams coach in the league so we have that to look forward to. More good football minds are coming too. The old barn will be rockin' by next summer. Can't wait. What a Christmas gift!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Darcy=Moron comment was directed at me for asking Rod what makes O'Day such a rock star candidate for GM? I just want to know what the basis of him being GM material is based on. Perhaps I am and the rest of Rider Nation are missing the mark on something here?

Nobody offered me a refund on my 4 season tickets last year for the lack of entertainment all we got was another price hike!

Saskatchewan and the Roughriders don't owe anything to anyone. This is sports and entertainment... Reynolds owes it to the fans to put aside friendships and relationships and put the best people in place to make this team as entertaining and competitive as possible.

The comments about Jones is going to bankrupt this team is riduculous. He was not the one who signed Chamblin and Taman to 5 year contracts!!!! Leaving us on the hook for 1.2 millions dollars over the next 2 years...or forced us to pay Marshall out on a contract.

If thinking this way makes me a moron atleast attatch your name : )



Anonymous said...

Uh, genius, Taman won the cup with Tillman and Roy's recruits. He did eff all after that.

Anonymous said...

Walk on the water... walk on the water... Chris Jones will walk all over the wascana lake water backwards while somersaulting clapping his hands singing yippity do dah all day long. And yes he was an assistant gm in Toronto with the Argos.

Anonymous said...

If any one thinks that the ESKs assistant coaches are coming here for the same money they got with EE they are really living in a wonderland - they are all getting substantial raises to come to Sask and follow Jones

And yes he will bankrupt the Riders

Anonymous said...

So we should go back to the 90s where we had no scouting and mediocre coaching and washed up players. Gee, how'd that work out?

God must love stupid people, He made so many of them.

Anonymous said...

Put your name to the comment he will bankrupt the team... if you know something we don't! He is not the idiot who signed Taman and Chamblin to 5 year contracts!!! or invented a job to keep Miller around..... or hired Greg Marshall..... there are three names who were getting paid not to work for the Riders!!! If we can afford to spend money like that.. why not pay good assistants?

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: End of an era in Calgary. Have learned Stamps assistant GM John Murphy is leaving to join Chris Jones and Riders front office

If any one thinks that the ESKs assistant coaches are coming here for the same money they got with EE they are really living in a wonderland - they are all getting substantial raises to come to Sask and follow Jones

And yes he will bankrupt the Riders

HA HA HA !!!!!!!
See he is the idiot !!!!! and so are you

Anonymous said...

Something smells fishy

Dale Doh

Anonymous said...

Not sure so many people commenting on here think that the team has lost its ability to manage the budget for coaching staff payroll? The team president is a Chartered Accountant so I they should be okay.

Anonymous said...

you're the idiot...O'Day would of bankrupt the team with a losing product like last year which of lead to empty seats! Jones is bringing winners to the team!! I bet you supported Harper too...lmao

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. Bankrupt, GO BACK TO EDMONTON!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rod could you please quit allowing these troll comments that are cut and pasted from each comments section? Seriously, it's getting annoying.


Anonymous said...

Rod could you please quit allowing these troll comments that are cut and pasted from each comments section? Seriously, it's getting annoying

something still smells fishy

Dale Doh

Anonymous said...

Nobody will bankrupt the Riders, just like NDP will never be in power again in Sask

Anonymous said...

I agree that the suicide comment went too far, but as somebody from Saskatchewan who lived in Alberta for years and had to listen to Albertans insult not just the province of Saskatchewan,but the people as well, I can understand the poster's anger. This has gone on for generations, and not been confined to casual conversations but has also happened on radio and television broadcasts. Albertans had no sympathy for Saskatchewan when times were difficult,so it's easy to understand frustration boiling over. The comment went to far, but perhaps Albertans should look at themselves in the mirror and ask what they did to provoke it?