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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Tuesday was a fast and furious day with movement among assistant coaches and personnel types in the CFL. The info for this post was gathered mostly from the Twitter feeds of Sportsnet's Arash Madani and TSN's Gary Lawless:

- In Saskatchewan, Madani reports Bob Dyce and Personnel Coordinator Craig Smith are out.  The Riders are expected to announce the additions of Craig Dickenson (Special Teams) and Jarious Jackson (QBs/Passing Game Coordinator).

- Lawless reports there are Special Teams jobs available in BC, Edmonton and Winnipeg so Dyce figures to be employed.

- Arash further reported late Tuesday evening that John Murphy is poised to leave his Assistant GM position with the Calgary Stampeders to assume a V.P. role with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Meanwhile, Jeremy O'Day's position with the club remains "safe", according to Sportsnet.

- In Calgary, Madani reports Ryan Dinwiddie is set to jump from the Alouettes to the Stampeders as QB coach.  The Calgary Sun's Scott Mirchell reports Stamps DL Coach Devone Claybrooks is poised to become the club's Defensive Coordinator.

- The Alouettes confirmed Greg Quick has joined the team as Linebackers Coach.

- RedBlacks Offensive Coordinator Jason Maas appears to be the front-runner to replace Chris Jones as Head Coach of the Edmonton Eskimos and Madani reports that if he lands the job, Maas will attempt to lure many Ottawa assistant coaches with him to the Alberta capital.



Anonymous said...

Sooooo, not only does Jones go out and get a couple great coaches on only his second day on the job but now word is he's got John Murphy coming from Calgary.

Any more doubt that Reynolds made the right choice? Helloooooooo?

Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: End of an era in Calgary. Have learned Stamps assistant GM John Murphy is leaving to join Chris Jones and Riders front office

If any one thinks that the ESKs assistant coaches are coming here for the same money they got with EE they are really living in a wonderland - they are all getting substantial raises to come to Sask and follow Jones

And yes he will bankrupt the Riders

HA HA HA !!!!!!!
See he is the idiot !!!!! and so are you

Anonymous said...

Gary Lawless tweeted John Murphy to join Chris Jones as Vp and Director of player personnel. Chris is definitely surrounding himself with great assets and will not be making any new friends around the league!! LOL

Anonymous said...

There is a right way and a wrong way to conduct buisness and you are witnessing JOnes execute the wrong way.

What goes around comes around and it will come back to bite him big time and unfortunatly the Riders as well

Once jones is gone the Riders will have alot of fence mending to do.

Anonymous said...

Yes Reynolds made the wrong choice - he bowed to fan pressure to hire the sexy choice and the Riders will suffer for it

So soon people forget the previous coach - CC - and the damage he did.

Anonymous said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

This is what happens when you give an inexperienced person control

Jones is showing how completely dysfunctional he is

Anonymous said...

Back in the day Edmonton was the richest franchise because they had Empire Stadium and some great players. They could afford to pay those players because of their big crowds. That lead to dynasties and no one else could compete with them. They are the reason for a salary cap. So now everybody can only pay so much for players and the Eskimos became ordinary and the crowds dropped, about the same time Tillman built exciting football in Saskatchewan and our games were all sold out and merchandise sales went through the roof. Suddenly the Roughriders were the have team but because of the cap couldn't outspend anyone else anyway. Breaking news: coaches and management salaries aren't capped. So why not go out and sign the best? Welcome John Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Reynolds has knocked this offseason outa the park at this point. Nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Any money spent on making the Riders a winner and creating excitement will quickly come back to the team in the form of increased revenue. Better chance at the team struggling financially if they allowed the team fall back to the spendthrift mediocre ways of the 90s.

Reynolds is a finance guy. He knows what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

The market value for quality assistant coaches, didn't suddenly go nuts. They may get a bit of a raise coming from Edmonton to Saskatchewan but it's not going to be a case of suddenly the cost of our coachng staff explodes. Enjoy the ride when good things happen. The sky is not falling. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy 0'Day? What position? He's currently without team title, status pending with Saskatchewan Roughriders club until further official team annoucement by new VP/GM/Head Coach Chris Jones . John Murphy more inclined to be named assistant gm moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Deja Vu. Team purchased n 2013 and the spending for team 2017 has begun.
With all the coaching changes why hasn't Chamblin moved on?
A new asst gm for the riders? What about ..............? Anyone ask the riders for permission to speak to Oday? And this was the guy who was running the riders? It appears that the fans changed the mind of the intelligentsia and the natural progression of management.

Anonymous said...

It's not hard to see the "small minds" are still out there, and making unsubstantiated comments. Bankrupt the team?? How utterly ridiculous…bafoonish to say the least. Anyone coming in to coach may be paid a modest increase but nothing foolish. They will be coming here because they see this team means business. Being in a well run organization where winning is the standard helps them advance their careers. What does a 3-15 team record do to advance a career? Having one of the best coaches in the league makes coaches want to be around him. They love this guy and want to work for him, and it's not about the money. A GM is around $400,000 and a coach around $300,000 and that's what we are paying out to Taman/Chamblin for putting us in this mess. I'm betting Jones salary isn't $700,000 + he's the acting defensive coordinator to boot. He's costing us less than the last group. Bankrupt is an idiotic statement when it comes to money being paid here. It's clearly coming from a die hard in the O'Day camp who can't separate fact from fiction.

Now with Murphy poised to join here and start in on player personnel etc, it just gets better and better. It's impossible to say how the meeting between Jones and O'Day went. If O'Day is too bitter to work with Jones it may too toxic an environment to progress in. Everyone needs to pull the rope in the same direction. I'm sure Reynolds knew that this would be coming and is quite ok with it presumably. In the last five years outside of the Grey Cup, we've done nothing here. Moving the same marbles around the board gets us no where. Organizations with the best people get the best results. Change is good.

Anonymous said...

Most of you commentators are out to lunch. The team is not going to spend until they are broke. Reynolds is a finance guy and knows what they can spend.

The Riders need to avoid having a non-competitive team moving into the new stadium such as the case in Winnipeg. The Rider's are recognizing the fact that they need to build momentum going in the new stadium.

We are spending money now to ensure that the new stadium is filled with fans which in turn will generate revenue. Otherwise once the novelty of the new stadium wears off then what?

I don't understand why everyone comes on here to be so negative. Why can't we enjoy when good things are happening around here?

Remember that is my opinion and others may have theirs.

Mike D.

Brian Shepherd said...

What a great day, what a great week to be a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan. Loving every minute of this. Jones, Murphy and O'Day is excellent. I cannot wait to see what the next moves are.

Anonymous said...

Last week we were hoping for either Jones or Murphy. Now we have both of them. This team is moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why I'm even wasting time responding to these clowns but here it goes.

Nobody is forcing people like Murphy and the coaching staff of the Eskimos to leave. Last I checked, they are leaving on their own accord.

Next the people who think Jones will bankrupt this franchise are clearly hippy bums who don't know the first thing of how to run a business. I am motivated after this hiring of Jones to renew my season tickets and pick up a few hundred dollars of hats, jerseys etc because we have hired a proven winner, not an ex-player with a record of 34-47 as AGM like O'Day is.

Winning makes money. Period. That's why the Riders were flush with cash during the Tillman and post Tillman era and will be flush with cash again. Losing loses money. Period!

So let's all embrace the fact that we are pointed in a winning direction. Stop the bitching and enjoy the ride. If you feel the need to be negative, at least wait until Jones has lost his first game. Until then embrace the fact that we signed the best candidate out there to run our team. The fact that talent wants to follow further confirms how brilliant Reynolds was with this hire!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Hopson lovers are back in full force to clog up this great blog cause their man O'Day wasn't hired. It's pretty sad that they hope Jones fails just to prove that they were right.

Old Tank

Anonymous said...

Anon #2... The only idiot is yourself. All of Jones assistant Coaches will be out of a Job as soon as the EE hire a new head coach. Therefore they will be unemployed and looking for work. That puts the Riders in the drivers seat. Obviously your business sense is worth about 1 cent.
Furthermore. Paying Jones the amount the Riders are is actually saving money. At one point in time the Riders were paying Ken Miller, Brendan Taman, Greg Marshal and Corey Chamblin. Did the Riders suffer then.... NO! Why? Because the Riders happen to be one of the clubs that has financial wealth at this point in time. They are not going to squander it. If the Riders get back to where they were. Chasing Grey cups. The fans will be spending all kinds of money on the Riders. The new Stadium will also be a huge attraction.
Go Riders Go

Anonymous said...

Ha! People can't get out of Alberta fast enough from Rachael Knothead's NDP shipwreck.

Tim from Kansas said...

Hi Rider fans, 3-15 is about a thousand miles back in the rear view mirror. As John Lynch would say, "Let's not kid ourselves. This is gonna be great."

But seriously, isn't it now going to be all about getting better players in Sask? Canadian players don't really slide under the radar. You guys are smart fans and you all know who the good young players are out there, its a matter of being smart with the picks.

On the other hand, there are really good young American players who do slide under the radar. For you NFL fans, you saw Spencer Ware playing here for the Chiefs, only because of injuries to Jamaal Charles and others. He has a 6.0 yards per carry this year running behind a makeshift offensive line. He was on the couch in 2014!!! The riders theoretically could have had him. There are for sure guys on the couch right now waiting to be found, that are better than the guys currently on the field.

I think this is where Taman and Craig Smith failed. It's really hard work to find these guys. But I think wins and losses are determined by what the team does in March and April more than what they do in Aug and Sept.

If the Riders were turning over a significant percentage of the American players every year, that would mean that the personnel guys are finding better players than the ones from last year. I suspect the current neg list is not exciting.

Since coach let Craig Smith go on his second day, this tells me he has a prospecting and scouting plan going forward. This is going to be fun to watch.

And I hope O'day sticks around.

Anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

One can easily see who are the Rider fans and who are other teams fans. I bet the ones posting how excited they are, etc are the Riders while the others crying and whining are from the other teams. Hahahahah suck it up losers.
This is the best Rider fans have felt for 2 years.

Anonymous said...

The naysayers above are either jealous fans of other teams or individuals who stand to lose something personally with the dismantling of the old boys club. Complain all you want but there is nothing that can damper the jubilation of Rider fans right now, especially after how horrible the past 2 seasons have been. There is still much work to do but how can you not have confidence in Chris Jones after all that he has done in his first 2 days on the job? This guy means business.

And thank you Craig Reynolds for having a vision and seeing the big picture. The appointment of Reynolds as CEO/President did not come with much fanfare but if this week is any indication - that may have been one of the best moves this franchise has ever made.

We are the richest franchise in the league and it is about damn time that we started acting like it!

john said...

Edmonton never had empire stadium what are u talking about typical riders fan who knows nothing running his mouth off.BC had empire stadium duhhhh

Anonymous said...

It's clear Jones is in control. He knows what he wants and how to get it. Outside of the GC win 2013 we haven't been very good at all over the last five years. It's time to change all that. How can you go wrong when you have a strong organization with strong people. This is a clear dismantling of the old boys club from top to bottom. Reynolds has been the catalyst and has proven he has some real stones. I'm sure he faced a lot of local pressure. The biggest financial hurt we have is the money being paid out to incompetent people which we hired by someone else. That is money they will need to make up. The new found excitement and optimism will have already translated into tons of money.

Nobody's making predictions but I see us being a lot better this season and making the playoffs. After that anything is possible. By the time they move into the new stadium the Riders will be a strong team and organization. Thanks Craig Reynolds for having the vision.

Anonymous said...

All the stupid comments about the team going bankrupt are probably from Hopson's inner circle who are realizing that Reynolds is going to end up being more successful than he is. And from the old boys club who are watching their power and vanish before their very eyes. Rumour has it that the BOD wanted to get rid of Al Ford in the 90's but Tom Shepard said if you do that I'll quit doing the lottery. Well with Reynolds making the right moves and the team making money, we won't need the lottery. Like someone just said, winning makes money and Reynolds knows this. Old boys club knew nothing but excuses. Or as one former president said, just be happy you even have a team. Pathetic. We deserved better and are now getting it. Great job Reynolds, keep it up. Don't listen to the old boys club, you don't need them.

Speaker Ryan

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bankrupt in 5 years. So what, all you wing nuts have the whole CFL gone in 3 years! Geeez, a real fruit cake convention on here today. Bankrupt! Give your heads a shake.

Anonymous said...

O'Day will still be here as ass't GM. He will be doing all the behind the scenes work and will do a good job. Murphy will find the good players as Smith found very few and we always picked up others rejects

Anonymous said...

Maybe the old boys club from the Riders can join forces with the Ram's old boys club and talk about the glory days. The older I get, the better I was.
Scruffy could maybe host it on Access.

Anonymous said...

So i guess Dressler and Chick's days are numbered.

Before you lose your minds, think about it for at least a second.

They both make north of 200k a year.

Both Bowman and Arceneaux are FA's and probably will get around 200, maybe a bit less. Dressler is the oldest of the three and Jones has no allegiance to WD.

John Chick is 33 years old and makes 200k!!! He's as good as gone. Jones/Murphy probably have 5 DE's in mind already.

This team is in for a major overhaul!

Also, these negative comments about money spent on coaches and other front end staff as well as Jones being an a##hole or whatever ....... doesn't matter, this business is about winning! Winning sells tickets and winning makes money. No brainer.

In case you forgot ..... Jones has been with 4 previous teams and has a Grey Cup ring from every team!!


Secret Agent

Anonymous said...

HAH! Maybe they could pull out some old Cable Regina banners and hang them above the door so they'd feel more at home.

Anonymous said...

CFL Factoid;

John Murphy hand picked and plucked from Stampeders to be Roughriders VP, GM, Head coach Chris Jones right hand man moving forward at Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of an old boys club, when will we those in charge that are not over 30 and not all male? LOL

I like the new old boys club that is being assembled this week. O'Day will stick around to take lead on the transition to the new stadium.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Evil empire stadium is what he's referring to you... Classic slow witted eskimos fan.

Anonymous said...

Can't bankrupt saskatchewan with the amount of merchandise and tickets they sell especially when the team will be winning grey cups left and right. Edmonton is headed back to the basement now. You and every other eskimos fan knows it. That's why you're so loud mouthed and angry these days.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Ryan
Reynolds was hand picked by Hopson to be his successor. Why don't you just quit living in the past......

Anonymous said...

Word out of Edmonton is that the EE were very happy to get rid of Jones as management was sick and tired of his attitude and abrasiveness.

Not surprised !!!!

Anonymous said...

John Murphy vice president and director of player personnel according to Lawless.

Fancy tittle and huge pay for what - a "glorified scout" because Jones doesn't have the contacts

Anonymous said...

I haven't been this excited about the Roughriders since the winter of '09-'10. There will be lots of Rider merchandise under Christmas trees this year. Thank you Mr. Craig Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

Reynolds had a search and signed the top three candidates. It doesn't get any better than that.

Jones wants to surround himself with quality people where Chamblin wanted peeons.

Anonymous said...

Jones is creating alot of enemies and animosity against the Riders across the CFL.
This will bite the Riders big time.
Jones was a bad hire.

Anonymous said...

Jones a great great great hire. Saskatchewan Roughriders have now turned the corner and are now truly a professional football franchise in the sports world.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason John Murphy wasn't going anywhere in Calgary - he just wasn't good enough
Now the Riders are stuck with him simply because he is friends with Jones and Jones wants to give his buddy a job - very sad

Anonymous said...

Ignoranus crowd is out in full force as usual

Anonymous said...

As Much as some of the asst coaches were good people. They have to go. Jones dosen't need any coaching staff hanging around from the last couple of seasons. Its time to move on.
The negative no brains on here are not Rider fans. They are jealous fans from other teams.
I know first hand as my time at the Grey Cup in Winnipeg was deplorable. About a dozen drunken Bomber fans were loud, abusive towards any and all Rider fans at the game. Down right embarrassing for the City of Winnipeg hosting a such great event.
All that matters here and now for season 2016\17\18 is ..Just win baby

Clay said...

Wow another A+ hire. Murphy is a great personnel guy and will make the Riders stronger and the Stamps weaker. I wish it was June/16 already.

Anonymous said...

Word out of Edmonton is that Hervey is so upset of losing Jones he is sitting in Craig MACTAVISH's basement sucking his thumb because he knows he will be seen for the fraud he is. It was all Jones baby, and he's a RIDER



Anonymous said...

All of you posters jumping on the Jones bandwagon are the same that said Chamberlain was the greatest coach in the world - and we know how that turned out, so that is how much your opinion is worth.

Time will show that Dyce is a better coach than Jones and O'day a better GM than Jones

And oh yes wave goodbye to Jones as he is off to the states.

Anonymous said...

Can't stop the Riders, they are unstoppable like the Sask Party

Anonymous said...

Tap tap baby! Lets go Roughriders!

Anonymous said...

If this is what Jones can assemble for staff, I can't wait to see the team he puts together!

Good choice Mr. Reynolds!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Who the hell is Chamberlain. You mean the town lol. What an idiot. You do t even know his name.

Anonymous said...

Who cares how his name is spelled except people like you who think that he is still the greatest coach in the world and bow down at his feet daily.

Way to focus on what is important - you are just a ball of intellect.

Anonymous said...

I like this Reynolds guy. No fooling around when it came to firing Chamblin and Taman, and made a seriously great move in bringing in Jonesy and his entourage. yeah the guy made some enemies, but who cares, that`s the way the game is played sports fans. Nice guys finish last. JUST WIN BABY!!

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is responsible for bringing in Calagary's talent like Bo-Levi Mitchell the last couple of years? It was Murphy.

Chad from Moose Jaw said...

I can't believe all of the bitter people on this blog who think Jones was a bad hire. Go to the Riderville website and watch the 20 min video of his press conference. The man is intelligent, well spoken and wasn't cocky or egotistical. I think 100% Reynolds got this right. Sorry for O'Day but we got the right guy. Bringing in Murphy is also great, He is a player personel guru and will get us the talent we desperetly need. Wth O'Day there aswell we have a stacked front office staff that I feel rivals any other top notch team in this league. We should be very appreciative with what is taking place with the Riders right now.

Anonymous said...

Anybody saying the Esks and the rest of the league are fuming over what is going on in Rider land right now and how it will come back to bite the Riders are clueless at business and life. One sure sign you are doing it right is having people furious, jealous & little to no close friends on the other teams.

Anonymous said...

You know how rider fans know it's been a good off season already? The rest of the fans in this league are furious! Scared little cry babies! Go Riders Go!!! Time to take this league by the ba**s once again!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you think Dyce is better then Jones lol.

In the words of Rod..."so, there's that..."

Good luck getting dressed and feeding yourself this morning.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I love it. Especially how we spoiled the Eskimos Grey Cup celebration.

Anonymous said...

Riders like the sasknparty sounds about right and the sasknparty is driving the province into the ground just like the riders in the basement for years to come just where they belong