Realty One

Sunday, December 6, 2015


(Vancouver) BC Lions Football Club GM and head coach Wally Buono announced Saturday morning that special teams coordinator and running backs coach Chuck McMann has informed the team that he will not return in 2016.

"Chuck has decided to retire from coaching and will not be part of our staff in 2016," said Buono. "I had the pleasure of working with him in both Calgary as well as here in BC and I am grateful for his outstanding contributions to our club and our league. He was a great coach and even better person who played a significant role in building a number of championship teams."

Today's news follows Buono's earlier announcement that he will return to the sidelines for the 2016 campaign as well as the retirement announcement of offensive coordinator George Cortez.


Anonymous said...

I suspect the Lions, now that Wally is taking over and they dumped Cortez, will be in the hunt next year.

Anonymous said...

The Honda CR-V ahead of me on Albert Street this afternoon had an interesting Rider licence plate: NXTGM, but it wasn't Chris Jones driving, lol.

Anonymous said...

It don't hurt my feelings to see George Cortez retired. He never seemed to have the ability to change things up. If his #1 QB got injured he just kept the same sequence of plays even for a green rookie.

I realize there is green lemonade drinkers out there that will say her was part of the charmed 2013 team but let me remind you that he didn't call DD to fumble and have the ball bounce right into Kory Sheets arms for a 40 yard gain. Without that play the game is different.

Good riddance.

John said...

Jones signed with Riders! Where are all "the fix is in for O'Day and nothing but the old boys club " Now what will all the bitching be about?