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Thursday, December 17, 2015


MONTREAL - Noel Thorpe's reported resignation as defensive co-ordinator of the Montreal Alouettes was declared invalid Thursday by the Canadian Football League.

A statement from commissioner Jeffrey Orridge said Thorpe, who was also assistant head coach, cannot get out of his contract to join another club without written approval from the Alouettes. 

Thorpe was expected to accept the same job titles with Edmonton.

It also said that the Eskimos "did not violate the existing CFL by-laws and will not be subject to any discipline in this matter.''

Orridge placed a moratorium on the movement of coaches between teams on Wednesday after reports that Thorpe decided to leave the Alouettes to join the Eskimos, despite having two years left on his contract. It prohibits coaches under contract signing with another club without his written approval.

The league statement said Orridge made "a thorough and complete investigation of the facts surrounding the Noel Thorpe matter and has determined that Thorpe's purported resignation from his contract with the Montreal Alouettes on Tuesday December 15, 2015 in order to secure a coaching position with the Edmonton Eskimos was invalid based on the terms of his contract with Montreal and the existing by-laws of the CFL.

"Thorpe is currently still under contract to Montreal and is not free to resign from his existing contract to accept employment from Edmonton, or any other CFL Club, unless written permission is received from Montreal in advance and subject to the current protocol of advance approval from the League office.''

The Alouettes have made no comment on the situation.

Thorpe made a statement to TSN on Wednesday saying he had met with Alouettes president Mark Weightman and came away feeling they had agreed to part ways. He added that he had quit the Alouettes before the league moratorium was announced.

A rash of coaching moves in recent weeks has raised debate over tampering and demands for compensation and left the impression the league was in chaos.

Chris Jones, coach of the Grey Cup champion Eskimos, jumped to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and took nearly his entire staff with him. Edmonton did not ask for compensation from the Riders.

But when Ottawa offensive co-ordinator Jason Maas resigned to become head coach in Edmonton, the Redblacks demanded compensation. Orridge sent the matter to mediation.



Anonymous said...

Excellent call !!!!!

Now get after the Riders for tampering which there is no doubt that they are guilty of.

Steve from Victoria said...

How did the Riders tamper? They asked for and received permission from the Eskimos to interview Chris Jones for the Head coach/ g.m. Etc. position. As someone else pointed out assistant coaches are typically on one year contracts and would have been able to join the Riders in the New Year. Noel Thorpe's contract was for 2 more years and he resigned to take a similar position with Edmonton which was not a step up as far as coaching.

Anonymous said...

The first post is evidence that at least one Eskimo fan, like our looney fringe in Rider Nation, are inclined to make dumbass comments now and then.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned that Thorpe signed on as part of the Tom Higgins coaching crew. When Higgens was fired, it is easy to see that Thorpe may not now be happy to live in the new coaches plan going forward.

Anonymous said...

The lunatic fringe is alive and well. Like the Riders got permission to talk to Jones and Edmonton got permission to talk to Maas. In what universe is that tampering? 'YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID'. The coaches are hired on one year contract which was up. They were free to go anywhere and some even turned down promotions. That tells all you need to know. It was never a money thing.

The butt munches from Ottawa who are pukey are simply trying to get something for free. The league gave them enough. Let's not forget they took Campbell from Calgary. They will get what they deserve and that's nothing.

Thorpe was supposed to be the HC when Higgins left. Popp took it over and cut the legs out from under his guy. I suspect Thorpe has no love for Popp or Montreal. They were just looking for something for him and used stupid Orridge to get it. Any lawyer with his salt could sue on behalf of Thorpe and win easy. Orridge is just a bum boy for Ottawa and Montreal. Now doesn't that have historical significance.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Arash Madani,s insane rant on the sportcage and can say without a doubt that he is a million times wrong.
In the real world if you have a contract you honor it. No out clause than you are stuck with it unless you buy your way out or otherwise negotiate out. If you leave without fulfilling your contract you get sued and probably also your new employer for tampering. That is how it works not like this fairy tail world of football and football coaches.

As to poster 3 - well poster 1 is 110% correct.There is no doubt that there was tampering.
Poster 3 - at least try and pretend you have some intelligence without resorting to name calling.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but he was under contract to MONTREAL, not Higgins. MONTREAL was paying his salary, not Higgins.

donna Campbell said...

Well if you make someone stay and coach who would sooner be somewhere else!!! good luck with that Montreal.

Morgan said...

Time for you to research the definition of tampering. I'm not convinced that you understand the word even though you continue to use it in sentences.

Anonymous said...

The lunatics continue to get access to the computer. The staff should give them their meds and put them to bed. When you get permission which both the Riders and Eskimos did; it not tampering nor is it breach. What part of that do you not understand? Geez there are some thick dense minded people out there. Additionally every major CFL contract contains an escape clause if you are going to leave for a promotion. What part of that do you not understand? The only mistake the Eskimos made was not offering him an additional title and more money. Then it would have been a promotion and he could have used the escape claus.

"Tampering can only come from a team trying to hire someone under the table" Since nobody according to the supposed commissioner violated any rules, there was no tampering. NO TAMPERING. Additionally Hervey has gone on record as saying everyone does it. That would seem to include the dirty diaper whiners and their mental institution followers. All those whiney teams are looking for is compensation which they won''t get. All Montreal is going to get is a coach who the owner parted ways with, and a GM/HV who shafted him. Wish them well with that…LOL

Anonymous said...

If I suggest (wink wink) that qb Trevor Harris is coming to Saskatchewan, Is that tampering? Can the comish stop this transaction because he currently has a contract? Roughriders current injured starter done.

Tappy from Hamilton.