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Thursday, November 12, 2015


Saskatchewan Roughriders President & CEO Craig Reynolds updated the media on the team's General Manager search on Thursday morning at Mosaic Stadium.  The full video of the news conference is available at the Riders' official website

Here are some notes from Reynolds' comments:

- The shortlist will likely consist of four applicants and current interim GM Jeremy O'Day is expected to be one of them.  Ideally Reynolds would like to announce the hiring by mid-December.

- The Riders are using a search firm to help conduct the process.  They've targeted some candidates and have already interviewed some of them.

- Rumours of potential candidates are to be taken for what they are, and won't deter the process.  Reynolds says they've received permission from teams to speak with some candidates while other teams have refused permission.

- The successful candidate will possess strong negotiation skills, personel savvy and the ability to make tough decisions.

- Reynolds says he is not critquing Jeremy O'Day's performance as interim GM at this point.  He said O'Day bares some responsiblity for the 3-15 season of 2015 but the same is true for the 2013 championship campaign.  Jeremy will have the opportunity to explain all of that in the formal interview.

- The Roughriders are open to a Head Coach/GM combo since both positions are currently vacant with the club, however it's a special/unique individual who's able to do that.

- Prior CFL experience is very important.  The Riders have received interest from applicants in both Canada and the USA however if you're American, it's imperative that you have working knowledge of the CFL game.  The majority of the applicants have CFL experience.

- Reynolds says this is a critical hire, regardless of the fact the team is moving into a new stadium in 2017.  The GM sets the vision and the culture of the organization.

- Reynolds says ultimately this hiring is his decision, and he owns it.  He is prepared for the criticism which will inevitably follow.

- Reynolds expects to be a very busy man during Grey Cup Week in Winnipeg, but prefers not to hold any formal interviews that week.

- The Rider President said it's not as critical to hire a "big name" as the team's next GM, but would rather hire the right guy.

- Should Jeremy O'Day not be named General Manager, the team hopes to retain his services.  Reynolds says they think very highly of O'Day, plus he still has term left on his contract.

* Reynolds will join us live in studio on 620 CKRM's SportsCage at 5:00 pm today.


Chris said...

I'm confident that this Foam Lake, Sask boy will hire the right guy which will restart the process of the Riders competing and winning more and more Grey Cups starting in the 2016 season.

Anonymous said...

Yikes many words but little to instill confidence. Seems like an old boys culture. They may not recognize the right gm or coach.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, wake me up when they have decided who the GM will be. After that, give me another call when the coach is hired.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"Seems like"?? Based on what, exactly? The voices in your head??

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day Craig Reynolds, and only Craig Reynolds will own this decision. Enough said, he cleared the air. Thank you Mr. Reynolds for your sound business direction. Best wishes, good luck.

Mr Bomswa Addawa

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't have Mike Gibson written all over it, I don't know what does!

The Professor said...

"old boys culture" ??!!?? WTF

Who leads this so-called "old boys club" promoting their "culture"? Would it be that old fart Craig Reynolds? Where are all the "young boys" who are still in their 20's? Where is their club? Is there a "old girls club" than can step up to the plate? I propose that fans just have faith in the men running our "football club" - the Riders, the one club we know and that matters.

Anonymous said...

Hiring a search firm should send chills down the spine of anyone who cares about this team.

Anonymous said...

Just give the keys back to Mr. Roy Shivers. End of story. Long term professional sports team success to follow.

Anonymous said...

If you need a wake up call, says everything we need to know about your interest.

Anonymous said...

This guy is an accountant -he will go on the cheap and keep Oday and Dyce, this will be a business decision and not a football one. If he feels the team can get to 500 with Oday and Dyce the nation will still fill the new stadium and buy jerseys.

Anonymous said...

This guy is clueless. The search firm I guarantee you consists of Greg Fieger who has been sniffing around there for years because after all he played the game.

Jeremy O'Day is going to get this job, because Craig always wanted to hang with the jocks, and "J.O" can be controlled.

I'd like to see Craig stick his nose in Hufnagel or Barker's business and see what happens.

Thank You
Mr. Heilman

Anonymous said...

Unlike Anon #2 I have huge confidence that Reynolds is making the right moves to get the very best GM in the league into the job in Regina. Really excited to see how this unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Controlling the GM? Business decision? Wanting to hang with jocks? Old boys club? You've just described our former president to a tee. Of course this was going to happen, Hopson's fans are going to pelt this guy and make his life hell cause they don't want him to be more successful than Big Jim. Poor Reynolds is going to have to grow a thick skin and fast dealing with these losers. Or maybe the Hopson loyalists are afraid that Reynolds' success will expose what a farce Hopson's presidency was. Can't have the image of the King ruined.


Speaker Ryan

Anonymous said...

Why else do you guys think Tillman isn't part of this organization anymore? Hopson stuck his nose in there all the time and Tillman didn't like it. Kent told him to beat it multiple times. Of course Hopson couldn't do anything about it cause the team was winning and they were untouchable. But once Kent left and Tillman had legal trouble, Hopson had his chance. He dumped Tillman and set up a regime he could control (Miller and Taman). The warning signs were clear in 2011 and obviously they were not fixed. Didn't think they needed to after Doubles and Sheets single handedly willed us to the Cup in '13. But as soon as they were both gone, the glaring deficiencies became obvious.

Hopson could have stayed in the background and let the experts do their thing. It's called empowerment and autonomy. But as one poster on here put it earlier this week, he ruled by intimidation. It was his way or the highway and damned if you were going to tell him otherwise. Think about it. Doing drills on the field during practice, sitting with the players on the bench during games, sitting at the draft table on draft day, posing for photo ops the GM should be in, everything. That's no way to run a franchise and this is what we're left with. Many great companies have been brought down by micromanagement and it's only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost. It happened twice in five seasons. Unacceptable.

Reynolds is a breath of fresh air. I believe that he's not just providing lip service in saying all the right things. He truly wants this team to win as that provides the foundation for everything else to fall into place. To do that, he's going to hire an expert football guy for the job and give that guy full autonomy to build a champion. No meddling, no cock blocking. Here's the keys, go build us a champion.

Old Tank

Anonymous said...

Jim Hopson - 2 Grey Cups

Jerry Jones - 3 Super Bowls

Al Davis - 3 Super Bowls wanna be a nice guy go home and play with your kids. Leave the real work to men.

Mr Heilman

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic how you compare Hopson with Jerry Jones. Both men had guys working under them (Tillman and Jimmy Johnson) who built up a solid foundation. When their egos got In the way and they wanted the credit for it all, they got rid of their guys as fast as they could. And both teams have accomplished since after those foundations crumbled.

Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

SHIVERS, give me a break. an emphatic NO, NO, NO

Anonymous said...

Star candidate Regina Rams head coach Gibson

Anonymous said...

go across the street to evraz. when Brent parker was there doing GM things but was intrusive to the point of annoying you guys crucified him. the medling owners son, at least he was the GM. hopson does it as a non football part of the team and he is a god! He was doing what every rider fan wanted, so its all good. He killed the chance of keeping good coaches by constantly intruding and making it about him. Parker got the shaft for this and Hopson is celebrated, that is Sask in a nutshell folks. the best part for the rest of us, is that you all got what you deserved, 3-15 and no sign of improvement any time soon. so enjoy hoppy, enjoy the new stadium and enjoy the rest of the country laughing at you for the next 10 years until you are relevant again. but you'll still be wearing the 2013 t shirts....yellow pit stains and all.

Anonymous said...

Reynolds legacy defined by his GM hire. He'll be cautious. Hes an accountant. He will pick someone who has built a successful winner multiple times before. If hes smart.

Anonymous said...

Most brilliant post ever that I agree 109 per cent with!!

Anonymous said...

Reynolds will be hiring his buddy O'Day as the GM.