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Monday, November 16, 2015



1. The forecasting ability of the Las Vegas oddsmakers continues to astound.  Going into the CFL's Division Semifinal Sunday, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were 2-point favourites over the Toronto Argonauts in the East while the Calgary Stampeders were 9-point favourites over the B.C. Lions in the West.  When all was said and done, the Ticats outlasted the Argos 25-22 while the Stamps demolished the Lions 35-9.  They had it right, again.

2. As far as excitement goes, the CFL batted .500 on Sunday.  The Eastern SemiFinal was a classic with Justin Medlock winning for Hamilton on a last-second 46-yard field goal while the Western SemiFinal was a snoozer.  Literally.  I fell asleep early in the third quarter with the Stampeders up by something like three touchdowns.  Hey, it's better than having two laughers.

3. That old Austin Magic was on display Sunday at a soldout Tim Hortons Field.  Austin won a do-or-die game with his fourth-string quarterback (Jeremiah Massoli), showing why he's a savant.  After the game on TSN, Massoli was asked what his coach told him after the game.  "Oh nothing," Massoli shrugged.  "Just that he has complete faith in me.  Just like the rest of our players.  We're a complete team."  And one to be reckoned with next Sunday in the Eastern Final at Ottawa.  Is anybody going to count them out now?  What a job done by Kent.

4. It was an unseasonably warm day across Canada, leaving some around here to bemoan the fact the Riders weren't playing host to a Western SemiFinal.  You can't blame them for feeling that way.  However in Calgary, 26,306 showed up at McMahon Stadium amid 14 degrees Celsius and a 30 km/h wind.  Some are scorning the Stamps for the lack of a sellout, but I feel the attendance was respectable.  By the way, was that John Hufnagel's final game in Calgary as Coach/GM of the Stampeders?  More on that a little further down.

5. Chatting on the phone with my Mom after the CFL games, she was gnashing her teeth that Jerome Messam tallied 147 yards for the Stampeders in the win.  Judi - a Rider season-ticket holder - was still upset that Messam's no longer a Roughrider and she's likely not alone with those thoughts.  However, don't forget, Jerome will be a free agent in February and could still sign back with the Green & White.  That'll be up to whomever is the Roughriders General Manager, to try and win a game of Salary Tetrus with the Riders' salary cap.

6. Long-time hockey man Bryan Raymond - a former Pats and Warriors employee along with a scout for the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets - asked in the media/scouts room before Friday's Regina Pats game, "Don't you guys ever get tired of talking on the radio about who's going to be the Roughriders' next GM?"

No, we don't.  Not by a long shot.  And we're just getting warmed up.  Last week in this space it was written that I couldn't wait for the 2015 football season to be over so that we could turn our attention to the Riders' 2015 GM Watch.  So far we haven't figured anything out, but dang it sure is fun.

7. Sportsnet/CKRM CFL Insider Arash Madani noted on Thursday's SportsCage that if he was laying down a bet on Saskatchewan's next Coach & GM combo, he'd throw some change on Jeremy O'Day and Paul Lapolice.  A caller chimed in moments afterwards that Mike Benevides would make a great defensive coordinator in that scenario.

We should caution that this is just a guess by Madani but as a caller from Calgary pointed out, Arash is rarely wrong.  SportsCage co-host Mike Abou-Mechrek concurred, however he predicted the Roughriders will lure John Hufnagel away from Calgary in a combo role.  That, too, was just a wild guess by Abou.

However if the Riders were to convince Hufnagel to return to Saskatchewan just like so many other Calgarians, it may take the richest deal in CFL history.  Would you be prepared to pay it?

8. With UBC's stunning upset 34-26 win over the top-ranked Calgary Dinos in Saturday's Hardy Cup, one has to wonder if Roughriders President Craig Reynolds will be interested in chatting with Thunderbirds architect Blake Nill about the vacant roles here.  Perhaps the former Montreal Concordes defensive lineman - a two-time Vanier Cup champ and 1999 CIS Coach of the Year - is ready for a move back to the CFL in a prominent role?

9. Now with the Toronto Argonauts' 2015 season over, perhaps GM Jim Barker will address the rumour that he's applied for the Roughriders' GM position.  It sounds a tad farfetched but there's been no denial from Barker as of yet.  It should be noted too that Argos coach Scott Milanovich was interested in getting out of Toronto prior to the team's ownership change last spring so anything is possible.

10. On Friday there was a scheduled coffee row gathering of the infamous "railbirds" at the Tim Hortons at Evraz Place.  These are the guys, and gals, who earned their nickname by habitually watching each and every Roughrider practice along the railroad at the old grass practice facility west of Mosaic Stadium.  They still show up to watch every practice whether it's +40 or -40.  They were gracious enough to offer me a spot at their table and I took a poll of who's in favour of Jeremy O'Day becoming the Riders' next General Manager.  Four of the five are pulling for O'Day while the lone dissident said he's nervous about Jeremy's lack of experience.  There's nothing Jeremy can do about that.

11. The railbirds had an unofficial list of the Roughriders free agents and were going through who should stay and who should go.  The list remains unofficial because the Roughriders confirmed over the weekend that they will not be making public their list of free agents until next month when the CFL reveals its entire list of the League's available players.

The Leader Post's Murray McCormick published a partial list of free agents last week which included Chris Getzlaf, Rob Bagg, Ryan Smith, Alex Hall, Tyron Brackenridge, Macho Harris, Weldon Brown, Tyree Hollins, Paul Woldu, Marshay Green and Anthony Allen.  I'm not sure how official that list is, and it didn't include any of the five national players who were re-signed on Tuesday thus avoiding free agency.  However Murray did a good job of piecing together whatever names he could.

Unlike most Rider observers, I'm not getting too giddy over free agency.  The contracts really aren't worth the paper they're printed on and are heavily weighted towards the teams.  For instance, the players can have their contracts terminated at any time while the coaches and GMs are guaranteed their money.  To me, the most-interesting part of these deals pertains to rookie Americans like Jeff Knox Jr. who must sign a mandatory two-year deal on their first agreement.  (One wonders how Tyree Hollins could've made the Leader Post's list under this rule).

Still, it's provided us more than enough to discuss on our shows and blogs.

One more Rider note: Happy 30th Birthday today to former Rider quarterback Cole Berquist.  I thought he never had a fair chance to display his skills during the ill-fated 2011 Roughrider campaign.

12. The CFL's Board of Governors will have plenty to discuss at their next round of meetings, whenever they are.  Perhaps it's too soon to sound the alarm bell - we should wait until Sunday's TV ratings are divulged - but there seems to be a worrying trend afoot.  While my wife was shopping in the Cornwall Centre on Sunday, I popped into Jersey City hoping to watch the CFL Eastern SemiFinal on their TVs however I was horrified to discover both screens were tuned to the NFL.  It's their store after all, so I didn't ask them to change it.  My TSN-Go app served just fine to watch the game in the food court, but you wouldn't think you'd have to do that in this town.

Incidentally that TSN-Go app is one of the biggest reasons why I'll ALWAYS have an Access cable subscription.  You need it to log into TSN's feed.

13. In 2008 the CFL switched its playoff games to Saturdays (I'm guessing because of the NFL threat) however the ratings plummeted and they were quickly moved back to Sundays.  But this is a much different sporting landscape seven years later and the NFL's become a monster around the world.

14. As we've mentioned many times, TSN personnel have often scoffed at the threat of the NFL to CFL broadcasts but it's that type of thinking which lost them their NHL deal.

Meanwhile, again, while NBC was showing the Arizona-Seattle NFL game in prime time last night, rival ESPN was showing World Series of Poker.  ESPN knows enough not to pound a square peg into a round hole and, as they say, "even the wisest general knows when to surrender".

15. And hats off to NBC colour analyst Chris Collinsworth who said Sunday night what everyone else is thinking in 2015, "This game's become impossible to officiate right now".  He was referring to a challenge which took over four minutes to decide.

16. The Regina Pats are scoring goals by the boatload right now.  On Friday they tagged the Red Deer Rebels 8-5 in anything but a goaltending duel while on Sunday they vanquished the Lethbridge Hurricances 5-3 to up their record to 9-8-1.  Both opponents are ranked in the CHL's Top 10.

Pats coach John Paddock warned us that this will be a trying year with such a young team but the impact of captain Colby Williams' return on Friday has been enormous.  He was the #1 star on Friday night with a goal and an assist and added a +3 performance on Sunday.  He's a Washington prospect and Capitals Assistant GM Ross Mahoney was in attendance on the weekend and was smiling ear-to-ear.  They took Colby to camp in September despite his off-season injury.

The Pats are 2-1-0 on their four game homestand which concludes Tuesday against the Medicine Hat Tigers.

17. I did not miss Columbus coach John Tortorella while he was out of the NHL.  However he's telling people he's mellowed since his firing in Vancouver two seasons ago.

Meanwhile it was a treat to listen to Bob Cole call Sunday's Maple Leafs-Rangers game from New York on Sportsnet.  At first glance it made me wonder if it was Stanley Cup Playoff time however I was brought back to earth with the realization Toronto was playing.

18. Can't wait for Wednesday!  I'll be taking a couple of days off to catch the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks at Rexall Place and will provide a full report in the Thursday observations column.  It's a shame Connor McDavid won't be in the Oilers' lineup but at least we got to see him live in the preseason in Vancouver.  However it'll be fantastic to see Jordan Eberle play live again.

19. Should've taken that bet in Las Vegas that Connor McDavid will be the NHL's Calder Trophy winner as Rookie of the Year.  Right now the leader in that category is Arizona's Max Domi who took only nine games to score his seventh career goal.  It took his father Tie 128 games to score his seventh goal!  However it's unfair to compare Max to his Dad.  It's unfair to Tie!  What a role reversal from what we're used to in that type of discussion.

20.  And finally, what an honour it was to be a part of history this weekend when Saturday Night Fights 10 at the Conexus Arts Centre was the first-ever professional MMA card in Regina history!  Coach and promoter A.J. Scales brought me on board as the ring announcer and the event was beyond description.  The venue was filled to capacity and the adrenaline was flowing out of control.  There were three events going on simultaneously in the old Centre of the Arts and the roar of the MMA crowd had to have flooded through the walls to the other functions.  It was deafening!

And what a scintillating experience it was to interview those fighters live on the mic immediately after they knocked out, or choked out, their opponents.  Sedate sports like curling and baseball pale in comparison to Mixed Martial Arts, especially for someone in my role who's interviewing these fighters live on the mic right after what they've just accomplished.  They're standing there shaking, bloodied and winded but on top of the world.

For instance, I asked Regina's Adam Wayne how it felt to choke out his opponent 3:44 into the first round.  "It shoulda been sooner!" Adam screamed through his mouthguard.  "It shoulda been sooner!"

Can't wait for the next one.


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Anonymous said...

blake nill has a job for life in a great city why in the world would he want to come to the cfl . besides CIS vs CFL apples to oranges.

Anonymous said...

the cfl falls further and further into irrelevance

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture above, just beautiful. It's to wonder what could have been for Saskatchewan Roughriders Football if only...

Anonymous said...

Two things: it's awful that the 3-15 Riders under the intimidation tactics of Jim Hopson continue to intimidate the Regina media and make them all endorse O'Day. If he truly was the man, why didn't Reynolds just give him the job permanently back in August? Based on what has he earned the job when we don't even know who the other candidates are? Yet the media including Darrell Davis who I used to respect is even saying give O'Day the job. Boy you guys must like losing!

Second I can't believe Rod that you allow Abou to continue to be on your show. He singlehandedly has made it unlistenable. Toss him and I might consider coming back as a listener to the Cage. Tell your boss to give you some budget so you can hire some actual talent to support you. It's not fair to you.

Anonymous said...

What no mention of Holly Holm knocking out Ronda Rousey??
Your blog is a joke Pedersen!

Anonymous said...

It is amusing that you are convinced that free agents will be beating down the door to come play for the Riders after this year. No one wants to play through a rebuild if given a choice

Anonymous said...

Trivia- Rod love your story on how the term "Railbirds" came about. I have a slightly different version that I remember as a young kid. Before the Riders practised at the Taylor Field site they used the old Exhibition Grounds Stadium horse race track in the 50's & 60's as there was grass on the infield. Around this track was a white guard rail fence that we as kids and all the requlars sat on and watched all the action. apparently we looked like birds on a fence to a local sports writer. I believe the sports writer who dubbed the term "Railbirds" was Laurie Artis or John Robertson. I am sure John Lynch remembers this well.

Curt Dittmer said...

The reason why Jersey City had the NFL games on is because the product is far more entertaining than the CFL product and has been for years. Once the NFL season starts I do not bother watching the CFL. There is more scoring and excitement in the NFL. The CFL has steadily declined in entertainment value to the point where it has been pretty much unwatchable for the past 2 seasons. Teams can't score,games are bogged down in penalties and blown officiating calls, and TSN's presentation has even declined. If Rod Black is calling a game the channel gets turned. Glen Suitor is the master of the obvious and is tough to listen to. The CFL needs to find a way to bring back the days when scoring was plentiful and the game was actually fun to watch. One way to do that would be to stop recycling players, coaches and front office staff throughout the league. This makes for a very stale and boring product. The other change liong overdue is some serious investment in training of CFL officials, the game cannot grow with the simply horrible officiating that exists in the CFL.

There is room for both the CFL and the NFL. I prefer the NFL but would pay more attention to the CFL if the product on the field warranted it. Ratings are down 12% this year for TSN and I expect post season ratings to suffer as well. The CFL is simply not worth watching right now. My 3 sons are 16, 19 and 21 and all prefer the NFL to the CFL as do their friends. CFL apologists can deny this all they want but they are in serious danger of losing a generation of football fans if they don't fix their product soon. This has nothing to do with a Canadian inferiority complex, it has everything to do with the quality of the product on the field. Football fans are voting, is anyone in the CFL listening?

Rod Pedersen said...

There is a detailed account of the Rousey fight in the post entitled "Sunday Sports". I suggest you take a timeout. Your week isn't starting well.

Anonymous said...

Question of the day - to Anon #5. If the blog is a joke, why do you read it??

Anonymous said...

Hey anon that says CFL irrelevant, are you going to be part of the solution or part of the problem? Maybe make some positive suggestions about what the CFL should do to win back fans. But you're content to let the NFL win cause you want to be with the sexy girl at the dance. The NFL should start selling crappy vacuum cleaners door to door, the sheep would buy them in a heartbeat.

I'm not buying the excuse that the CFL's rule changes are the reason people are staying away. There's been some pretty crappy NFL games this year and yet the people still tune in. Why? Because of the hype. It's pretty pathetic when a Jersey City location in the heart of football country won't even show playoff games. Buddies and I were talking about it on the weekend and the CFL is WAY behind the times in their marketing. They said if the CFL had daily fantasy betting, they'd pay way more attention to it. Plus the league has no visibility. You walk into the Brewhouse and see all that NFL advertising and every teams' helmet on the wall. Other than the Rider pictures, where is the CFL stuff? Nowhere to be found.

Reynolds mentioned last week that the CFL is launching a new marketing plan during Grey Cup week or something like that. I sure hope it's good cause it should have been done years ago. Cohon loved to spew out hot air about how the leauge was doing so well but he didn't actually do anything. He's responsible for this mess. Orridge is tasked with turning it around and you can't blame him for not being in front of cameras. Maybe it's cause he's actually working, unlike Cohon.

Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Your skin is to thin Pedersen. Get off your high horse sometime!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Post of the morning goes to Mr H.

Rod you should put a poll up for the non-CFL football fans. If the CFL would fix the officiating/scoring problems and get into fantasy football, would they follow the CFL? Would be interesting to see the results.

Speaker Ryan

Anonymous said...

Even the talking heads on the CFL acknowledge that the deal Huff made to get Messam was probably the most outstanding deal he had, and perhaps the CFL teams, had ever made. Mmmmmm wasn't O'Day and our Riders on the losing end? Perhaps O'Day is not the best choice for a new GM.
As far as re-signing Messam, if he was going to be a free agent and not sign with the Riders what changes to bring him back? Doesn't the golden rule say never trade a good player to an opponent in the same conference?
I found the penalties on almost every play made the CFL very hard to watch this year, especially at the beginning. It disrupts the flow of a game especially the no contact rule. Maybe its time to revert to last years rules so at least we can watch without being so annoyed.

mister winnipeg said...

Re: the pic at the top of today's post

It's always nice to see such a chill, laid-back, good natured, likeable guy like Kent Austin win a big game. You go Kent! You're like the little engine that could!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rod for the great comments and insight. This blog is great to see the different opinions out there and to just enjoy the world of the CF of L and other sports information. As a fan, Sports is entertainment. One of the reasons the Sportscage is such a great show is because of Abou and the others on the show. His dry sneaky (sometimes off the wall) humour is always welcome and makes me laugh. When we are not winning, we may as well be laughing - life is to short!

The Sportscage is different from the anything else out there , that is why it is such a great listen, either on the commute or later in the day on the podcast. Keep up the good work Rod, Abou, Luc, Phil, Kelly and yes even Scruffy.


Anonymous said...

The penalties were exactly that penalties. Bill Belichik has long stated penalties are all on coaching. It's up to the coaches to teach the rules, and proper techniques. If that still occurs that's on the player, but the Roughrider coaching was horrendous this season.

There are 8 teams that sincerely hope Jeremy O'Day becomes the GM of this team. If you want to see how it'll turn out you need only look at Kyle walters in Winnipeg.

Much is said about Ed Hervey. Ed was groomed by Hugh Campbell, and came about in a flagship franchise. They always have Paul Jones pumping in the talent, and he was smart enough to hire the proper coach. Chris Jones could end coaching tomorrow and basically be the next Jim Barker as he's a defacto personnel man.

It's called paying your dues.

Anonymous said...

However if the Riders were to convince Hufnagel to return to Saskatchewan just like so many other Calgarians, it may take the richest deal in CFL history. Would you be prepared to pay it?

Yes, and it would be an investment.

Anonymous said...

Four out of five railbirds wanted to keep Taman and Chamblin too. How did that turn out?

Rod, they know how to answer your questions because they know what you're preaching and don't want a sermon.

Anonymous said...

I've read Madani's prediction that it will be a O'Day and LaPolice and that's ridiculous. I listened to the SportsCage comments yesterday; that this"so called search"is just window dressing to appease the fans, and that's insulting. It would particularly insulting to fan's intelligence. Doesn't Reynolds think the fans will see right through that? What spend what could amount to 100K or more just to do what most people think is going to happen anyway.

It appears some grey beard from behind the scenes is pulling all the strings anyway, so why not just anoint O'Day right now and get it over with. Save the money they're using to try and fool the fan base with. If he was good enough in a months time he should have been good enough in September or after the season was over.

If it goes on who is the most qualified applicant then someone else will no doubt be hired, but that's not the case. For Reynolds to say that he wants someone who has put a winning team together before would automatically exclude O'Day. The sense I get from most people that the fix is in and the exercise to find the next GM is merely being done to appease the fans and create the illusion of diligence. Spend money to do a PR execs and pay money to pay out your mistakes. It's the Saskatchewan way. It's also why we can never het over the mediocre moniker.

ROSSO said...

i am in agreement that the nfl is all about hype to the young fans. that is where the money is. the two leagues are like apples and oranges. but how a football fan think it is exciting to watch a fat lineman run down the field and put his thumb on the ball on punt coverage in the glorious nfl or watch a guy wave his arms in the air so he can make a catch and just stand there.
25% of the defensive linemen and linebackers are to big and slow to cover the width of the cfl field and a lot of the players have to get in better game shape to play with a 20 sec clock.
the nfl could improve so much if there was motion in the backfield besides one man moving and not towards the line of scrimmage.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Ryan
The American wannabees will always find a reason to watch the NFL over CFL. The wannabes will only support American products because everyone knows its world class.

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder at the motivation of the person who like to rant each week here about Jim Hopson. He cannot seem get over his pointless Jim Hopson obsession. Is he a former Rider employee fired by Jim? I just hope the person can find a way to get over it and find some other passion to make him happy.

Old Frank

Anonymous said...

O'Day? Not to'day!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else out in Sask, other than Big Jeff, cheer on the Lions as they beat the Packers at Lambeau? Aaron Rogers has lost his magic this year.

Anonymous said...

The CFL doesn't need to compete with the NFL. They should stick to Friday night and Saturday afternoon/night games. Compete with CIS and American college football. That makes the most sense. Bringing in more fantasy options would help too I think. Also, they do need to do something about the quality of the officiating. It's become the laughing stock of Canada. There's no way to sugar coat that. But, at the end of the day, sore losers will always blame the officials for their team's short comings. It's just the way it is. At this point however, I and everyone else can see the errors the officials are making and that's with an unbiased eye ( ie. Watching games that don't involve the Riders).

Anonymous said...

It was ironic to see Austin shake the refs hands at the end of the game... they were his MVP's!!! CHEATER!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't anyone anticipate the likelihood that the Roughriders Football Club will honor their long term finacial obligations to the new stadium (City of Regina) CFL pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry it's not just one person making the negative comments about Hopson, there are plenty of people around town who know the truth about the guy. But as mentioned he has the media by the tail and they kiss butt at all times. Conversely, they promote his pick for GM so he can have his hand in things moving forward. The old boys club is alive and well. Reynolds needs to take a stand and bring someone in from outside the team with new ideas and won't put up with the old boys' crap. It took Roy a long time to build the team up from the mess the old boys club left it in back in 99. Tillman took things to the next step and the club realized that if they ever wanted influence again, Tillman had to go as his winning ways would have ensured his continuing employment for years.

Please Reynolds, stop the old boys club in its tracks. The fans of this team deserve a winner. Not convenience hires and complacent management.

Old Tank

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog Rod, but have to agree with a previous comment with respect to Mike Abou Mecherek. I can’t listen to the Sportscage when he is on. I was at the Rams banquet in April when Mike interviewed Jesse Palmer and I was embarrassed for him. Spoke to numerous people in attendance and they all agreed it was bad....really bad.

Mike maybe is the nicest guy in the world, and a solid financial planner, but public speaking and radio commentary are not his strengths.

Curt Dittmer said...

I love how some of the commentators on here state that the NFL is all hype and anyone that prefers it over the CFL is an American wannabe. Have any of you NFL bashers actually watched the NFL in the last 10 years? The games, on balance, are way more entertaining than the CFL. The games have more scoring and better competitive balance than the CFL. Anyone that says anything contrary hasn't watched both products. I watch both, at least until the fall, so I am speaking from first hand viewing. Look at the passing numbers in the NFL and compare them to the CFL. The NFL is a pass first league and has been for awhile. Again, I love football and can enjoy both leagues for what they are. The problem is that the CFL product in the past few years is in serious decline from an entertainment standpoint. Most game either are lopsided or are error filled low scoring affairs which are impossible to sit through. To suggest otherwise is to be in denial. Look at the TV ratings for the past 2 years, they are going down for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the CFL have a national beer sponsor? When they did their thing with Molsons they had promotions across the country. It did wonders. Why the higher ups got rid of Tom Wright is beyond me.

Speaker D'Autremont

Anonymous said...

Is is possible that the 2015 Grey Cup will be played between two teams who's colours are Red and Black? I guess it would be a bit like the old days when the Riders played the Riders in a Grey Cup.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I think your reference to "Railbirds" dates back much further, back to when the Riders practiced in the center of the Horserace tracks at the old Grandstand complex in the exhibition grounds. They were the people who stood on the track leaning on the wood fence. Some of us walked on the grounds and stood with the players as they did their routines. I remember Bill Baker as a child working on a blocking machine pushing on it with his fingers when other players slammed their bodies into it. The era
I remember is the early Ronnie and George Time around 1965.

Rod McNabb said...

Top members of my rider dream team

Jim Barker Gm
Scott Milanovich Hc (who brings in Ricky Ray as quarter back coach/2nd string qb)
Mike Benevides as Dc
Likely a pipe dream but man oh man what a great foundation.

Anonymous said...

How is Regina's NHL team doing ? I never see Rod talk about them.

Anonymous said...

So Curt, if the CFL made these changes you propose and scoring went up and flags go down, would you and your kids (and their friends) watch the CFL again? Or would they stick to the NFL? Rod mentioned on here a few weeks ago that he talked to people at the Brewhouse who said they were huge NFL fans and were really into the game but couldn't name hardly any players or team personnel. Therefore they weren't really football fans, they were watching on account of the hype and not the actual football. For a lot of people it's about the hype and that's what the NFL is. Even deflate gate and domestic abuse didn't do anything.

Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray as 2nd string QB??!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Do you know how incredibly stupid that sounds? You have young QB's in Smith and Price and you want to hinder that development by having Ricky Ray? If he is unavailable, how about Peyton Manning?, the place where the incredibly stupid try to outdo one another with their outlandish thoughts and comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to give Craig Reynolds kudos for now. He says he's conducting a search and I believe him.
He didn't listen to the media when he fired Taman and Chamblin, even though the so called experts were all for staying the course he did the right thing.
So I really don't think every form of media in Regina tooting O'Day's horn will influence him.
Maybe Reynolds realizes the fans deserve better where the media is getting paid win or lose.
Personally, I think it's shameful the way the media has been trying to influence the decision.

Joe Fan

Anonymous said...

Well done Brad Wall! I don't want any terrorists hiding under the cover of being a refugee coming into my province. Too bad the election wasn't now, because Justin wouldn't be sitting where he is.

Anonymous said...

11. The Leader Post's Murray McCormick published a partial list of free agents last week which included Chris Getzlaf, Rob Bagg, Ryan Smith, Alex Hall, Tyron Brackenridge, Macho Harris, Weldon Brown, Tyree Hollins, Paul Woldu, Marshay Green and Anthony Allen.

There's no rush to sign any of them because other than Ryan Smith and Weldon Brown nobody else wants them and those teams filled with 6'4" receivers don't want Smith anyway so he's very limited in where he can go even though he's a hell of a player.

Anonymous said...

It is so frustrating signing in to this CFL Blog centered around the Roughriders and see all these Posts preferring the NFL to the CFL. Why are you populating a Roughrider Blog with comments why you think the NFL is so much better? Go to the NFL blogs where you can talk the talk with others who support you. Ripping me personally about my support for the CFL and the Riders should have no place in this blog....then again Rod its your blog and if you enjoy the meathead comments that is your business. I for one do not. If I fall into Old Boys group so be it, it is a label with no meaning.

Rod Pedersen said...

I don't think any are saying the CFL GAME is inferior to the NFL. It's the marketing/scheduling of it.


Anonymous said...

nope you are wrong again Pedersen. the CFL is far inferior in comparison, better players, better coaches, better marketing, better stadiums....shall I go on?
the CFL is made for Canadians who don't have cable. they see these "athletes" at sobeys and think wow! little do they know they are employed at sobeys. the $30,000 they make playing "professional" football just isn't cutting it I guess. soon the CFL will be no more. all of sask will blame sportsnet or Rogers...because they are the devil.

Anonymous said...

That's the whole problem! We have excellent football right here and a leauge that is exclusive to our country only and yet there are people that would rather follow a football league where the cities are thousands of miles away. If you ask these people if they are proud patriotic Canadians they'll most likely say yes. But yet they not only refuse to support the Canada's leauge they also refer to it as garbage.

Something wrong with that logic. There's plenty of blame to go around. How about let's quit bitching at each other and be part of the solution. Curt offered up some suggestions. Rod has been talking to the TSN people offering his two cents about how to get Canadians back on the CFL bandwagon.

What's your suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Rod do the Pats not play Tuesday November 17 against Med Hat here in Regina before they embark on their road trip because of agribition? You mentioned Sunday against Med Hat.


Anonymous said...

I play NFL fantasy football and lay NFL bets on proline. This is why there is so much NFL hype. The games are no better/worse than CFL games. I suspect many are in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

No, the CFL is inferior to the NFL.

Curt Dittmer said...

I never criticized anyone for preferring the CFL to the NFL. To each their own. I responded to Rod's concern about Jersey City showing NFL vs CFL football and my take on it. There is a large segment of the sport fan population in this country that loves the NFL, people need to recognize this and deal with it. TSN and the CFL can ignore this at their peril.

In response to one of the comments above I would be more interested in CFL football in the fall if the product improved. Me and my boys love sports and football is our favourite sport. All three of my kids have played Canadian football since elementary school through high school and it has been by far their most favourite sport to play including hockey and baseball. We all cheer for different NFL teams and we can all name the rosters of our teams plus we know the main players on other teams, this is not about hype. It has been in the past few years that our CFL interest has started to wane and it has nothing to do with our love of the NFL, it has everything to do with the quality of the CFL product. We used to go to multiple games in Regina to see the Riders (I live in Saskatoon and my oldest son used to go to almost every home game). In the past 2 years we have not attended any home games as the interest just isn't there anymore. I do believe that if the CFL game would get back to what it was, which was high scoring exciting games, we would watch it more often. The reality is that the CFL game right now is not very entertaining. There is not enough scoring and a lot of the games are not very competitive. Throw on top of that the large increase in penalties and you have a recipe for a dull product. I believe the CFL needs to start developing new young stars, especially at quarterback, there is too much recycled material out there. With the large number of QB injuries this year this has allowed some potential new stars to develop, this may pay off for the league in the next few years. We also need to stop recycling coaches and GM's, it's time for fresh ideas in the league (look at what Marc Trestman accomplished). There is a reason why LaPolice and Benevides are not coaching in the CFL anymore. And, the league seriously needs to look at its officiating. Penalties and poor officiating are killing this game and the flow of the game. There are way too many blown calls affecting the outcomes of games in the CFL and the CFL has done nothing for decades to address this. At least the NFL admits mistakes openly and takes corrective action. The CFL runs and hides and keeps bringing back the same officials year after year.

I said before, being a NFL fan is not mutually exclusive to being a CFL fan (except on Sundays), you can enjoy both. The CFL is suffering from a bad product right now. It was way more entertaining 3 or 4 years ago. I would watch football all year round if I could but I will not watch a boring product (NFL included).

Has the Grey Cup even sold out this year? Should that not be a sign of a decline in fan interest regardless if it is in Winnipeg or not?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rod, more dissing the CFL as an inferior product than questioning the marketing and scheduling on your blog. You've even proposed the CFL becoming a development league for the NFL = end of CFL. You've also stated that the CFL has no credibility. The Canadian Inferiority complex thrives

Anonymous said...

any league that mandates whos on the roster by the passport you hold is inferior. playing a d line man on the o line is a joke, seeing starting players play special teams is a joke, having 26 K in a city of 1 million show up to a playoff game is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Reginas NHL team, The Coyotes, will be just fine, thank you very much for asking.

Cfl nfl all good .. said...

Wow all the way from your mama's basement ... Consider not commenting on things you wish would happen as opposed to things that are happening ...

Anonymous said...

Can Chick be the Beast in the Middle to cure some of our defence's woes! His bull rush would cause headaches for sure and the D ends would love all the Free sacks he would create for them!

Anonymous said...

All you people whining about the Messam trade, please remember this is the same Messam that was traded in 2013 for a 6th round pick and 2014 was cut by Montreal. We were not going to make the playoffs and just playing the string out of meaningless games. ODay was not dealing from any position of strength. We got something back for a player that was going to be a free agent at the end of the year. Beggars can't be chosers and in a 9 team league you will not win every trade, you may not even get value. Plus if Messam wants to he sign back in the off-season. Get over it people it's the CFL-these things happen.

Anonymous said...

The cfl has to find some quarterbacks that can throw a spiral . The league was so much better 20 years ago , those teams would destroy these semi pro teams. Flutie, Allen, dunnigan ,Ham. Austin, those were the days.!

SK Oiler Fan said...

There's no denying the CFL has work to do. The entertainment value has been steadily declining for at least 2 years. There's not one single reason. It's a combination of factors.
Too many penalties.
Canadian economy nose diving over the past 18 months.
Low quality officiating due to small pool of officials to draw from.
Poor website with bland presentation and lack of promotion of its stars.
Obviously the fantasy sports draw to the NFL robs alot of the sports fans time and money.
TSN quality of presentation and personalities has been degrading as well over the past 2 years. Don't underestimate the effect of lost NHL advertising revenue had on their budget for covering the cfl. While sportsnet ' s hockey coverage and personaloties needs some work there is no doubt the tables have turned in the Canadian sports coverage arena.
The transirion from past stars like calvillo, Dickenson, and Allan to Durant, Lulay and Collaros has seen a drop off in their overall popularity, partly due to injuries and partly due to the league not investing enough marketing efforts flogging these guys.
I don't know this for sure, but it seems like player turnover is higher than 5 years ago so some of the comfort of knowing if I watch montreal I get to see calvillo and cahoon or if I watch BC I get to see dickenson and geroy do their thing is gone.
You just can't compare the nfl to the cfl. Their marketing budget is likely 100 Mil while the CFL might be 2 Mil? With the majority of society having at most a high school education it's not surprising that the majority of potential fans are easily sold on the NFL hype machine. The NFL has built up so much popularity momentum over the past 15 years that even negative occurrences just turn in to more eyeballs paying attention.
It's going to be a tough battle for the CFL. I just hope it hasn't dipped too low. They're on a trajectory to be just above CIS in popularity in about 10 years if they don't get their head out if the sand now.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about the CFL being in trouble and nary a word from the new commish. What's with this guy? Does he just take his quarter million a year and shut up? Not a bad gig.

Rod Pedersen said...

Try $750,000.

Anonymous said...

A salary dump based on the Rr team not wanting to pay out performance clause bonus monies. Messam winning Individual CFLeague honors. Chick/ Dressler/Durant would have been the better choices for team trade/salary dump bar none.

Anonymous said...

The fair catch rule... almost as pathetic as a 5 yard radius rule... a rule that CFL officials have never been able to apply properly... that 20 second play clock is a lot longer than you think my friend... just look at when the nfl officials start the play clock and when the cfl officials do. More than half the time the cfl officials don't even start the clock until the offense is lined up on the line of scrimmage. You need to watch more football and pay better attention before you act like an expert.

Anonymous said...

$750,000 and what's he done? As far as I can see he's fined a few players and stayed invisible.

Parkside said...

The ol' NFL vs CFL debate. lol. Watch what you like. Don't try and preach how one is better than the other. I love football. I watch CFL, NFL, NCAA. Very enjoyable when you're not picking away at each.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Orrisge is actually working to fix these problems. Cohon created them and all he ever did was sugarcoat things. Big windbag.