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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


At the conclusion of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Day 1 of their practice week on Wednesday, head coach Bob Dyce announced rookie quarterback Keith Price will make his first pro start Sunday in Montreal.

"I had said a few weeks ago that Keith would get an opportunity to start a game," Dyce said. "Doing your due diligence in evaluating these quarterbacks, you have to see how a quarterback plays when starting a game or starting a second half and we haven't had that opportunity with Keith."

Sunday's game will be the final one of the year for the Riders, but it will be the biggest of Price's young career.

"It feels awesome!" Smith smiled. "I've dreamed of this for a long time now and it's finally coming true.  I'm so blessed, I thank the Lord everyday."

The Washington Huskies product was asked if he'll feel nervousness, butterflies or just general excitement as he prepares for the game.

"Probably a little bit of everything," Price said. "It's my first pro start but I'll get the opportunity to play this game that I love and I'll do my best and continue to prepare the way that I've been preparing."

Kickoff on Sunday is 11 am Sask Time on TSN and the CKRM Rider Radio Network.


Anonymous said...

Too nothing too late. Lost interest. Be watching NFL Sunday. The ship has sunk and is sitting on the ocean floor. May never see the light of day again. The moving forward thinking has destroyed the franchaise. Once it's privatized we won't be going to any more games either.

Anonymous said...

Is Brett Smith even healthy enough to play ?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this is the last year the CFL has Sunday games in the autumn. This can't go on. But I will listen to the radio broadcast of the Rider game while watching the NFL game on CTV.

Anonymous said...

Coach said "due diligence", I'm suing. He's plagerizing my favorite RP blog quote.

Bob Dinklesworth

Anonymous said...

Good thing anon 1 doesn't run the team, province, country! Such a negative outlook on life that we may as well fold the entire country!


PS; negative people with negative attitudes contribute nothing to society.

Keith Pottruff said...

Hope he does well, I was at the game in Calgary last week and Price has a powerful arm and some good pocket presence. The road to the 2016 Grey Cup may as well start now.

John said...

It would appear that 2 of the preceding posts are not Rider fans anyway. Take heart you dummies, no one will miss you! I for one will be watching as I always do when the Riders play. Win or lose, they will always be "MY TEAM"

Anonymous said...

Some fanatics have a bad case of Wozinitis. A serious head infection which alters perception of reality causing verbal attacks to anyone not subscribing to the don't worry be happy rhetoric. Sadly this disease has infected the local football team over the last 100 years or so resulting in decades long losing streaks. Any attempt to cure the disease or prevent its spread is seen as backward thinking. In true doublespeak fashion Wozinitis forward thinking is actually backward thinking. This is not obvious to anyone with the disease. There is one known albeit difficult cure......,,education. The disdain for books, an educational system or critical thought makes the application nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

Price has 'good pocket presence'. How can you tell. He never stays in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to waste the space. Couldn't think of snything negative to say. Go Riders!