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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Photo courtesy Global's Derek Meyers
Here are some notes from Saskatchewan Roughriders' GM Jeremy O'Day's year-end news conference at Mosaic Stadium on Tuesday:

- (On extending five Canadians) It's very important in the CFL to have quality, young national players.  It's easy to find international players but nationals are more difficult so you want to keep your core and improve on it in the draft.  When injuries occur, it's tough to bring Canadians in off the street.

- He enjoys performing the role of the GM in the interim and making the best decisions for the club's future.  Regarding his own future, it hasn't been a distraction.  He's been kept up to speed with the process of finding a new GM.

- He has free reign to make all personnel decisions, but any major decisions are ran by President Craig Reynolds.  That would be the case with any full-time GM.

- Reynolds has informed O'Day on what the process will be regarding hiring a new GM.  Reynolds will address that situation on Thursday morning with reporters.

- O'Day will be the interim GM right up until the time a new GM is in place.

- It hasn't been hard to deal with players regardless of the team's tenuous situation (no GM or head coach named yet).  Players want to remain with the team into next year.  It's not different than any other year.  Management will have to review the roster and make decisions for the future.  Some decisions are easier than others.

- O'Day hasn't had a formal interview for the GM position yet, but the last two months have been somewhat of an interview.  He feels he's shown he's capable of doing the job and wants to be the man when the search is said and done.

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Randolph said...

Here is a great opportunity to retain one of our former greats who knows what it takes to win in this market. Funny how former offensive linemen seem to make the best GM''s. It would be a good omen moving forward to keep Jeremy as GM.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if John Lynch was Riders GM. Hope Reynolds would give some consideration.

geestewie said...

I listened to the entire scrum on the Rider App this AM and thought O'Day presented himself well and handled the media in a respectful manner. Although I agree with most in that Craig Reynolds needs to conduct a thorough search for the next GM, promoting someone new as the majority of armchair QB's suggest, in O'Day, would not be a bad thing. Is he #1 on the list? Likely not. However, to say "he just isn't ready" due to working under BT is ridiculous. He seems confident in his abilities, and if chosen, would make a fine GM in my opinion.

If he isn't promoted full time, I hope he decides to stay on board to gain added experience as he is an asset to the organization as a whole.

It should be an interesting winter in Rider Nation.

Anonymous said...

I wonder of all the other short list candidates will be given the same amount of air time to outline their abilities and past achievements. This was such a thinly veiled self promotional act. The various mediums continue to do this with shameless continuance. If you can't get through the front door then try the back one. Put the face of the franchise out there because we want it.

The fact remains that no successful franchises promote people with virtually non existent resumes. To suggest two years under a sub .500 GM qualifies a person to head an organization that's in trouble is sheer lunacy. If Mr O'Day was hired as Gm would that mean that Mr Dyce would be anointed the next HC. After how could he tell Mr Dyce that he can't have the job. Im sorry but that's not a pair that will ever win anything. This nonsense is being promoted to fit some people's narrative.

Unless we start hiring the best possible candidates no amount of money like 2013 will turn this organization into a top flight franchise. It will continue to be the perpetual poster child for mediocrity. Leading the league in fans, merchandise and lotteries doesn't make it a winner. It just makes well funded. It's high time to hire proven winners with proven track records.

Anonymous said...

Given his age, I'm sure John Lynch will laugh at the suggestion that he become GM.
Why not Scruffy in that case? (We will laugh for other reasons)
Give your head a shake.

Anonymous said...

2016 breakdown
This management team has proved that with this group of players they can win 6 games in a season. Already an improvement.
Taking DD at his word should provide one more win (he will put up 52 points as the d gives up 50). That's 7.
Return of Weldon with a more experienced linebacker group and returning Cdn depth from injury along with better atmosphere and fewer stupid game day coaching decisions (65 yd field goals) and no last second Hail Mary tds wins another game making 8.
Now for the hope. Jeremy with all his phone contacts should be able to find one American db that can cover and tackle. Doesn't have to be an impact player just cover and tackle. Selecting a cdn offensive lineman in the draft not to start (yet) but to provide backup so that Labatte doesn't have to play hurt all the time and maybe in the future be a tackle. Finally incorporating into Connops off season program drills to keep his ass down should help the d line. All this hope gives one game.
This makes 9 games and a 500 season.
For dreamers like Woz, maybe Jeremy finds an impact db, maybe five Canadians start on the offensive line, maybe Getzlaff catches the second and need this one, maybe the dbs cover and tackle more and intercept at least one a game then plan the parade.

Clay said...

Why is the Regina media all behind O'Day so much. I understand he's a nice guy but he has so little experience. We were 3-15 and are now the joke of the CFL. Its far riskier to hire O'Day then it is to hire someone has turned a franchise around before ie. Tillman. If we had went 9-9 or even 7-11 then fine hire O'Day but this team is in major shambles. Even the Bombers have never looked this bad in the past 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! No to O'Day!

Anonymous said...

Saw Taman at the Regina Airport Enterprise rental booth Wednesday at 1:45. Wayne Mantyka was close by with a tv camera and microphone at arrivals.

Anonymous said...

"Here is a great opportunity to retain one of our former greats who knows what it takes to win in this market. Funny how former offensive linemen seem to make the best GM''s. It would be a good omen moving forward to keep Jeremy as GM.”

a) What other GM’s were offensive linemen?
b) what does the market have to do with winning? just e’ffing win!
c) good/great players don’t always make the best coaches or GM’s

O’Day should get a chance to be considered, but anything less than a honest and fully exhaustive search would be unacceptable to fans who have to support a publicly owned franchise that is flush in cash.

Anonymous said...

This anti O'Day faction is like the NDP. Voice how great you are, but realistically, you suck!

You're all going to need new soothers in the next couple of weeks. When you get those soothers, turn in your Rider fan card because when the Riders get to the GC in 2017, your thoughts will no longer be relevant. Of course, they aren't even relevant now.

Anonymous said...

Dyce, O'Day off the Winnipeg in some team capacity. Richie Hall back to Saskatchewan. Its just the way it's going to be, end of story Riderville.

Anonymous said...

O'Day's mission would be to get the Riders to the playoffs. I want a GM that wants to lead the season and get the bye then host the final.

NO to O'Day.

Anonymous said...

"O'Day's mission would be to get the Riders to the playoffs. I want a GM that wants to lead the season and get the bye then host the final.

NO to O'Day."

No team has ever won a Grey Cup by not making the playoffs. One thing at a time.

Anonymous said...

Tillman has never turned a franchise around!! What are you talking about? He has only been successful following someone else who has done all the recruiting and leg work and then he swoops in and takes the credit.

Or, he tries to build from the ground up (ie: Edm & Ott) and fails miserably.

Anonymous said...

O'Day -

Played from 1999 - 2010 with the Riders. Cfl Allstar 05/06/07/09
Western All Star 03/05/06/07/09/10
Grey Cup win in 2007 - and in the final is 09/10 then retired a few months after 2010 was over.

Hired for the 2012 season and in 2013 they won a cup....yes it was built from 2012 and a few prior.

In 2015 takes over a team that has 1 win in the last 18 starts. Not a great decision for your resume!

I like how he is on the sidelines, this means he is paying attention to the players and coaches because he already knows how the game is played. Not sitting in a booth, one can watch that later and learn.

Anyhow I think he can't do much worse! And who knows if you don't give him a shot.

I think it is good that Reynolds is an accountant, it is a business first, and hiring someone who gives you wins and money will be first and foremost in his mind as a business decision.

My opinion FWIW