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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


EDMONTON - The Edmonton Eskimos returned home with the Grey Cup Monday in what the team and fans agreed was as much a celebration of excellence as an exorcism of a decade of mediocre football.

"Having been here my entire career ... those dark years were really personal for me, and we worked tirelessly at trying to make sure that we could deliver something that these fans deserve,'' said Eskimo general manager Ed Hervey.

Eskimo quarterback Mike Reilly agreed, as behind him fans took pictures of the slightly pockmarked cup as it sat on a table in the airport reception lounge.

"It's been 10 long years and we're just excited about having the opportunity to go and take that cup to our fans,'' said Reilly.

"We all did it together. They stuck with us through the dark times and that's what we had to go through to get to the bright times.''

The Eskimos brought home their 14th Grey Cup, landing before noon at the Edmonton International Airport in a plane decorated in CFL team logos.

They were greeted by green and gold clad fans, cheering, blowing horns and singing the team's fight song.

With players, their families and fans it was over 200 people in the waiting lounge.

The Eskimos defeated the Ottawa Redblacks 26-20 at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg for their first Grey Cup win since 2005.

Jones said the team appreciated the ad hoc party.

"It's awesome. I mean this is why you do it,'' said Jones.

Hervey agreed that the losing years had frayed the fabric between the Eskimos and it fans.

"I think I'm most proud of (the fact that) the culture of the Edmonton Eskimos is back,'' said Hervey.

"I couldn't live with myself honestly if that part was lost between the community and the football team.''

The city will host a noontime downtown Cup celebration for the Eskimos on Tuesday.

Next up for Hervey may be a situation with Jones. There are reports the Saskatchewan Roughriders are offering Jones more money and a chance to be coach and GM.

Hervey declined to discuss it.

"Today's all about the players and the championship,'' he said. "When the time comes for all that other stuff, we'll get to that.''

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chris Jones, hand him the keys to the flagship, ASAP!

Anonymous said...

How is Chris Jones a better candidate than Murphy or Sutherland who have actual experience as assistant GM's??? No doubt Jones is a quality, hard working coach but who can tell me he knows scouting, contracts and all the other stuff GM's do. Then sign him to a long term contract at a reported $750M per year? Lets not get carried away. He is a 2 year head coach with no GM experience. Thank goodness Vanstone and the others who are ready to anoint Jones do not have a say.
Voice of Reason

Anonymous said...

Yes. $750 million a year is a little steep.

Anonymous said...

Did oskee wee wee celebrate their guaranteed cup win yet with a parade? ... I thought the sask football god was destined to win the cup this year?

Anonymous said...

Mr Jones already is with the cfl flagship franchise in the eskimos why would he wanna leave to come to the leagues bottom feeders the lowly riders who will be entrenched in the basement for years to come

dboe said...

Funny to see all the tongue-wagging on here. I would be excited with a Jones hire but let's not get ahead of ourselves that it would immediately cause the division to do a complete flip-flop. I remember the exact same situation in reverse a few years ago when our former GM was handed the reins out there. We were never going to have a chance again..yet they became the laughingstock of the league and we went on to win the Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

Jones has filled those types of duties previously in Calgary and Toronto. He already has a proven track record in that department. Granted, his resume on that side of things isn't as strong as Murphy's, but he clearly knows how to find talent and it would then also fill our Head Coaching position while making a divisional rival weaker. I'm a big fan of Murphy and would be happy with him, too, but the only known HC with experience sitting around not doing anything is Paul LaPolice. Jones is better. And we don't have to worry about a conflict between HC and GM or conflicting visions with Jones because he'd be doing both. Getting both jobs is as good as it gets in the CFL; if he is successful then the only way we're going to lose him is to the NCAA or NFL, not another CFL team. There's many upsides to Jones despite him not being as proven as a John Murphy in the player personnel side. But make no mistake, he is very active in recruiting, and he has been making Ed Hervey look good since he got to Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh... yes we did celebrate. Edmonton carrying replication gold on their jerseys in admiration of Tiger Cats colors, good enough. Oskee Wee Wee all the time! Go Cats Go! Go Cats Go! Go Cats Go!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Jones would be the Riders best option. If that can't be worked out then it would be Murphy followed by Sunderland. At best O'Day is number four.

A while ago someone mentioned Jim Barker who would bump O'Day to fifth.

Anonymous said...

Jones can build a defence so he is not wanted in Regina. Riders like over pursuit of d lineman ( they call it hustle), line backers out of position and most importantly DBS who cannot and will not tackle or cover. They also prefer a safety who can watch the entire game without participating. This is not a Chris Jones team or city.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton Eskimos head coach Chris Jones caught by TSN television camera's having a laughing chuckle on the sidelines during the Grey Cup game as his team took a 13th man on the field team penalty. Destiny pre-determined to Saskatchewan Roughriders Football no doubt about it.

skeptic said...

I like the idea of Jones coming to Sask but if he attains the success we need in 2-3 years he'll be gone to the states when the first opportunity presents itself - just like how Austin bailed on us

Anonymous said...

Somebody posted; "Jones can build a defense so he is not wanted in Regina. Riders like over pursuit of d lineman ( they call it hustle), line backers out of position and most importantly DBS who cannot and will not tackle or cover. They also prefer a safety who can watch the entire game without participating. This is not a Chris Jones team or city."

I love it. We haven't had a defense since Richie Hall came here the first time. Even the years we won the Grey Cup we had a Swiss cheese defense that couldn't stop the Gull Lake Lions. Man would it be nice to have a defense but alas it won't happen because that's not the Rider way so Chris Jones won't be hired.