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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Photo courtesy Global's Derek Meyers
REGINA - Learning "on the fly'' was the biggest challenge Bob Dyce faced this season as the Saskatchewan Roughriders interim head coach.

Dyce assumed the job at the end of August after Saskatchewan fired head coach Corey Chamblin and GM Brendan Taman following an 0-9 start to the season. Dyce, who began the year as the club's special-teams co-ordinator, compiled a 3-6 record in his first experience as a CFL head coach.

The Riders also promoted Jeremy O'Day to interim GM to replace Taman.

Saskatchewan finished the season last in the West Division with a CFL-worst 3-15 record but ended the campaign by rallying for a 30-24 win over the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday.

"I didn't have huge expectations in certain ways because it wasn't something that I planned on doing,'' Dyce said Monday. "Once I stepped into the role, it was a great role and a challenging role.

"You know, I think it's one thing becoming a head coach when you've had a whole off-season to prepare for it as opposed to eight hours. But the role itself I thoroughly enjoyed.''

Dyce took over a team whose struggles began right from the beginning of the season. Starter Darian Durant suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in the club's opening game, then shortly afterwards veteran backup Kevin Glenn went down with a torn pectoral muscle, thrusting rookie Brett Smith into the starting lineup.

Dyce says it's going to take a while to look at what went wrong.

"We were challenged from the start and you know, you look at different aspects of the season or different aspects of the team and you have an idea,'' he said. "But I think it's going to take a little more analysis than just saying, right now, 24 hours after you just played your last game ... 'Well, this went wrong.'

"You know the things that have to be corrected. I mean obviously when you look at our season, we were challenged defensively from Week 1 and throughout the season.''

Dyce is interested in becoming the Riders' full-time head coach but hasn't spoken directly to team president/CEO Craig Reynolds about the position.

Defensive back Tristan Jackson, an eight-year CFL veteran, said the 2015 season was also a learning experience for him.

"I tell people all the time man, this was probably one of the toughest seasons of my career,'' Jackson said as he cleaned out his locker. "You just get up and pray, because when you lose, it's tough.

"You lose a lot of keys guys on offence, then you lose keys guys on defence and just going in ... it was just a constant struggle.''

Veteran defensive end John Chick agreed, saying it was "a rough season.'' But Chick gets the feeling the Riders are all looking towards being better next year.

"Right now, it's just about closing that chapter,'' he said. "It was a bad chapter, but you know I think, not only does it remind you of the good times, but it makes you look forward to the better times.''

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Dyce is the best HC candidtae that there is out there right now. None others come close.

Anonymous said...

Long long shot candidate. I've got great confidence that Reynolds will choose a great GM that will have an ability to choose a great head coach. If that guy happens to be Dyce then I will hope on board and support him as the right guy.

Anonymous said...

Better roll the Dyce on this one.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about his coaching, but Dyce is sure a lot more eloquent with his words in front of the media and in the press than Chamblin ever was or ever will be . We can actually understand what he is saying (whether or not you agree with him or not!)

Anonymous said...

Does not matter who the HC or GM is if the scouting dept is not significantly upgraded.

GeorgesB said...

It is good to have good people interested in the position, but the HC will be hired only after the GM is in place. That will be the interesting one to watch, as this person will set the tone for the rest of the team, from the Coaching staff, to the scouting team, to the players they bring in.

Maybe the high profile applicant is Tom Higgins for GM, nobody knows or will say.

I am looking at Benevedies as a candidate for DC. He turned it down last year to work with Chamblin as HC, hopefully a new HC (Lapolice?) would convince him to come on board for 2016.

We need to keep our OC in place for the next few years. Give our QB's a chance to feel comfortable in the system. Certainly there must be someone out there that is qualified to come in and coach our QB's as well. The youngsters need another voice in their ear on the sidelines, this will help them grow and adjust over time for sure.

Bobby took the demotion to Special Team Coordinator before. He loves the game and is a man without pride. It would be a shame to lose him from our coaching staff. Reward his commitment to the team.

gman80 said...

"NO CONVENIENCE HIRING"!!!!! Mr. Reynolds.. End all the shenanigans and when the time is right, go get Eric Tillman! The guy is proven, he will bring in the right people, the right scouting and coaching staff and Eric Tillman will turn this ship around FAST! He is the right guy for the job and all the idiots who can't get over the past, well.. turn in your season tickets as I'm sure there are MANY!! AND I MEAN MANY fans out there who will snatch them up!.. Jeremy O'Day is a candidate, but in my opinion, he isn't ready and Bob Dyce is an idiot and shouldn't even be given a "sniff" at the coaching job! ERIC TILLMAN FOR ROUGHRIDERS GM! nuff said..

Anonymous said...

Dyce (and O'Day for that matter) is the best candidate? Based on what? They filled an immediate void.
By the way, Durant will be traded at some point next season.
That statement is just as valid as 'Dyce is the best HC candidate'.

Anonymous said...

Tillman? LOL
Been there, done that. He will never work for the Riders again unless Jerry Jones buys the team.

Anonymous said...

So, how do you know he(Tillman) will never work for the Riders again?
I've never seen a fan base with so many know-it-alls. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, Gene Simmons owns a football team does he not!! Half time shows would be awesome!!! You wanted the best you got the best!!! And his wife comes from toon town. Bet he is connect or could buy some!!!
Lol Mick jagger pffft this ain't soccer!!!

Anonymous said...

Coach Dyce has earned the right to apply. The fact remains however that the challenges this team is facing are daunting. It would entirely unfair to put the burden of what's ahead on a virtual rookie head coach, considering how much he will be under the light. Even with DD this job is going to but very huge and difficult. The new HC whoever he is has to be able to assemble a top notch coaching staff and that's hard when your a relative newcomer yourself.

It seems a bit preposterous to think that a rookie HC and a rookie GM would be considered to tyrn this thing around. Make no mistake that this situation is far more than a simple fine tuning. Only the most uninformed can see that they job here is monumental. This isn't the time to take flyers, it's the time to take experience.

Red said...

Cant work for the riders, but can live in Regina , pay taxes, raise his family and be part of the community. What a joke.
How Saskatchewan of you.
Mightier than thou.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to Mr. Craig Reynolds
Saskatchewan Roughriders President.

Please retreat immediately by yourself back to the forest of Hudson Bay, Sk, deep into the woods where no man has ever been. So far away from civilization you totally "cut off from all". Take no cell phone or any other means of communication devices to the outside world. Do not, REPEAT, do not let anyone follow you or let anyone know your where abouts as you will need total hermit solitude to make a once in a life time decision to the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club future with your name "stamped" all over it. Proceed to chop some wood, make a fire, clean, clear your mind of the pollution hanging around Taylor Field, meditate if you so wish or so desire, get some well deserved rest. After you have done this and attained total one with yourself, and after you have fought a bear or two, then! only then may you come back out of the Hudson Bay forest and back to so called civilization with "the decision" of renewed team organization future direction while obbliterating all past administration wrongs with one wave goodbye of your hand. Doing what's right, what should have done a long long time ago. Having found the fortitude of a man within yourself to clean the house of all past remnant ruins while barring a old boys club from further interruptions. A renewed fresh start to a new "exciting on field winning product", a new stadium, a new future which will be forever yours, and yours alone for all of us to enjoy. Ahhh... life is good. Total new team direction, finally!

PS, you may take a blanket and pillow if so inclined.

Thank you Mr. Reynolds.

_ _ _ _ _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Edenwold, Sk.

Anonymous said...

It's the NDP way afterall "Mightier than thou"

Randolph said...

O'Day as GM yes, Bobby D as Head Coach, no. Bob would make a great assistant coach, he is too nice a guy to be HC. I think Benevides could be the top candidate, if he is available. Or Matt Dunigan if we could pry him away from the TSN panel. Definitely need a PR type person and we all know Corey, for all his strong points, wasn't much for public relations.

By the way, why do all you easy chair coaches have to hide behind the "anonymous" banner? Nobody is even asking you to provide your real name! Make a name up if you have to, you may find others take your comments more seriously.

Anonymous said...

Randolph said...

I apologize for my “easy chair coaches” comment, I find that I am a guiding light in my family and my community and as such see little value in those that have a differing opinion than mine. I cherish these open forums where anybody, regardless of their intellect or life experiences can openly leave an unvalidated comment…thank-you Rod. God bless.