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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


TORONTO - Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris, B.C quarterback Jonathon Jennings, and Lions defensive tackle Mic'hael Brooks are the CFL's top performers for Week 15.

Burris set a CFL record for pass completions in a single game on Thursday, when he threw 45-of-53 for 504 yards in a 39-17 home win over Montreal.

Burris eclipsed the previous record of 44 set by former Montreal Anthony Calvillo in 2008.

The win was Burris' 110th in the league, putting him in fourth place all-time among CFL quarterbacks.

Jennings scored five total touchdowns in the Lions' 46-20 home win over Saskatchewan on Saturday.

Jennings threw for a career-high 364 yards and tossed four touchdown passes to three different receivers. He also caught a 21-yard touchdown pass from Austin Collie.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

One used QB for sale, inquire within.
Anyone want to buy a Ricky Ray? Who wants to buy a Ricky Ray? Kinda on the old side with some miliage left. What about you prairie "bum"kins from saskatchewan? Straight up Chick, Brackenridge.

Anonymous said...

Please take Chick and Brackenridge, Chick is aging and Breckenridge is without a doubt the most overrated player in the CFL. Please take them you'd save us a bunch of salary cap.

Anonymous said...

I think Jim Barker already pulled a fast one on us by stealing Ricky Foley and giving us a washed up Emery! If you're stung once, why try fot two?

Anonymous said...

The guy takes a head on head collision and hes washed up?

It is funny how people are so concerned about player safety but then when a guy gets a sever concussion he takes jabs about the quality of him as a player.

Heard from someone connected to the team that Emery had to stay in a dark room for two weeks. To me that is sad, and the results of our football team shadow in comparison.

Would also challenge you to tell me exactly what qualities Ricky Foley brings to the table besides good with a quote. Do you watch the games?

Anonymous said...

Ricky Foley = consistent contributing on and off field team play.

Anonymous said...

Emery has a history of concussions, how in the world did he pass a physical here. He was one more head hit from serious damage in Toronto. Barker knew what he was doing. Foley played all out for us for 2 years and was a solid prescience in our community.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the worst trade in CFL history but Taman had to make it because he couldn't find a MLB on his own. He'd already spent three years trying to find one.

Anonymous said...

No. Worst trade.

Steven Jyles for Ricky Ray.