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Thursday, October 29, 2015



1 - THE SKINNY:  If nothing else, the forecast is favourable for Saturday's CFL match-up between the Roughriders and Stampeders at Calgary's McMahon Stadium (1:00 pm, TSN, CKRM Rider Radio Network).  The weatherman says we can expect mainly sunny skies and a high of 17 degrees Celsius.  The Stampeders are favoured by 14-points, and lead the two-game season series 1-0 after a 34-31 win in Regina on August 22 before a sellout crowd of 33,427.

2 - THOSE WERE THE DAYS:  For as long as I can remember (back to the 1980's), Roughriders games in Calgary have always been special.  That's because the crowd has always seemed to be a 50/50 split of red and green as the Rider Nation generally comes out in full force.  However with Saskatchewan languishing at 2-14, the Tractor Factor seems to have been silenced.  I did my best to whip up some hype during Wednesday's post-practice interviews but the Riders weren't biting.  The novelty of Saskatchewan-at-Calgary games hasn't been a big discussion point this week in the locker and meeting rooms.

"A little bit, but not a lot," admitted starting quarterback Brett Smith.  "I know this sounds cliché, but I'm approaching it, and everybody is, like any other game.  It's a really good team and that's about all I've heard.  And it gets cold up there.  That's pretty much it."

Riders head coach Bob Dyce isn't particularly interested in the goings-on in the stands either.

"We don't talk about Calgary especially, or I should say going to Calgary," Dyce explained.  "We talk about their team, not going in there.  Most of the times when we've gone in there this time of the year, it's meant a lot in the standings.  This is just a great opportunity for us to win a football game on the road.  That's what we're looking forward to -- we want to win a game on the road this year."

I tried.

However I still feel Saturday is going to be a great day and Tourism Calgary is doing its best to lure Rider fans to the Foothills for Saturday's game.  In a promotion called Invade Calgary, about a half dozen hotels have teamed up to offer special rates for the Rider Nation to come, spend the weekend, and enjoy the game.

I thought I'd mention that in this week's column since Tourism Calgary was nice enough to purchase some ad space on this blog.  However the match-up has a distinct lack of sizzle.  There hasn't been much talk on Calgary radio shows, and I've made no on-air appearances over there this week.  After all, they've got the Flames to discuss (2-7-1).

3 - "A TOMB":  That's the term CKRM's Mitchell Blair used to describe the Mosaic Stadium visitors locker room on Wednesday, where the post-practice interviews were held.  Scruffy hadn't been down to the ball park since before the bye week, but it's a mood I noticed ever since the Riders were officially eliminated from the 2015 CFL playoff race in Week 16.  On Wednesday's SportsCage, Mitchell noted that quarterback Keith Price was about the only Roughrider player who exhibited a spark while meeting with the media.  However once the game kicks off on Saturday, I expect the Green & White to put forth their best effort.  They did, for the most part, last week at home against Edmonton.  They're pros, even if they're playing out the string.

As for Price, is the future of the Roughriders at the quarterback position?  I don't know, but he sure has a good head on his shoulders.  We'll hear from him on the SportsCage on Thursday.

4 - CALGARY CURSE:  The Roughriders haven't won a regular season game at McMahon since August 1, 2009.  They've lost seven in a row at the Stampeders, with a tie just before that.  However CFL Game Notes pointed out this week the Riders did win in Calgary in the 2010 and 2013 West Finals.

5 - O'DAY, O'DAY, O'DAY, O'DAYYYYY:  As soon as this 2015 Roughrider season is put to bed, focus will immediately switch to the search for the team's next GM.  I'm still shocked at the anti-Jeremy O'Day sentiment out there, however analysts John Lynch and Don Hewitt pointed out on our TV show In The Huddle this week that it's not personal.

We've already explained ad nauseum that the criticisms of O'Day regarding a perceived lack of contacts or his apprenticeship under the prior regime are laughable.  That seemed to tide them over for awhile but now the critics are saying O'Day could be too close to the current players (at least the ones he played with) and too reluctant to make unpopular moves.  However that's absurd as well.  Clearly it's coming from people who simply don't know the man.

If the best the detractors can come up with is "He's just not ready", well, that's what they said about Justin Trudeau too and now he's our Prime Minister.  Endorse whomever you want, but at least know the facts.

And hey -- O'Day may not even get the job.  Rider President Craig Reynolds may find a more seasoned, more accomplished football man and if he does, more power to him.  I won't be upset.  I'm just saying those dogging Jeremy don't seem to have an idea what they're talking about.

6 - MORE GAME NOTES:  The Roughriders have suited up a franchise record 79 players in 2015.  That broke the old mark of 74 set in ... 2014.  In fact the 79 players the Roughriders have suited up this season are the second-highest total in CFL history behind Kent Austin's 2013 Hamilton Tiger-Cats who employed 88.

7 - RIDER NOTES:  CFL Statistics note Rider receivers Weston Dressler (799 yards) and Ryan Smith (796 yards) are the only two players with a realistic shot at a 1,000-yard season this year.  Smith has been the hottest of late, with 250 yards receiving in the past three games ... Meanwhile the Riders are expected to split the quarterbacking duties on Saturday between rookies Brett Smith and Keith Price.  Last week against Edmonton, Smith led seven drives while Price quarterbacked six ... On the Calgary side, kicker Rene Parades sits at 199 career field goals.

8 - THE YEAR OF THE TACKLE:  The CFL could feature five players with 100+ tackles in 2015 which would break the old record of three set in 2010.  Barrin Simpson, Jamall Johnson and Kevin Eiben did it five seasons ago.  This year the five players looking at the century mark are Adam Bighill (108), Jeff Knox Jr. (101), Winston Venable (97), Khalil Bass (93) and Gregory Jones (88).

9 - MORE CFL NOTES:  Ottawa football teams have never had more than two 1,000-yard receivers and this year they've equalled that with Chris Williams and Brad Sinopoli.  They figure to set a club record as Ernest Jackson (935) and Greg Ellingson (894) are knocking on the door ... The most-targeted Roughrider receiver is Weston Dressler with 108 passes thrown his way (he's caught 62).  Next up is Rob Bagg (75 targets, 43 receptions) ... The Toronto Argonauts are 4-0 in games decided by 4-or-less points while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are 0-4 in the same situation ... Edmonton leads the CFL with 10 come-from-behind victories.  Defense wins championships and it says here the Edmonton Eskimos will capture their 14th Grey Cup this November 29 in Winnipeg  ... Thursday morning the Ottawa RedBlacks signed free agent running back Hugh Charles, a former Rider.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS:  We're waking up to news today that GM Alex Anthopoulos is leaving the Toronto Blue Jays after turning down a 3-year contract extension this week.  It doesn't break my heart but what does is he's being forced out by new team president Mark Shapiro.  What exactly did Shapiro ever accomplish while running the Cleveland Indians? ... With the Blue Jays bowing out in Game 6 of the ALCS, the Jose Bautista "bat-flip" will not go down as one of the greatest moments in Canadian sports history (a la Joe Carter in 1993) ...   Huge scoop by TSN's Rick Westhead on the Anthopoulos story this morning.  He certainly caught Sportsnet with their pants down on that one.  However Westhead couldn't be more off base with his coverage of the Arizona Coyotes.  More on that further down in this column ... Despite the lopsided prediction for Saturday's Riders-Stamps game, it promises to be a bang-up sports weekend.  The Montreal Canadiens visit the Calgary Flames Friday night and we'll be in attendance ... The role of the team broadcaster: the Arizona Coyotes were flattened 6-0 in Boston on Tuesday night but their TV broadcasters were quick to point out "it was a great road trip" with wins in Ottawa and Toronto before the pups ran out of gas.  However as coach Dave Tippett pointed out on the postgame show, "That's when you need to play smarter".  But as far as the broadcasters go, keep it positive ... The oddsmakers had it wrong.  In Las Vegas they said Ken Hitchcock of the St. Louis Blues would be the first NHL coach to be fired this season (5/2 odds) followed by Arizona's Dave Tippett (4/1).  Nobody forecasted that it would be Todd Richards in Columbus!  And I've got my money on somebody else long before Hitch or Tippett are shown the door .. NHL insiders say: owners are not fast-tracking Las Vegas as an expansion franchise because they're waiting to see how the Coyotes fare in The Valley and if it fails in the next couple of years, an escape plan has been hatched for Sin City.  That's unlikely however, as a story in The Hockey News this week stated the Coyotes will either be moving to a downtown arena in Phoenix or to a newly-built facility in Scottsdale.  I'll save it for ya ... This week's CHL Top 10 rankings feature the following WHL teams: #4 P.A. Raiders, #8 Brandon Wheat Kings, Honourable Mentions: Lethbridge Hurricanes and Red Deer Rebels.  Kudos to Dale Derkatch for assembling the talent for the top team in the Dub.  AND, what a turnaround in Lethbridge by Peter Anholt.


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Anonymous said...

Rod, I have asked several people & nobody can seem to answer, what exactly has ODay accomplished that Would make him a favourite to be GM? If Calgary was looking for a GM, do you think ODay would make their short list? Not a chance in hell. Only in Saskatchewan would the media be pushing for a promotion for a guy who had a big part in fielding a 2-16 football club. Sorry Rod but Riders fans aren't going to settle for the modern version of the old boys club. Case in point. What area of the team is performing the worst? The secondary. Guess how many DBs we have on the practice roster? Zero. Sad but true


Anonymous said...

Hey Rod. I'm a big fan of yours but I'm confused by your preference to give O'Day the GM job without even looking at other candidates. With league tampering rules you don't really know what your other options might be until the season ends. I'm not too worried about though because it's not your choice to make. I don't know exactly who the decision maker will be on this but I assume it is some combination of the BOD and Reynolds. I have great confidence that they have a great plan to ensure the right person is hired.

Anonymous said...

It really isn't anything personal about O'Day. He had a lousy trainer in Taman and was left a steaming pile. And what qualifications does he actually have? But he'll probably get the job because the Riders always do the easy thing and hire their friends. How well has that worked out? Better check the history books. The only time we had the stones to 'do the right thing' was when we sacked Roy for Tillman. That worked out pretty well. Tillman never should have been forced to resign!

O'Day better get a two year contract max because if we win two games in the next two years under him, I'll be surprised and we can't afford to pay out three contracts.

How is O'Day better than John Murphy, Eric Tillman, Wally Buono, Kent Austin, Ed Hervey, John Hufnagel? These are the teams we have to beat to get out of the toilet.

Because I bleed green to the core I will renew my seasons regardless of the crap I'll see on the field for the next several years. At least that's what I expect to see under O'Day. The riders are lucky to have me and all the other good fans who throw their money at these guys no matter the record!

Anonymous said...

A '50/50 split of red ad green' ..... yeah right. So where are all these so-called Rider fans now that they stink. Thought so, best band wagon jumper fans in the country. At least the Stamps fans can enjoy the game without some idiot in their face.

Anonymous said...

PLEEEEASE hire O'day as GM and keep Dyce as coach.
signed, non-rider fan

Anonymous said...

We've already explained ad nauseum that the criticisms of O'Day regarding a perceived lack of contacts and his apprenticeship under the prior regime are laughable.

How is this laughable Rod? What contacts does he have? Enlighten me?

If we are forced to put up with O'Day as our GM and we continue to tank, I'll remember you saying this.

Anonymous said...

You are delusional Rod. You clearly have a weird vendetta against the Blue Jays. That bat flip brought a nation together...and young kids will remember it until they die. II suggest you put up a poll asking your readers that.

Anonymous said...

Keeping O'Day as GM sort of reminds me of the Saskatoon Blades. They kept friends after friends and also relatives for years when Lubenicki was still around and they were in the cellar for many years because of it. Not only was the GM involved but also the Scouting system , assistant coach and on and on. This will happen to the Riders once it gets started so, beware fans of a cellar dwelling football team for years to come if they proceed.

Anonymous said...

The Toronto Blue Jays were, are and have been a garbage MLB franchise since 1994. They had a run from 85-93, past that pure garbage.

Anonymous said...

If O'Day is part responsible for the 2015 record then he is also part responsible for the 2011 to 2012 turnaround, the 2012 to 2013 improvement with the GC championship, and the team assembled to begin 2014 8-2 before losing their franchise player ... so I guess there is that.

Anonymous said...

How do you know what his contacts are, anonymous? How do you know he isn't one of the most connected guys in the CFL?

Do you think NFL types want to be linked to Eric Tillman? Have you ever seen John Murphy? He looks homeless.

Also, this ins't 1983 anymore. Nobody is picking up the phone and saying, I am send the Tiger Cats a running back. Players have agents. They are smart.

Anonymous said...

You don't need contacts to add some one to the negotiation list.

Figure it out!

Anonymous said...

So Terry, who would make Calgary's short list?

Would love to know.

I actually guarantee he would!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy O'Day is not the best person for this job. They won in 2013 and there was nothing left afterwards. You open the job up, he can apply and then you take the best person. You better take someone with a background that demonstrates turnarounds. Hello Eric Tillman.

Anonymous said...

"The riders are lucky to have me and all the other good fans who throw their money at these guys no matter the record!"

The Riders are embarrassed to have you and your type of fans. You are what people hate about Rider fans across the league. Up when they are up and whiny suck when they hit hard times.

You list Ed Hervey. Who was he before he got hired? Wally, Tillman never had down years? Never been fired? How is John Murphy better than O'Day?

Anonymous said...

"I'm just saying those dogging Jeremy don't seem to have an idea what they're talking about."

This is a quote from Rod, a guy that was still blowing smoke up Taman's butt the day before BT was gassed.

Maybe our source is not much of a judge of talent and should stick to broadcasting instead of cheerleading.


Anonymous said...

What is your point Rod?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The 9 to 5'ers just don't get it Rod. You can keep trying to educate them, but they just don't get it as evidenced on here again today. #clueless

Anonymous said...

The Toronto Blue Jays were, are and have been a garbage MLB franchise since 1994. They had a run from 85-93, past that pure garbage.

insert Riders here for the CFL. won in 89 then garbage til what 2007. had a little run in there, otherwise complete garbage the other 100 years of the franchise. Canada's team though right? yep, them and the leafs.
when will rider fan see this, you guys are the joke. not the jays, not the oilers. the riders are relevant every 20 years. I know you guys hate facts on here. sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'm in complete agreement with Terry, especially the comment on the secondary.

J FRENCH said...

"I'm still shocked at the anti-Jeremy O'Day sentiment out there"

How can you be shocked? It should be no surprise that people are wary of promoting from within on a team that is 2-14. After a disaster this season and last, we don't exactly have the winning culture here these days, so there should be no surprise people don't want to promote someone in that environment. AND, our last GM was a promote from within, and while that worked in the very short term, it has put us in a tough spot ever since. I think at the very least, people want a real search, and see if there are any proven winner/experienced candidates or someone that has had some tutelage under a very successful GM to look at. So far, O'days experience has been a player, and then as a guy working under a GM that can't seem to sustain any success.

Anonymous said...

Anything who thinks Eric Tillman is coming back, or even being considered as the new GM is beyond delusional. He is NOT coming back. And really, do you want the guy who traded Ricky Ray to Toronto for a bag of balls and some clean towels? And don't bring up the Kerry Joseph to Toronto deal because while Joseph stunk in Toronto, we got nothing tangible in return. Essentially it was a swap meet; take my junk and I'll take some of yours.

Secondly, I am always reading how O'Day hasn't done anything so he isn't the right man for the job. Two thoughts on this belief; (1) he hasn't been afforded the opportunity to prove he is the man until a month ago, and (2) he is fully aware of the state of the team and has taken steps to move forward. Trading Glenn and Messam weren't popular moves, but moves that benefit the football club, not today and likely not tomorrow but they will at some point in the future. We must also recall O'Day's comments after being appointed the Interim that things were done he didn't agree with but his voice was not heard as he was simply the Assistant.

Jeremy O'Day is a respected football mind in this league. If he doesn't get this job, he will certainly be a GM in this league at some point.

And why do so many question Rod's knowledge of what goes on in the Rider office? If anyone, outside of those meetings know 'the scoop' I would suggest it's Rod. But by all means, continue to take Gary Lawless' opinion as the gospel and disregard what someone who spends the better part of nine months a year in close contact with the club as a blubbering fool.

Anonymous said...

The idea of O'Day as GM can be supported by the Bill Baker era as Rider GM. However, the idea O'Day should simply be given the job without due diligence is a dangerous business move because it limits the team to an in-house choice instead of a broader range of candidates. The names leading the GM candidates parade have proven track records in the league while O'Day carries the baggage of the former GM. O'Day is a big gamble for the Riders because of the bad optics of his association with the current disaster, whether he earned the responsibility for this talent-challenged team or not.

I assume O'Day will give a detailed game plan for reconstruction of this team during his interview process. I would not consider him a front-runner for the job, but I am not involved with the search process so I only have a limited amount of information. My choice would be Hufnagel in a dual role.

Anonymous said...

Rod you are on point about the good work done by Dale Derkatch and Peter Anholt. I think we should add Curtis Hunt into that mix. Getting out from under the guy they used to work seems to have done wonders. A few felt PA would be a bit better but nobody thought they would be as good as they are. It seems to me hunt may have been the coach of the Pats the last time they were in the the Canadian Top 10.

Anholt put together another good team trading some prima donnas and getting big character kids in place. In fairness the trades Campese made with Kelowna have paid dividends for the Raiders. Experience in the League can't be understated, so one shouldn't try to devalue it with the Riders either.

While the Pats had a decent first half season toast year, since then they have been a below .500 team. Maybe they are on the right road but then again maybe they aren't We've had some players around who haven't achieved what they should have. Sometimes you need to re-evaluate what you need and what you have. The Pats need some reflection and hopefully they have a manager with enough WHL knowledge to do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Breaks my heart but if the Riders are in a re-build then it is time to say good bye to Weston Dressler.

If you can't see why then you are part of the problem not the future solution.

With Getzlaf, Best and Dressler off the books a lot of money can be spent on other areas that need a big improvement. Heenan and Jones are must haves if they play in the CFL. A legit middle linebacker is an absolute must.

Weldon Brown, Terrell Maze and Marshay Green should be given looks but each one needs to be pushed and the DB depth has to be 100% improved. Tyree Hollins needs to stay. He ahs shown some good things and deserves a chance to develop after a challenging season.

JackD83 said...

Ready for Miami rod? 5 weeks away Can't wait! Tonight's game should be a blast! FinsUp!

The Woz said...

Tom Shepherd said on in the huddle that a superstar candidate had contacted the Riders about the GM job. Will be interesting to see who that is.

The Riders will indeed conduct an open competition but other than John Murphy and Tillman no one is bringing anyone else up. Who else is out there? The team is not going back to Tillman so just stop it. Murphy lives in Louisiana and does not want to live in Canada or he would be here already with Winnipeg or elsewhere. So unless you want a part time GM like we had with Shivers living in Vegas, and allow Murphy to operate out of Louisiana he aint coming.

Then there is the group that says to shell out for Trestman. The man is a career coach what does he know about being a GM? Remember Ken Miller? He was a career coach and then put in charge of football ops and many thought that was a huge error.

Look at Edmonton - what did Ed Hervey know about being a GM? He did some scouting for a couple of years then took over and look at them now. What more "contacts" did he have?? So experience as a GM is not necessary.

Reality is that the GM needs to be a good manager and hire good scouts.

So although I am curious about this superstar, I think as I said two months ago that in the end they will go with Oday. He is in the exact same position as Hervey was. Reynolds knows and trusts him which is huge in any business. He is passionate and kniws this goofy fanbase. He is a good fit. Give him a chance people.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton has Paul Jones, and Ed Hervey is able to build the roster and manage the salary cap. Jeremy o"day has none of that, and I for one as an Eskimos fan truly hope the Roughriders hire O'Day. that would make my day, or decade as a matter of fact.

Anonymous said...

Woz; That's all fine and dandy but if Rod was campaigning for Mickey Mouse you'd agree.

Anonymous said...

Due diligence, due diligence. A thorough search warranted for the next Saskatchewan Roughrider gm. Nothing personal against the interm gm, but the administration in charge of such an important team decision with it's future on field direction in question would be doing a huge dis-service to the organization and its fanbase as a whole if it keeps a close minded in house continuance of the status quo. Its become very evident that more people than not are starting to tune out to this disappointing non producing product and the perpetual losing that's been allowed to permeate throughout inside/out. An all out effort to those in charge will be required to repair the damaged image to this proud professional football franchise or bear long term consequences. Thorough search? It's the right thing to do without a doubt. High confidence in the ability of one Mr. Reynolds to this matter that it may be resolved in timely fashion with a new exciting team future to be proud of moving forward 2016 and beyond. Go Roughriders!

Mr. Bomswa Oddawa

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... N O to O'Day!

Anonymous said...

Here is my best guess;

2-1 GM/VP-Huff HC-Huff
2-1 GM-Milanovich HC-Milanovich
5-2 GM-O'Day HC-Steinauer
7-2 GM-C.Jones HC-C.Jones
10-1 GM/VP-Austin HC-Austin
20-1 GM-O'Day HC-Sarkisian
25-1 GM-Sarkisian HC-Sarkisian
25-1 GM-O'Day HC-Hall
50-1 GM-O'Day HC-K.Jones
75-1 GM-Trestman HC-Trestman

Secret Agent

Anonymous said...

....and last one i withheld ....

Even GM-Climie HC-LaPolice


Anonymous said...

How does knowing our goofy fan base make you a winning GM. Let's be clear. A winning GM is a GM fans will love. Is O'Day that GM? Maybe. But only after a thorough search, if he ends up being the best candidate, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm? That's impressive Secret Agent. Ahhh? No to O'Day! There is a place for him if he wants to remain, just not the gm chair.

Devo said...

I knew we had a lot of injuries - but can not believe that it is more than we had in 2014. I for one believe that O'Day needs a fair shake in the process before either going with him or going with the supposed "Rockstar" that has thrown his hat into the ring and I can assure you the last name is not Tillman.

As for AA and the Blue Jays - not the end of the world, that's for sure. The guy had control of this team for how long and did put some good pieces together. It wasn't until he pulled the trigger on those trades for Price / Tulo and Donaldson having a career year that this team did what it did this year. Unfortunately Price and Donaldson are free agents now. He also has a pitcher getting almost $20M this year sitting on the bench the post season. Not sure if him leaving will impact much at all...could be for the better. Really hope they go hard after Donaldson though.


Anonymous said...

Nice signings by O'Day today.

Kyle Norris who has already been cut by the Esks, Bombers and Als.

Nick Taylor who never played college football, Hurt at his first Vikings practice in 2012 and waived with an injury settlement. Signed again in 2013 and waived in April.

Keep 'em coming !!

Steve D said...

o day is a viable candidate..however,the biggest concern as a fan is how some of these players even made the team? The scouting has been awful throughout our history,and the players we've just seemed to nor properly assess is staggering! A high profile Gm who has a winning track record to properly set up a competent staff is what this franchise and fan base deserves!! This year's version of the Riders has been an absolute nightmare and an embarrassment to me and most people I know !! No excuse period! A well off team..but just can't get it right?? Get your act together now!! This team has gotten old fast..and fans are sick of the crap we've had to witness!!

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

If I had to guess, I'd say most rider fans just want to clean house. Sometimes, people in public positions like a rider quarterback, gm or coach wear out their welcome and have to move on even if they are good at their job. There are many other qualified people who will step in and do a great job.

Rob in Stoon

Anonymous said...

Who cares what "most Rider fans" want. To bad most of these so called Rider "fans" wouldn't move on.

Anonymous said...

Jays GM. Hopefully this is the first step in the spiral back to mediocrity where they belong.

Anonymous said...

I almost hope O'Day is hired just to piss off the fringe element minority that claims to be a Rider fan, all 0.5 per cent of you.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion reeks of a sh*twind loser.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't really matter!oh no ....we've been through this all b4!

Anonymous said...

Some poster on here thinks the "Oilers" are relevant!! The Oilers?? It's not the 1980s anymore. The Oilers, Flames and Canucks are so not relevant. And the Eskies, the team that is so politically incorrect with that name missed the playoffs for 5 years in a row.
The Oilers, please.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Sportsnet wasted their day talking about the ex GM of the jays. Nobody new him in July and nobody will hear of him again. Him nor the jays.

Anonymous said...

Quit complaining, it seems by your statement you watched Sportsnet all day. Nothing better to do? Must be nice so quit complaining.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Bluejays, AA saw the writing on the wall earlier in the year and decided to swing for the fences. He probably knew him and Shapiro would not see eye to eye. It worked out well for AA; he drained the farm system to win this year, the Jays made a great run, and now AA will be a highly sought after commodity.

Ben Bernanke

Anonymous said...

The Miami dolphins are hot garbage. Brady destroys them once again.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect opportunity for the Riders to try some new players in our defensive secondary. Too bad we don't have any to play

Why oh why would anyone want more of the same at GM?

Anonymous said...

given the mess the riders are in they don't deserve a comment. Will be in the basement again next year

Dboe said...

Just trying to follow the bouncing ball here--O'Day is destined to be a horrible GM because he apprenticed under Taman who was a horrible GM who apprenticed under Tillman who was...

Anonymous said...

Just trying to follow the bouncing ball here--O’Day is destined to be a horrible GM because he apprenticed under Taman who was a horrible GM who apprenticed under

CorrectionO’Day is destined to be a horrible GM because he apprenticed under Taman who was a horrible GM who apprenticed under Al Ford