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Friday, October 9, 2015


It is Friday so here is the weekly set of thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always, they are in no particular order.

-- I'm not going to lie to you, I have absolutely zero interest in Friday's game at Tim Hortons Field between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Oh, I will watch it, but like many others I am now just waiting for this season to end and then eagerly await what happens with the general manager and head coach positions and what changes will be made for 2016. I don't think I am the only one in this boat, and for some they came to this conclusion a long time ago and I really can't blame them. Of course, part of this may be because the Chicago Cubs are playing the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of their NLDS.

-- Are people really questioning Weston Dressler and wondering if number 7 is in the twilight of his career? If they are, they are sadly mistaken.  Dressler is one of many Riders who have had a season to forget and I am expecting him to be the same Weston Dressler that has excited Rider Nation with his play in 2016. Despite his "lack of production" as some will say, he is putting up some decent numbers considering he has dealt with a number 3 quarterback for a good portion of the season. Has it come to the point that some have to diss Dressler now? You're better than that!

-- I have been lobbying for the CFL to get involved with Draftkings and Fanduel as a way to increase fan interest and get more people talking on both sides of the border about the game. If the CFL is interested, they aren't saying, but it was interesting to see Major League Soccer has signed a 4 year deal with one of the two one day fantasy sports sites out there. If MLS can do it, surely the CFL can.  It is too late for this year, but games in 2016 would be relished by many I think. It is one of many things on the table for Jeffrey Orridge between the time he hands out the Grey Cup and the time training camps start in June.

-- A decision this week by the Regina Public School Board to cancel graduation dinners is just stupid in my opinion. You watch your child go through the highs and lows of their education and the Grade 12 dinner and ceremony is a very special occasion for not only those who are graduating and having one last night with their friends and classmates before entering the real world, but for the parents who have tagged along for the ride and sit there with extreme pride.  I'm not buying the reasons being given. Why is it every tradition must somehow be scrutinized and then gotten rid of in one fashion or another? It is just ridiculous!

-- Good on the NHL for getting rid of Raffi Torres for 41 games. His style of play is no longer welcome in the NHL, but he is just too stupid it would seem to realize that.

-- Two thumbs up to former Pats defenceman Brandon Davidson for making the Oilers final roster. He could get sent down to Bakersfield at some point during the season, but to see what that kid went through to get to this point is inspiring and is a tremendous story.

-- Two thumbs also are up for former Pats forward Jordan Weal for cracking the Kings lineup this year too. Like Davidson, Weal could get sent back to the American Hockey League, but I get the feeling now that he is up, he may never go down as he just keeps meeting every challenge thrown in front of him.

-- Picking ties in pro-line are going to be a lot more difficult with 3 on 3 overtime and the odds show that. If you can pick a couple and they come through, you should be a happy camper at the end of the night.

-- Want a Stanley Cup prediction? How about the St. Louis Blues over the Washington Capitals.

-- Week 5 NFL Lock of the Week (4-0)   Giants over Niners
    Week 5 NFL Upset of the Week (1-3)  Seahawks over Bengals

-- I can't believe the Blue Jays had Cito Gaston throw out the first pitch before Game 1 of the ALDS. As Sportscage baseball insider Craig Slater texted to me "Wasn't Mitch Williams available?". There's nothing wrong with Gaston throwing it out, but I might have gone with Joe Carter. Here's hoping Roy Halladay gets a chance to throw out a first pitch before this run is over.

-- Game 1 of the ALDS was a disaster, but the Blue Jays perhaps asked for that disaster to happen. The decision by John Gibbons to shut down David Price early to get him ready for the playoffs causing him to get extra rest was a move many including myself questioned when he did, and it is a move that backfired. As Gregg Zaun and others so quickly pointed out, Price was not in rhythm after having extended time off the mound. He was not as sharp and Texas capitalized. It didn't help Toronto that Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista both left to injury, but reports are both should be back for what really is a must win Game 2. The pressure is on Marcus Stroman to even this series. It will be the biggest start of his young career.

-- Back to the Cubs and I never ever imagined at the start of the year this team would be close to winning 100 games and be a playoff squad. I knew Joe Maddon would get that young team going, but I saw the progression to the playoffs start in 2016 and I never, ever thought Jake Arrieta would be the best pitcher in baseball. Since August 1, he is 12-0 with an ERA of 0.37. Some of the all-time greats have never done that! I simply can't wait to see them battle the Cardinals and then hopefully the Dodgers or Mets in the National League Championship Series.

-- The Hallowe'en whopper with a black bun? Uhhhhhhhh no!

-- That's all I got. Stuff yourself on turkey and have a great Thanksgiving long weekend! Start some Christmas shopping. Yeah right!


Anonymous said...

Gibbons may be the most incompetent useless manager in the major leagues. He simply doesn't have a clue as to how to win. If the Blue Jays go down and many think they will, Gibbons should be shown the door. He has benefitted from the addition of all the talent. he should have never been brought back.

Anonymous said...

Dressler has looked slow since he came back from the NFL last year. And I just love the way he takes a header anytime a defender comes near him. Reminds me of "Get Down" Albert Brown returning punts for the riders.
But hey, if the riders think Dressler is worth $200k+ per year, good for them.

Edward said...

I don't think Dressler is a problem, but I'm looking forward to the end of the season too. Most of the games have been decent but the lack of wins just kills morale. I hope the Riders win the off-season and bring back some excitement.

Anonymous said...

No interest in the 'riders/ticats game but "I'm gonna watch it anyway"? Why would you? Get off the couch, man! What a ridiculous way to spend a great October day.

david wilson said...

Your opinion on Regina school board cancelling grad shows what a dinosaur you are! It is an old antiquated celebration that is exclusive & not inclusive. It is long past due to come up with a new way to celebrate grad.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, stop picking on the Bengals. They are a bonified playoff team. Don't think I have forgotten your prediction that they would not make the playoffs this year! And they will beat Seattle on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Dressler either gets released or the Riders decide to continue paying his over-inflated salary just to please the fans. Ne is not tradeable at the money he's getting. He is no longer a top tier receiver in the CFL and should not be paid as one.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your Cubs will make it further than the Jays

Anonymous said...

Game 1 wasn't a disaster if you are a Rangers fan.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) This stuff about cancelling the High School banquet is bunk. The cost spiraled out of control, there is insurance risk, and all it does is increase the narcissism of an already entitled demographic.

What highs and lows? I have news for people there are two things a Teenager needs to do. One is to get a Driver's License, and the other is to graduate High School. These are not major accomplishments you're supposed to do them.

I graduated in 1992. We had a good ceremony, and a decent banquet and nobody went goofy with $700 dresses and limos and all that crap.

Mind you FW Johnson eastenders had more common sense to start off just by being born in that area of Regina.

2) Saskatchewan Roughriders. They got what they deserve and they had it coming for a long time. I'll PVR the game, but I'm going to the Pats game tonight.

3) Advance polls open today, get out and vote there is no excuse not to. Time to make a change and send Harper packing. I'd crawl over broken glass to cast my vote today.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Is the big baby Bautista going to play today? Pulling yourself out of a game because you had a cramp in the playoffs! What a team leader he is!

Scruffy, you have put it on here before so I am guessing you will agree with me when I say it was nice not to have listen to Buck Martinez yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have had a chance to see Ian Hamilton's Regina Rams story today. Mike Gibson says he will not be recruiting high schoolers and will instead be getting junior players. Isn't that a nice slap in the face to all the high school football players in Regina and southern Saskatchewan. Leboldus has one of the top programs in the country, yet this idiot won't even offer any player a scholarship. Hey Grade 12's in Regina, I guess you have to go somewhere else if you want to play CIS football because Mike Gibson wants nothing to do with you. Get rid of this guy and find someone who is competent already.

Anonymous said...

I remember my high school grad back in '77. And like Obama, we had a good ceremony too. It cost little, and dress was optional. I wore a jean jacket and a pair of new jeans from Army and Navy. My gal wore a skirt and tank top. Some of the grads who had part-time jobs at KFC or McDonald's sprung for a suit and tie. We all had a great time, nerds mixing with jocks, jocks mixing with stoners, the shy with the extroverts etc. Dem were de days me friends!

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Maybe read the news once and awhile and you would know Draftkings and Fanduel are being investigated by the NY Attorney General for basically what is insider trading.

Danny said...

There are people graduating high school today, that can barely read. The bar is very, very low. Therefore, I have zero problem with dialing back these shindigs/celebrations. They're not really justified, considering what is being achieved.

Someone explain to me why people play Sport Select. Is just that you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up an account with one of the online books? Is it that, because SS forces you to play parlays, you feel there's a better chance your hobby won't turn into a "problem"?

Anonymous said...

There is no more Obama. He's long gone.

The Woz said...

The fact is that priveledged kids will still want the dress and tux and their parents will band together to have something for them as a private function. This will then create a two class grad to the exclusion of the poorer kids anyway. I guess the only difference will be that since the school system will not be running it they will no longer get the complaints. But I have some confidence in our youth - I am hoping that the kids band together to do some fund raising, etc. so that it can be an all inclusive event for all that want to attend. I am hopeful that costs for food and the room can be subsidized but the kicker will be whether less priveledged kids will want to come with a used or hand made dress. My date back in the day came in a dress made by her mother - it was a beautiful white and blue number and highlighted her blue eyes....of course that day she could have been wearing a potato sack as far as I was concerned....she was so beautiful that I kept her and she is sitting here having morning coffee with me 48 years later. I think it is trully sad that public kids will not have a life memory like that. Lucky for us catholics the value of celebrating the event with God and family will always allow these events to continue.

Anonymous said...

Mike Gibson is a complete idiot if that is the stance he is taking. WOW!!!

Good message to the local kids there Mike.

What is your record again? I hope the Rams hiring committee realizes what a mistake they made!

Anonymous said...

The fact that you think people born in different ends of a pint size city like Regina shows you're lack of intelligence. And I hate to break it to you but High school graduation banquets are a normal part of life. Harper will win the election as well. He's a great prime minister and will continue to be for the next decade or so when he retires at his own will.


Anonymous said...

48 years. Now that's a date. God bless !

From the engine that drives In the 306, V8.

Anonymous said...

Obama has left the house! Long Live Obama! Down with Harper! Down with Mazuak! Up with Woz! Get Down with Hank! Power to all Scruffy people! Party on young women at Rider games!

Anonymous said...

Harper would be the perfect leader .. in a country like North Korea.


Anonymous said...

Well said Bill!!

Anonymous said...

There is more to the Grad banquet shut down than has been released.

It's not just about the price of the dinner/venue tickets. It is also the fact that as a "school function" the school board is responsible for the safety and well-being of the student from the time they leave their home until they arrive back at their home. When the schools host school dances, they can refuse to admit students who have been drinking, etc. and are therefore not liable for any injuries that may occur.

Another explanation given is the fact that Muslim Ramadan often falls during June. Because those students fast during that time, they are unable to participate in a banquet and the board decided that excluded them.

I have had 3 children graduate in the past 6 years, and can tell you that the amount some people spend on their daughters' dresses, shoes, hair, nails, limos, etc well exceeds $1000. It has escalated to the ridiculous. Yes to celebrating student accomplishment but it does not need to become a red carpet fashion show!

Anonymous said...

Mike Gibson says he will not be recruiting high schoolers and will instead be getting junior players. Isn’t that a nice slap in the face to all the high school football players in Regina and southern Saskatchewan

The quote is:

"Right now, I’m not offering (scholarships to) any more high school players,” Gibson said Thursday. "I'm going to offer (scholarships to) all junior players.

"If the high school guys I've already offered accept before I fill up with juniors, then they've got a scholarship. But if they don’t, (adding junior players) is the way I’ve got to go."

Try reading the article, he’s already offered scholarships to all the high school players he wants. Did you get a degree at the University of manitoba?

Anonymous said...

Did Obama die?

Anonymous said...

Urban Dictionary: bonified
A word used by people who don't know the proper spelling of "bona fide ".

Anonymous said...

" bonofide"

Anonymous said...

Where is this mighty recruiting class. Is it the kid from Leboldus and that's it? Have to wonder if this is Gibson, Blizzardboy, Dorsch or Danny sending this.

What Gibson should be doing is parking his ass at Mosaic tonight watching Campbell and Leboldus instead of being in BC. I'm guessing guys from the U of M would be smart enough to see that and may even be there. #clown

Anonymous said...

Wally Buonofide

Anonymous said...

Re: Graduation dinner

Thanks to the Regina Public School Board for just announcing this without any dialogue between themselves and parents/students.

I can't believe how they just rammed this through without any discussion. There are avenues to come to a conclusion everyone can agree on.

The Catholic board isn't doing away from this so perhaps some calls should be made to see how they are dealing with the challenges.

Graduation is an event to remember and is a very special event for a Grade 12 about to go into the real life and spending one last night with classmates.

The public school board should be ashamed of their approach to this.


Anonymous said...

Blizzardboy!!!! LOL!

How bout them Riders! Another banner night for guys like Getzlaf, Green, McCallum, Glenn and Jackson. They can't get rid of these 5 quick enough.

Anonymous said...

Regina Thunder team at the LeboldusCampbell game tonight in the endzone watching. Gibson you can thank Scott MacCauley for keeping the boys surrounded in Regina when you get back from BC.

Anonymous said...

Woz- I never cared much for what you had to say, but this time I give you all the credit in the world. Very well said and "right on man".

Anonymous said...

David Wilson, your comments just show how clueless you are. Kudos to you for putting a name to your post as so many on here don't, but you simply don't get it. Grade 12 graduation is a very special moment and one which should be embraced and not thrown out with the rest of the trash. Murray's comment on this is very, very accurate. Are other cities and towns doing this? No they aren't and if they are, I haven't heard about it. Dinosaur? Please! Common sense has been lost it would seem by the people who are supposed to be educating our children.


Anonymous said...

Cubs and Jays out first round makes me really depressed cheering for them since April

Anonymous said...

you're out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

you're out to lunch.