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Friday, October 30, 2015


It's Friday meaning its time for the weekly set of thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they are in no particular order.

-- There are two games to go in the regular season and the only thing left for the Saskatchewan Roughriders is whether or not interim head coach Bob Dyce is going to explode. He might!

I was told of Dyce holding his tongue in the post-game scrum after the loss to Edmonton on Friday and he bit his tongue again on Tuesday when asked if the Junior Mertile play in that game could be blamed on coaching. ????

Blaming Bob Dyce for that play is like blaming John Gibbons for not getting the tying run across the plate in Game 6 of the ALCS.  Dyce had no clue what Mertile was going to do on that awful play, but to blame that on coaching is a little over the top if you ask me.  I loved the fact Dyce defended Mertile's play saying no one is perfect, but the fact the defensive back won't play Saturday in Calgary may be an indication he has seen his last game.  Cutting a player now doesn't really accomplish anything.

-- People have asked me if I think Dyce has a chance at being the head coach in 2016 and my answer is I really don't know.  He was given the role to try and clean up the mess left behind by Corey Chamblin and Brendan Taman and I'm not sure he really wanted the job in the first place. That may be the deciding factor. Does he want this job and if so, who does he want to retain on the coaching staff and who does he want to replace?

If he does want the job, I am sure he has let Craig Reynolds and company know, but has he publicly come out and stated he wants it. If he has, I missed it.  There are many more questions as well that need to be asked and one has to also look at what candidates may be out there. Does the team want to give someone their first HC experience like they did with Chamblin or do they want to find someone with some games under their belt.

It is one of many questions that needs to start getting answered sooner than later and making the announcement that Jeremy O'Day is the full time GM moving forward right after the Grey Cup is handed out would start us on that process. Once that is done, name a new HC and do it well before free agency so guys who might look at coming here can see what the structure is before they move forward.

-- The Riders will finish up their season in Calgary and Montreal meaning they will face Jerome Messam and Kevin Glenn. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It would only just heap onto the season it has been if Messam and Glenn both have huge days against the green and white and the way that defense has played this year, I wouldn't bet against it.   Messam said this week he has been practicing against the Riders all year, but now they are going to feel the boom for real. I get the feeling that Messam and Jeff Knox Junior may be renewing acquaintances several times on Saturday.

-- The U of R Rams have one last chance to win a football game Friday night as they will take on the University of Saskatchewan Huskies at Mosaic Stadium. It has not been a good year for Mike Gibson and crew as they have not gotten the bounces they need at a crucial time. Do those bounces come their way tonight. You earn those bounces sometimes so we will see what happens.

Game time is 7 o'clock at Mosaic and there will be a simulcast of the SHAW/Access game on sportscage dot c-a as I will have the play by play alongside Luc Mullinder. With Rod on his way to Calgary, I will also host the Friday sportscage live from Mosaic Stadium. A couple of people are upset with the fact that this game is being played at the same time as A) a Pats game just down the street and B) High school football playoffs. To those people I ask, when would you like to play this game. Saturday afternoon wouldn't work because of the Riders game and Saturday night wouldn't work because of Hallowe'en and Canada West does not play football games on Sunday. Sorry if your schedule is impacted, but that is the way things go.

Week 8 NFL Lock of the Week  --- Carolina over Indianapolis
Week 8 NFL Upset of the Week --- Denver over Green Bay

-- The hue and cry started the moment referee Rob Martell announced it was no goal Sunday night in Edmonton.

Connor MacDavid appeared to have scored in the dying seconds to send a game against the L-A Kings into overtime, but Martell said no goal.

The instant replay showed the glove over the line which presumably had the puck inside, but because you could not see it, you could not call it.  It has people wondering about goal-line technology.

If curling can have a sensor in the stone to make sure it doesn't go over the hog line, can there not be a sensor in the puck or would it go off everytime the puck crossed the goal line even if it was in the corner. A camera placed inside both goal posts showing the line wouldn't have worked in this case. Could a camera be put under the ice on the goal-line? I don't know the answer to that, but one would think there has to be something allowing for us to tell when a puck has or hasn't crossed the goal-line completely.

-- The city of Halifax is trying to decide if the donair should be made its official food. Cities have official foods? If so, what would Regina's official food be? Put me down for voting Prime Rib!

-- I can't help but think Alex Anthopoulos wanted the world after he what did for the Toronto Blue Jays and that the organization called his bluff.  A five year contract extension is something Anthopoulos should have jumped at, but he didn't making one wonder just what more he wanted. He either wanted more and the Jays weren't willing to give it to him or the organization with Mark Shapiro now in control wanted to inexplicably go in another direction.

Whatever it is, AA is gone because he didn't think the new situation with new president Mark Shapiro would fit.  Shapiro has had some success as the GM of the Cleveland Indians, but Blue Jays fans will tell you he is starting his tenure in Toronto on the wrong foot and they will wonder if John Gibbons will be back. I'm guessing he isn't.  The brakes have definitely been applied on the great run of the baseball team, but I think they will be fine.

-- Former Phillies and Mets outfielder admitted this week to Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd he hired private investigators to follow around umpires and then used the information he had on them when they worked behind the plate. Dykstra believes this is the reason he led the league in walks for two years. This might also explain why Wally Buono was never ever penalized for walking out halfway on the field constantly when he wasn't supposed to.

-- Does anyone even care that the Raptors season has started? Talk about a team and a league for that matter flying under the radar.

-- Have a great Hallowe'en! Here's hoping the Riders masquerade as the team from 2013 and beat the Stampeders in their backyard. Wouldn't that be sweet!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like announcing O'Day as GM is just a formality according to all the Regina media.

Signed A Happy Non-Rider Fan

Anonymous said...

The NBA is only flying under the radar in saskatchewan... where it's still 1960 and the cfl is popular and actually talked about.

Anonymous said...

Very, very few care about the Rapters

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just masquerading as a real football team and not the joke we have seen from day 1 this year would suit me fine!

Anonymous said...

messam will run for 160 and 2 TDS

Anonymous said...

Dyce has shown me absolutely nothing to warrant him being the head coach. The team needs to go in a different direction with both the coach and the general manager.

Anonymous said...

What is it with you Regina Sports Media type? Why the push to anoint O'Day? Don't you want a search?

As per the McDavid goal, the technology required is something the league governors don't have and it's called common sense. You saw the puck go in the glove and you saw the glove go in the net. Prove the puck ISN'T in the glove.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anthopoulos

What is the big deal? This was his last year on the job and he went all in. The team changed his boss and yet they still offered him a 5 year contract extension which in this day and age is an obscene amount of time for a front office person.

He either wanted more or he had no desire to work with Shapiro. Either way, see ya. If you want to leave which he obviously did, then leave and good luck with the next job.

Anonymous said...

Chamblin is sitting back right now going "see, it wasn't me"

Riders have a LOT more to fix than just the GM and the Coach.

Anonymous said...

raptors are far more relevant than the riders!...jus win baby!!

Anonymous said...

Who would ask Dyce such a stupid question? It had to be either Myers, Nye or MacCormick. Hard to determine these days what one of those three are the biggest idiot out there when it comes to who is covering this football team.

Anonymous said...

N O to O'Day/Dyce. Does anyone understand the word NO? Regina media a bunch of ignorant nut lickers. Stop with the incessant lobbying on behalf of a continued losing regime and let the process play itself out. New team direction asap, New gm, new scouting dept New head coach.

Anonymous said...

AA left because of a power struggle. Shapiro wanted final decision making on player moves, and he was turning AA into an "asst." Listen to Jon Paul Morosi or read Bob Elliott. AA is one of few guys who would walk away from million dollar gig because he didn't feel it was right fit. What has Shapiro won? What a joke. As for O'Day being GM good luck with that. He may be fine, but that is just a guess. Hopefully Reynolds is more thorough and accounts for TRACK RECORD when recommending who should be next GM. Would you prefer to hire an assistant to build you home or a contractor who has built numerous homes before? Regina media...wake up lol

Anonymous said...

Outside of Saskatchewan everyone cares about the NBA and many care about the raptors.

Anonymous said...

Basketball is a little bigger in this province than you might think Anon 2.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a Leafs game in T.O. and I've been to a BJs game there too. I guarantee I'll never attend a Raptors game though.

Anonymous said...

It's very telling how the local media and blog types shamelessly promote people for jobs without being able to backup with real facts, their rationale. Having a few pops and liking the guy isn't proof of capabilities. Some want to coronet O'day without supplying and actual facts. Someone even made a reference to our newly elected PM. Nobody really knows to what ugly place he will lead us. His father did more harm to the West than any other PM in history.

Nobody as been able to convincingly lay out O'Days credentials. A short term Assistant GM tutoring under a career losing GM doesn't cut it. He was part of the problem so that is clearly not the solution. If he has a few years to learn the right things under the right guy, he may become a competent GM. He is not there yet and being one of the "good ole boys" doesn't cut it. Why set him up to fail.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Tom Shepard threatened to quit the lottery if O'Day doesn't get hired. Or maybe Hopson has some kind of leverage to make sure his influence is still felt. Don't worry, the old boys club is alive and well in Riderville. Why else has none of the media called out Hopson for this mess? It was set up under his watch but since he's untouchable they'll go after the poor bastard who is in office at present time (Reynolds). Don't kid yourself, Hopson is just as responsible as Taman and Chamblin. He loved the spotlight and took all the credit for the Cup wins but never accepted flak for the BS of 2011 and now. Not ever.

Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Good news Riders Fans! Regina media does not get to pick the next GM for the team and does not have the power to appoint O'Day to the permanent job but they sure are lobbying hard. The real decision makers will take this more seriously and will put in the time and effort to hire the absolute best GM in the CFL. Much deserved for the league's flagship franchise. That could end up being O'Day but the decision won't be made until after a proper search after the season ends. Reynolds had a plan when he booted Taman and he will stick to that plan and timeline. I have great confidence in Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

Those complaining about a schedule can cry me a river. You either go or you don't. It is as simple as that. These people need to get a life!


Anonymous said...

Surprised that Scruffy's Friday column failed to mention/gloat about the Oiler wonderful victory over the Habs - a sure sign that the worm has turned in Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

HA, saw this and immediately thought of the Rider season...

Weird Al at his best.

Anonymous said...

The two star candidates that have inquired about the GM position are Glen Suitor and Jock Climie.

Look for one of those two to be the front-runner with Lapo as their HC. Benevides involved as well.

Secret Agent

Anonymous said...

OK the comment about King Wally - "This might also explain why Wally Buono was never ever penalized for walking out halfway on the field constantly when he wasn't supposed to." - is really funny.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fire O'Day!

Anonymous said...

RP, if you only knew how much the guys at Rawlco hate you, Phil and Scruffy. It is so laughable. THey think their you know what doesn't stink. Guess what, it does!!!

By the way I should know seeing I used to work in that cesspool.


Anonymous said...

One can only hope after tonight the Rams realize what a terrible mistake they made and tell Mike Gibson he is no longer needed. He has damaged this program to the point of almost no repair when it comes to his statements regarding players and not wanting Grade 12's. He has been an embarassment to a once proud organization.

Ryan Hall, John Ford and many others would be a much better alternative.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell Blair now brown nosing for membership into the Roughriders Old Boys Cabana Boy Club. Inintiation #1 - do as your told.
#2 do not ask questions.
#3 don't rock the boat.
#4.licks boots
#5 kiss a**
On and on and on it goes...

Red said...

As I have stated , the media and the old boys are not going to let anyone tell them what is best.
The media and the old boys know what they are doing. They get people hired(they all loved Taman), and they get people fired( Shivers,Tillman and now Taman). The medias record is an outstanding four championships in over 100 years. For you mouth breathers , that is one grey cup approx. every 25 years.
And like I predicted, the media is wanting ODay hired and is doing everything possible to appoint him.,well he is a nice guy, understands the fanbase(wtf does that mean??) and is respected. Especially by the rider player alumni who have influence with the BOD.
What a shock.
Well go ahead invisible Craig, hire ODay, and welcome to the old boys club.
Rough calculations put the next championship around 2040.
Hows the touchdown lotto going?
I told you so..

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chamblin was the problem. He is the main culprit in all of this but you can't just expect the mess he made to magically disappear once he's gone.

Rod Pedersen said...

If I was in their position I'd hate us too.

Anonymous said...

Gibbons did cost the jays a chance at a World Series anyone who knows baseball knows that. The lack of small ball and managing of the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

Regina's official food should be a greasy, thick pizza.

And you're way off thinking that no one here cares about the raptors or the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Chamblin was not the main culprit. Chamblin was a tyrant and an ego maniac, yet with a good team he'd still be here and Taman would be timidly hiding in his office from scary Corey Chamblin.

The main culprit is Brendan Taman (contrary what the typical authority arse kissers like Rod think). Our overall talent and depth - especially on the Canadian side - has consistently eroded since the 2013 Grey Cup, and our draft pick cupboard is bare without receiving anything of real value in return. When you add our starting QB being injured for so long, that is what exposed Chamblin and is mostly what is driving the team's problems.

This idea that O'Day is the guy we should be turning to as GM is ridiculous nonsense. The team is in seriously bad shape right now. We need a proven personnel guy and a proven GM. Reynolds must - and will, from the sounds of it - launch a REAL GM search. Not like the sham that anointed Taman in 2011, but a REAL GM search where we get the best candidate we can afford. And we can afford a lot.

We can afford much more than O'Day. If O'Day wants to stick around and learn and grow in to being a GM one day, fine. But the idea that, with our resources, that we should be settling for O'Day at GM, it's laughable.

Anonymous said...

What is laughable about all these commentators is WHERE O WHERE ARE ALL THESE GREAT EXPERIENCED GMs And Coaches? If they were so good and easy to find, why aren't they presently working? Why don't you s--theads wait until the season is over and see what the president and BOD are going to do instead of criticizing about speculation. Quit saying O'Day is no good and Dyce is no good when you don't know if anyone has applied!

Anonymous said...

Opinions boy! opinions! This is blog site.
The sh*t winds are a blowin in Riderville, relax!
Don't be getting ur panties all bunched up in a knot.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster;

The search begins at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Here’s why AA should never have been offered a contract extension in the first place

Travis D’Arneau and Noah Syndagaard are in playing in the world series, R.A Dickey and Josh Thole are sitting at home watching it.

Anonymous said...

"One can only hope after tonight the Rams realize what a terrible mistake they made and tell Mike Gibson he is no longer needed. He has damaged this program to the point of almost no repair when it comes to his statements regarding players and not wanting Grade 12's. He has been an embarrassment to a once proud organization."

Obviously you have a preconceived bias and fail to read the whole statement he made. He said he is done offering scholarships to grade 12 players (meaning he has offered every grade 12 kid he wants part of the Rams program a scholarship) if those players don’t accept those scholarships within a certain timeframe, he’ll pull the offer and give it to junior players that he wants to bring in.

Pretty simple plan, get kids that want to be there. I’ve watched a few Ram games, and it’s a bunch of players that were brought in under the previous regime that are dragging the team down because they don’t play with effort or just don’t have the talent