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Friday, October 2, 2015


It is Friday so here is the weekly set of thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always, they are in no particular order:

-- There is just one question that has to be asked Saskatchewan.  Are you wearing blue these days or are you wearing green? The Blue Jays have people talking baseball in this country again and I love it because it does nothing but make this sport better and better across the country.  Vince Carter and the Raptors made Canada a better basketball country and with many Canadians playing baseball after watching the Jays 22 years ago, many more will want to be the next Donaldson, Price and Tulowitzki from what they have seen.  Canada, the fun starts after this weekend with the Blue Jays.

This past week has just been a warm-up. Enjoy the ride no matter how it ends up and for this blogger, it hopefully ends up with the Cubs celebrating their first World Series title in over 100 years. I hope Steve Bartman is nowhere close to Wrigley Field and I hope every media outlet does not do a "Find Bartman" story. Leave him be! Maybe he is Worksafe Bob?? Hmmmmmmm!!!

-- The gruff, but lovable (and still single ladies) Pete Paczko asked me during the weekly "Locker Talk" taping if Bob Dyce has shown the Riders brass something in his four games as head coach to be considered as a viable candidate to take the team into the future.  Under Dyce, the team is 2-2 and if it weren't for a 4th quarter meltdown against Ottawa which we saw too much in the first half of the season, they would be 3-1. If the Riders can go into BC on Saturday and take one from a bad Lions team, that talk will heat up. I can't say he has right now, but I can't say he hasn't.  It would be refreshing to see Dyce get promoted instead of taking someone off the coaches scrap heap as Dyce is a fresh face in the coaching fraternity. The players seem to love playing for him so let's see what happens.

-- The CFL needs to stop playing on Sundays once the NFL season has started. You might not like that statement, but its true. On Sunday afternoon at Mosaic Stadium before the game started, every television in the press box was on an NFL game except for one and that one was on the Blue Jays game. During the game, many people were on their laptops or their phones checking out what was happening south of the border and you know many fans were doing the same thing. In fact, the latest numbers show 473-thousand people watched the game from Mosaic, but 510 thousand watched the Seahawks beat Chicago.

More Canadians are watching the NFL than the CFL. The CFL simply can't hide its head in the sand on this. I have suggested the CFL needs to do something and the one-day fantasy leagues like Draftkings and Fanduel would be huge for them as more would tune in. It is something new CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge must investigate.

-- He may never play a game for the Riders, but I love the Randy Richards-Aaron Picton trade. Another talented hometown boy gets to play for the green-and-white, GM Jeremy O'Day adds a Canadian to his offensive line and gives up a player who was seemingly spinning his tires here.  Slowly, Jeremy is starting to work on his vision for the future of the Riders. If he gets the title on a full time basis, I get the feeling he will pull the trigger on something major and make a splash.

-- Scott Schultz took some heat for what was a very long speech at the Plaza of Honor dinner. BOO HOO!! From what I understand, the old 96er thanked many people for helping him be the player and the man he is today. It was his moment in the sun and he didn't want to exclude anyone. Being inducted in the Plaza is a highlight for him and perhaps might be the last highlight of his football career unless someday the CFL Hall of Fame comes a callin. This doesn't happen every day so if Schultzie went overboard as some suggested, who cares!

-- Hockey drafts are starting up. Where do you take Connor MacDavid? How many points do you realistically think he can get in his 1st year? I have him getting at least 65 and some think I am wayyyyyy under. Time will tell!

-- Two thumbs up from this blogger on the new Pats jerseys. They are sharp. The blue ones look great!

-- The excitement of the season in Edmonton took a downward turn on Tuesday night when Jordan Eberle suffered an injury that will sideline him for the start of the regular season and then some. Get better Ebs!

-- Week 4 NFL Lock of the Week (3-0)  Seahawks over Lions
    Week 4 NFL Upset of the Week (1-2)  Bucs over Panthers

-- The NFL goes back to England meaning there is a game at 730 AM when the Jets play the Dolphins. I just don't see me getting up in time for kickoff. Sorry!

-- The world needs more stories like Spidermable this week in Edmonton. That little girl doesn't have a lot of time left because she was dealt a terrible hand, but she will never forget her day as a crime-fighter and those who helped her have her moment should be commended with every accolade you can think of.  It was great to watch and it would have been a lot of fun to cover.  I couldn't help but wonder though had the archvillain Mysterio abducted Gary Bettman instead of Andrew Ference if Spidermable would have bothered looking for her. What happened in Edmonton shouldn't be overshadowed by what happened in our backyard at a Regina Minor Football League game as 11 year old Logan Tonge, who has cerebral palsy, managed to score a touchdown late in a game on a play that understandably resulted in many watery eyes. I can not say enough about how wonderful of an endeavor this was with so many coming through to make a moment for Logan's life that he will never, ever forget. A tip of the cap to all involved in what should be one of the best stories of the year in our neck of the woods.

-- On Wednesday, I had to deal with some medical issues my Dad is dealing with and all I could think of as I watched the day unfold and see one cluster you know what after another at one of our hospitals was why Regina doesn't have a third one and then remembered that oh yeah we used to have one. Closing the Plains Hospital was such a huge mistake. Thanks to the government of that time for doing that causing a lot of the problems people in Regina and area have.

-- I also want to throw good luck to the University of Regina Cougars softball team who are in Moose Jaw this weekend looking to win a league title. Coach Mike Smith has worked very hard over the years in making the sport relevant at the U of R and he has succeeded.  His girls don't get the recognition that other programs at the University get, but that team is just as proud to wave the Cougar banner as every other team. The title would be their first and even if that does not come, they will compete at the nationals so maybe a title can come there.


The Regina Rams Alumni are hosting another fundraising roast Saturday night and this time it's long-time offensive coordinator Bernie Schmidt and receivers coach Rick Seaman who will be getting flamed.  For tickets, see below.

Please come out and support the Rams Alumni and have some fun with Bernie and Rick!

Tickets are available online or at the door.

Saturday, October 3, 2015
Turvey Centre
Tickets: $50
Tickets will be available ONLINE ONLY.


Anonymous said...

Henry has a terrific game last night, congrats.

Danny said...

There was an ESPN 30 for 30 on Bartman. Like most 30 for 30's, it was very, very well done.

lee said...

wheres the game in moose jaw

Anonymous said...

NFL/CFL. Once betting was allowed on NFL the number of followers took off. Coincidence? Personal experience, just recently made my first ever bets on CFL games. what a difference. Now watch games that have no impact for my Riders with considerable interest. So maybe I could now get interested in a game between employees of two NFL businesses in two cities I have never been to. May just join those numbers of 'fans'.

Anonymous said...


1) The Plains Hospital gets closed and you blame the government of the time, well maybe look at the government before that one who put this Province in the decision to close it.

Had that not happened you and your Dad would be shelling out dollars for private insurance, and by the look of you I doubt you'd be in the bracket that would afford to pay it.

Was his life threatened in any manner? Was he on the verge of death? No he wasn't which meant that you were inconvenienced because a Hospital and a public system doesn't operate like a Tim Hortons get 'em in get 'em out.

Just keep it up eventually you guys will get your wish. We'll get a private system and you'll then see what the world really looks like.

2) Could careless about the Toronto Blue Jays

3) I watched Ottawa vs Montreal last night. Could careless there was an NFL game on. I was at the Saskatchewan vs Montreal game on Sunday, which was a perfect day and time to take in a football game. I could careless the NFL was on.

4) Scott Schultz speech was the same as his playing career. Selfish and self centered. They should have cut his mic off, as it was disrespectful to the other guy being inducted.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have a problem with Dyce being the HC moving forward, but the team owes it to itself to see if he is actually the best guy because many will be looking to get the job.

Anonymous said...

CFL needs a form of fantasy football and stop playing CFL games on Sunday after Labour Day. Closing the Plains was stupid. If you needed to close a hospital it should have been the General.

Anonymous said...


Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning it would seem.

jamesonkj said...

Let me preface this by saying I enjoy watching both our beloved CFL as well as the NFL. NFL has great ratings, but one must also realize CFL is broadcast on cable/satellite TV only whereas many of the NFL games, including Seattle and Chicago on broadcast coast to coast on analog CTV. Needs to be factored into the equation. Comparing things is fine but we gotta compare apples to apples.

Anonymous said...

fantasy wont help the cfl its toast when toronto and bc goes t_ts up,and the move to bmo wont change the fortunes of the argos nobody there cares. at least bc place has the whitecaps because nobody gives a darn about the lions either!

Anonymous said...

I will never ever ever vote NDP again for what they did to the Plains. That hospital was designed for Regina and more importantly rural Saskatchewan and the reasons for shutdown were purely comical. Regina is in desperate need of a 3rd hospital especially with the way it is growing. I think I would rather go to Moose Jaw now than Regina seeing they have a new facility, but those in the Weyburns, Moosomins and Fort Qu'Appelle might disagree as it would take a little longer to get there.

Jason said...

1) The Plains was closed because the NDP of the day couldn't take enough money from the minuscule tax base they were responsible for, to keep it running with their Robin Hood economic policies.

2) The Jays are the hottest ticket in the country. Fall ball is one of the best playoff sports to behold.

3) CFL needs to wrap it up. 2 lackluster seasons in a row, declining everything... change something!

4) Scott Schultz in the hallowed "Plaza". Enough said

Anonymous said...

Yep, blame Grant Devine. That's the socialist's excuse every time someone calls them out on their terrible record. And of course they love to use personal attacks as we see here with this anon throwing Scruffy under the bus. Complete lack of class and respect. But their mentality is when it's done in the name of the party of Tommy, it's perfectly fine. What a joke.

Gundersons Yorkton
Red square is dead!

Anonymous said...

The CFL needs to use the 2016 grey cup as an opportunity to implement a new, aggressive marketing plan. They should get a group together consisting of the best marketing minds that Bell media and ESPN have to offer. Throw in guys like Doug Flutie who have been stars in both leagues and know what makes the fans tick. The CFL has this huge potential and they aren't taking advantage of it.

What we don't need are more of these Canadian NFL zealots who will never give respect to the CFL because of this stupid inferiority complex. You don't see US football fans cutting down college football despite the talent gap. It's sickening what some so-called Canadians think of the CFL. Might as well start a petition to get the Grey Cup taken off our country's passport and replace it with a Lombardi trophy for crying out loud.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Robin Hood economic policies. Keep it up, and go to the market economy Harper and Wall advocate for. You'll be the USA in 2008, and then you'll have something to cry about.

You'll never vote NDP due to the Plains. Well you're an idiot, and this is what I've said for years. People are dumb. In the face of empirical data and evidence they still go against their own interests.

You're all a bunch of Uncle Toms.

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk politics, let me offer my two cents. The Plains was closed because the province of Saskatchewan was absolutely flat broke and forced to make some very difficult conditions. Might I add that hospital was just one of many shut down across the province.

At the time the Canadian government was prepared to step in and take control of this province's finances due to the work of Grant Devine who literally built hospitals to buy votes. The debt was monstrous and our credit rating was lower than low. It was either make these tough decisions or lose a lot of autonomy as a province.

So, if you really want to point the finger, point it at Devine and the action of himself and his PC's over the course of the 1980's.

Anonymous said...

Go have a poop buddy. ...most of the crap is coming of your mouth into text!

Anonymous said...

Three words describe Scott, me and me.

Anonymous said...

If you vote NDP this is what you're asking for;

Evraz to cut jobs and eventually close.
The CO-OP refinery to cut jobs and eventually close.
Hotels will start closing, even brand new ones.
Your taxes will increase so your local union folks will get higher wages for sitting on their a##.

anti-working hard
anti-being successful
anti-security checks

Just read the manifesto that was introduced a couple weeks ago that the NDP would support. No oil 20 years from now. Food from local farming only. No GMO's. I can't wait. No more airplanes/jets or semi-trailers to deliver goods. It will just like the 1800's. I sure hope your parents know how knit a sweater! You better buy a couple horses now and get prepared to "work your land".

Obama is right, you'll get what you ask for!

Now based on Obama's logic, you shouldn't have to reply ..... because the TRUTH doesn't have to explain itself! Right?


Anonymous said...

Another Bleeding Heart Socialist blathers crap on a Sports Blog again! C'mon man...Tommy didn't even like sports!

Anonymous said...

The NFL at an all time record for penalties. What a joke league, low quality, no entertainment ... remember those comments earlier in the summer??

Where are the people that were screaming at Taman for not signing a very average looking Rakem Cato? Been pretty silent on that front.

Anonymous said...

for all intents and purposes the Alouettes have score 12 points in their last two games. The have added three touchdowns and a couple point converst in absolute nothing time when the opposition just wants to get out of the ball park.

A win this weekend puts the Riders in the mix.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest that Steve Nash did more for the development of the game in Canada than Vince Carter. Seeing one of "ours" make a significant impact in the sport most definitely fanned the flames of the dream north of the border.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Doug Flutie, the man should be given the keys of full control to the Riders football operations much the same way Kent Austin has in Hamilton. Darren on board as assistant gm. Success, you betcha.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever noticed that productive long term CFL team management on field success usually follows former acomplished quarter-backs hire?

Anonymous said...

REDBLACKS - good on them as they build their team in only a short two year period. If only Saskatchewan could follow suit by hiring the proper sports management team. Previous administration holdovers have to be purged.

Anonymous said...


If the old stodgy starched shirts don't like it, go pound sand!!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Mr. Roy Shivers!

Anonymous said...

Bob Dyce ???? Probably one helluva a nice guy and was put in a tough spot but to suggest he be given the reigns would be travelling back in time to when Jim Daley was the successor to Ray Jauch.

This team has the money and resources to do better than that.

Anonymous said...

It may be true but guess what!? He's SUCCESSFUL!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CFL fantasy haha fn hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The difference is that the NFL officials call actual penalties and understand how to enforce the rules ... the cfl officials have zero clue what the rules are and how to enforce them properly.

Anonymous said...

Vince Carter and the Raptors first run is what got people interested in basketball and Steve Nash continued that.

The Blue Jays run in 92 and 93 got many more Canadians interested in baseball and we will see that again.

How many players from California and other non-hockey markets are starting to make inroads in the NHL now since the Gretzky trade? How long have the Coyotes been in Phoenix and where is Auston Matthews from?

Global exposure is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Who's Taman???? Who's Rakem????

Stuck & stumped in Riderville Saskatchewan

Anonymous said...

Roughriders team have the money. Make the call Mr Reynolds, phone call cost to inquire availability Mr. Doug/Darren Flutie for hire. You never know, due diligence for the next gm hire and subsequent head coach.

Mr. Bomswa Addawa

Anonymous said...

Doug & Darren Flutie to run the Riders? OMG some of the crap that is posted here is just hilarious. Where do some of you people come up with this stuff? Scary part is I think your serious.

Anonymous said...

Either I am losing my mind or Scruffy is...

I am not sure if the following sentence makes sense, Sruffy said, "Vince Carter and the Raptors made Canada a better basketball country and with many Canadians playing baseball after watching the Jays 22 years ago".

If you go back and look at the context of the first paragraph, it seems like Scruffy had a 'mind-fart'. I believe what he meant to say was 'Joe Carter and the BlueJays made Canada a better baseball country...'.

It just seems to not make sense that when talking about the BlueJays, how we are suddenly talking about the Raptors.



If it was I who had the brain-fart, then I have one thing to say, 'excuse me'.


Anonymous said...

Roy Shivers, Ha, ha. How is he doing with finding talent with BC?

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare baby, great read!

Anonymous said...

No...only They think they're serious.

Anonymous said...

Better say excuse me Kel because I read it as saying young Cdns started playing baseball after Joe's heroics just like young Cdns started playing basketball after Vince and the Raptors had their first run.


Anonymous said...

AbZolutely amazing read scruffmeister!