Realty One

Sunday, October 25, 2015


REGINA - The Edmonton Eskimos are getting used to come-from-behind victories.

The Eskimos spotted the Saskatchewan Roughriders a 21-3 lead after a little more than one quarter of action Saturday night at Mosaic Stadium. That's when Mike Reilly and the Edmonton offence had seen enough.

The Eskimos responded with 32 straight points, including a 21-point second quarter, en route to a 35-24 victory over the Riders.

"Going back to the sidelines (after the first drive) there was this feeling that, 'This isn't going to happen to us again,''' Reilly said after his team improved to 13-4. "We're not going to let this happen. It still took all of the first quarter and part of the second until we got that one drive going and then we rolled. And then we got the second one and third one and we took over.''

Reilly was a spark in the Eskimos' seventh straight victory, completing 29-of-39 pass attempts for 377 yards and three touchdowns. He also rushed for 36 yards and one touchdown, as well as a two-point convert.

The previous week the Eskimos had to orchestrate another comeback victory in overtime over the B.C Lions. Their offence was inconsistent through much of that contest, and it looked sluggish to start on Saturday in Regina. A holding penalty and an interception on the opening offensive drive brought back feelings of a week ago.

And then it clicked.

Reilly capped a drive with a five-yard touchdown run to get Edmonton on the board early in the second quarter. He then hooked up with Adarius Bowman on a 50-yard touchdown pass with less than two minutes remaining in the first half.

Edmonton took the lead with 17 seconds to go before halftime when Reilly found Derel Walker for a 10-yard touchdown to go up 24-21.

"That second quarter should be an eye-opener to everybody on our offence of what we're capable of doing when we get out of our own way,'' Reilly said. "Hopefully that momentum carries over to the next game because Montreal has a good defence and that's a game we need to win.''

Bowman followed up his 198-yard receiving game from a week ago with another monster effort. He posted 12 catches for 208 yards on Saturday against a Riders defence that was starting some young and inexperienced players.

Saskatchewan's interim head coach Bob Dyce credited Edmonton with solid play, but added his team could have put up stronger resistance.

"We missed some opportunities to make tackles that would have either stopped some big plays or at least make Edmonton work a little harder for their touchdowns,'' said Riders interim head coach Dyce.

The Riders (2-14), already eliminated from playoff contention, opened the game with two touchdowns on their first five offensive plays. Rob Bagg took an end-around handoff two yards for a touchdown. A 50-yard pass from Brett Smith to Naaman Roosevelt set up the first Riders score.

After a Sean Whyte extra point made it 7-3, Smith found Ryan Smith on a quick slant route, and the speedy slotback raced 65 yards to the end zone and the Riders went up 14-3 after the opening 15 minutes.

Saskatchewan increased its lead on the first play of the second quarter when Keith Price tossed a 29-yard touchdown strike to Roosevelt. It was Price's first CFL pass attempt.

Roosevelt, one of the rookies hoping to catch on next season, led the Riders with five catches and 101 yards receiving. Smith had 191 yards passing on 11-for-15 attempts.

Edmonton's seven-game winning streak is the longest such streak since their 1995 season. They'll host the Montreal Alouettes next weekend, while the Riders will travel to take on the Calgary Stampeders.

Reilly said his team had better be ready to take on a desperate Montreal team.

"I would like to think we're more like the team that come out and played in the second quarter, but we need to maintain that consistency,'' he said. "The rest of the games we play this season are going to be difficult games, so we can't be getting down early and thinking we can just turn it on whenever we want and we'll come back.''

EXTRAS: Edmonton running back Shakir Bell was carted off the field in the third quarter with a right leg injury. Head coach Chris Jones said the injury wasn't as severe as first anticipated? Saskatchewan linebacker Jeff Knox Jr., registered six tackles, which gave him 101 tackles on the season. He's the first Riders player since Jerrell Freeman in 2011 to surpass the 100-tackle mark.

(The Canadian Press/Craig Slater)



- We talked about getting out to a fast start.  We wanted to use the energy of the crowd.  We got a turnover and capitalized and we said before the game we needed to finish but as you saw, guys didn't finish.  If you give Edmonton opportunities, they're gonna score points.

- For some reason we lost our focus in the second quarter.  And Edmonton's a good team.  Let's not kid around here.  We tried to strip the ball instead of make the tackle which isn't what we teach our guys to do.  From there it snowballed a litte and we didn't have the same success on offense after that.

- I probably sound like a broken record in that I know when we play well we can play with most teams in this league.  But 16 games into the year, we can't be having the same challenges.  To say we're a good team, we have to be able to sustain it.  To say it's youthful exuberance, I don't know that's the case.  Some of the plays that were missed weren't a result of not knowing what to do.  The guys were there and didn't make the play.  I'll give the offensive line credit because that's a good D.  The QBs had time and we were able to run the ball.

- It's easy for us, because we're competitors, to focus on the negatives but the defense stopped a great offense early.  Some of Naaman's catches were big time catches.  Ryan Smith made great adjustments.  Matt Webster did a great job at safety but Keenan might be more aggressive there.  Markus White was great playing a full game.  There were certainly some bright spots that Saskatchewan has to look forward.

- It's not that guys were out of position.  You just can't quit on plays.  Two missed tackles resulted in scores.

- It's tough to assess the QBs' play right now.  They both started well.  I was disappointed in how we started the third quarter.  We gotta play with more fire.  There may have been some misses from that position.  We wanted to start Brett and bring Keith in late in the first or early in the second.  It just worked out the way it did.  You never know how it's going end up.  We would've like to get Keith in a little bit more in the fourth quarter.

- The quarterbacks' numbers looked good.  I'll give them credit for some things that they did well but there's more to the offense than just getting completions.  Sacks take you out of position to score sometimes.

- Keenan definitely stood out.  I talked to the defense about getting pressure on Mike Reilly and wanted to bring it from the secondary.  Both he and Tyree brought it from the secondary.  I was really pleased for Keenan because of the shoulder problem he had early on and I thought he was just fantastic tonight.

- I told the QBs they're gonna face three tough defenses the next three games but they put up 21 points early against a good one tonight.  Keith had composure under pressure and kept his eyes upfield.  I look forward to watching both QBs the next few games.

- Adarius Bowman had a really big game last week too.  He's a great receiver and a strong receiver.  He breaks tackles.  I coached him in Winnipeg and if you give him an opportunity he'll hurt you.  That's just who he is.  We could've limited the length of some of his catches but a player like that will make some plays against you.

- I have an understanding that Mertile thought Hollins was going to make the tackle.  That doesn't give him an out per se.  We play to make the tackle and two guys tackling the ball carrier is better than one.  No one should make that type of mistake.

- I can't say enough about Jeff Knox.  Only two rookies have hit 100 tackles in the league.  Barrin Simpson and George White and Knox didn't even start Game 1.  His progression has just been outstanding.  Being a 23-year old, playing 18 games isn't easy but he's battled and made plays.  There's room to get better but there's nothing but positive things to say about him.  Macho came in and helped us out of a tough situation tonight when Marshay went down and did a great job for us.  It's not just the young guys.

- It's tough to answer questions without watching the film but Anthony Allen answered my expectations.  He's a professional who protects well and very seldom will one guy bring him down.

- I can't say who will start at QB next week.  We'll look at the film and go from there.  Chances are Brett will start but I don't want to lie to you in case we go another way.  The timing may be different but you'll get a chance to see Keith start the somewhere the rest of the way.

- The one thing with Blake Sims is I won't put a guy in a situation where he can't succeed and the challenging part for him, and he's been a good learner, is it's not like training camp.  Usually the third guy doesn't get any reps with our offense.  It's not like training camp where reps are spread out evenly.  I'd like to see him get some snaps but I can't say definitively.

- When you see a team go up 21-3, and we've seen this team play some really good teams very well at times, it's a challenging thing.  We'd like consistency and some of that comes back on coaches because we need a consistent effort throughout.  It's our job to get a top level performance out of them at all times.  It certainly is challenging.


- It was a good chance to get on the field more than I have been.  I thought I did some good things.  There will be some things that need to get better.  I'm not too sure where the game changed.  I'll have to watch film for the answers to that.

- It was big to have the chance.  Going into the season I had high hopes and thus far I didn't get to do much.  We're not live in practice so it's tough to show the coaches so it was nice to do it in the game.

- As a defensive backfield we have to communicate well in general.  It's not just on the safety.  Calgary will be a big test next week.


- It was awesome for Keith.  That's my roommate there.  He's always poised.  We saw that play develop and we knew it was coming.  It was great to catch that one from Keith.

- They played more zone.  Usually they play more man.  They switched it up on us so we tried to stay aggressive the whole time.  The game plan was to get deep early and get open.  We wanted to show them we came to play.

- I thank Coach Copeland for preparing me and helping me stay motivated on the scout team.  My family told me to stay patient.

- I have to thank Drew Willy and Luke Tasker who I trained with this off-season, for helping me learn the CFL game.  It helped out a lot.

- We coulda got a lot more wins this year but I love these guys.  We have early meetings and meetings after practice.  All the things you need to do to be a winning football team.  I've enjoyed this season and I think we can be a good team in the days ahead.

- I actually threw the ball away after I caught that touchdown!  I actually don't even know where I threw it but somebody ran and got it for Keith so I was pretty happy for that!


Anonymous said...

WHAT, no bitching yet and its half time? Team played pretty good considering they are playing the number one team. GO RIDERS

Anonymous said...

We looked good in the 1st quarter, until the Eskimos woke up.

Anonymous said...

The announcers most common phrase is "Harris misses the tackle."

Anonymous said...

Rider player Junior M jumps out of the way and let's an Edmonton receiver score. Get that bum outta there with a ticket home.

Anonymous said...

Hey Riderville Hicks ! How do you like my new TSN Marks Fan Cam commercial where I'm the feature star prominately saying Oskee Wee Wee. Sure bet there's a lot of haters In Regina. Love it.

Oskee Wee Wee,
Oskee Waa Waa,
Saskatchewan Roughriders pathetic basement dwellers of the Canadian Football League.

Go Cats Go ! Go Cats Go ! Go Cats Go ! ...

Oskee Wee Wee

Anonymous said...

Fact you need to know,
Prominent football people down south (NFL, etc.) think the Saskatchewan Roughriders franchise and it's club organization structure are a total joke to professional sports.


Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a tiny little curly haired gurl on the field kicking football for the riders, huh? Li'l Curly Sue?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your Ticats bud... they're going to need it... maybe you missed last night's game? Thanks for being so classy on our blog... don't forget where you are my friend. This is the blog of the greatest professional sports team in the world! Go Riders Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Junior Futile pretty much summed up the Riders season today.

Anonymous said...

Rider d-b's to keep: none
Rider l-b's to keep: Knox only

Anonymous said...

Harris, Mertile, Hollins, Green, gone

Anonymous said...

Getzlaf gone

Anonymous said...

Jackson gone

Anonymous said...

Most of you posters...gone.

Anonymous said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same!!! This goes far beyond the abundance of poor talent. A lot of folks who earlier said the talent just wasn't here and were pooh pooh'd by the juvenile group yapping about all the "great talent". Total BS and don't forget it.

This nightmare was architected by Taman and the old BOD's. Poor talent and assessment of talent, much too open cheque books, poor scouting, poor management, poor coaching and the list goes on and on. A lot of this was masked by DD's leadership and ability.

This isn't a fine tuning needed, it's an all out house cleaning talentless or past "best before" date players. We are in need of truly extremely competent people with a winning background. Higher competencies than the next member of the old boys club that we have usually fallen victim to. Let's get this nightmare over and spend where we really need to; Leadership with measurable past results.

Handy Andy said...

Great to see some new players in there ... with Doubles back next year, some of these new guys back, a few new FAs, and a fresh start, we'll be competitive next year!

Anonymous said...

According to all the NFL fans the CFL is second rate. The problem is most of the Riders are third rate, including the staff and management. Please Mr. Reynolds don't settle for this.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dyce figured Macho Harris did a good job. That's all the ammo I need to say Dyce should not be extended.

Anonymous said...

Coach in charge of tackling gone

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reynolds, please fire everyone, including the board of directors. Revamp the entire team/franchise structure. New mission/mandate needed ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Keith Price will be the next Warren Moon.

Anonymous said...

The defense is letting us down yet again. Poor scouting in the organization...can't find any young talent. Price showed some promise with his creativity and thinking on the fly. In my opinion macho is one of the only db's I would keep around. He brings fire to the game that this team has a strong lack of. Knox is still very impressive. This is going to be a key off-season for this team. Go riders!

Anonymous said...

Greatest pro team in the world?lol you gotta either be jk or drunk 4 cups in 103+ years ,fans who only come out when they are a winner?hence the phone telethon in the 80's to keep the team from folding !fans who throw manuere on players lawns, threaten their families , i suggest you get a life and shake ur head WOW

Anonymous said...

justin trudeau is an eskimos fan!!!

Anonymous said...

Brett Smith looked very uncomfortable when Keith Price was in control of the team offense, rightly so. Mr. Price the quarterback moving forward to the Roughriders future, Blake Sims up next. Price/Durant/Sims 2016 with more off season team recruitment at this position.

Anonymous said...

Weldon Brown , we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Price is not our future. Seattle cut him before training camp even started. He has a weak arm imho. At this point I'd take smith any day. But.....we'll see who they bring in next year.
I'm not counting on dd.He has hardly played in two years (and I don think he was the greatest QB before the injuries).
So far my money is on smith. He looked quite good. At least he has some games under his belt, I hate watching raw rookies play.

w said...

I said back in September to put in Price. He's the real deal. No happy feet like the other guy. So obviously, what the Riders do with some actual talent? They sit him nearly the entire season.

Anonymous said...

Smith and Price may look better with a different OC. Kevin Glenn couldn't find open receivers in the Chapdelaine offense, how is a raw rookie supposed to? Glenn went to the Als and in two weeks under Anthony Calvillo he looked like a MVP.

Anonymous said...

Wow those stands were empty yesterday. Where were all those so-called world's greatest fans. More like world's greatest band-wagon jumpers .... lol

Anonymous said...

Agree with W ....Just like they sat Roosevelt for half season.

Anonymous said...

Riders O'Day and Dyce have made some excellent choices for a good start for next year. Riders have a new Canadian kicker, 2 new Canadian starting safeties and possibly a new running back who looked real good in his few carries. The return game continues to impress as well.

A good start !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ... don't get what everyone saw in MacGougall. Other than when he came on a blitz, which was almost every play he was in, what exactly did he do to impress anyone ? No pass knockdowns, no big hits .... but I guess anyone is better than Webster.

Anonymous said...

MacDougall played a good game - yes he had pass knockdowns, some good hits as well.

At least watch the game before you comment.

Anonymous said...

You must be employed somewhere by Regina media. "No" to O'Day/Dyce 2016. A thorough seach to be conducted for new Roughriders gm with head coach to follow.

Anonymous said...

The Argos are boat less yet still sinking. The riders are putrid and will remain so for quite sometime. It is not like the Esks are an old team. Grey cup not sold out and if the weather turns stands will be empty. Does Canada really need a CFL moving forward?

Anonymous said...

To the person that thought MacDougall had a good game ..... I sure hope the Riders thought so too and keep playing him at safety, especially when my team plays them. You really need to watch more football if you thought that was a good game by a safety at any level.

Anonymous said...

Count on DD.

Anonymous said...

Left the game at half time. Riders left the game in the 2nd quarter.

Anonymous said...

"Does Canada really need a CFL moving forward?" comment is worrisome and something to think about.

Our nation's largest city can't even get 20,000 to a game to a facility that is so hard to get too. And that is only when they are allowed to play there. The Buffalo Bills can get 40,000 to a game and 50,000 for the Blue Jays. And they only get 3,000 plus to travel to Hamilton less than an hour away for a game where I am sure we get that many driving 7 hrs to Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg for a game. They just don't care there.

This league competes so much with the NFL, NHL (playoffs and season start up), MLB playoffs especially this year, and the weather and summer holidays. It is amazing it has lasted this long but how much longer can it survive? It just almost seems it will eventually die a slow death, but not hear of course. But a league can not survive with one healthy franchise.

Winnipeg now competes like Edmonton and Calgary with its NHL team. Vancouver is so close to Seattle, and southern Ontario and Quebec are so close to a few teams and there is so much hype in those places with the NFL. Restaurants and Bars advertise NFL Sunday specials and nothing like that is seen about the CFL.

And the NFL has so many other things, TV shows on so many networks, its own TV network, drafts and fantasy leagues, multi media and web content. The CFL is so far behind in all of this. Even the league's official broadcaster Bell Media showcases the NFL so much more than it's own national league. Why isn't the CFL on CTV the bigger network, especially for playoffs and the Grey Cup.

I hope to see this league last forever but it is concerning seeing certain things that go on in this league including what our new commissioner is doing, almost a head in the sand approach. Only time will tell if it survives.

Anonymous said...

I am not employed by any media !!!!

But I do look at things realistically - this is not a popularity contest. I do give people the cudos they deserve though.

But Yes I do think that hey should do a search for the best HC and GM but unlike you and others on this post I will accept the new GM and HC and yes that includes the current staff if that should happen. I do think that O'Day would be a good GM and Dyce would be a good HC - he just does not have much to work with as the last two were terrible talent assessors.

Anonymous said...

"NO" to O'Day/Dyce.

Anonymous said...

Could this be a year where there is a record number of receivers with over 1,000 yards?

Seems like the rule change made a big difference in the passing game, and the interference flags did drop after a shaky start. I believe that had Durant played a full season, the Riders would have had three or four players with over 1,000 yard seasons.

I also believe that the rule change has made it better for new, young quarterbacks to transition into the CFL game. Remember it was not too long ago when there was a wringing of hands by pundits about a real crisis in a new generation of quarter backs.

And also on the flip side it has obviously helped older quarterbacks like Burris up their production too. Kudos to the CFL rule committee.

2016 should be a great year for the CFL, as injured QB's like Drew Willy, Ricky Ray, and Darian Durant return to health along with the influx of new quarterbacks and receivers, providing depth throughout the CFL.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy, when the CFL dies in a couple of years, are you going to go back to doing Pats games?
Just curious.

Marc said...

The Bills got 40,000 at a game at Rogers centre but you have to remember over 15,000 tickets were complimentary ticket to students. They had that attendance for one game, not every game. The NFL would die in Toronto very quickly!!

Anonymous said...

It's all about the cups eh? You need to grow up! It's about the passion that the community has for the team. They kept that team a float in the second smallest market in pro sports! Even when there was no salary cap to speak of and teams like Edmonton, Toronto and calgary were buying championships they kept the team going. Best fans in the world, NO CONTEST! The people who threatened McCallum's family and vandalized his home weren't fans, they were irate gamblers! Anyone who knows anything knows that! Like I said, you need to grow up some pal. The saskatchewan roughriders are the greatest franchise to ever exist. Just accept it and move on! GO RIDERS GO!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If y'all thought the Rider defense has trouble tacking, you should have seen the Houston Texans today - they were far worse! Macho Harris would have fit in well.

Anonymous said...

Watched Hamilton play with their second string QB. Hmmm. "Injuries are no excuse, look at Hamilton, they have lots of injuries" some said earlier this year. So if injuries are not a reason it must be coaching. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

It's called a community owned franchise. You should stick to the NFL and stay away from CFL blogs. No one wants to hear you whine about how much better the NFL is!

Anonymous said...

NFL vs CFL. Pats vs Canadiens UofR vs UCLA. Makes no sense. Enough already.