Realty One

Sunday, November 1, 2015


CALGARY (CP) - The Calgary Stampeders did what they had to do to stay in the race for first place in the CFL's West Division. The defending Grey Cup champions cruised to a 42-19 win over the visiting Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday.

Tied with the Edmonton Eskimos at 13-4, Calgary's playoff prospects shift to a game they will watch, not play.

The Stampeders await the outcome of Sunday's game between the Esks and the Montreal Alouettes to know which post-season game Calgary might host.

The Eskimos are positioned to end the suspense as a victory against the Als (6-10) gives Edmonton top spot in West and the division final. An Edmonton loss keeps first place on the table for the Stampeders in their final game of the regular season.

"I just told the team we'll keep an eye on the game, but we'll take whatever path we need to take to try to accomplish what we want to get to,'' Stampeder head coach and general manager John Hufnagel said.

Calgary is already guaranteed a home playoff game - either the division semifinal Nov. 15 or division final Nov. 22. The Eskimos won the season series between the Alberta rivals, which means Edmonton is seeded higher in the event of a tie.

While Edmonton finishes the regular season on a bye week, Calgary closes out against the B.C. Lions (7-10) next Saturday in Vancouver.

The Stampeders went 8-1 at McMahon Stadium this season, which equals their season-high in eight seasons under Hufnagel. Calgary's home record was 8-1 in 2013.

"We definitely would have liked to be 9-0, but it's good to win at home,'' Stampeder receiver Eric Rogers said. "We know we're going to have a home playoff game, so that's important.''

Rogers caught touchdown passes on Calgary's first two possessions of the game.

"We made a conscious effort to start fast,'' said Rogers. "We haven't scored off an opening drive, just field goals really. We wanted to get a touchdown and that was big just to know we can do that.''

With 96 receiving yards in the game, Rogers padded his league-leading total to 1,448. Joe West rang up 102 receiving yards and caught a touchdown pass.

Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell completed 21-of-29 passes for 247 yards and three touchdowns. He was replaced late in the fourth quarter by Drew Tate, who threw two passes for 22 yards.

Backup quarterback Bryant Moniz scored a rushing touchdown for Calgary in front of an announced 31,591 at McMahon.

Jerome Messam rumbled for 121 yards on 15 carries and contributed a two-point convert in his Stampeder debut. Calgary acquired the Toronto native from Saskatchewan in a trade Oct. 14.

Calgary kicker Rene Paredes was successful on four field-goal attempts to reach a career 203. Marquay McDaniel caught a two-point convert pass.

Saskatchewan's Anthony Allen ran for a touchdown and Naaman Roosevelt caught another. Kicker Tyler Crapigna, acquired in the Messam traded, booted a pair of field goals against his former club.

Brett Smith started at quarterback for the visitors and completed 10-of-13 pass attempts for 90 yards by halftime. Keith Price was 15 for 26 in passing for 183 yards and a touchdown pass in the second half.

No playoff scenario applies to the Roughriders (2-15), who close out their season against the Alouettes next week.

"Everybody at this time of the year wants to be playing for something,'' Roughrider defensive lineman John Chick said.

"We've got one more (game) to try to shine and do something positive, end on a high note, but no, this season is no where near what we wanted it to be. We've got a lot of work to do.''

Mitchell said he won't be glued to the television Sunday afternoon.

"Can't control anything and I'm not going to get my feelings upset about whether or not we get first place this year,'' Calgary's quarterback said.

Sunday's game also impacts the post-season prospects of the Lions. The Eskimos can knock the Alouettes out of contention for a cross-over playoff berth and ensure B.C. finishes third in the division.

(Photo: Johany Jutras)



- Calgary jumped out to a fast start and it would've been easy for our guys to quit but I don't think they did.  They fought right to the end.  Calgary's a good team and they scored somewhat easily.  You can't give them chances.

- I feel bad our guys gave up that 60-yard return to open the game.  They've done a great job all season and they were very disappointed.  It set the tone for the game I guess, but one drive doesn't decide a game.

- Brett started out well and then we had some 2-and-outs.  Then he came back and put together a nice drive.  We talked about it this week; we wanted to be consistent but weren't in that first half.  Keith came in and had a really nice drive to start the second half.  It seemed he faced more pressure than Brett did.  He kept his eyes downfield and you saw that on that strike to Weston.  He showed he's a CFL-level quarterback.

- Marcus Davis was in on limited packages.  We look forward to seeing him grow.  When you look at this size, catch-radius and fundamentals, I look forward to seeing him some more.

- Keenan MacDougall separated his other shoulder and Chris Getzlaf feels like he tore the rest of his foot.  He stressed his previous injury and took it to another level.

- A credit to the guys in the secondary - we sustained an injury in Day 3 of practice that affected how we were going to line up.  Then we had to move guys into different spots so they were at a disadvantage but they fought through.  You have to be super-confident and know where you're supposed to be.  They battled but it was a new group when you saw how they aligned.

- It's a great opportunity (next week in Montreal) to get the road win that's eluded us.  Also for some guys it'll be the last opportunity to show whoever's here or themselves what type of player they are.  These guys fight and are committed and I never question that.  We have to take advantage of the opportunities we have and this is a big one.  We have to get out there and play another one.


- I think the biggest thing these past few weeks is getting these young QBs comfortable and a feel of the CFL with a consistent offense.  They've done a good job at times moving the ball.  The big thing now is consistency and it's fun watching them grow up and become better players.

- They both throw the ball a little bit differently as all QBs do.  One's not better than the other that way but it's our job as receivers to make that catch.

- My totals surprised me a bit.  I don't track it like some guys do but a few big plays saw those numbers go up.

- It has been a tough year obviously with the record where we're at.  I've never been one to dwell on personal numbers.  I do what I can to help the team one and the numbers take care of themselves.

- It'll be great to have Darian back next year.  He's shown what he can do in this league and he can be one of the best, if not the best, when he's playing well.  If this is our crew of three QBs going into next year, that'll be a good group.


- It felt pretty good.  Any chance you get to go out there, you want to make the most of it.  It's great to make plays but as a defense, we didn't play as well as we could of obviously.

- Especially in the backfield, you need continuity.  With Calgary's DBs, they've all played together so they know where guys are going to be.  But in the CFL you have to be ready to play multiple positions especially with the ratio.

- You have to make the plays.  I've been around this league for awhile and I've been fortunate to make plays.  Messam is athletic and big, but you have to do the right things to bring him down.

- It's been a blessing this year.  You can't take this game for granted and I take it as seriously as possible.  To be at an all-time low, and then come back and get to play more than I ever have, it's been a rollercoast.  I want to be here and I want to be with this team.


Anonymous said...

That poor horse on the sideline is going to be tired after this game.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Hockey Night in Canada tonight at 8 pm - the battle of Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Average 480 yards given up by Rider D
Bo orders pizza while playing with left hand behind his back. Rider DB'S tackle like they've had a few to many pizzas last night

Koocher said...

I'm at the game time to tear it all down and start all over especially on defense.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the defence does not want to be here next year! At least show that you are SLIGHTLY interested in playing. Very pitiful to watch! Tear it down and start again!
A Very Unhappy Rider Fan

Anonymous said...

I too can't wait for HNIC Oilers vs Flames

Anonymous said...

The biggest joke is that the incompetent players are actually getting a pay cheque.

Koocher said...

Yup its one thing to lose, it happens but lose showing some fight, heart, and some pride.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The new stadium is the only thing keeping the fan base. After the novelty, lack of concessions ( there will be booths but nobody in them), washrooms (there will be plenty but only half of them will be open) the losers will average 16000 fans. Only then will they wonder how is this thing going to be paid.
Might as well vote the NDP in as this sad sack of an organization won't have a winning season in the next five years.
Who said the old boys couldn't run this franchaise into the ground?

Anonymous said...

O'Day is now 2-6 as a GM. Let's not make him the permanent guy around here.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Paul Woldu has not been used before at safety? His tackle on Messam in the open field was excellent as was his play and tackle on someone at the line of scrimmage. IMO he needs to have a serious look at that position. Apparently his special team play is excellent too. If I recall at one point he was a surprise cut but later came back probably due to injuries.
I would like to see our new running back #33 Houston play a bit more. He seemed like a Messam clone that only time he ran the ball. I also liked what I saw in the other Allen, the DB from Michigan. The Riders may just have a nucleolus of quality players to build on.Lets hope so we don't have a repeat of this year from hell.

Anonymous said...

"looking forward to the Battle of Alberta". Now that's just sad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

The clowns representative of the Regina media who continue to pump up the tires to this disaster should all be all fired for their personal lobbying to the continuance of this organizational mess by hiring a holdover at the gm position.

Anonymous said...

The new GM, whomever it is needs to hire more scouts and new coaches. This staff as currently constructed is hopeless. Mr Dyces comments are proof of this. I would be interested to know what game he was at with those insights.

Anonymous said...

Oilers/Flames? Really! Thankyou Center Ice package.

Anonymous said...

The new linebacker Denicos Allen performed well in his first game.

Anonymous said...

Once again the CFL game stats on their web site screw around with the Riders! While they have Drew Tate's stats, Keith Price does not appear on the stats at all. Rod, please use your contacts and give them shite.


w said...

Both the pig and the lipstick are ugly.

Anonymous said...

Did the Rams leave their defensive playbook in the Riders dressing room and they started to use it? I ask because neither team can intercept a pass, neither team can tackle and both teams just allow the other team to move up and down the field with very little resistance.

Anonymous said...

Roddy, once again the misinformed think they are so right because they are in the know when the truth is they know NOTHING. I would love to see some of these morons have a week in charge of the football team and see what goes on behind the scenes. There would be a telethon by 2017 after they ran everything into the ground. The most knowledgeable fan base in the CFL either doesn't comment on this blog or they don't know it exists, but the complete and total idiot knows where to spew their "logic".

Anonymous said...

So Breckenridge the mouth had 2 tackles and Messam ran for over 100 yards. Well I wonder who won that grudge match. Hopefully it's the last time we ever see Breckenridge.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think that there aren't very many people in the sports world who don't know about this blog. It's a rather thin disguise some of the posters wear when describing other posters. The individual who goes from calling fans uninformed, to no nothings, to morons needs to come to terms with his/her own inadequacies. When you point a finger there are three pointing back!

Usually people start into name calling when their position is far off base. They resort to name calling when they try to defend a position or people when those same entities are not defendable. At seasons end the Riders will have endured their worst season in recent history and perhaps worst ever. They need revamping from top to bottom and that can't be argued against! They need a better GM, better coaches, better scouts, better drafts, better signings, and better players top to bottom. That is something again that can't be argued against. The Riders can't afford to hand this re-tool to inexperienced people since there is far too much at stake. This isn't the time for popularity contests, convenience hires, or proven inexperience. The Riders have to get this off season "RIGHT".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your point on opinion. Roughriders in dire straits as a organization. Image reputation, credibility now at risk. Whole club structure needs to be called into question. Total remedial action, new team direction the only recourse to the future.

Anonymous said...

The last post is mostly right, BUT, you can't replace a complete team! There are a lot of very good players BUT, they need better coaching, scouting and most definitely DB, CB and an upgrade on off/line, def/l and LB. I am not sure that O'Day is a problem as he has made some very good moves since he has been moved up

Anonymous said...

Riders need a better receiver than Smith - he is not good enough for the cfl.Just not a top receiver !!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. With a 42 man roster and averaging seven year careers a team must replace six players per year. That's if there were no injuries and that's just to stay even. We all know injuries happen so we need more than six new impact players per year.

To rebuild you also need more than six impact players per year. I'm talking players that come in and play and make a difference, something like Toronto's three brand new receivers or Calgary's new offensive line. Last year Taman found Ryan Smith, he's the only one, the rest are all marginal. This year Taman got real lucky and landed Munro, Roosevelt, Early, Knox and Demski. That means in the last two years we've found six new impact players when twelve is the minimum required to stay even.

We need to find ten new impact players for the next three years just to get in a playoff race.

Do you really think O'Day is the answer?

Anonymous said...

Former Pat Brandon Davidson with another goal tonight. Good kid. Good for him making the most of his chance.

Handy Andy said...

Sure liked how Paul Woldu looked at Safety...

bobd said...


Most of the replies here are from morons. It disgusts me that these idiots even have a forum. Credit to you to let all half-baked thoughts see the light of day. We will go through an off-season and come back much stronger. There is no idiot-proof koolaid. I wish there was.

Anonymous said...

Riders SUCK!

Rodricko Pefersen

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod you don't think the fans have checked out? There are 12 football related comments after a game that we got blown out...

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad display for sure. So, was there a reason CC felt he needed to be the DC as well? (Is Jones dumped on for that?) He probably knew the D was in trouble as soon as new rules were announced. His more aggressive plan on D was out the window. Given how our recruiting and such was done he was left on an island. I don't really care who our GM is but I do care who does our recruiting. Look at Ham and BC. They use two guys we fired.

Anonymous said...

Guys who can't be back after next week's loss in Montreal.

1) Getzlaf
2) Marshay Green
3) Mertile
4) TJack
5) TGeorge
6) Best

There is still a lot of talent on this team, but they need some proper coaching and a solid staff. I think you could keep Chapdelaine, but will a new coach want to do that. I don't think Dyce will be the guy.

Everyone laughed at Ed Hervey when he became GM and look at the Eskimos now. The O'Day haters are clueless.


Anonymous said...

Price has a future in this game, but Smith is too herky-jerky. I hope Price gets the start next week and plays three quarters so we see what he does in a full game.

Does anyone know where a list of FA's can be found or do we have to wait until the season is over? I have heard Foley and Shologan are FA's and I would think both might love to come back to Riderville.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is a lot of talent to salvage but as a season ticket holder and someone who got to all the games this year lets put our faith in the president to choose the best person for the GM job and hopefully that person can take it from there. Grey Cup in 2017!!

Go Riders Go!!

Anonymous said...

That Defence is so useless it really is sad. This team really reminds me of the crappy teams of the 80s.

Anonymous said...

thank god NFL on

Rod Pedersen said...

Actually Hallowe'en is the customary spelling of the occasion around the world. So anybody with a Grade 10 education could've written that comment in. Go have a cupcake.

Anonymous said...

itll be party time the night before the game in montreal, look out this could be the ugliest yet

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess i will have to go to my kids school and then the board of education to ask for a dismissal of all teachers as they have spelling incorrect. Also every sign in WalMart, Dollar Store, etc.

But you know it all.

Good cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the hit on Smith.

Anonymous said...

There are a number pieces worth keeping but really there are more that have passed their "best before" date. It's not like a few additions to what's here will make this group contenders. There is not one aspect of the team that doesn't need immediate attention once they have a permanent GM.

This is such a big job that the Riders truly need someone who is unquestionably equipped to handles such a task. Hervey had some pretty good pieces and really only needed a QB, and he got Rielly. He then got Chris Jones. Without those two he's fired by now. This job is entirely different. We need a top flight person with an eye for talent and not afraid to step on toes. The truth is we need someone who has proven he can handle this type of job.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday Halloween started early in Calgary. 42 guys dressed up in Saskatchewan Roughrider gear, were impersonating football players.