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Wednesday, October 7, 2015



There wasn't a whole lot to report with the Roughriders on Tuesday but here are a few notes:

- Day 1 of their practice week began with a closed practice at Mosaic Stadium.  When the doors flew open, we noticed veteran slotback Chris Getzlaf was wearing enough equipment that it appeared he had just participated in the workout.

- Getzlaf's missed the past six games with a left foot injury however he's come off the six-game injured list and is elligible to play Friday night at Hamilton.  He said he felt "100%" on Tuesday and if the same thing happens on Wednesday, he expects to play.

- Riders coach Bob Dyce wasn't in a rush to give Getzlaf the green light however.  Dyce said these injuries have a tendency to flare up over night after being pushed so he's eager to see how Getzlaf fares on Wednesday.

- Dyce also said veteran centre Dan Clark is going through the concussion protocol after being knocked out of Saturday's game at B.C. with a hit to the head.  Clark is still a question mark for the Hamilton game.

- Regarding Clark's replacement Saturday night, Corey Watman, Dyce said Watman did a fair enough job but could've been better.  It looks like Watman - a former first round pick by the Riders - is very close to his first pro start this week.

- Quarterback Kevin Glenn said he'd be glad to have Getzlaf back in the lineup.  He said Getzlaf provides a veteran presence that doesn't just help with the quarterback-receiver chemistry, but that Getzlaf works as a coach on the field for the younger players.

- Both Dyce and Glenn were pressed on the recent declining numbers recently star slotback Weston Dressler.  I thought to myself, "Oh know - the wolves are going to be after Dressler now, and try to force a premature end to his career" but both the coach and QB stood up for Weston.  Dyce said if not for miscues by the quarterbacks, Dressler would have several hundred more yards and many more touchdowns.  (i.e. Saturday night in B.C. on Glenn's first interception.  Dressler was open for six down the seam but the ball was thrown incorrectly and picked off).  And Glenn himself said although Dressler's numbers may have taken a hit recently, the other receivers' stats have inflated so you need to look at that.

- Hopefully no campaigns are mounted by the media around here to run players out of town at the conclusion of the season.

- Today's practice is open to the public but Carm and I will be flying to Hamilton on Wednesday morning.  Not exactly sure why, but that's what the travel agent booked.  Suits me fine.

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

Rod, I take it that with you leaving on Wednesday that you still are not traveling with the team. If that is the case, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny how fans and media are reacting to the Riders this week. They were an 0-9 team that changed staff, won a game, looked horrible again in the next two, beat an even worse team, then looked horrible.

The bottom line, coach or no coach, this is a bad football team and is your fault for believing otherwise after beating a montreal team that is horrendous.

Anonymous said...

Fact is this is an old team and everyone including Dressler, Getzlaf and even Bagg need to be evaluated by the next regime.

I've about had enough of the media especially the knucklehead Abou who somehow gets airtime on your show and print in the LP endorsing O'Day. He MUST NOT be the next GM of this franchise unless everyone around here likes being 2-16. This team is crap everywhere and an entire housecleaning is necessary to restore the wins and the pride in this franchise. Like it or not O'Days DNA is all over this mess as much as Taman's and Chamblin's and Hopson.

Anonymous said...

I would not want to be Craig Reynolds. I look at the Riders GM's job much like an election. If you don't apply you shouldn't really have an opinion. I mean after all there are a few hundred thousand people in this province that think they could have done better than the previous regime so why not throw your hat in.

I am serious!

The job pays prob $300,000 or more. Who wouldn't want that in our economy? I am sure you don't make that much as a security guard at the Cornwall.

Put you money where your mouth is and take a run at the job. I won't be. I am a fan and know the people in football are better than the rednecks that populate most of this province.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the anonymous taking shots at someone. So classy

The Woz said...

Well here we go with the next witch hunt. The media and some fans are never happy unless they have a whipping boy or two. Now it is Dressler of all people. Some are saying publicly that he has lost a step and os dropping passes and over valued. So we have seen this time and again with players and coaches. These people have no hapoiness in their own lives or need a scapegoat for a loss and the lynch mob forms to run the person out of town. This only a year after he was given the keys to the city and had sandwiches named after him. These people only have one solution to a or cut someone. That makes them feel better for a couple of weeks until the next loss then they look for the next person that is no measuring up and the pitchforks come out. It is a sickness and has to stop. And when you look at Getz he was only leading the league in tds when he got hurt and had four more called back by penalty. Bagg? He is habe his best year statsitically ever. People have got to get a grip. All three of those guys would be instant starters on any other team. Get some therapy.

Anonymous said...

yes better get the broadcasters out to Horton field before the players...another paid holiday...oh the life! jealous in boondocks

Anonymous said...

Woz you are bang on with your comments, unfortunately this blog is a form of therapy for the pitch fork crowd. These are the same people that spend time at coffee telling co-workers how the business should be run.


Anonymous said...

I doubt "everyone" likes being 2-16, but the leadership of this franchise and media types seem to be ok with it because they were "close" in several games this season (ie. games that could/would/should have gone either way). How many times have these same people said "close is NOT good enough" and meaningful/corrective actions taken accordingly??? Until that culture of maintaining the status quo and being satisfied with mediocrity is decisively no longer allowed to fester, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! (See Rob Vanstone's article in the Leader-post re: apathy...that's the picture of the future of the Riders beginning to unfold).

John said...

Woz,would you sooner have it like BC or Toronto where one one cares? Fans write in here out of frustration because they care about the team, players and wins and losses. This is why the Riders are so popular! Get off your high horse and stay the hell out of fans saying what they feel. We don't need an idiot telling fans what they can or can't say! Who do you think are paying the wages for players, coaches etc including YOU

Anonymous said...

Sure rod why would anyone want there to be player turnover on a 2 win team? Some guys have lost a step. Maybe that step is because they know this is a non competitive team & maybe it is because they are just that bit older but it is a fact right now. Choosing to ignore it is as silly as propping up the idea of a playoff run. ~Steven

Anonymous said...

So glad that we saw Kevin Glenn well into a game that obviously he was not going to win, after all, after all the years in the CFL, a little more experience couldn't hurt... Wait a minute... Maybe we should consider some time to our back-up(s). And I say back-upS because yes there are more than one. And we should have a good look now, before the season is done.

Next year during the pre-season, we will have 4-5 QB's in camp and only two games to look at them. Also, understandably, Darian Durant will need extra playing time to 'get up to speed'. So how will we ever look at the back-ups especially in game conditions. On Saturday's game one of those back-ups, Keith Price, was provided no justice in what we call 'professional sports'. The Riders missed a great opportunity to have a good look at this very capable quarterback.

There was QB Keith Price, standing and watching the pre-game and half-time show featuring his home town University of Washington marching band at BC Place. Yet there was the game itself. One that was so bad to watch and, seriously, seriously, could have used some excitement, any excitement! Yet Keith Price could only watch and yearn for the day. I am sure he missed the U of W on this day in Vancouver, so close to Seattle, where he was a confident player and regular starter with the Pac 12 Husky's.

What a sad and missed opportunity. But on the bright side, we gave Kevin Glenn some much needed experience. Sometimes professional sports simply does not make sense.

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Kel in Victoria I totally agree. A blind man could see that Kevin Glenn was not going to win that game, yet he still had snaps in the 4th quarter. Bob Dyce took himself out of the running for the HC job with that decision. If Keith Price isn't ready for some mop up duty by now, then he's not the man either and we might as well find out.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who think Durant will be back next year are dreaming. Out for at least 18 months at best.

The Woz said...

So on the one hand you have people that say they will not buy a ticket to an exhibition game of back ups.....they want the Riders to out the best players on the field that will give them a chance to win regardless of our record. Those people fork out $80 a ticket and want to be entertained. Then you have the group that says to sit every veteran and put in the backup to the backup to see if they are any good - the hell with the ticket buyers just give them a glorified exhibition game cause we will have no chance of winning. And do that even when we still have a mathematical chance at the playoffs. Either way the riders can't please both of those groups.

Anonymous said...

He's not a payed team member per say, 620 CKRM employee.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gil "woz" Renard. . Something is fundamentally wrong with this club inside and out and you don't maintain success by maintaining the status quo.. sure these dudes are pros and have talent but they're not being pushed internally, they're not young, and last I checked were going to be 2 and 16.. enough to make even myself apathetic towards my favorite team .. it's the same thing that happened in 2011 man so get a grip . This team needs a flush regardless if your favorite hero's can make it on another team.. might be good for them to reinvigorate thier careers because this place is stale. If you want a team of local hero's ran by the old boys club just look at the edmonton oiler model of the past couple few decades.. sorry man I'm a fan but I won't pay my dollars for that shat. Riders could be in trouble here if there's many people like me who'll just tune this team and the league out. They got the funds .. smarten up and do something. Our overhead figures are horrendous compared to perennial calgary. . Heads should role and if your just collecting gravy your out. Rebuild it and we will come back. Till then good luck al ford lovers.


Randolph said...

Where would BC be if they left Jon Jennings on the bench? (With all due respect to the injured Travis Lulay and John Beck) And to blame guys like Getzlaf and Dresser, career Riders who busted their butts game in and out, season after season, is nothing short of insanity. There are plenty of players on this current team good enough to rebuild the franchise around.

Anonymous said...

This whole frickin season has been one glorified exhibition game one after the other of high priced past their prime veteran players who can no longer produce the desired results of winning on the field of play. Time to start cutting the ties of a yesterday past, so long, good residence. New stadium, new administration, new football personnel, new direction. That's just the way it's got to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, not the only one who thinks Abou is a complete assclown!!

Signed city of Regina!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the crazies and douchebags are out in full force.

Must be great to be a 'critical' fan. When they struggle, it's all 'I Told You So', and when they win it's 'because we held their feet to the fire, they're successful'.

For the person critical of O'Day - you have no idea about the inner workings of the Riders, and neither do I. Perhaps he had ideas that Taman voted down that would've helped the team.

I should just stop clicking on the comments section. Too many Eeyores on here.


Anonymous said...

Get your resumes updated and cover letters ready folks.

Just 3 months till you can submit it for GM of your Riders.

Anonymous said...

3 months? The process should already be started. I sent mine in yesterday.

Kan Akoly