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Thursday, October 15, 2015


A former head coach of the Estevan Bruins hockey club and a former captain of the Regina Pats is facing various charges after an accident in Estevan where a 53 year old man was killed.

42 year old Karry Biette was arrested and charged with impaired driving causing death, impaired driving causing bodily harm, criminal negligence and other things after the accident last night where a vehicle travelling on 4th Avenue left the road and struck a tree.

A 50 year old man who was also in the car with the 53 year old was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.

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Anonymous said...

That isn't the news you want to hear on a Thursday afternoon. Very sad!

Anonymous said...

Alcohol has taken many former and current hockey players

Anonymous said...

Their goes another young Man's future and life down the drain. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Not good. What was he thinking.... That's the question he can ask himself over and over

Anonymous said...

Just a stupid thing to say above annon, you think you are scolding him? He messed up bad and will have to deal with it for the rest of his life. Good people do really dumb things sometimes. Be happy it wasn't you because we have all done stupid things that could have ended this way or in a similar fashion. Take it as a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Why should we be happy it wasnt me or you? It ryins so many lives. Problem is this lesson has been shown over time and time again and no one seems to care or listen until it is too late. People are just stupid. Never learning and thinking it will never happen to me. I wont get caught or I can handle my liquor and still drive vehicle. Unfortunately this wont be the last time we hear this kind of story.