Realty One

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Friday: BC at Toronto
Saturday: Saskatchewan at Calgary
Sunday: Ottawa at Hamilton
  Montreal at Edmonton

BALL (47-25): TOR - CGY - OTT - EDM
PHIL (44-28): TOR - CGY - OTT- EDM
SCRUFFY (41-31): TOR - CGY - HAM - EDM
SCHULTZ (39-33): BC - SK - HAM - EDM
RP (38-34): TOR - SK - HAM - EDM
SHARKY (38-34): TOR - CGY - OTT - EDM
LUC (37-35): BC - CGY - OTT - EDM
LYNCH (36-36): BC - SK - HAM - EDM
ABOU (34-38): TOR - CGY - HAM - EDM
COIN (32-40): TOR - CGY - HAM - EDM

* Winner gets a $50 gift card to the Press Box Sports Bar.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have a working animated Gold Eagle coin actually being tossed to see for ourselves the coin picks of the week via a button similar to blue publish tap on this blog? Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Schultz and Lynch, its ok to be faithful fans but do you really think the Riders are going to beat Calgary?

Anonymous said...

Another night of football and another Achilles injury to a star player - Cam Wake, joining the Raven's Suggs and Texan's Foster, among others. Kory Sheets, Darian Durant the two key guys who brought us a Cup in 2013 hobbled by the injury -- just wish there was a technological solution to some footwear that would make these type of injuries history.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Three of you actually picked the Riders to win ..... lol. Not too surprised though to see who the three cabana boys were.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter...get a life dude