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Saturday, October 17, 2015


TORONTO (CP) - The Toronto Argonauts will play another home game at Tim Hortons Field.

The CFL club announced Friday its Oct. 23 home game scheduled for Rogers Centre against the Montreal Alouettes will be played in Hamilton because of the baseball playoffs.

The Toronto Blue Jays are scheduled to host the Kansas City Royals in the American League championship series Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Rogers Centre. The next two games, if necessary, would then be played in Missouri.

The World Series is scheduled to begin Oct. 27 in the American League champion's ballpark.

At first glance, there would appear to be time to reconfigure the stadium to accommodate the Toronto-Montreal football game Friday night. But Argos president/CEO Chris Rudge said Rogers Centre officials don't believe the reconfiguration is possible.

"We have been informed by Rogers Centre officials that there is insufficient time to convert the stadium from baseball to football, and then back again, to accommodate our game on the 23rd,'' Rudge said in a statement. "The game is to be played in just seven days and the most logical course of action for our team and for our fans is to move on and prepare to play the game at a stadium that is available, meets CFL standards and is broadcast-ready.''

The Argos host the Calgary Stampeders at Tim Hortons Field on Saturday because of a potential scheduling conflict at Rogers Centre created by the baseball playoffs.

Rudge said Toronto's scheduled home game against the B.C. Lions on Oct. 30 at Rogers Centre remains in question. Should a conflict arise, Rudge added that contest would likely also be played at Tim Hortons Field.

"We will continue to work on alternate plans for our Oct. 30 home game against the BC Lions should there be another similar conflict with the MLB post-season schedule,'' he said. "Those plans are not yet final but will most likely result in our team playing at Tim Hortons Field.

"We will communicate the appropriate details as early as possible once a decision is known. Again, we thank everyone for their continued support and patience during this unusual time.''

Toronto has already been forced to relocate two home games - the season-opening 26-11 win over Edmonton at Fort McMurray, Alt., and a 38-35 victory in Ottawa on Oct. 6 - due to the Pan Am Games and scheduling issues at Rogers Centre.


Anonymous said...

go royals!!!

Anonymous said...

Being forced to move is one thing, but if you already know that schedule of the Blue Jays, why not change the game starting time so as you are not playing when the Jays are playing... It does not make sense.

Hmmmm... Should we travel from Toronto to Hamilton to watch the Argos play in a half empty stadium? Or should we maybe just stay home and watch GAME 2 OF THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES???... Hmmmm tough choice for those Toronto Sports fans.

Hopefully the new CFL Commish is taking notes of all that went wrong this year and will address for the start of next year.


Anonymous said...

Would getting punted out of Rogers not be breach of contract? Could the Argo's then not relocate to BMO early or is BMO just not ready?

Anonymous said...

From their ridiculously laughable cell coverage to their treatment of the Argos/CFL, Rogers sure makes it easy to hate them.