Realty One



Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Some notes:

Bob Dyce had to stop practice twice to inform his troops their effort wasn't up to his expectations.  Afterwards he told reporters it's not a sign the players have thrown in the towel on the season. It's happened several times in the past this year dating back to training camp.

- Dyce said there is no timetable on a return for REC Chris Getzlaf (foot) and LB Shea Emry (concussion) isn't expected to return this year.

- Regarding being labelled a "rock star" by GM Jeremy O'Day for how he's handled the current tough circumstances, Dyce said, if that's true, he'd prefer to be remembered like Mick Jagger rather than Jimmy Hendrix. "He was around much longer," Dyce smirked to raucous laughter from the reporters.

- QB Kevin Glenn said he hasn't heard the trade speculation linking him to Hamilton but said for now he's a Rider and if he wanted a return to Hamilton he would've signed there as a free agent in the past.

- Regarding his future past this season, Glenn said he'll confer with his consultant, his six-year old son. It was his son who directed Glenn to Saskatchewan last winter.



Anonymous said...

If he's listening to a 6 year old for job advice he's an idiot. Kevin Glenn without question is the most overrated player in the CFL. He's a desperation signing and never lasts anywhere. Very easy to game plan against and at the end of the day he did not win a single game this season.

These guys are playing out the string and they know the season is done. They are what their record states and that is losers. 1-12 coming up in a few days.

Anonymous said...

They haven't been focussed at all this season. 1-12 by 5pm Sunday unless Smith gets to play. Ahh who am I kidding. Doesn't matter who the QB is. They'll be 1-12 by 5pm Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1. Thanks for the input now take a hike!

Lewis Grant said...

Can we admit that we got royally hosed on the Shea Emry trade? He sits out an entire year for a concussion and we didn't know this was an issue? Can we file a grievance with the league for Toronto sending us damaged goods?

Unless there's something more to the story, it looks like this one is definitely on Taman. How come we haven't heard anything about it this year?

Anonymous said...

Anyone with any kind of common sense knew the player in question was a high risk to further injury. This young man nowhere to be found literally near the team, nor the stadium to continue this season after incurred injury and that's just sad. The Inept former gm made a very high risk trade doomed for failure from the get go, surprised? As for the player in question, all the best in life sincerely as you take care of yourself moving forward. Get well.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, a little bit of the Hufnagle coaching. Too late, sk team left the building a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Emry was given a clean bill of health so you can stick that in the pipe and smoke it.

His loss was bigger than Durant's. The O didn't suffer until Glenn went down, but we all know what has happened to the D.

Would O'Day look at what Glenn has done and perhaps trade Doubles to free up some $$$$ and then have Smith or Price ready to go in 2017. Questions, questions, questions!!!

Anonymous said...

Weird, I sit on West side and saw Emry on the sidelines the last two home games.

Your comment is just sad.