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Thursday, September 24, 2015



1 - FANS LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THEMSELVES:  And why wouldn't they?  It seems it's become something of a badge of honour to stick with the Saskatchewan Roughriders this year through one of their most painful, agonizing seasons in history.  For instance, everyone's still wearing their Rider gear around the province and no one's unscrewing their Roughrider license plates.  The Riders haven't had one game where less than 30,000 tickets have been sold.  It's something Rider coach Bob Dyce said the coaching staff has discussed amongst themselves all season long.

"Oh without a doubt," Dyce said on Wednesday.  "There's other places you could be and the team wouldn't have this type of support.  I've been blessed to be here for six years and you still can't take (the support) for granted.  For the majority of the time we've been here we've been pretty successful and you have an expectation, or you almost expect the crowds to be like this.  To see the fans here, through a challenging time like this, to the new guys especially, they're like 'Wow this is outstanding'.

"We've gone to places where the fans haven't been there and the teams have been more successful.  So yeah, we talk about it and obviously have great respect for them."

We're all learning as we go.  1-11 is new for everyone and I feared there would be fan apathy and we'd have to switch direction on our radio and TV shows here in the fall.  However that has not been the case, and our programs have remained fun and entertaining, I'm told.

2 - ROCK ON:   Roughriders GM Jeremy O'Day labelled Dyce as a "Rock Star" for the way he's dealt with the tough circumstances surrounding the club since he took over as head coach prior to Labour Day.  Global's Derek Meyers asked Dyce on Wednesday if he sees himself the way O'Day does.

"Ummm no," Dyce laughed.  "I didn't know (he said that).  Hopefully I'm more of a Mick Jagger than a Jimmy Hendrix, meaning I'm around a bit longer!"

Dyce is no dummy and it's clear he's been able to keep his head when those around him could be losing theirs.  It's a solid trait for any coach.

3 - THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE:  In the absence of quarterback Darian Durant, 8-year veteran receiver Weston Dressler has been thrust into the role of the franchise's face.  On the plus side, Dressler's jersey sales have soared but on the minus side, the diminutive ball-catcher has been the one facing the tough questions from reporters day-after-day.  You can just see the pain in his eyes as he describes what the team's going through, and struggles to find new ways to say the same things.

"It's tough,"  Dressler admitted on Wednesday.  "I don't particularly like talking to you guys everyday.  When we're losing it's hard to answer all of the questions and I wish I had better answers for you guys.  If we had more answers or had all the answers, we'd be winning more games.  The important thing for us is we have to keep working at it and understand that the work we're putting in is going to help us win some games here."

4 - A FINE CHAP:  When Jacques Chapdelaine was hired in December as the Roughriders' new offensive coordinator, we were warned by Vancouver football and media types that Jacques is very wary of the media and doesn't view us as "his friends".   However I was content to reserve judgment and 12 games into this season, I'm happy to report he's displayed no such traits.

After that 35-13 loss in Ottawa in August, Chapdelaine used an eight minute media scrum the following week to explain why they weren't using running back Jerome Messam more and that injuries caused confusion in their goalline offensive package that game which caused them to take what appeared to be an embarrassing timecount violation.

On Wednesday in an off-air conversation where we prepped for a live radio interview later in the day, Jacques told me that years ago he would've taken offense to my question of, 'The fans want to know why you're not using Messam more?' but at this stage in his coaching career he now sees interviews as an opportunity to get things off his chest and explain the methods to his madness.  He now relishes that chance.

In fact in that original scrum weeks ago, Chapdelaine said, "We hear the fans.  We really do and we'd like to use Jerome more.  Unfortunately the other teams know we want to use him more as well and they game plan against it."

On 620 CKRM's Coaches Show on Wednesday, we asked Jacques how a last-place team could have the #1 offense in the CFL?  He was quick to point out that they no longer own the top offense but when things were running well, there was so much talent available at his disposal that no matter what he pulled out of his play bag, his players were able to execute it nearly flawlessly.  He also noted that when Kevin Glenn replaced the injured Darian Durant, there was virtually no drop-off in production.

5 - BACK TO THE WEIRDNESS:  Scruffy pointed out that this has been a very odd year for Regina sports teams.  The drama surrounding the Rams with the ouster of Frank McCrystal and the infusion of Mike Gibson has been gut-wrenching at times, even if no one knows about it outside the football community.

The Rider situation has obviously been strange too, with the first double-firing since 1986 and even back then it wasn't mid-season.  But the players have not only not turned on each other, but they've shown a strong desire to remain a part of the program.  (Take for instance centre Dan Clark's contract extension this week and quarterback Kevin Glenn's assertion that he has no interest in being traded to Hamilton and he remains committed to Saskatchewan for 2015 and beyond).

In many ways, you'd have no idea that this club is 1-11.  However when you look at it 'big picture', the franchise remains in a critical situation and the impending "double-hiring" will be one of the most poignant landmarks in franchise history.

Scruffy pointed out the only team without the "weird factor" this year is the Regina Pats, but we'll get to that further down in the column.

6 - HUFF IS TRENDING:  A Rider fan contacted me on Twitter on Wednesday asking for my support in the movement to lure John Hufnagel to Saskatchewan as Coach & GM.  However I will have no part of that, and that's not an indictment of Hufnagel.  One of the umpteen things Eric Tillman has taught me over the years is, "Don't ever throw your support behind someone for a hiring with your team," Tillman warned.  "Because if your guy doesn't get hired, then the guy that does will know he didn't have your support all along."

Sage advice.

Do I think Jeremy O'Day will get the Rider GM job?  Yes.  Would I like that to happen?  Yes.  However I'm not outright campaigning for it nor am I trying to make up anybody's mind for them.

7 - THE LATEST WILD RUMOUR:  This one came right out of the blue on the weekend.  I was tipped off that an American NHL team's ownership group has had at least minor explorations into landing a CFL franchise for Los Angeles.  At this point I'm not prepared to say which team it is however I spoke with a club spokesman and he would not deny the rumour.  Stay tuned!

8 - IN THE PADDOCK:  Leader Post columnist Rob Vanstone referred to me as "an erstwhile voice of the Pats in 1999" in his Thursday morning column when discussing Pats coach John Paddock's crack at the Roughriders last week.  I had to look up the term erstwhile and this is what I found: "former; of times past".  Rob's correct.  I'll leave the wordssmithing to him.

Anyway, Paddock took the lighthearted jab at the Riders last week in a news conference when he said the Pats and Warriors are the most entertaining teams in the area.  He added, "Right, Rod?" as a footnote to his joke.

Later on in the lunch buffet line, Paddock continued the narrative by whispering over my shoulder, "You're covering the wrong team!"

Hasn't anyone filled him in on this story?  Ask the former regime about it.

As Paddock embarks on his second season in charge of the Queen City Kids which will faceoff Thursday night in Moose Jaw (7:00 pm on 620 CKRM), I've come to greatly admire the man.  He mentioned at last week's news conference that it's "neat" to be a part of the historic rivalry between the Moose Jaw Warriors and Regina Pats.  Paddock's coached two NHL teams and is in the AHL Hall of Fame yet he's just as honoured to coach the Regina Pats.

That gets an "A" in my books.

Thursday's SportsCage will be a fun show as we broadcast live from Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw leading up to the game.

9 - THE DUB'S TOP 125:  The WHL's first-ever list of its Top 125 players of all-time was a fun way to get the 2015-16 season started however as a guy who spent 17 years in the Dub, I felt the alphabetical nature of the list was a bit of a cop-out.  I mean, are we anywhere closer to naming the best WHL player ever after this list was compiled?

Here are the Top 10 Regina Pats from their list:
Jock Callander
Dale Derkatch
Jordan Eberle
Clark Gillies
Greg Joly
Mike Sillinger
Dennis Sobchuk
Ed Staniowski
Brad Stuart
Doug Wickenheiser

It's tough to argue with that list of names however I'd substitute Barret Jackman for Stuart.  Who's the best Dub player of all-time?  I've been following the league since 1980 and would submit the names of Joe Sakic and Jarome Iginla for consideration.  However the silver-haired hockey followers tell me Dennis Sobchuk and Bobby Orr are the greatest junior players the game has ever seen.

Oh, and Morgan Rielly in Moose Jaw?  He only played two seasons and was hurt for most of them!

Regarding the Warriors, GM Alan Millar raised eyebrows this week acquiring a pair of 20-year olds including Dryden Hunt from the Medicine Hat Tigers.  Hockey insiders feel this move signals a distinct move by the Warriors to be a contender (and in the process, not dealing Brayden Point to Red Deer which was widely speculated), and a move for Millar to save his job.  "Al has to make the players," one scout told me.

10 - THE COWBOY GOALIE:  And finally, what a treat it was to listen to former NHL goaltender Clint Malarchuk speak at our 3rd Annual Recovery Day luncheon at the Conexus Arts Centre this week.  It takes a lot of guts for Clint to stand in front of 500 people and speak of his battle with addictions, mental illness and suicide attempts (he still has a bullet lodged in his forehead from an episode years ago in Reno, NV).  It was an even bigger thrill to spend some one-on-one time with the Grande Prairie product, look into his fierce eyes, and swap war stories.  Clint's book The Crazy Game is available in Chapters and for someone like you and me, is a must-read.  Three of the most-interesting things I learned in the book are: 1) the NHL is not a handshake league, 2) Clint named his oldest daughter Kelli after childhood friend Kelly Hrudey and, 3) always invite your Mom to your wedding even if it's your fourth!


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Anonymous said...

If at this point you think, without any search being done at all, that O'Day should get the hire then you are just a homer and absolutely do NOT have the franchise's best interests at heart.

william weppler said...

Clint's book is a great read for sure!

Anonymous said...

If there was room to add a couple more names to the WHL all-time list I would nominate the Pat's Tim Ianonne and Robbie Laird, and the Blade's Ralph Klassen.

Anonymous said...

A CFL franchise in LA?!! Wow, with a low Canadian dollar, it would be a mecca for CFL free agents. No thanks, lets keep the CFL wholly Canadian. If in 10 to 20 years it is feasible for a 10th team, then it should be in the east division in the Atlantic provinces.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Rod you know I love your work and I admire how hard you work. However you are absolutely not following Tillmans advice and you have been pushing hard for the hire of O'Day since day one. You even had a poll up asking fans to their opinion on the hire for a number of days and only had a Tillman poll up for less than a day and refused to share results of either one. I personally don't care what you decide to do, it's your blog. But let's be honest about this. Either you are pushing for O'Day or some rider brass with mob mentality told you to do that.

Anonymous said...

"Do I think Jeremy O'Day will get the Rider GM job? Yes. Would I like that to happen? Yes"
Rod Pedersen, if you want O'Day as the next GM then you are part of the problem.
How could O'Day possibly know enough to be successful when he was groomed by Brendan Taman?

Anonymous said...

I want O'Day to be the next Rider GM too.

A humored Bomber fan

Anonymous said...

To a humored Bomber fan,

A bomber fan taking shots.

1990. That is all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If O'Day gets the GM job this DJ ply reinforces that this is nothing more than an old boys club and they no longer care about winning. The day Jim Hopson fired Tillman and replaced him with Taman was the day the culture of winning is #1 changed.

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, Please keep O'Day as GM.... And Dyce as coach.

Humoured non-rider fan.

Anonymous said...

The Riders have a long history of losing and mediocrity. They have done more losing than winning. In the last five years alone we will have had three losing season and a very shabby 10-8 last year. We only won twice in the second half. yet somehow we delude ourselves into thinking we all that! Just because we sell out lotteries and sell copious amounts of gear. That doesn't translate into a great franchise.

O'Day has had three years as an assistant GM under a GM with a lifetime .440 record. Taman was essentially fired for incompetence when you cut through all the BS. He failed to have a backup last year, failed to build his Canadian talent, and failed to control his HC among a host of other deficiencies. O'Day has been through this with him and is contributory to the mess. What quality management experience does he have? He has the thinnest of all resume's. If he was good enough what wasn't he just appointed GM instead of interim? What became of his interviews elsewhere?

Yet this fact is ignored because of the good old boy syndrome that permeates this community and to an extent the Riders organization. He's a good guy so therefore he's a good GM……? He has been shamelessly promoted here and other media in this town. It seems we would rather hire a truly inexperienced GM and accept more losing than do the right thing for the organization and seek out the best qualified candidate. To think that DD is guaranteed to come back and return to all star performance is a hope not a for sure thing. DD can mask a lot of deficiencies including the GM's BUT that's not the way to do it. O'Day could possibly be a decent GM one day but he still needs a few years under a GM who actually knows how to build and sustain a winner. Run the franchise like a business and you will do well. Run it like and old boys club and the mediocrity will continue.

Anonymous said...

Keep seeing discussions on why so many QBs getting injured. To me it's a matter of how much heat from the D vs protection from the O. Even when hurt running it happens usually when protection breaks down and/or DB coverage. Teams strive to have at least 4 Canadians on the O line while stacking the D with imports. In theory that creates a mismatch. Combine that with the propensity to blitz and you will get QB injuries. No?

Anonymous said...

Curious if there are ANY Rider fans that want O'Day as the GM ?? And if you do ..... why ??

Anonymous said...

Tim Iannone?! CMON!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that with the possible exception of John Hufnagel everybody else in the CFL wants the Riders to promote O'Day. It would make their lives easier.

Anonymous said...

"Erstwhile"? You had to look up the definition of "Erstwhile"? Rod Pedersen, poster boy for the Milestone education system.

Anonymous said...

The crowds remain big because the season ticket base is high in anticipation of the new stadium. If that new stadium was not coming there would be 25,000 - 27,000 fans at games right now. In my opinion anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate the vocal minority have access to computers. The VAST majority of Rider fans are sticking with this team and hoping it is a one year blip. 30,000 tickets sold compared to 50 comments on a blog and people think rider nation is in an uproar. This was a perfect storm type of season where the team had little depth then hit a lot of significant injuries quickly. What do you think would happen?

Letting Taman go was the right call. Horrible cap management and no balls to pull the trigger on veteran players. Brackenridge should have never been re-signed when it is evident he doesn't fit into the scheme. Chris Best should have been moved on from, Maze, Jackson, Harris should have been upgraded or at least a couple of them to start the progression.

Whats funny is it isn't a real hard fix. Still a great base of players with some young guys emerging. We need to add a Canadian starter through free agency and hopefully draft a couple roster players. Adding Heenan will be huge.

Sk_Roughie said...

Hey Roddy I thought the list of top 125 was okay. A bit skewed in my opinion with not a lot of actual research. More just the opinions of the panel who picked the top 125 There were a few names, mainly current players within the last 15 years I might have left off the list but from my understanding some of the criteria was based on pro careers after the WHL. I would have liked to have seen Todd Holt thrown into the mix as he is the all time goals and points leader in Swift Current Broncos history and 22nd in points all time in the WHL is quite an accomplishment. Also starting in January they will be counting down the top 50 WHL players of all time. One of the reasons they left the top 125 as alphabetical. Can't wait for Sunday! GO RIDERS!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy O'Day ... three Grey Cup rings .... FANS zero. Who cares what you think. The Riders board will hire who they think is right.

Wake up call Hufnagel isn't leaving Calgary. He's not. So quit thinking everyone wants to be in sask.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Tim Iannone a frickin' goon??

Anonymous said...

Jeremy O'Day is a great guy that's why he should be GM. Craig Reynolds believes he's a great guy and a great leader. A nerd following a jock around. I'm an Eskimos fan so just hire O'Day. it'll be like when Al Ford was running your team. Guaranteed 2 points.

Dennis said...

A Cfl team in LA seriously? Does the league really want to go down that road again, where an American team will play by their own rules, ex. without any Canadians in starting lineup. I guess if someone is willing to pay a huge franchise fee the league would listen.

Anonymous said...

Todd Holt and Sheldon Kennedy both notable absences from the top 125 list. Make of that what you will.

Anonymous said...

A couple things....

1. Stop talking about Tillman. If he was ever brought back (which he won't), most of the employes working in the ticket office, Rider Store and other admin areas would quit. He's not a likeable guy and well ...... I'd love to tell you more.....
Honestly, do you think a GM calling fans at home when he finds out that they don't like him is a good quality in a GM? In a person period?

2. O'Day will be the next GM of the Blue Bombers.

3. The Riders will have a new GM and HC and both positions will be filled from within the CFL. Marc Trestman isn't coming here. We'll have our new guys hired before the NFL season is even over.

4. Pavel Brendl was one of the best i've ever seen. Just sick skill. 172 goals, 320 points in 179 games. Man aginst boys.

Secret Agent (I know more than you)

Anonymous said...

More like Secret Idiot

Anonymous said...

If you're going to hire an assistant GM to be 'the guy' wouldn't it make more sense to hire John Hufnagel's assistant or Wally Buono's assistant or Jim Barker's assistant or Kent Austin's assistant, rather than someone trained by a totally inept Brendan Taman? Those guys are all football people, Taman never was.

Anonymous said...

Re qbs getting hurt this year.
If the hands are taken away from the dbs then how is an offence to be slowed down or stopped? Given the inconsistent reffing calling defensive pass interference the problem is exaggerated. It doesn't take much savvy unless you are Corey to increase the pressure on the qb. The only way to stop the pass is to stop the qb. The CFL remains the comedy football league because they never consider the consequences of new rules.
How about them Jays?
It's Thursday night football.
PS SA knowing more than a bunch of fifth graders only makes you smart in your local environment. Anywhere else you are not smart enough to be considered stupid.

The Woz said...

To the poster who asked if there is a Rider fan out there that wants O'Day. Yes there is - me for one. Why? Because I do not agree that the talent on this team is as bad as some people think. We have a strong nucleus and some up and coming younger players that git their feet wet this year. At the same time we still have a good mix of older leaders. As we saw in 2012 you cant win with just young players and on 2013 we brought in some guys who had won it all before and led us to the Cup. You need that mix and that is why I say guys like Brack and Chick need to be kept around. If their skills are diminishing that is a different thing but several older guys are still playing at a high level.

I believe Taman was not fired because of the salary cap or the talent he assembled. He was canned for one reason - because he allowed Chamblin to much freedom and fir him to make so e questionable decisions - if Taman had reined Chamblin in or fired him earlier then he would still be here.

As far as ODay he has has a big role in bringing in alot of the talent we have. We have some spots to fill for sure but I believe he has enough experience and more importantly passion for this franchise to get us back to glory. If you look at someone like Ed Hervey what experience did he have as a GM but he turned that team around in two years. What experience did Hufnagel have as a GM before he took the job? At some point all GMs are given their first opportunity and if we don't give it to ODay another team will. He is solid. And he also understands this whacky fanbase which is huge. He wants to live is Sask which is big. And he also has a tight relationship with Reynolds which is key. All ODay needs to do is revisit the scouting structure. He will be fine.

The day after the firings i predicted that ODay would be the man but they would kick some tires first - we are seeing that with this dreaming of Trestman (by the way what exoerience does Trestman gave being a GM). ODay will hire Lapo because of his past relationship with him and his star quality being on TSN. They will both be on place by December 31 so they can start hiring assistants and getting ready for next year asap.

So there you have it - one fans opinion on why ODay will be hired. I am sure there are other supporters but we are the silent majority.

Anonymous said...

To those who never had the chance to see Sobchuk play at the old Ex sure missed something. A couple more players for the Pats top 20 list that were phenomenal players are Brian Varga, Dirk Graham and Darren Veitch

Anonymous said...

ahhh did you know that there are some asst gm's that are just pencil pushers and biggest job is to book hotel rooms for the team?

at least o'day was out recruiting and scouting players

Unknown said...

Theoren Fleury was as good as it gets in Junior hockey !!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Huffer or Kent's assistant are more than pencil pushers or Huf and Kent wouldn't have time to coach.

Anonymous said...

Until I hear that O'Day has revamped the entire scouting and recruitment crew I'm not in favour of extending his contract. The current system has found one game changing talent (Kory Sheets) in five years, very few of the rest could make any other team.

Anonymous said...

Ole boys club/team board = kkkish rule.

Anonymous said...


You are a successful voice of the Riders. And you obviously have a very successful blog.

Your success is primarily based not to any coverage of junior hockey or the Pats, but is primarily due to the strong following of the Rider Nation that seemingly can't get enough.
For the Pats coach to want more coverage, you are right in that he does not 'get it'. Because very few would tune in or read your blog if you were more focused on the junior hockey, or changed your format away from the Riders.

I live out of province, as does many of the Rider Nation, do you or anyone else believe we would follow your blog every day if you were just focused on the Pats or hockey? Nope, no reason for that type of coverage... We can get plenty of hockey coverage elsewhere, and I will be honest, there is no such thing as the 'Pats Nation'. So stick to your guns...

Go Riders!


Red said...

Wozzie made a good point. What kind of experience do you need to become a GM?
Take Taman for example. This is an individual who worked for CN rail, became a water boy,moved up to Director of Player Personnel, and then GM. Quite impressive if I may say.
John Hufnagel. Was an All-American QB at Penn. St. Was drafted in the late rounds of the NFL. Had a brief stint as a player in the NFL,played in the CFL,and began coaching in the CFL. Remember Jeff Garcia? Coached and GM in the Arena league. And then coached in the NFL. Ever hear of Colonel Tom? Ya he worked with him. He then became GM/coach in Calgary.
Ya he has the experience. Not quite to the extent of Taman though.
But as in all cases, Wozzie is right.
O,Day will be hired, and he will promptly hire LaPO. They are "nice guys who are respected". More importantly, the media will want them hired. The ol' boys will gladly do it as they always do.
Not sure what this theme of "understanding Saskatchewan fans " means though.
To me , it means that you have to be a "nice guy", accepts mediocrity, " as long as we are close" and "we will get em next year".
When is the last time you saw Calgary lose more than 2 games in a row?
Invisible Craig has stated that the GM position is one of the most coveted positions in North America.
Who do you think will become the next GM?
Its up to the old boys now.
I told you so....

Anonymous said...

So the reasons so far to hire O'Day as GM include .... he played a big role in assembling the strong talent on the Riders, he wants to live in Regina, and he's tight friends with Reynolds. Sounds good to me.

A non-Rider Fan

Anonymous said...

Ed Hervey had the benefit of learning from Tillman and that team is still succeeding off of many of Tillman's recruits. If O'Day had been trained by a real GM like Tillman I'd be far more interested in giving him a chance. Oddly enough it was Tillman who found O'Day as a player when he was GM in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Most brilliant post of all time on This season ticket holder agrees with you 100%

Anonymous said...

A team in LA?

I guess our American players on the Riders and the other 'Canadian' teams would beg to be traded... The 25% raise in salary alone, based on the conversion rate of our very weak Canadian dollar trading at below 75%, would be a good reason to get paid in US dollars by a US team...

The ridiculous notions have just started... By the way, was that an expansion or was it moving an already established franchise? That makes me wonder... (definitely not any of the teams with new stadiums)...

Speaking of the weak Canadian dollar... anyone have any plans to go South this winter? Thanks to the Fed Cons poor management of our country's economy, not only are we in a technical recession, but our Canadian dollar is at it's lowest point since Harper took over almost 9 years ago. Thanks Harper!

How low can that dollar go? Let's vote him in again to see!!!

Back to sports, I wonder how our professional sports teams will deal with this player's salary dilemma in Canada with the 25% drop in dollar? Did I mention 'thanks Harper'?


Colonel Sanders said...

A CFL franchise in L.A.?

Sure, maybe one in London, England and Tokyo too. They're HUGE markets.

Anonymous said...

Sure thing kel, let's vote for Commie Tom and watch the country go right back into deficit. Plus 150000 Canadian jobs go up in smoke. Then watch the Dippers beg the Canadian public to stay the course and that they're simply cleaning up Harper's mess. Same with the NDP here, nothing but excuses when they were in government.


Billy Bob

Anonymous said...

The Woz is right

Anonymous said...

I want what some of the stuff old Billy Bob is snorting.


John said...

Seeing as we are talking politics, How about Dippers in Sask. Health care saviors closing 50 hospitals in one year and Liberals 20% interest rate. Watch what you wish for! As far as a GM goes for Riders, it would be good if we could get an experienced GM but as far as I know they don't grow on trees and no matter who is hired even if it was Jesus we would still bitch. nuff said

Anonymous said...

Please tell me more Secret Agent. So what if office employees leave. You can get your tickets online through tickermaster. You can pay part timers and retirees to run the store. I'd welcome Tillman back with open arms and anyone who likes to win which is all of Rider Nation would likely do the same. Do you honestly think Kent Austin would be associated with Tillman if he was such a bad guy? This character assassination of Tillman must stop!!

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with it, sadly Woz is right. O'Day will get hired for all the reasons he outlines. Unfortunately those are all very bad reasons. But this Board and past president in Jim Hopson have a habit of making the easy decision which is rarely the right one. Let's hope Reynolds doesn't follow in old Jimmy boys footsteps.

Anonymous said...

This Top 125 list is null and void without John Minor on it.

Anonymous said...

Rod, your comments on your show about Neil today, were horrible! That is no way to treat a mentally ill person. No wonder society makes fun of them, when you say those things on your show! Have you ever had a mentally ill person in your family? Kudos to Kelly for not agreeing with you. You owe Neil and all mentally ill people, an apology! You should know better!

Patrick, from MJ

Anonymous said...

Regina/Sk LOSERS !

Merci beaucoup mon amie

Armchambault Quebec
Home of super max.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Dennis Sobchuk known as the Million dollar baby? Wasn't he also the Doug Wikenheiser of his time?

Anonymous said...

Kel stay at home and roll in your new found social programs. I'll be down south and the orange flag wavers can stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk politics folks.

I live in Alberta and work for WestJet. A week ago I received an email from the company informing me that our wonderful NDP government has increased taxes(retro to January 1 St of course). Great, so the company is going to hit me with an extra 5% too make up the difference.

Today I read the federal NDP is gonna go after stock options. This is part of WestJets compensation.

One question, why would you people want to pay higher taxes. Don't make sense.

Angry Pilot

Anonymous said...

Neil was an absolute pud. You think he is the first caller to get ridiculed on a phone-in show. He made his comments and Rod responded. End of story!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Sobchuk was an incredible player with the Pats. It was very special to go to a Pat game in the old Ex Stadium and see him at work. If I could time travel, I would love to relive those moments in the early 1970's at the old Stadium.

As it happened, the WHA was formed to challenge the NHL monopoly and to bring pro hockey to many large cities in North America. Big salaries were used to entice stars and draft picks from the NHL. Sobchuk got a great offer from the Cincinnati Stingers.

One can speculate about how Sobchuk's career would have gone had he gone into a more stable NHL had no WHA been in existence. He could have had more time to develop as a pro and may have grown into an NHL star. But for many junior stars (and Sobchuk is best described as a junior Superstar), the instability caused by the WHA saw some young players fail to meet expectations, or worse.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Who's Neil?

The Woz said...

Red there is no requirement to have played a sport to be an effective manager. Look it up there are lots of guys that were or are great managers but never played. That is like saying to be the President of Saskpower you needed to start as a lineman.... Real life doesnt work thst way. People are hired more for who you know and who you can get along with. Reynolds is not going to gamble with his first hire being a stranger that he cant work with. His first hire is not going to be a controversial grinder like Tillman. He might hire Trestman given his rep in the league but I still say anyone who thinks he would come here is dreaming. This is all about windiw dressing.... The Riders need to make it look like they are really trying to shake the bushes no matter how ridiculous the petson named is. But they really want to give ODay the gig.

And as i predicted the day after the firings - various knuckledraggers would quickly badmouth ODay because he carries the stench of Taman. ODay is already in a no win situation cause every move he makes will be questioned to the tenth degree. Even if he wins his success will be discounted and he will be scuttled as soon as he makes a mistake.... Same thing happened to Taman. Around here unless you win every year you are shown the door. Meanwhile wally is not in trouble in vanvouver....

Good kick with this lynch mob Jeremy you are going to need it.

The Woz said...

No one wants to pay more taxes but reality is that governments only have a few choices. Raise taxes, cut programs, borrow, or hope for revenues from other sources like royalties. The last one is not possibke right now. People bitch if you cut ant programs and borrowing is a bad word because it is not sustainable and our kids just have to pay it off at some point. So what would you do angry pilot? Albertas problem is that they have been living beyond their means for years relying on oil. Reality hurts. Get ready for pst....

Anonymous said...

As per the usual The Woz post. He's out to lunch delusional stupid. Different day, same bullsh*t.

Anonymous said...

1977/78 New Westminster Bruins allstar hockey club.

Anonymous said...

Neil must be friends with Al Ford.

Hey #Harpersucks and Kel, bad news for you. Left wing paper Toronto Star now says Tories are headed for majority government. Looks like you and the rest of the elitist vocal minority with nothing to do all day but rant on blogs and Twitter are going down the drain! That's cause the vast majority of us are hard working average joes and janes who put country first and want good leadership. And that leader is your incumbent Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Your attempts to make it somehow hip and cool to hate Harper are doomed to FAIL. But I'm sure you'll resort to more childish vandalism of stop signs in hopes it'll turn things around. Good luck with that!


Anonymous said...

As before, 2/3 of people can again vote AGAINST Harper and his Tories and still get a majority. The great thing about vote splitting in a 3 party race.

Anonymous said...

What would I do,

Not vote for the parties in this election that have flat out stated are gonna raise my taxes.

Not Vote for the party is this election that has promised such things as a national daycare.

So let me get this straight Woz. You seem to think we have a revenue problem. So now is the time to bring in someone who will INCREASE spending. That's illogical.

We have a spending problem on social programs we can't afford. Many of us are tired of contributing close to 50% of our income to taxes, not including fuel tax,liquor tax, GST, PST,etc.

But let's increase spending and squeeze just a bit more out of everybody who makes a decent wage. F@cking wonderful.

Angry Pilot

The Woz said...

Angry pilot where in my post did I say anything about increasing spending? But reality is that even with maintaining existing programs there will be inflation - the doctors and nurses for example will want increases and you have to find the money fir that somewhere. Right now we do have a revenue problem because this country is resourced based. Oil and potash are down, the harvest was not the best, mining sectors are down.... The only thing that is helping is exports and that is currently not offsetting the losses in those other areas. So if you do not want to raise taxes then the onky options are deficit budgets and borrowing or cutting existing programs. It is easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

What in hell has a lot of the previous comments got to do with sports? Go yap on some other blog

Anonymous said...

If u support the NDP or Liberals, you support increased spending.

It's right there in their platforms.