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Thursday, September 17, 2015



1 - The CFL's weekly Game Notes package cheerfully pointed out the Saskatchewan Roughriders need to go 6-1 over the remaining seven regular season games to have a hope at making the playoffs.  They figure seven wins should do it, and pointed out the team with the least amount of wins to make the playoffs in the last 20 years was the 1999 Edmonton Eskimos (6).  That season the Riders were 3-15 but weren't officially eliminated from post-season contention until the final weekend.

2 - I was initially shocked on Tuesday when Riders coach Bob Dyce said that although not many outside the team think the playoffs are a possibility at 1-10, that remains their goal.  In retrospect, what else would you expect him to say?  What else would you want him to say?  The Riders need to keep fighting even though their margin for error is incredibly thin.  At least something remains to play for, and it adds a bit of excitement for Saturday's home game against Ottawa (7:00 pm, TSN, 620 CKRM).  I feel rather sheepish for saying the season is a write-off however if I'd said anything else, I'd have been laughed off the planet.  Good thing the team doesn't feel that way.

3 - God bless her pea-pickin' heart.  A nice lady by the name of Joanne called into the SportsCage on Monday to inform us her friend is a mathematics professor at the University of Regina and after running the numbers, he's found the Riders still have a mathematical chance at the 2015 CFL Playoffs.  Thanks Tips!  The trouble is the Riders need B.C., Winnipeg and Montreal to lose almost all of their remaining games in order for the stars to align.  But it could happen the way things are going.

4 - Kevin Glenn will have plenty of motivation for Saturday night's game, even if he may not admit to it.  Glenn didn't hide his disdain for the Ottawa RedBlacks franchise last season when he was initially claimed from Calgary in the expansion draft, but later deal to B.C. after the club signed Henry Burris.  He was used as a pawn.  In his last start against the RedBlacks - with B.C. on October 11 of last season - Glenn threw for 345 yards and three touchdowns in a 41-3 drubbing.  We have yet to ask Kevin his feelings on the matter this week, however Bob Dyce said it hasn't come up in meetings and Glenn'sfocus appears to be solely on getting the win on Saturday.

5 - Despite the two teams' records (Saskatchewan is 1-10 and Ottawa is 6-4), the oddsmakers have the Riders opening as 2.5-point favourites for the game.  The forecast calls for sunshine and 20 degrees Celsius for the 7:00 pm kickoff.

6 - I'm starting to get excited for Saturday's game!

7 - Some long CFL playoff streaks are in jeopardy of falling.  The Montreal Alouettes have a 19-season consecutive playoff appearance streak on the go dating back to 1996.  They've never missed since returning from Baltimore.  Meanwhile the B.C. Lions haven't missed the post-season since 1997 - a span of 18 seasons.  The odds would suggest one of these will fall.

8 - Since the inception of the crossover playoff berth in 1996, no East Division team has ever crossed over into the West.  However the way this wonky 2015 season has gone, now would seem to be the time.

9 - The Roughriders are non-committal on whether or not they've entered the sweepstakes for free agent linebacker Henoc Muamba who was cut by the Indianapolis Colts coming out of training camp.  So far the B.C. Lions, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have all made offers.  We should know the Riders' answer by the end of the week.

10 - The same goes for linemen Brett Jones and Ben Heenan.  The New York Daily News reported on September 5 that the New York Giants have placed Jones on Injured Reserve and his season is over with an MCL sprain.  Meanwhile Ben Heenan suffered a meniscus tear while in camp with the Indianapolis Colts and published reports suggest he's received an injury settlement and been placed on waivers.  However Ben's been spotted working out at Regina's Level 10 gym, if that report is to be believed.

11 - Many Rider fans have asked what's next for Corey Chamblin?  If he isn't already, he'll soon be at his home in Phoenix calculating his next coaching move.  We likely haven't seen the last of Chamblin in the CFL but the NCAA seems like a logical move.  He's got a great resume, no doubt.

12 - Regina Pats Coach & GM John Paddock posed an interesting question at the end of our Tuesday interview in the SportsCage.  Paddock asked, "If Durant hadn't have gotten hurt, would Chamblin have been fired?"  Luc Mullinder and I thought about it for a minute and then both answered, "No".  It really doesn't matter now but it simply seemed like a coach standing up for a fellow coach.  Theirs is a large fraternity, just like broadcasters and trainers.

13 - Who from the CFL on TSN panel gains football employment first: Mike Benevides or Paul Lapolice?

14 - I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Anderson's Grade 9 English class at Campbell Collegiate on Wednesday and one of the questions from the floor was, "How do you explain the Riders' fall from Grey Cup champions to 1-10 so fast?"  What a great question, but one I didn't have time to explain in a 43-minute period.

15 - That session at Campbell occured about an hour before the city-wide lockdown of all Public and Separate Schools due to an anonymous phone threat.  What a dreadful world our children are being raised in.

16 - It was great to be back in the Brandt Centre Wednesday night to witness our beloved Regina Pats in preseason action against the Prince Albert Raiders.  Things I took away: 1) There was no two-for-one Wednesday hotdog promotion like usual but I bought a pair anyway for $9 and was elated to see the weiners were flame-broiled.  Absolutely delicious!  They seemed to be dipped in a barbecue sauce.  2) Many fans wearing #39 STEEL jerseys were dismayed to learn the sophomore Pats phenom has changed his number to 23.  Why?  #39 looked so good on him (a la Doug Weight) but he continued to dazzle nonetheless.  3) A head-scratcher as to why Daniel Wapple started in goal for Regina when there's a battle for the #2 job behind him between Tyler Brown and Jordan Hollett?  4)  I did not take the opportunity to look up first year Raiders GM Curtis Hunt.  Figured he was busy and there would be plenty more opportunities this season.  5)  Anybody with the Pats will tell you they're a very young team who will be taxed to make the playoffs but we'll tell you the talent is undeniable and they'll provide a winter of entertaining hockey.  6)  The Brandon Wheat Kings might be able to beat the Columbus Blue Jackets.

17 - Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli conservatively predicted a 40-point season for Connor McDavid this season in an interview with TSN's Bob McKenzie.  Bob's eyes nearly popped out of his head at that suggestion.  I think we all expect McDavid will have 40 points by New Year's.

18 - TSN's Paul Lapolice admitted on Wednesday's SportsCage that, being from New England, he's a Patriots fan.  It doesn't hurt that Paul is friends with Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia dating back to their days at RPI College.  He also referred to Pats coach Bill Belichick as "a friend".  Regarding the cheating and all the team's scandals, Lapo said the Patriots found loopholes in the NFL's rules and really don't need to make any apologies.  Any Patriots fan feels the same way.  Would you care if the Roughriders were guilty of such offenses?  Likely not if they were winning championships because of it.

19 - Out of fear of being left out of conversations with my friends, I broke down and downloaded the Draft Kings app and entered two one-week NFL fantasy pools last weekend.  How frigging addicting!  But if this is the best way of attracting the 18-34 demographic to the CFL, let's get on it.  By the way, I didn't win anything.

20 - Former NHL goaltender Clint Malarchuk will be the keynote speaker at our Recovery Luncheon next Tuesday at the Conexus Art Centre.  Clint will share his inspiring personal success story of battles with addiction, mental illness and near-death experiences.  His autobiography The Crazy Game is a must-read for recovering alcoholics and recovering goalies.  I'll be the MC for the event.  For tickets, call 306-535-4552 or email

Tickets are only $40 each or $300 for a table of eight.  Thanks to the Roughriders, Pats, CKRM and my Dad for already purchasing tables for what promises to be an eye-opening presentation.

21 - It's a playoff-game-come-early for the University of Regina Rams Friday.  The 0-2 Rams visit the 0-2 U of S Huskies Friday evening at Griffiths Stadium.  Towriss vs Gibson.  7:00 pm on 620 CKRM as Michael Ball and Braden Konschuh have the call.  Gibson refuses to refer to the U of S by name, preferring instead for "that school to the north". Should be an interesting scene tomorrow night. Ballsy will have a lot of listeners.

22 - And the PFC's Regina Thunder look to snap a two-game losing streak Sunday afternoon in Winnipeg in a noon kickoff.  Unfortunately there's no broadcast of the game.  We're following the Thunder more keenly than usual this year because CKRM's Luc Mullinder is their defensive line coach.


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Anonymous said...

How about that PK Subban? What a legacy he will leave once his hockey career is over.


Don Mitchell said...

Great column as always Rob. Getting excited as well for the Ottawa game!
As for your comment about today's world, blame the 24hr news/instant communications. Today you will hear about a murder, crash, terrorist attack within seconds of it happening via twitter, text, instagram, etc. Back when we were kids you got the news at 6 and 11pm and most of that was local.
Our kids are more safe today than we were. They (and us) just know more of what bad stuff is going on around the world.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn has been let go by most of the teams in the league. He must be the most motivated player in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

The Riders were favored in the Banjo Bowl too. How did that work out?

Anonymous said...

The Stampeders were quite heavily favoured in the 2013 Western Final. I'm not living in the past but that is why they play the game.

And also ... if you knew sportsbooks you would actually know that the odds don't mean who they believe will actually win. The odds are set to entice people to bet.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) The Roughriders have a game Saturday? I'll pass, that'll go on the PVR along with Michigan's game. I'm going to Norm MacDonald at Casino Regina.

2) Kevin Glenn is the best option, but they didn't win a single thing with him, and won't this weekend. He'd be a great fantasy pick to pile up yards between the twenties, but he's never won a game this season, and won't be anytime soon.

3) Would Cory Chamblin have been fired? Moot point. It's next one up, and they didn't have a next one up so off he goes. You'll see him on an NFL coaching staff or in the NCAA.

4) U of R Rams are horrible.

5) Moving into Regina it was interesting to experience our first lock down for a public school. If people don't like the world their kids are living in, then be better parents it's that simple. I have long stated on this blog, that what I've witnessed over the past 15 years would be the following. Kids are raised with no empathy, an inability to relate on a human level, and to be selfish is cool. That stems from parents being idiots and the total breakdown of the family unit.

Add to which we live in a world where it's become individual and selfish rather than concerned what's best for the community and being selfless. You can rest that at the feet of Stephen Harper and Brad Wall. When we're in a boom - is that still on? Raising water doesn't bring up all the ships, and you have people financially strapped, food insecure, family units breaking up, and we expect the kids to show cheerful and focused.

...end of the day the large majority of you on here are horrible parents, the reason why the kids are living in the world they are in, and you do nothing to make it better.

Best of British to you all.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

..oh and last point P.K Subban? That's a joke. The guy makes x amount and $10M over X amount of years is not exactly on par. It's a publicity stunt designed to change his image.

When P.K Subban gives 2 Denari which is all the widow at the well had then I'll give him his props.


Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

The ghost of Brendan Taman.

Who would you take right now? Henoc Muamba at $225K or Chris Getzlaf at $225K? Plus allows you to let Emry go at $150K. So you improve your team and save money.

Steve said...

Couple of points:

1) BC, Winnipeg and Montreal need to lose the rest of the games...correction, we need Montreal to beat Winnipeg this weekend. To make playoffs we need to be ahead of BC and Winnipeg but can be tied with Montreal.

2) "If Durant hadn't have gotten hurt, would Chamblin have been fired?" If they had the same record, which is possible as it is a defensive issue, then he would have been fired sooner as he had one less excuse.

3) Who is the classless idiot who made the negative comment about Subban. Do your research, how much is 10 M over X amount, what percentage of his income is going to the hospital? What percentage of your income goes to charity. Publicity stunt? What is he publicizing? His generosity? Is he running for election? Is he selling a product? A new low on this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama made the comment about PK Subban.

Daryl Pratt said...

It's likely the Oilers Gm Chiarelli doesn't want to put too much pressure on McDavid, I'm thinking. Remember Alexandre Daigle !!! Good Luck to McDavid though I'm not an Oilers fan either !

Anonymous said...

You guys realize that Rod asks his buddies to come on here and post dumb controversial stuff just to get people fired up. Blog hits go up and the money comes in.

If we'd all just ignore the losers maybe blog hits will drop and Rod will ask the losers to leave.


Anonymous said...

Riders need to finish with more wins than BC and Winnipeg to make the playoffs in the west and more wins than both Ottawa and Montreal to make the crossover in the East. You can't crossover with a tie, even if you win the season series against the east team.

Anonymous said...

Generally I don't feed the trolls (Training video here
However, how out of touch and ignorant can you be if you claim generational causes for society issues and then try to blame a particular political party, (Who have ran things for only 8 years) while the alternative parties has ran things for 34 of the last 51 years. Whose policies would have had more of a long term impact on society? How do you affect the parents of children in only 8 years?
The stupid runs wild here, and it is getting to the point where I won’t' even bothering to come to the site anymore.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper- he's just not ready, Ugly ass haïr dhough.

Danny said...

Obama's goin' to see Norm. I didn't think I could like him any more than I do. Norm Macdonald: funniest person alive.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point. He wasn't talking about the Riders crossing over. It's all about preventing the crossover. So yes, if we finish ahead of BC and Winnipeg and tie the last place eastern team in wins(Montreal) were in.

That being said, that's not about to happen.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's pretty easy to come on to a message board former (The Cespool as Rod calls it) and say that PK did it as a publicity stunt to improve his image. I am NOT his biggest fan but this is an excellent start. Think of the kids who will benefit from this. Maybe not my kids or your kids, but someone's kids. He makes $9 mill a year and he's giving away $1.5 a year until it reaches $10 million. That's quite a commitment for him or anyone. That's 16% of his total salary. WOW. So if you make $50k a year, that's $8,000. Impressive.

See you Saturday Rod.

Russ from Saskatoon

Sk_roughie said...

I know of Obama and he should look at his own immediate family before he posts anything like that. The true picture would come out. Not sure why Rod allows this guy on his blog. Oh ya they are buddies. They watch UFC at Sparkeys together

Anonymous said...

You need to grow up there you left wing loser! Time to get an education and drop the socialist pig bs!

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't realize that Montreal can crossover to the west which is the more likely scenario. In that case we need to finish no worse than tied with Montreal and ahead of BC and Winnipeg to make the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA OBAMA - nails it again.

Jason said...

Anyone that disparages someone for coughing up cash needs their head read. I hate Subban with the best of them. Annoying hockey player, great humanitarian. If it's so easy and you can cite tax incentives or they make so much money, step up to the plate big shooter.

Anonymous said...

A Few Things: obama
1) nobody cares where you are going.
2) You'd give Subban his due if he was ever to put that butt ugly leaf jersey on, which will never happen.
3) you're still the biggest ass on here...and that's saying something.
4) Harper for PM.
5) If you and your socialist views are your idea of a good parent I feel sorry for any offspring you may have created.

Chris Hartnell said...

I'd think that Chamblin could still have fallen had Durant not got injured. The defense was god awful even with Kevin Glenn moving the offence up and down the field. Maybe Durant pulls out some of those games, but the Defense and the penalties are not on the quarterback.

Anonymous said...

You say Chamblin will someday resurface in the CFL. I say the other teams are too smart to let that poison in to their locker room. He's got a record alright.