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Friday, September 11, 2015


It's Friday and that means another set of thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always, they are in no particular order:

-- I don't know about you, but I think we are in for three outstanding football games this weekend in the CFL.  The Argos are going to be a lot better at home against Hamilton and they may be wanting to shut the Ti-Cats up after they started getting a little mouthy on Monday at home.

Meanwhile, I think the Calgary-Edmonton matchup at Commonwealth could be a good old-fashioned slobberknocker.  If Devon Bailey hangs on to Mike Reilly's pass at the two yard line on Monday, the Eskimos might have had a chance.  That game had a playoff feel to it and both defences came to play. I see the same thing this time around.

-- There is some talk around the league about Eskimo linebacker Deion Lacey being classless for trying to stare down Bo Levi Mitchell and refusing to shake his hand during the coin toss. PUUUHHHHHHH-LEEEZ!!! Any thing you can do to try and intimidate the opposition which is in the rules is fine with me. There is no rule in the rulebook that says you have to shake hands with one another after the coin toss.

-- Calgary radio personality Jock Wilson let the CFL have it this week when their power rankings came out as it had Hamilton ahead of Calgary. Mr. Wilson maybe needs to take a look at what is happening in the Steel City. Mr. Wilson also needs to realize no one really cares about the power rankings and we will truly find out in late November who is #1 in the power rankings.  Meanwhile, the Riders moved up to 8 from 9. Despite this, the Green Mile was silent.

-- Matt Nichols or no Matt Nichols, the Bombers need to play much better to beat the Riders than what they did last week. Being at home will help, but I see the Riders playing a good enough game to get the job done. They are now a more confident group after winning their first game last weekend and to a man they realize a loss to the Bombers would be a big step backwards.

-- Nichols will be the 8th Bomber quarterback in the last 8 years to start the Banjo Bowl. Who are the others? Think about it and then scroll down.

-- Sportscage analyst and former Riders o-lineman Mike Abou-Mechrek thinks Nic Demski was out of line with his touchdown celebration on Sunday. NOPE!! It was the rookie's first touchdown, it came against his hometown team and it lit a charge into the Riders. I would like Demski to make sure you are 100 percent into the endzone, but I had no problem with the celebration. Does he need to do it this week or in the future? The answer is probably not, but when it is your first, there is excitement and adrenalin pumping through your veins so go nuts kid.

-- Week 1 of the NFL season gets underway in earnest after tonight's season opener with many Sunday matchups and a Monday night (late afternoon) doubleheader.  If you want a surprise team this year, go with the Vikings and if you want a team that made the playoffs last year that won't this year, I am taking Cincinnati.

-- The Patriots are now being accused of stealing play sheets. MEMO to teams playing the Patriots--you don't have to steal their play sheets, but you might want to cover Rob Gronkowski. He is as close as you can get to unstoppable.  I thought Tom Brady might send a message to Roger Goodell and the NFL with his opening night performance. I think a 4 touchdown night means message delivered.

-- Week 1 Lock of the Week ---  Miami over Washington
    Week 1 Upset Pick of the Week ---Jacksonville over Carolina

-- I am returning to the House of Horrors for yours truly!  I will be calling the Regina Rams-TBirds game which will be online at Saturday night.  Many, many years ago when I worked at CJME, I called what was perhaps the best football game I had ever seen when Simon Fraser defeated Regina in a playoff game by a score of 53-46 in what was Jon Ryan's last game as a Ram.

On that afternoon, my colour man -- former Rams president Sheldon Stener and I -- were shuffled to three different locations to do the game and it was a complete schmozzle until kickoff.  Fast forward to last year when Marco Ricci and I went in to do the game. We had been told we couldn't be in the actual pressbox, but they had a spot for us and it would be fine.

WRONG!!!  No broadcast line had been put in so despite the tremendous efforts of many at UBC to get us on the air through our broadcast equipment, I had the misfortune of having to call the entire game via my cellphone and it may have been the worst play-by-play ever of a football game in the history of CKRM and perhaps radio altogether.

Marco can attest as to what a frustrated, embarrassed and angry individual I was on that afternoon. I will walk back into that place this weekend hoping the third time is a charm and to bring you the broadcast on without a problem as U of R Sports Information officer Braden Konschuh makes his debut beside me in the booth.

-- The 8 different quarterbacks to start the Banjo Bowl for Winnipeg in the last eight years are Nichols, Drew Willy, Justin Goltz, Joe Elliott, Buck Pierce, Steven Jyles, Michael Bishop and Kevin Glenn.

-- Can the CFL somehow find a way to partner themselves with FanDuel or DraftKings for daily fantasy football?  The one week games which are offered are a tremendous success and we all know CFL fantasy football is so much different from NFL fantasy football for so many reasons. Having one week games would be a huge plus for the league and perhaps draw some fan interest. I'd be playing!

--That's all I got! Have a great weekend! GO RIDERS


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jock Wilson is an idiot with his over the top homer support of the Stamps. Power rankings are interesting and great at creating a talking point with fans. It's obvious that the Ticats are top of the heap right now. Lots of season left for that to change. Go Dyce Go!


Clarkenstein said...

If you don't think Lacey's behavior in Calgary was classless that tells me a lot about you.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it Scruffy. I am sure you will give it another go this year for worst broadcast ever.

Anonymous said...

Good read scruffy, thank you

Anonymous said...

hey Dan have you ever read Mitchell Blair or pedersens crap? they might just be over the top homers as well. just another example of rider fan not being able to see anything with the green glasses on.

Anonymous said...

A one day fantasy league would be a great thing for the CFL to get involved in. Fantasy football and fantasy sports in general are where it is at because it gets more fans interested.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on Demski's TD celly. That whole column from Abou and many of his Sportscage appearances make you wonder how much padding was inside his helmet.

Anonymous said...

fantasy sports are for dorks and geeks. i was in a establishment beside a table with 2 "men" all they did was talk about theyre f__ing fantasy teams like get a bloody life!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for a CFL/Draftkings game. I have an account for NFL games I started last year and I broke even. I think it would create a lot of fan excitement and maybe some additional viewers. It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned. Great idea Scruff!

Anonymous said...

A question for ya Rod which is completely unrelated to todays offering.

While at BP's watching some football last night, we got talking about the Sportscage. Who was the girl you had to promo the show when you started? Was she a local? Is she still around?


Rod Pedersen said...

Hey Robert -

That campaign came from the Omni Logic ad agency. Not sure what her name is.


Anonymous said...

The girl in the ad got cut cause the former cover girl (BT) got jealous and told Rod she'd never talk to him again.

Anonymous said...

There must be millions of dorks and geeks out there than because fantasy sports is huge and has been a boon to all leagues. Perhaps you are the one who needs to get a life pal. Get on board and enjoy the ride instead of sucking your thumb on the side of the road, life is a lot better for me than it is for you.

PS: Brady got me huge points last night!

Anonymous said...

Fantasy sports is indeed huge because it gets the fans involved in the game. The CFL dragging their heels at getting on the bus is another example of their piss poor marketing department. Hopefully Mr Orridge gets that fixed and soon.

Anonymous said...

We've got that Tiger Pride, a feeling you just can't hide, a feeling deep inside, Tiger Pride ... Tiger Pride ...
We got that Tiger Pride, Tiger Pride ...

Enough with the lame pansy a** songs from Goofville Sk. (Regina). Tiger Cats don't play that way.

Here's some real football juice for your reading pleasures courtesy RODPEDERSEN.COM

Go Cats Go ! Go Cats Go ! Go Cats Go !

Oskee Wee Wee,
Oskee Waa Waa,
Sk Roughriders are the lowly Bums of the CFL and in the basement of the whole league, what pathetic wannabe putz's.

PS. Winnipeg Blue Bombers kick the Roughrifers down again this week-end and win the inbreds banjo pick your nose bowl, whatever the hell that is. Only in Saskatchewan would you find something like that.

Go Cats Go ! Go Cats Go ! Go Cats Go !

Anonymous said...

Sports betting has made it interesting for those of us who otherwise care less if Whodunkit State wins on Sat. Bet a few bucks and have some fun cheering for some place you couldn't find on a map. What's the harm. (Old enough to remember the glory days of horse racing. It was reported as a sport but once there were other gambling alternatives it began to die)

Anonymous said...

It is puzzling to me as to why the Sports Cage still bothers with the 4:30, 5:00, and 5:30 news breaks to repeat the same old stuff. Why not just have brief commercial breaks every 20 minutes and get on with it?

As a listener it seems like such a waste of valuable air time and is simply annoying. It may have made sense at one time, but now a day with the internet and all the vast range of news sources and devices, reading out the news on a sports show should come to a quick end - time to change with the times.

I tune in to the Sports Cage for the sports talk, not news and weather, all of which I have heard earlier in the day. Maybe for old times sake you can stick with the 6 pm news or a special emergency new bulletin, but why waste precious air space with the rest.

It seems to me it is time for the Sports Cage to modernize and get a jump on the "competition" who no doubt also waste lots of time with frequent news breaks. Stick to maximum sports talk and the commercials necessary to pay for the air time and the costs of production etc.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

So much talk about young Demski's first TD celebration... Give the kid a break, not only was it great for him, but the momentum of that play changed things around for the Riders as they went on to win...

However if we are going to start to get critical of celebrations or class-less acts, we all better get used to it if Hufnagel comes to town. Since being in Calgary, Huffanagel's teams have been profoundly known as a classless act.

That is the future of Sask Football if the Huffer comes to town...

Kel in Vic

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Oskee Wee Wee guy! Always good for a laugh. Seems to sum up well the mentality of the average Ti-Cat fan.

Anonymous said...

Re: Comments from Old Hank

I have to agree with this. I listen to both shows while driving home and my radio turns to the other station when commercial breaks hit. Both shows are ruined by commercial breaks that are wayyyyyyyyyyyy too long. I realize you have to pay the bills, but the ad breaks kills show momentum


Anonymous said...

Oskee is,
Highly intellectual, very high IQ score, intelligent good looking, good people, respected.

Anonymous said...

Especially the crappy commercials like the one for Southey Dodge and the guy bragging about how good it feels. Oh, and PLEASE get rid of that entrance music that sounds like someone rolling marbles around in their mouth. I don't know what the song is called but man is it annoying.


Anonymous said...

So some of you idiots think celebrations shouldn't be allowed and there should be no staredowns or attempts at intimidation in football. Once again, this blog brings out some of the dumbest in the Rider Nation. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I worked with a Oskee Waa Waa fan the other day, he seemed really bitter and miserable.

I tried to convince him that Hamilton will probably win a cup before the the decade is out, but no dice.

He was kind of depressing.

At least he cheered for a team. Tired of working with people from other cities in Canada that don't support their team. Like Calgary.

Just a pilot.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap there are a lot of demanding whiners today.

Anonymous said...

I like when Rod refeers to his wife as Mrs. Sportscage. LOL.
Stay classy Pedersen.

Anonymous said...

Rod never refers to his family members by name on the radio. He's got more class than most of you suckers will ever hope to have.

Anonymous said...


Please explain your rationale. There is nothing in the rules against trying to intimidate someone. How is what Lacey did classless when there is nothing in the rules saying anything against it. Do all boxers or UFC hammer gloves when the refs tell them to? Perhaps they should do something gay like trade a team banner when it comes to the coin toss.

It would seem to me as if you really don't know a lot.


Anonymous said...

To Old Hank,

You make good suggestions, but be 'forewarned' RP is not much for suggestions. He is more of a status quo guy and does not like change (nor constructive criticism).

I recommend as a remedy that later in the evening you simply go to the CKRM Podcast page and listen to it there without the news interruptions. It also gives you a chance to skip over discussions you are not interested in.

Kel out of town

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. The first 9 games were like the git er done, business first, arrogant right political thinking. Chamblin was beginning to sound more like Brad every week. We all know how that worked out and yet it was not surprising to many.
It is ironic that the atmosphere change necessary to win came on Labour Day. Gone is the arrogance of the leader replaced by cooperation and communication with the expected results. It will be seen if the Riders can maintain this new atmosphere or revert back into the simple solution losing way of the right. They may have learned their lesson. Steven, Brad you are next.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) @Old Hank - you bet why would anyone want the news? It's a lot of comfort for many of you guys to stay as low informed as possible about the current state of the world; whether it be local or global.

This way you can just stay stupid and when it's time to vote a lightbulb goes off "ahh Justin's just not ready...I think."

I envy some of you. Alas I was cursed with the curiosity itch so I tend to look forward to the news.

2) Many of you don't read, but you should Frank Luntz is an expert in using words to evoke emotion. When Hufnagel tells people he intends to honor his contract he sure does....on September 10. Things change, and if somehow it gets back channeled there is a job available with the Roughriders with complete control, then if he's open he should have it no questions asked.

3) Jeremy O'Day didn't pay his dues. He was a player here, and was a Hopson favourite. That reads like the Al Ford era and I'm tired of it.

The best guy gets the job, and it's usually the guy that has the broad range of experiences in different environments. Huff was on Belichik's staff, but before that he was starting an Arena League team from scratch after he left Calgary.

You pay your dues.

4) I have tickets to their Alouettes game, because we like the Als. Past that we'll see. My disposable income will me moved over to Pats games, but I won't be shelling out if they lose this weekend.

5) Support independent wrestling and take in High Impact Wrestling tonight at the Hungarian Club.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

....well I'll pick up on that. Brad inherited a surplus and is running a $300M deficit, which he'll tell you is due to forest fires and low price of oil. Sounds to me like they didn't plan and overstep.

Let that be a lesson. Brad's only experience outside of politics was to run a failed Country Music thing which went tits up 9 monhts in.

If there was ever a guy that, "Just isn't ready", it was Brad Wall.

I called this looooong ago, so that's that.

Next up Stephen Harper. If you ever want to see what a man's stripes are it's what he does....or in his case doesn't do. He has no compassion for the there's his heart right there.

These right wing governments always wind up the same. Running deficits, dividing people, and it's the NDP that has to clean up the mess.

Y'er Welcome

Steve said...

Couple of quick points. People are not saying celbrating and intimidating are bad, what they are saying is there is a time and a place. Before end zone "NO", in end zone "yes". Intimidating during the game "yes" , intimidating during the handshake "no" and very classless.

I turn the radio on to listen to music, quit with all the news and commercials then as well. Get rid of commercials we get our advertising and news on-line...then again, I gues I can listen to sports on-line as well. Think about it before you make stupid is a business and need to make money. Be careful of what you wish for!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kel, the podcast is a good idea for sure, but my normal routine is to listen to the Sports Cage on my headset while out for long afternoon walks or a bike ride before supper.

It just seems to me that the brain-trust at CKRM needs to rethink their out of date approach of imposing news breaks on the show (sort of like they did a while ago in eliminating a sports news portion with the regular news and weather).

The news segment is very annoying and I can't see why the radio station sticks to the routine during a sports talk show (unless there is some sort of law that requires commercial radio to do news every 30 minutes or 60 minutes).

I still think that CKRM should give Rod a full three hour afternoon sports show each week day and leave the news for other times of the day. The sports and Rider junkies can turn to the Cage and the news junkies can always get their fix from a thousand other sources at anytime).

Getting rid of the news breaks will allow a better flow to the show, make it more listener friendly, and enable more flexibility as to when and where commercial breaks can be inserted by the host and his team. Anyways, it just my 2 cents as a listener.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Rod, I am guessing Clarkenstein has a lot of participation ribbons he is proud of. Can you give him one too?

Anonymous said...

Do they stop to read the news at the top of the hour during High Impact Wrestling Events? If not, how can people stay informed about current affairs like Oblahma?

Anonymous said...

Nonsense Obama! I get my news on and in the New York Times, among many other sources. I don't need to hear it during the Sports Cage.

ps. I also think you are in real life a Tory who just spouts off your usual predictable political crap on this blog site to try and alienate people away from the NDP.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

I get it, Rod gets it, Scruffy gets it, I hope Phil gets it, but RP, it would seem as if the majority of knuckledraggers who comment on here just don't get it and likely never will.

Another outstanding day on Canada's #1 sports blog.


Anonymous said...

BT should have posed. She is such a little smokeshow.

I should have known the Cage girl was an import though.

Anonymous said...

So Obama wants the Canadian gov't to just open the gates and let anyone in....even terrorists. You're probably still someone who thinks the 3 year old boy on the beach was Harper's fault.
Obama supports the NDP ...... a party who's Director of Communications told Pope Benedict to "go f#ck himself".
Do you know how you help the refugees? Wipe out ISIS. Plane and simple. Oh but the NDP wants to bring all of our troops home. WWIII won't be far behind.
NDP ..... #anti-jobs #anti-Canadian #anti-oil
Obama, you probably think David Suzuki and Al Gore are great men.
I actually don't understand why Obama hasn't moved to Alberta yet.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the Devin blow hard who called in to the Sportscage and said anyone who goes to the Riders games are idiots.

Nuff said

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh ! the terrorist Omar Kadr free to walk the free walk after being convicted in a court of law for murder? Which gov't let him have freedom to walk among us? Ah..... Progressive Conservatives under Stephen Harper! Case closed!

Anonymous said...

Hey bozo! Current government responsible for opening the gates and letting a convicted murdering terrorist such as Omar Khadr walk free in Canada.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see BT pose, go on down to Remple's wife's fashion show tomorrow.

You're welcome Kelly for the extra attendance.

Vin Scully

Anonymous said...

I'm with Obama, and with the guy who told the Pope to go F himself. When the Pope stops speaking out of the side of his mouth maybe he'll allow same sex blessings, allow Priests to marry, and allow Nuns to have the same role on level with Priests, Bishops and Cardinals.

Pearson kept us out of Vietnam, Cretchien kept us out of Iraq, and Harper has us square in the middle of a Middle East uprising.

ISIS...tell me what you know about ISIS - who are they? How many are there? Who leads it? - it's b.s, and it's a created boogeyman to get people scared, and has zero threat to Canadians.

As for opening the flood gates, go ask your Grandpa about his Grandpa who showed up in this Province from the Ukraine, starving with his 8 kids, and nothing but a sheep skin coat on. They were given a hundred acres and told good luck, now homestead this dustbowl.

Yet our neighbours in humanity are viewed as threats and as terrorist.

That's the country your buddy Harper has made in 7 years, and his buddy Brad Wall enables.

I"m with Obama. Enough is enough, and it's time for the NDP to come in and once again start working towards an equal and just society.

Y'er Welcome
...Midnight Rider

Anonymous said...

..and to the guy that mentioned what the NDP is "anti"

Here's Harper and his Reform/PC anti stance

- Send in think tanks to win the battle of ideas,and have them disseminated by second hand info dealers such as Rawlco, SUN Media, National Post.

- Reject Unions and prosper
- There is no discussion on the environment or you're labelled "radical" - all from Frank Luntz who taught them to fashion words with emotion - Radical Environment, Radical Islam and so on. Radical Left.
- Undermine science
- Deny income inequality
- Fashion Canada a great nation - we love Olympic hockey, the military (yet short them $700M and cut veteran benefits), but to help another in need no that's not our problem anymore. We are now a warrior nation and peace keeping like we did in Serajevo and Rwanda well that's for softies

....I'll tell you this. Stephen Harper and the PCs are an embarrassment. If they are elected then hey I'm doing well, but you better take a hard long look at the world your kids and grand kids are going to inherit around here.

Y'er Welcome
Midnight Rider

Anonymous said...

Sorry Midnight Rider you erred in saying "I am with Obama". To be accurate and truthful you should have wrote "I am Obama".

Anonymous said...

Yeah. We should just let ISIS do what ever they want over there. They won't be any threat at all to this country.


Anonymous said...

again who is ISIS? Read a few books. The ideology Harper prescribes to is to keep people in perpetual war because they get complacent with peace.

Again who is ISIS, lay it out for me. 14 years ago it was Al Quaeda - billions of dollars and thousands of lives later how many were there?

Declaring war on Terrorism would be like declaring war on U-boats in WW2.'s a sad commentary on you all that's for sure.

Oh yeah, and buddy are any of you going to go an enlist to fight ISIS? Who's first in line at the recruiting office in that building just off Albert Street?h

....bunch of chicken hawks.