Realty One

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Pats Hockey Club announced Monday the team has reassigned 16-year old goaltender Jordan Hollett.

· Jordan Hollett (’99) to Ridge Meadow Flames (PJHL)

“We feel this is the best move for Jordan’s development,” said Pats GM and Head Coach John Paddock.  “It’s rare for goaltenders to play at 16 in this league and he needs to be in a position to play as many minutes as he can.  Jordan is going to be a big part of this team in the future.”

The move brings the Pats roster to 25 players including 15 forwards, 8 defencemen and 2 goaltenders.

The Pats (1-1-0) are next in action Saturday night when they host the Brandon Wheat Kings at 7 pm at the Brandt Centre on 620 CKRM.


Anonymous said...

…considering this is supposed to be a rebuilding year, it's perplexing the Pats would send back their first overall pick in the draft. They want to be a contender in two years and at that time Wapple will be gone and Brown will be 20. He is as good as Skinner and Mcbride who played as 16's yet he's sent back. He's a absolutely great backup. A very questionable move.

Anonymous said...

You answered yourself with your second last statement.

You don't get better sitting on the bench. Send him down where he will play huge minutes. It will pay dividends the following years.

Anonymous said...

First round kids are identified in their 16 year seasons (i.e Steel) and drafted in their 17 year seasons. Unless he is brought back he will have his draft status hurt immeasurably. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of how the draft works should know this. Because he played last season a great deal as a 16 year old, Skinner in Lethbridge will be rated a lot higher than a kid who has had no exposure in his 16 season. Not bringing a star 16 year old player along is just plain foolish, especially now playing in a tier 3 league where nobody knows how many minutes he will get! Who says he gets big minutes? It's harder to get minutes in tier 2 or 3 than in the WHL because the coaches there need to win to sat employed. Kids taken that high in the first round of the draft are meant to be playing in the league at 16. All while keeping a couple of list guys who have shown nothing so far. Ya right. This is where a talented young goalie is supposed to be cutting his teeth. 15 games and the practices here is better than 40 in an inferior league.

Anonymous said...

I think Paddock know what he is doing. Look how many kids were drafted out of Regina last year.

And who says he won't be brought back later in the season around the trade deadline if they move Wapple.

Relax, let Paddock do his job.

Anonymous said...

Paddock isn't a champ for nothing