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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


(Edmonton) - The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club announces the signing of national offensive lineman Matt O'Donnell.
The six-foot-eleven, 340-pound product of Queen's University returns to Edmonton after attending training camp with the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals.
O'Donnell was originally drafted by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the second round of the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft. He opted to sign with the Bengals where he spent the season on the practice roster. 
Returning to the CFL the following season, Edmonton acquired his rights from Saskatchewan in exchange for wide receiver Greg Carr and a 2013 fifth round draft pick.
In three seasons with the Green and Gold, O'Donnell played 42 games, seeing action at left guard and right tackle.


Anonymous said...

so just for curiosity I looked who the 5th round pick was. So from looking the 5th round pick would be Alex Anthony or Levi Steinhauer.

Its funny how these 5th round picks are done. These picks bounced back and fourth from Edmonton, Toronto and Saskatchewan.

And sometimes these picks become Canadian CFL all-stars!


Anonymous said...

Where cry babies fit in the best.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to read "Ben Heenan signs with the Sask Roughriders".

Lets get on it J O!

Anonymous said...

pretty sure heenan was injured early in camp. i think they plan to keep him around until he heals and they can get a better look at him.

Anonymous said...

Big ben destined to R Nation! Smilin Hank happy, very happy.

R Nation rules!

Anonymous said...

R Nation are a bunch of crazy pirates RRRRRRRRRRR and are Rider Nation wannabees! Can't wait for Old Hank Burris to come to town here in a couple of weeks. You should come too and see how the fans of our vast Rider Nation put on a show.

ps. Big Ben is coming home, not to Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

I recall O'Donnell being a pilon in Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Rider Nation? As previously mentioned, a blatent copy right rip-off of the NFL LA/Oakland Raiders "Raider Nation". Saskatchewan your trying way too hard to belong and its funny sad, your just wannbes and will always be known as "Riderville" forever and a day. Ottawa REDBLACKS, now that's another story in itself as they are truly representative of a new "R Nation" of the CFL as evident by the R logo affixed and adorned on their player helmets/jersey attire. Sorry flatland Bubba's.

R Nation rules!
So does Raider Nation!

Anonymous said...

Umm, just to clarify.

Raider Nation and Rider Nation are actually spelled different. If you look closely, you will notice the one has an extra A in it...

Class dismissed