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Monday, September 7, 2015


REGINA - It feels like a brand new season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Quarterback Brett Smith threw for 211 yards and rushed for 59 yards as Saskatchewan beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 37-19 on Sunday for the Roughriders first victory of the year. The win comes after head coach Cory Chamblin was fired on Monday, replaced by Bob Dyce in the interim.

"Everybody is excited and I think we're going to celebrate it tonight, but there's a bigger mission that these players and these coaches have,'' said Smith. "It's just not about one win. It's about finishing strong and getting as many wins as we can to make the playoffs and eventually the Grey Cup.''

The Riders (1-9) pulled to within four points of the fourth-place Blue Bombers and now sit six points behind the B.C. Lions (4-5).

Despite a horrendous 0-9 start to the season, Saskatchewan has hope for a second-half push for the playoffs. But it won't be easy.

They'll complete the home-and-home series with the Blue Bombers next week before they play host to the Ottawa Redblacks and Montreal Alouettes to close out September. They'll face three West Division rivals in October, as well as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
Photo courtesy Cindy Pedersen

"We still have lot work to do,'' said receiver Ryan Smith. "We have been preaching all week to just go 1-0 each week and continue to work at it. We'll see the results like we did today.''

Jerome Messam rushed for a team-high 73 yards for the Riders. Nick Demski scored his first professional touchdown against his hometown team - on a 60-yard punt return - for Saskatchewan.

"It felt pretty good,'' said the first-year Riders receiver, who had 107 combined return yards. "Hopefully it rubbed it in their face a little bit. It definitely was a great feeling to score my first touchdown against my hometown Winnipeg Blue Bombers.''

Demski's big play changed momentum in the favour of the Riders, who handed the Bombers (3-7) their fourth straight defeat.

"I'm happy for Nick to score against his hometown team,'' said Dyce, also a product of Winnipeg. "I had bugged him after the Ottawa game saying he didn't know how to get to the end zone? That was a huge spark for us (today). It was our first touchdown of the game, it tied up the game and it was just a really big play.''

Winnipeg quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead before the game was seven minutes old thanks to a Lirim Hajrullahu field goal and a one-yard touchdown run from quarterback Brian Brohm.

Saskatchewan countered with a Paul McCallum field goal early in the second quarter, which set the stage for Demski after the defence forced a quick two and out.
Photo courtesy Mrs. SportsCage

"Everybody had great leverage and I just saw the hole,'' Demski said of his return. "Everyone did their job and I found the hole and ran to open space and then into the end zone.''

The Riders tacked on 19 consecutive points after Demski's score - two field goals from McCallum, a 27-yard touchdown reception from Ryan Smith and a one-yard run from Rob Bagg - to flatten the Blue Bombers.

Brohm completed 21-of-26 pass attempts for 184 yards, with his favourite target being Nick Moore, who caught six passes for 57 yards.

The Riders announced an attendance of 33,427, the second consecutive home sellout of the season.

(The Canadian Press/Craig Slater)



- Feels great.  Bob's such a great guy, such a great leader and we really feel a change.  We're excited to take the next step with him.


- When we talked before the game we said winning's never easy.  I told them before when I was coordinator, they gave great effort.  I couldn't ask them for more effort before the game but it was going to be important to play consistently for 60 minutes and that's what they did.

- I'm just happy they got rid of the old special teams coordinator.  A lotta times on special teams it's the negative things that get pointed out but that touchdown by Demski was big to get our team spurred on.  Great job by (coach) Cory McDiarmid.

- I'll tell you what - we couldn't have stayed in this game without the play of the defense.  Andre Monroe had four hits on the QB in the first half before he even had a sack.  He was obviously a new addition and he changed the ratio but he's a disruptive influence in there.

- I'm not a guy that keeps keepsakes.  I have two footballs and a helmet in my trophy case.  One is from the 2013 Grey Cup.  This one will go in the trophy case for sure.

- It felt good but it's cold!  And sticky.

- I'm happy for the guys in that room.  They went through nine hard weeks of great effort.  For that to materialize into a victory, I'm ecstatic about it.  I'm happy for Jeremy and I'm happy for Craig.  I'm just happy.  It's probably the first time where I'm happy for myself as well.  But I'm happy.

- That's a challenging question (did the firing lead to Sunday's result).  The guys went out and played hard like I said, but they've played hard every week.  There obviously was some change because things did change.  They were able to come out and play a little more free and I think that was to their benefit.

- Things ran pretty smooth.  There wasn't really a time where I had to make too many tough decisions.

- We've got six days to prepare to get another victory.  We have to focus on the task at hand which is going into a very hostile environment and trying to get a win (next Saturday at Winnipeg)

- It's very challenging to beat a team two weeks in a row.  That's the biggest challenge we have ahead of us.  One step at a time.  We'll come in on Tuesday (as a team) and start preparing from there.

- The time waiting just before the national anthem, things sunk in.  The guys were in the middle of the team.  They said 'The Saskatchewan Roughriders led by Bob Dyce' and that was the first time I thought 'Wow'.

- We obviously have a pregame meeting with coaches and the first thing I did was thank them.  I thanked them for making a tough week easier for me and the players.  Our assistant coaches are the leaders and they gave the players that mindset.  They went out and did their jobs.

- That was Darian being Darian (being active on the bench).  There was a time where he calmed me down.  Both he and Kevin Glenn have been outstanding in that regard.

- I think the part of our success was the guys had a great comfort level in what they were asked to do.  If you don't ask them to do too much, I think that's where they excel.

- I'm happy for Coach McDiarmid because he's such a great guy to work with and I'm happy for Nic because he scored against his hometown team.  Very happy for special teams as a whole.  That was a huge touchdown for us.  It was a spark and tied the game for us.

- Brett, like the rest of the team, had worked hard for nine weeks.  It shows that playing 60 minutes and not making mistakes gives you the fruition of a victory.  Hopefully that sticks with them.  Jacques will grade Brett's game but the key thing we eliminated was the interception.  We still have challenges like we don't want to take points off the board with penalties.

- I would ask Brett to increase his ball security.  He's a little loose with the football but I won't ask him to change how he plays.

- This win's up there.  2013 was obviously something special.  I don't know how far behind this is.


- It's nothing but good vibes coming out of there.  This team stuck together through a lot of bad times and was finally rewarded.

- I got off the ball, a little flash here and a flash there and I was on the bottom of the pile (on his first sack).  It was the only celebration I could think of and my teammates were encouraging me to do it!

- I wanna call it the triangle.  The defense trusted the offense, the offense trusted the special teams and the special teams trusted the defense.  Something like that.


- It feels great.  We stuck together.  We had a week of distractions and we shut it all out and got the big win.

- Brett's doing a great job.  His confidence is building day by day.  He's showing us what he can do moving forward.

- Honestly coach Dyce has been trying to hide it but he looked nervous all week.  We're happy to get the win for him.  We all love him.

- I love it!  (Going to the Banjo Bowl)  I love the energy in there and it's a lot like here.  I'm looking forward to going in there and silencing them.  That's what I plan to do.


Anonymous said...

CFL is awful

Anonymous said...

When does NFL start

Anonymous said...

Why bother scoring Touchdowns when you have idiots like Labatte taking them off the board. #noskill #nonbrains #nowins #OWENTEN

Anonymous said...

Now that's how you coach a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

now Gatorade shower on dyce....good riddance "it's all about me-chamblin"!!

GangGreen said...

Owen has left the building. 1-0 this week.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's just say that was one big collective FU Corey by the whole team; with particular emphasis by a certain few!
(I approve of this message).

Anonymous said...

Totally different atmosphere without Chamblin. Just a year late.

Anonymous said...

That was a good collective defense. The only job CC will be able to get is water boy. The players really wanted to play for Dyce and there were no dumb decisions made

Anonymous said...

Owen Out!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that 25% of the fans that were branded idiots just 2 weeks ago because they wanted a coaching change were right.

Anonymous said...

At the game today I saw jersey worn by a Winnipeg Blue Bomber , #90 with the name plate "Losing Since".

Anonymous said...

funny what you can do with a 'great coach'. Corey who?

Anonymous said...

Great job Dyce. Mothball Glenn when he gets back and let Brett Smith play. Don't hire O'Day as our GM in the offseason.

Anonymous said...

I pity da fool Obama who sat at home and missed a very enjoyable experience at the Stadium.

Anonymous said...

Nic Demski exhibited his raw untapped talent on that big return, but he best tone it down a bit. That was awfully close to taunting, especially with how the zebras are calling stuff this year!

Anonymous said...

What do people have against O'Day? Is he guilty by association? Give him a chance and stop being such rednecks that know everything about nothing!
You give all Sask people a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3. Watch the replay of that play in which LABATTE was flagged for holding and took a TD off the board. That WAS NOT a good call by Official #61 - classic inside hand position by LABATTE - defender WPG #90 made absolutely no attempt to break out - just stood there and let LABATTE control him , even if for a brief moment. If Officials start flagging that technique then there will be an Offensive Penalty on EVERY play.
Official #61 did not use very good judgement and probably wishes he had kept the flag in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

After 1 week/1 win you say don't hire O'Day? Lol

Anonymous said...

After 2 week/2win you say hire O'Day? LOL

Anonymous said...

What a joy to be at the game and see Messam run the ball, bowling over the defense.

Anonymous said...

Get off O'Days case and let him have a legitimate shot at the GM job in RIDERVILLE. Jeremy would be on my Team EVERY day. Bright - played the game - respected and is respectful - young and enthusiastic - strong business acumen - strong allegiance to Riders. - ALL positive.
Forget about Tillman -- over-rated and won't be back - get over it folks....he had his shot and buggered that up.......
Other Team GM's:
Dejarsdins in Ottawa
Popp in Mtl
Austin in Hamilton
Barker in Toronto
Walters in Winnipeg
Hervey in Edmonton
Hufnagel in Calgary
Buono in Vancouver
Which one of those would you want and which one do you think would come to Saskatchewan ??
Jeremy will build his network of contacts in the U.S. And will continue to build on those in CIS. There is a LOT more to this job than just scouting. ..... He is the right man for the job - he has earned the right to be given a legitimate shot at this opportunity !!!

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if O'Sheas days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Lawless form Free Press probably working on O'Shea's termination as we speak. That guy has zero credibility. Gives the press a bad name and guys like him invite cynicism.

Anonymous said...

How do you know O'Day is the right man for the job? He learned from Taman, the worst GM in the league! O'Day has no contacts in the U.S. and he's not even close to the calibre of the Hufnagel's and Wally's.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm pumped they won. Yes I'm optimistic about next week. But it's one game and Winnipeg is terrible on offence with their injuries. We won't make the playoffs so let's enjoy this win and get a grip on our reality which is 1-9.

Anonymous said...

And how is Wallys Team doing....??.?
Tell me .... When you started your first job, how much experience did you have? Did someone give you a chance?

Anonymous said...

I watched the game on TV. It was a dog's breakfast, but a win is a win. It's always great when an underdog no win team beats a three win team at the mid point of the season.....

Winnipeg is awful.

Back to reality next week.

Y'er Welcome
Midnight Rider

Anonymous said...

Every time some one brings up contacts it shows how clueless they are.

Kevin S said...

So why would you take the time to watch and then comment on a forum like this???

Anonymous said...

Last I checked Wallys team has 4 wins and has already won the season series against the riders. O'Day's not the man!

Anonymous said...

Sine it is alleged that Taman had "no contacts" then it would seem that all the players such as Brett and Ryan Smith, Knox Jr., Monroe, Roosevelt etc. were found and signed by O'Day. He must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mosaic company for the excellent pre-game card "stunt". The players coming out of the tunnel must have really enjoyed the east side view of Bring Em Out! It really got the fans involved and helped make for another memorable Labour Day classic.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Taman/O'Day found all the rookie talent that was on the field and they have been improving week to week. Chamblin left them on the bench in favour of some recycled older players and only gave them a chance when the situation forced him. Playing seasoned vets is not a bad idea but you do need to get the future stars battle tested to see if they have what it takes to make a career.

To me, Taman was doing a good job at recruiting talent. O'Day would do a great job as GM and improve year after year as well.

O'Day and Dyce are two great character guys. The best picks you could make for interim. I'm hoping for a great run in the second half that will make the posts permanent.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Chapdelaine and Brett Smith enjoying the orange pop delivered to them pre-game from my husband.

If you watched CFL 30 on TSN recently, Chapdelaine is trying to calm down Smith and tells him "we'll go have an orange pop after the game".

So, my husband picked up a 4 pack of Boylan's orange pop from the Hill Ave. grocery store and delivered it to the Rider's office on Friday. Attached was a card telling both gentlemen who much we appreciate them.

We are so proud of our whole team!

Anonymous said...

This was a valuable win for the Riders with a large crowd on hand. It was also somewhat improbable considering Winnipeg won the sack and turnover battle. Our D did not get consistent pressure with Monroe being the exception. The coverage in the backfield was really bad. The O-line was as porous as cheesecloth and is a real area of ongoing concern. The reason the Riders won was because they finally did the right thing and rushed Messam a lot particularly in the 4th quarter. Eating up the clock in to the wind with Messam basically doing it by himself, and then putting it in the end zone killed Winnipeg.

Demski had a great return but also made a gigantic muff by not catching a punt and then turning the ball over. A good team will kill you but Winnipeg is not a good team. There are still far too many mistakes and too many penalties. They will need to be much better next week facing Nichols. The O-line had better get their act together soon as they are bad. Dyce better develop some better protection schemes before Smith gets wiped out.

John Moore said...

Loved the pre-game card "stunt". Congratulations to those who had this brain wave. So far the new feel was good. Enjoyed seeing the defence get on board. Where did ANDRE MONROE come from? Loved his attitude....that was really missing in previous game. Kudos to DC for the way he called the game. Tip of the hat to the return having a touchdown scored bt special teams. Patience is paying off with the young QB. Thank you to OC for putting in more run plays...20+ runs a game helps the pass game find open holes. Congratulations riders top to bottom. Now lets go for 2!

HANDY ANDY said...

DT MONROE 99 was fantastic. Great move putting him in the lineup and going with a Canadian safety. The Rider pass rush and run stop was the best it's been all year.

Anonymous said...

Brett Smith was a Toronto cut. O'Day is not the guy!!

Anonymous said...

I've been quick to comment on the boneheaded Chamblin losses so I'd better post a positive message now.

That's more like it, thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised we didn't tear down the goal posts after our win.

Anonymous said...

Rod, once again the ham and eggers have no clue what they are talking about with the O'Day hate.

Hey losers, go sit and promote Kyle Walters and how great he is.

It amazes me how many sacklickers come on here all the time to do nothing but preach their misguided agendas under an anonymous fashion.


Anonymous said...

who deh who deh who deh think gonna beat dem bombers

Anonymous said...

Oh Cam, your love for O'Day is a little much. Whose the s$&klicker now?

Anonymous said...

Did it look like Demski threw he TD ball away before actually stepping into the end zone? What would the call be?

Anonymous said...

Is there a holiday Monday edition of the Sports Cage at 4 pm?

Anonymous said...

Ben Heenan seems to be off the books for the Colts. Any inside knowledge as to what his status is in the NFL. Is he a free agent now or next week?

Anonymous said...

It would be a OH MY GOODNESS call by the TSN panel if ....

Anonymous said...

Nic Demski = nobody home Cave Skull.
Trade him to Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

I think the comments regarding O'Day's lack of experience are somewhat valid. Here is some food for thought. If the Riders had a President who had experience with the football operations aspect of things, then maybe giving O'Day a shot would be a good move. The President could assist with mentoring and developing O'Day. But the Roughrider's do not have a President with a wealth of football operations experience. Would it be the proper move to have a young and inexperienced front office?


Anonymous said...

Rich Stubler for Roughriders general manager.

I endorse this message,
Donald Triump

Anonymous said...

Only thing worse than being 0 and 9, is losing to a 0 and 9 team, Hey Bombers fans!! LOL to funny.

Anonymous said...

Trade Demski to Winnipeg? Serious????
You obviously don't like him ?? ( or you are from Winnipeg)
So, pretend you are the new Rider GM. Which Canadian player on Winnipeg roster would you trade him for????

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous post re Demski

Obviously an attempt at stupidest comment for the thread. You win! Now go tell all your friend(s) or your mom that you found out how to post a comment. Run along now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Trade him for late round Canadian draft pick. I'll pretend to be the new interm rider gm who apprenticed under the previous gm goof who left the current franchise team loser mess in both Winnipeg/Saskatchewan.

Case Closed