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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Kevin Glenn will be the starting quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday night when they host the Ottawa RedBlacks (7:00 pm, TSN, CKRM Rider Network).

Riders head coach Bob Dyce made the announcement following Tuesday's practice saying Glenn gives the 1-10 team its best chance to win at this point.

Glenn has missed the past six games with a torn pectoral muscle but took the first team reps on Tuesday.  In his absence, rookie Brett Smith went 1-5 as a starter.

Smith told reporters after practice he's "frustrated" with the news but understands it's the coach's decision.

"He's the head coach and I respect the decision," Smith said.  "I guess my first thought was how I can be the best teammate I can.  I'm happy for Kevin and I'm happy for the team.  Obviously I'm frustrated that I can't be playing.  As a competitor, every competitor wants to play and I do, but at the same time that's the direction the coaches want to go.  I'm going to be the best teammate I can be for Kevin."

The Riders are 1-10 but Dyce says there's still an outside shot at making the playoffs and that remains the team's goal.  The Riders will hold a closed practice on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Smith is frustrated. its only by ugly circumstance that he got to play. If he doestn like it he can pack it back up to Oregon....

Anonymous said...

Smith frustrated that he is not starting ahead of Glen ????

WOW - what a lack of class

Look at your last game Smith and give your head a shake kid !!!!

Gord said...

This really shows what is wrong with this football team. You cut Blake Sims who you didnt even let toss a football so you can play a 40 year old journey man QB who will be retired next year. Can anyone explain to me how playing Glenn does one once of good for this team going forward? What is one good thing that can come of this?

Priscilla Segaert said...

He said before that he knows it's Glenn &
DD team

Anonymous said...


I'm reminded of the saying that David Price uses..."if you don't like it, pitch better".

Same could be said to Brett Smith.

Anonymous said...

- Team morale
- Evaluating the new receivers and other offensive players with someone who can get them the ball.
- Establishing a never give up attitude
- whenever you step on the field play to win
- fan hope, even if they don't make the playoffs, I want to see them win

Majority of MLB teams are out of the playoffs halfway through the season, why they bother playing there best players....oh right, they are paying them to play.

If smith showed more potential, they would play him. You also don't want your a new guy like price to get slaughtered without a full undrstanding of the offence and defencsive reads.

Anonymous said...

Still only need 5 wins to make the playoffs an our schedule looks good. Keep fingers crossed BC and Winnipeg don't win another game and Montreal only wins one more.

Anonymous said...

He didn't like the coach pulling him in Ottawa and he played poorly in Winnipeg, and your upset with the coach again? Tells me the kid needs to grow up some or he may end up tending bar again soon. If he's frustrated now what he going to be should DD return to his all-start form next year? He needs to pay his dues.

Glenn is a veteran and has paid his dues. He was the starter when injured and starters are not supposed to lose their jobs to injury. Also IMO Dyce wants to win as does O'Day. A 1-8 or 2-7 won't look good on them at years end.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3: The team has other offensive players to judge, WR and RB for two so is it fair to judge them based on a rookie QB?

Anonymous said...

Glenn may be the Riders starter next year. They have no choice but to play him because if he leaves, Smith could be the starter all year. Then what ?

Anonymous said...

Good. Coming to the game for sure now. I like to see winning. This is pro football. Recruit better players who don't need so much time to develop. Lulay and Bo Levi seem fine Collaros worked out well with the Argos. Too many micromanagers and not enough fans wanting to see winning football.

Anonymous said...

I pay to see the best players (we have) play...
I don't pay to see evaluation football...

Anonymous said...

Tajh Boyd to the Blue Bombers a very good move on their part. Team building the QB position for the future. Riders Smith thinking he's suddenly entitled with the prima dona attitude not good on him as sooner or later, now reality strikes. Its not your team, never was.
Nice hair dhough !

Anonymous said...

By criticizing Smiths comments you are assuming he was accurately quoted by the media member ??
Shame on you.... You will never learn, will you......??

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the most famous quotes in football. "You play to WIN the GAME!!!"
Glenn gives the Riders that chance.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is a competitor will tell you in a situation like Smith is in what else could you say. He' s done nothing but come in and give us a chance to win. He'syoung and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Remember Durant when Joseph got traded. Its all part of the growth of a young future starting qb. A perdon who has a leader type personality wouldn't give you any other answer young or old.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Smith needs to be bartending.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gord;

How are you supposed to evaluate any receivers with a QB that can't get the ball to them?

Personally Smith has shown me all I've got to see, I think Price should be #2 so he can maybe have some mop-up time.

Not Gord.

Anonymous said...

Give the kid a break. I love his fire desire determination. I bet most QBs are frustrated when they don't get to play. Just learn how to use the cliche "I just want what's best for the team". It's BS of course.

Anonymous said...

Saw a former and future Hall of Fame and much respected QB show some public frustration on the weekend.

Randolph said...

Smart aleck remarks about Brett bartending show your limited mentality. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't future hall of famer Ricky Ray drive a potato chip truck before embarking on his career?

Clearly there is no future with Kevin at QB beyond this season. Let's see, Smith at QB, 250 yards passing 2 td's, 2 int's; Glenn at QB, 265 yards passing, 2 td's, 3 int's. Only I will take Smith since he is 24 and the meter is pointing up.

willie said...

Randolph your meter is pointing nowhere by the sounds of it. Smith can look good, but only once in awhile . Glenn can still look damn good and win us some games. I'm sure you will see a lot more passing to Dressler, Smith and a few others with Glenn at the helm.
Good choice Riders, now win us some games. Riders 34-19 over Ottawa on Sat.

Anonymous said...

If anybody remembers Durant's rookie year he showed us what he had and then broke some ribs and went on the IR. Smith has had every chance DD had but he didn't show us near as much as DD did. Put Glenn in and elevate Price to mop-up. Unless you want to waste 3 years on Smith like we did with Tino. It won't take long when the real one comes along.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod - are you back travelling with the team?? Since you blamed CC for being ousted, I figured of course you would be back.

Randolph said...

I always felt like Drew Tate should have been given something better than a cup of coffee with the team. Hey, there's an idea, I wonder if Huf would part with Drew if there was an interesting offer? Nah, you guys will say that ship has sailed too, I bet.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrites on the board this morning. Two weeks ago, everyone loved Brett Smith and after one bad game, he is #1 on the Rider hate machine. If you got some kind of promotion at work for whatever reason and did well for the most part as you learned the new gig and then got told you were going back to your old job, you would be pissed too.

I guess Smith was wrong for getting into it with Chamblin too and each one of you losers defended him.

Can't have it both ways!

Anonymous said...

Smith would have been better served just keeping his thoughts to himself. After the Ottawa game there were many who suggested that Chamblin's comments over being pulled contributed to Chamblin's demise. That's not a tag a young player wants to hang on himself. Don't want to be known as a coach killer. In this instance less is more.

Smith wasn't good in Ottawa, not very good in the first half of the Labour Day game, and not good in the Banjo Bowl. It is high time he went back to being an understudy. It will gain him more knowledge and a bit more humility.

Durant, Mitchell, Lulay, Harris, and Collaros were all far and away better in their debut times. All showed not only a talent to win, they also showed leadership and a team first attitude. Smith has some promise but he is not at the level he needs to be mentioned with those guys.

The CFL is littered with guys who came in and did well for five, six and more games. Some even won a bunch of games. It's way too early to put a label and pressure of being the "next one" on Smith since he may or may not be that person. There are variables like injuries, trades, and better performers that change things. A lot of QB's that people were gushing about two years ago are now backups or third on depth charts.

Both Tate and Willy have been OK with their new teams but neither has shot out the lights. Tate is a backup the same as he was here, and Willy is soon to be. So how far have they progressed? Had either chose to stay here as a backup, they would likely have been the starter now. funny how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Smith's top end looks like a back up on a crappy team or a 3rd stringer on a good team. Hes a starter on a bottom feeder.

Anonymous said...

Chamblin: Pulls the QB for the wrong reason and too soon

Dyce: Does not pull the QB for all the right reasons: not pulling the QB was a missed opportunity.

Maybe our next Head Coach will get it right.


I am not one of those guys that always wishes for the next guy in or to replace a person for one or two mistakes, but I am someone capable of recognizing a missed opportunity for training and experience. The last game Smith was kept in way too long when it was quite apparent his head was no longer in the game.

Some time early in the 4th quarter would have been a good time to get a look at Keith Price, or to at least give him some experience reps. We were still close in the 4th, but the writing was on the wall for Smith in that last game.


I thought of Patrick Roy not being pulled when he had that one terrible game and let in 6 or 7 goals. When finally pulled he told the Montreal brass he was through with Montreal. It was not that he did not want to play, but even Roy knew that he was simply having a bad day.


Anonymous said...

What a horribly written article! Watch the interview and pay attention. He says he is "frustrated" because as a competitor he wants to play but fully understands.

Can't believe Rod would make a player look bad like this.

Anonymous said...

If anybody remembers Durant's rookie year he showed us what he had ...

Do you mean 2006 when he didn't play a snap? Or 2007 when he was also stapled to the sidelines? or 2008 when he only started a couple games but dressed most of the season?

That is the point everyone is missing. Brett Smith is a fresh faced rookie. He has lots of learning to do and may not show his true worth for two more years.

I hope they play Glenn the rest of the way, for the teams development not one guy.

Anonymous said...


Who's better ?
Take your pick.
Brett Smith or Tino Sunseri ?

Tino Sunseri hands down.

Anonymous said...

u either have it or u don't have it....don't think brett "has it"...a successful qb must have a pocket presence and not bolt once the ball is may admire brett's ability to scramble but it cannot always be option #1!!...there is a running back and a multitude of receivers available every down and tis the qbs job to involve them with maximum effiency.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I read your article on where you talk of everybody seeing that Kent Austin had "it" right from day one.
I think it's safe to say Brett Smith hasn't followed Kent Austin's footprints.
I think we should play Kevin Glenn until the staff feels that Keith Price is groomed enough to give him some playing time and see if he has "it".
The staff will know when the right one comes along.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned a QB who really didn't look that good playing for a few years. His name can be found in the record books as pretty well #1 all time. AC of course. I am amazed how quickly so many are throwing Smith under the bus. So on Sat watch how KG gets killed back there. Hope not but he cannot escape.

As an old fart I recall early Ronnie. Team was crap with a weak O line. Then came Ronnie. He invented what was called 'a scrambling QB'.But as he gained experience he got smarter and as the O line improved he could stay in the pocket. But if the heat was on he had that ability to get out of the way. Usually just in time. (Confirm with Frenzie)

My point is that a rookie can develop pocket presense with experience but try to teach lead footed QBs to scramble. I don't know Smiths potential but don't think most anons do either. Just saying.

(BTW Austin never ever had a year where his completion percentage hit even 60%)

Randolph said...

I was too young to remember the early Ronnie, but I remember him rolling to avoid Stamps defenders such a Harris and Helton. Smith rolls beautifully, has all the tools and only needs a teacher. It is a total disappointment to me that we don't devote the end of this lost season on a young talent like him.

I guess we just have to hope Darian comes back 100 % next year.