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Monday, September 28, 2015



1 - HERE WE GO:  It's amazing what just one victory will do.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders kept their slim playoff hopes alive with Sunday's 33-21 victory over the Montreal Alouettes before 30,843 deliriously happy Rider fans at Mosaic Stadium.  It just felt so good for everybody.  Quarterback Kevin Glenn came out throwing darts and finished the day with 212 yards passing along with an emphatic 38-yard touchdown strike to veteran receiver Rob Bagg.  There were several drops early, but Glenn shrugged them off.  His demeanour is unflappable.

It's not a bad idea to score a touchdown on your opening drive either.  The CFL Game Notes package informed us that teams who score a major on their opening series go on to win the game 71% of the time and it held true on Sunday.  The Alouettes' first offensive series on Sunday ended in the first of three Macho Harris interceptions which directly led to the Bagg touchdown just one play later.

There was a joke floating around the press box after the game saying, "Who was wearing Macho Harris's #3 jersey?" but that's flatly unfair to the former Virginia Tech Hokie.  He was certainly playing like he was handcuffed in the first half of the season (whether it be mentally or physically) but he's been unleashed since Labour Day and Sunday was his finest game as a Roughrider by far.

Don't look now, but head coach Bob Dyce is currently a .500 coach with an 0-9 team!

And if Sunday's contest was any indication, this seems like a completely different football team than the one who struggled to an 0-9 record in the first half of the season.  Will they make the playoffs?  Who knows.  The statistician says just one more loss over the final five games will extinguish the Riders' chance at the postseason but there's no point telling the Roughriders players and coaches that now.

To a man, they believe it can be done.

Perhaps it started with John Chick's passionate game day address - which he asked for permission from Bob Dyce to deliver - which planted the kernels of belief on Sunday morning.  With John being the most-devout of Christians, who knows if Divine Intervention will get this club into the postseason party?  As Chick said earlier this season, "When we turn this around ... what a story it will be".

Do you believe in miracles?

Where's Al Michaels when you need him.

Dutchyshen with Jeffrey Orridge and Bob Dyce
2 - PLAZA OF HONOR:  Sunday's Roughrider victory was certainly a smashing way to cap 2015 Plaza of Honor weekend.  Rider greats Tim McCray and Scott Schultz were inducted into the Plaza at Evraz Place on Friday evening with between 1,200-1,300 in attendance.  It's believed to be the second-largest dinner annually in Saskatchewan behind Brad Wall's popular Premier's Dinner.

The dinner format had been pretty much the same from its inception in 1987 up until last year but in 2015 they stuck a stick of dynamite into it.  TSN's popular Sportscentre host Darren Dutchyshen was flown in as the emcee and he did a great job.

The lifelong Rider fan told a touching story of coming in from his hometown of Porcupline Plain, SK in 1976 to attend his first game at the age of 10.  They came down in a motorhome and when the Riders won that game, his father celebrated so much they weren't able to make the drive back until the next day.  Darren said his Dad now lives in a nursing home in Regina and on Friday they reminisced about the story.  "Your Mom was so mad!" the elder Dutchyshen remembered.  Darren told the crowd his father now suffers from dementia so it was emotional that his Dad was able to recall that event from 40 years ago.

A new portion of the induction ceremony included a Q&A with Dutchyshen, CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge and Riders coach Bob Dyce.  I heard Orridge describe the event as "absolutely incredible" off the top and at that point I ran to the washroom and then to get a soda.  By the time I returned, it was over.  So I can't give you much of a recap of that session.

Tom Burgess inducted McCray and Jeremy O'Day inducted Schultz.  Most of the speeches were rather lengthy, in fact Schultz's approached 45 minutes.  The next day The Old 96'er said he simply lost track of time and felt terrible if he rambled on too long.  I told him it wasn't a big deal, and that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It wasn't lost on Dutchyshen however, who quipped at the podium afterwards, "I don't want to say that speech was long Scott, but Darian Durant is now healed!"

Some people connected with the Roughriders were concerned that I'd be miffed that I'd been supplanted as emcee but that couldn't be further from the truth.  I got to sit at the CKRM table between my wife and Clark Gillies and got to truly enjoy the evening.  When you're the emcee at these events, IT'S WORK and you need to keep the program moving swiftly and on time.  It can be stressful.  Plus, since it's always been a volunteer proposition for the team's broadcaster, it was no skin off my nose to get the evening off.  Taking over from 20-year emcee Lorne Harasen at the annual Plaza luncheon with the current and past inductees on the Friday of Plaza weekend suits me just fine.

PLUS, being the emcee is generally a no-win situation.  You try to spice it up with some humour but invariably someone gets offended.  Some people are still upset at me with jokes made at the 2007 Plaza.  Dutchyshen made an early crack Friday night about the length of Rider Chairman Wayne Morsky's speech and, if that were me, would've heard about it for days afterwards.  No thanks.

Again, this arrangement suits me exactly fine.

3 - WELCOME BACK BURGY:  It's always a treat to be in the presence of 1989 Grey Cup champion and 2009 Plaza inductee Tom Burgess.   His mere presence in this town sends the female's hearts swooning.  As mentioned previously, the former Rider QB flew in from Rye, NY to induct his old pal Tim McCray.

Burgess is regarded as somewhat of a mythical figure in Rider lore despite the fact it was Kent Austin who quarterbacked the Riders in the 1989 Grey Cup victory.  Wanting to be a starter, Burgess was shipped to Winnipeg for the 1990 season and promptly led the Blue Bombers to a Grey Cup title of their own.  They haven't won one since.   However Burgess is not held up with the same esteem in Winnipeg as he is here.  In fact, he didn't even attend their 25-year Grey Cup reunion this summer.

"I haven't been back, actually," Burgess admitted on 620 CKRM's SportsCage on Friday.  "They actually had somewhat of a reunion this summer but I didn't really hear about it till late.  Actually Rick House gave me a call but it was short notice and you had to jump on a flight and it just wasn't going to work.  I just haven't had a chance to get back to Winnipeg but I'd love it.  No - well you guys all know it here - the way they treat football and their history is a little bit different."

Very Winnipegish?

4 - THE STATE OF THE CFL:  As mentioned, CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge was on hand for all of the weekend events and he's quickly learning that the Saskatchewan Roughriders drive the CFL.  He's only been on the job since late-April but he's been to the Wheat Province almost a half-a-dozen times.  He told the crowd at Friday's luncheon that he needs to placate all nine teams rather than favour the Riders but I was quick to inform him, "Cohon didn't mind".

With a spare five minutes, I pulled out my tape recorder and asked Orridge for a State of the League update.

"I think we're doing fantastic," Orridge smiled.  "When you look at it, the parity in the league right now is pretty incomparable.  The game excitement, the rule changes have opened up the game.  You've been seeing half the games being decided by six points or less and several of the games have come down to the last three minutes.  When you look at excitement and unpredictability, which is what sport is all about, it's pretty amazing.

"Viewership remains strong certainly both in-stadium, on television and across all the multi-media platforms.  People are consistently focused on the CFL which is great for us."

Orridge was hired in part to attract the "millenials" or the 18-34 age group and I asked him what he has up his sleeve in order to accomplish that task.

"Just wait and see!  We work quickly," Orridge answered.  "We've got a lot of things in place right now, new digital executions, storytelling, focusing on heroes of the game and really being where millenials are.  That next generation of fans lives primarily online these days but the in-stadium experience is pretty special.  That's what's happening pretty much all over the league right now.  You'll see all age groups because it's a real social environment that's being created.  It's not just what happens on the field, but also what goes on around the games that's special and attracts people.  That keeps them engaged to the CFL."

5 - JUST NOTES:  I'm told Tom Higgins has applied for the Roughriders' GM and Head Coach positions ... TSN is killing the CFL by putting their fall games on Sunday afternoons.  Last weekend the Winnipeg-Montreal game drew 293,000 viewers while the Dallas-Philadelphia NFL contest attracted 841,000 that same day.  The night before, the Ottawa-Saskatchewan game attracted 740,000 viewers.  It will be interesting to see what this Sunday's Montreal-Saskatchewan match-up pulled in for eyeballs.  I get that TSN needs to fill Sunday afternoon programming but put on a darts contest or something!  If the CFL wants to attract millenials, the way to do it isn't by going up against the NFL ... Last Sunday in the Four Seasons Sports Palace, the TVs were tuned to all 10 early NFL games and not one had the CFL contest.  And nobody asked for it either ... Now might be a good time to revisit establishing the CFL as a farm league for the NFL, and getting their top prospects up here and dividing the nine CFL teams amongst the 32 in the NFL.  Why not work with the world's biggest sports marketing machine than fight it? ... Paul McCallum has had 55 games where he's kicked four or more field goals.  He's second all-time in CFL scoring, but roughly 800 points behind Lui Passaglia ... The Roughriders are averaging 31,339 fans per game which is #2 in the CFL, trailing only Edmonton (32,496) ... Montreal Gazette football writer Herb Zurkowsky tweeted earlier this summer that he wouldn't do any more interviews regarding Michael Sam until the troubled defensive end actually played.  On Sunday's pregame show I interviewed Herb but sidestepped the Sam issue.  Afterwards he said, "Why didn't you ask me about Michael Sam?"  Typical Herb ... The Blue Jays are headed to the MLB playoffs and no longer own the longest playoff drought amongst North American's four main sports leagues.  That honour now belongs to the NFL's Buffalo Bills who've missed the playoffs for the past 15 years ... The Jays have clinched at least a wildcard berth and now the pundits are saying it should be a best-of-three series rather than a one game showdown.  We floated that notion on this blog weeks ago.  Imagine waiting 22 years FOR ONE GAME! They likely won't have to worry about that in the end anyway ... Roughly 7,400 fans showed up in Saskatoon to watch Connor McDavid, Jordan Eberle and the Edmonton Oilers in preseason action Saturday night.  That's half the capacity of SaskTel Centre.  No comment here.  Too easy.

6 - GO PATS GO:  The Regina Pats are 1-0-1 to start the 2015-16 WHL season after a home-and-home split against the rival Moose Jaw Warriors including a 3-2 OT win Saturday night in the Brandt Centre.  The MMG was fortunate to be able to take in both games and noticed while the young Pats have provided plenty of work for coach John Paddock and his staff to clean up, they're going to be just fine.  Thursday night there was a reluctance to go to the front of the net but that was changed by Saturday.

It's going to be a real treat to watch how this team comes together over the next 70 games before the playoffs.  It's the cheapest, best entertainment in town and sophomore Pats phenom Sam Steel is worth the gate admission alone.  And the hotdogs are great too.


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Anonymous said...

Why is HONOUR spelled incorrectly?? Plaza of HONOR?? Really?

John said...

I read your blog faithfully but totally disagree with you on 2 points. True CFL fans WILL watch CFL games over NFL on sundays and we DO NOT want to be an NFL farm league. Can you imagine what would happen if our team was on a Grey Cup run and the NFL called up star players when they needed a good player or two? Give your head a shake!

Don Mitchell said...

Rod probably has the autocorrect on English(US) instead of English (Canada). Oh well its god damn it IS a big deal. Just more evidence of us being consumed by our southern behemoth "friend".

As for the thought of becoming the football equivalent of the AHL, no thanks. NFL will want all the rules changed, there will be no Canadian players and then say goodbye to things like RMF, the Thunder and the Rams.
Friday nights and Saturday afternoon and nights should be when the CFL plays.

Anonymous said...

Good much do the Riders pay you to be a cheerleader Rod? And the very fact you mentioned how you didn't mind not being asked to emcee the Plaza of HONOUR event proves that it did bother you!

And of course, what blog isn't complete without another shot at Winnipeg and Saskatoon? Or how how suggesting that Orridge is catering to Rider Narion. Miracles do happen, but there won't be one in Regina this matter how much Roddy goos about "Canada's Joke".

Anonymous said...

Pedersen, your digs at Saskatoon are getting old, get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

McDavid plays to a half empty rink. Verrrrrrrrrry Saskatoonish is the phrase I would use. They do deserve an NHL team though.

Rod Pedersen said...


Somebody needs a hug ...

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn sucks, the defense sucks, Macho Harris is a joke, Dyce would be a terrible head coach for this team. Wait! WHAT??? The Riders won? YAYYYYYYY, we are going to the Grey Cup. The demons are behind us. The call-in show was even boring to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Honor/honour; just another example of 'Yankee worship' which essentially is an inferior complex and most Canadians suffer from it. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe we're right and they're wrong? Americans are the most despised people in the world except in Canada.

Proud Canadian

Anonymous said...

Hey John:

If the CFL doesn't wake up soon, there will be no more CFL and you and everyone else will be watching the giant that is the NFL on Sundays. Its a great idea and one I have thought about for years. It is also just dumb playing Sunday afternoon football and competing against the NFL. The monster is too big and while it may not have been bad here because of the intense fanaticism, that fanaticism doesn't happen elsewhere. Once you admit there is a problem John, you can start looking for a solution.

Anonymous said...

I give the Argos another 2-3 years before they fold, and once this happens that will be the end of the good ole CFL.

Anonymous said...

7,400 to watch the Oilers?? Enjoy your WHL for years to come Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Are there actually still people out there that believe Saskatoon is even remotely being looked at to get an NHL team. That has no hope of ever happening.

Anonymous said...

Question RP

In a game today between the Thunder and Rams who wins?

Rod Pedersen said...

Great question but I'd have to say the Rams.

Anonymous said...

People in Saskatoon have been burnt by the minor league exhibition games being played at regular season NHL prices before. I went once, swore never again. Cheapest seats to sit in the rafters were $ thanks. I'll spend my money elsewhere thanks.

Anonymous said...

A win before an ANNOUNCED crowd of 30,000. I am a season ticket holder and our row had 8 which trumped those around us of 4,5, and 2 and that was on a nice day. Don't go up against the NFL!

Anonymous said...

The Cfl would be smart to have double headers on Friday and sat. once Nfl starts. Friday night football has been a tremendous hit and why they wouldn't try to have two games on Friday once Sept comes is strange.

Anonymous said...

Couple of comments:
1) Honor vs Honour, it is the Riders or Sasktel who spell it wrong, look at the banners in the picture on the blog. Get with it Riders, we are Canadian.

2) We still only need 5 wins to make the playoffs. I know we have to play the top teams coming up, but if we make the playoffs I assume we want to win so we might as well beat them now to get to playoffs...otherwise what is the point.

Anonymous said...

While I totally agree that Saskatoon isn't ready for an NHL team. I also find it to be bordering on Gary Lawless levels of irresponsible commentary to omit the pricing, split-squad reality and that McDavid's participation wasn't sure until day before. Did anyone actually look at the Wild roster? If I'm getting AHL level hockey, why pay NHL prices? C'mon Rod, tell the whole story. You are (in theory) better than that.

Rod Pedersen said...

Dude! Why not throw in the long drive out to Sask Place while you're at it!! Fans in NHL markets pay full price and don't complain and they get the same thing. If Saskatoon wants to attract an NFL or CFL team of their own, they're failing miserably.

JustaFan said...

Friday and Saturday doubleheaders would be ideal, but there are two big problems:
- stadium availability
- TSN's other scheduling commitments. We just are not that important.

Anonymous said...

When the Plaza of Honor started ..... it was spelt HONOR and it's never been changed since. Is this really a big deal? Who cares!!!??

Stoon will never get an NHL team. Can you imagine on July 1st when it's FA time and the GM calls an FA and says "would you like to come play in Saskatoon?" hahahahaha

Calgary, Edm and the Pag can't attract FA's let alone Stoon.

Anonymous said...

Pedersen, you're an idiot.
I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

HONOUR spelled the American way?? How Saskatchewan-ish!!!

Anonymous said...

A must see film out on DVD is "GLEN CAMPBELL, I'LL BE ME" which takes viewers along on his final concert tour and his decline due to Alzheimer's disease.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

the gem of regina on elphinstone will be sitting quite/ empty in 5 orso years when this minor league calls it quits. toronto and vancouver will be the anchors that sink it.

Anonymous said...

Technically right now the Riders can go 4-1 over the last five and make playoffs, with lots of help! Logically they have been done for a long time.

Love their spirit and fight though!

Anonymous said...

Must be a blood moon. Everybody's nuts, the Riders won a game, Rod is yelling at fans on his blog, taking pot shots at Winnipeg and Saskatoon and Rod thinks the CFL should be a farm system for he NFL. That gravitational pull really knocks some people off their mental game.

J FRENCH said...

I can tell you I didn't attend the preseason game this weekend, and will never. I spent a lot of money to take my family to the first Islanders vs Oilers preseason game that was here and it was a giant waste of time and money. They marketed it and charged for it like it was going to be a quality game, and it was slow, sloppy hockey. I thought there might be some guys with fire trying to get a job but no hussle could be found. After it was over, it just felt like a tremendous cash grab. I vowed to never go see a preseason hockey game again. Instead I take the family to a few WHL games instead.

And judging by my Facebook and Twitter friends, my diehard sport fan friends werent in town to catch they game. They all travelled to Toronto this weekend to watch the Jays or were en route to Regina to catch the Riders.

Anonymous said...

A game between the Thunder and Rams would be great and would open a lot of eyes. A lot of them!

Anonymous said...

Riders need to get to six wins to even have a mathematical (miracle) chance of making playoffs.

Will probably need 7 to be in actual argument. Would be great to catch Winnipeg! But if we are missing playoffs anyway lets keep that first overall pick.

Anonymous said...

John, you obviously can't see what is right in front of your face and that is this league is in big trouble. Going head to head against the NFL today is not the smartest move to make. Play one game Thursday, one on Friday and two on Saturdays after Labour Day. It is as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

No love for the o-line. Cmon Rod! They were dominant!

Anonymous said...

A Rams-Thunder game would be interesting. Not a lot separating the two teams with the exception of age. I know where my money would go and it wouldn't be on the team who got lit up Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Rod's an idiot, yet you keep coming back here week after week after week to see what he says because you are interested and need to know. So who is the real idiot then. Look in the mirror and you will find your answer. I do trust you know how to look in a mirror!

Anonymous said...


The "NHL markets" you state have season tickets that force people to pay for their pre-season tickets pre-season tickets already (much like how I have to pay for my pre-season ticket to the Riders I almost never go to). Pretty easy to fill a pre-season game when you already have people who pre-purchased tickets that people could just give away.

I've been to those NHL in Saskatoon games. The biggest name that played was Dwayne Roloson (who was past his prime). Not exactly a huge draw. I quit going due to the game being a glorified scrimmage with prospects.

Why don't you talk about how many people show up to U of R Rams games compared to U of S Huskies football games? Oh that's right, the Huskies have a following that the Rams would be jealous of. But how can that be? The U of S is located in Saskatoon!

Get off your high horse on your pot shots towards Saskatoon. It's getting really old.


Anonymous said...

I guess not enough people from around the province made the drive to Stoon to support the AHL team dressed in NHL uniforms to make coffee row happy. Even so, Stoon still outdrew Regina's attendance for any NHL pre-season game held in the Vag.

Two things:
1. Regina can not support a CFL team by itself. This is fact and is also true of any community in Sask for any future pro sports team (including the Rush).

2. Rod, did you buy a ticket and go to the exhibition game? If not, why not? You seem to have a strong interest in inciting opinions about this.

Rob in Stoon

Anonymous said...

What Rod never mentioned is how bad the attendance was in Regina when NHL exhibition games are in town. Face it, the games are way overpriced and it's mostly minor leaguers playing anyway. But hey, don't let that get in the way of a good dig against Stoon, MJ, Brandon and eapecially Swift Current! How Roddy-ish. He'd make a great villain manager at High Impact Wrestling. You can just picture Rod at the Victoria club at ringside poking his guys' opponent in the eye and then turning around and telling some five year old kid to shut up.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Rod Pedersen said...

The Pats were playing at home and I never miss a Pats game.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that there may be a shot some day for Saskatoon to be considered for an NHL team and that would be when the Canadian dollar rises in value dramatically, to at least $2.00 American.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that 99% of the bloggers on here are men, so I am shocked at the amount of school girl type word fights go on in this blog. It would be so nice if a person could just read your blog and appreciate it for what it is. Information and opinion. Not saying we as readers have to agree with what you write Rod , but there is so much unnecessary drivel to sort through. Otherwise I love reading the blog and catching up on sports news.

Anonymous said...

Other than a NHL season ticket holder who gets the exhibition games as part of their ticket package ..... who would be dumb enough to pay the prices being asked to watch an NHL exhibition game. I won't even watch it on TV for free.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of valid points here. For the people that are calling Rod the idiot...really? Wow, way to keep your head up high!

First off. A pre-season split squad game isn't going to sell out, because it is the same as having the game in the hometown. Why would the oilers have a preseason game outside of edmonton, when they could just have it in edmonton to get their ticket money. They are doing you a favour to bring the team to you, which costs a lot of money. It's not a cash grab. Get real.

Second. The CFL NEEDS, and I can't stress enough, N-E-E-D-S to stop competing with the NFL. You can definitely see the change in attendance when the NFL season starts. Yeah, I guess your tickets are sold, so what do you care about? How about the vendors that notice the drastic drop off of business, for their HUGE payment per game and percentage given back to the team, it will start to get old when they have to prepare the same for a game in late september, that they do in august...and have a bunch of waste.

Thirdly, we cannot become a farm league for the NFL, due to what the above poster said. Come playoff time, oops, I need a QB, bring in my starter from the Riders, then we are pooched. That scenerio would not happen very often, but just like the reffing in our games, it would screw someone over.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think a NFL farm system would be successful? Do you honestly think the TV numbers would be better? Are the NFL fans in the states or the wannabe's in Canada going to watch NFL 2 when they can watch established NFL teams? It's unlikely that you would see gifted athletes like Dressler and Smith and even fewer Canadian players. The CFL is ideal for athletes that do not fit the NFL prototype. Make changes to the schedule if the TV ratings are a concern, no need to eliminate a Canadian institution. Many Canadians consider anything that's not American second rate,maybe we should take some pride in being Canadian.


Anonymous said...

Rod's wrestling outfit would be the flashiest suit in Regina complete with gold plated aviators. And of course his entrance music will be "The Fireman".

Come to think of it we did see Rod ripping down Albert today with that song blaring and five blondes hanging out the windows.

Anonymous said...

After the loss of Durant and then the string of losses early this season, I found myself able to watch our Riders play football in a way that only perhaps Leaf or Cleveland Brown fans can understand. For the past few years following the Riders involved a fair bit of angst and tension, indeed stress, as to their ups and downs, wins and losses and how other teams are doing as may effect the Riders chances in having a home play-off game.

This season I have experienced watching a Rider game as one focused more on each play and being in the stands for the pure joy of seeing a good play or great play, or almost great play.

Like yesterday's game: the running tackle by "Money" Monroe, the pick six by Macho, the almost interception by John Chick, the great throw to and catch by Bagg and the one by Roosevelt,the bobble in the endzone by Ryan Smith, the burst through the line by Beast Messam...

I believe next season it will be back to the grind of worrying how other teams are doing in the standings as our Riders fight for a home play-off. But for now, I will continue to watch football because I like to watch football for its moments of beauty and collision (as I am too old to play it myself).

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

A game between the Roughriders and Thunder/Rams would be great and would open a lot of eyes. A lot of them as T/R get the W.

Anonymous said...

I was at the NHL game in Stoon. Drove up from Regina. First I will say this.... Saskatoon people are all so cocky about their beautiful water (that you cant go anywhere near because you will die literally) and their wonderful bridges (have you seen how ugly those things are?) and their "wonderful" downtown shopping area that is sooooo much better than Regina's apparently. Actually Regina's downtwon has far better restaurants and bars and has a large casino with entertainment going on all the time. The city itself is a stinkhole (literally it stinks) and is hard to get around because of the terrible set up. As for the game, if you stoon idiots think you are gonna get an NHL franchise when you can't even fill a rink with the likes of McDavid, Eberle, Nuge, Nurse, Dumba, etc etc then you are fooling yourselves. I don't care if McD wasnt announced as playing , you show up incase and show your support for hockey, the NHL doesn't cater to you uppity a$$holes. Then when they do throw you a bone you arent there because the NHL didnt go out of their way to make sure you knew. Shut up, you sound like a super spoilked undeserving brat. You dont even deserve a WHL team or SJHL for that matter. I had 60$ tickets and when I entered the arena they told me I could chose anywhere I wanted to sit. Then I sat lower bowl and watched an unbelievable showcase of high end skill, all to a quiet crowd that barely cheered. It was an aweful experience in that regard. To the idiot who said earlier that they still out sold the Regina game .... the arena is bigger in stoon moron. If the Riders were in Stoon they would be getting about 10-15k a game in attendance, all from Regina where we love sports and dont act like spoiled babies that deserve the world. You are GROSS stoon, and this event proved it once again. SHAME ON YOU.


Anonymous said...

I would pay money to see a Rams-Thunder exhibition game, I wonder how many others would as well. I know it would never happen but the gate split for these teams could really offest the costs this year.

Somebody should make this happen.

The Queen City bowl.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the sheep wasting money on false hope provided by an NHL ex. game. haha

Anonymous said...

The CFL as a Farm league for the NFL? If you weren't so freaking square I'd ask you if you're high!

Anonymous said...

Rams would get better attendance if they played at the university like the Huskies do. The Huskies didn’t always enjoy fan support, helps when you use tuition fees to subsidize and force? students to pay for the tickets.

So if the toon town whiners want to compare apples to apples...

Anonymous said...

Alex FOR THE WIN!!!!

Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

Rod, regarding your comment on how the CFL should become a farm league for the NFL.. you either must be trying to stir up a lot of crap or you really are dumb in the head! YA! the CFL becomes a "minor league" for the NFL and that supposed to bring more fans and support? You think the people in Ontario think less of the CFL NOW?? just wait till the league becomes FFL or NFL 2!! You can say goodbye to all the talented Canadians (ie. Getzlaf, Cornish, Foley etc.. The CFL becomes nothing more than a Minor league. And you want a good example?? Look at the old Edmonton Trappers of the old Triple A baseball league and what happened to them because of this "second tier" who gives a rats ass now about the the minor leagues.. which is what will happen to the CFL and then you want to see a league die? Be stupid and give in to the idiots and THE NFL!

Anonymous said...

If the NFL was to bring their cash and transform the CFL into a "farm team system" then you can be sure that 1) the waggle would have to go 2) one yard off the ball would have to go 3) the size of the field would have to change to NFL size 4) all other rules would have to conform to those of the NFL 5) the Canadian ratio would be under pressure to be reduced or eliminated.

Therefore, you can be 100% sure that like an NHL or CFL team in Saskatoon it will never happen.

The CFL provides a unique brand of football that is part of our country's sport fabric and heritage and needs to be cherished.

But I appreciate the fact that Rod tossed it out today- possibly for a laugh - but also to make the point that once the NFL regular season starts in September the CFL needs to recognize reality and NOT schedule games on Sundays.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

My guess is Alex has never been to Saskatoon, let alone a hockey game.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon Rough Riders. That's the newly anointed name for CFL's latest franchise. The club colors will be green (think Minnesota Wild) with accents of double white and black trim (think.Dallas Stars). Helmets will be adorned with a exciting stylized wrap around slanted capital SRR emulating the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. You heard it here first, get ready CFL fans far and wide.

Handy Andy said...

Regarding the NHL Exhibition game in Saskatoon, here's why 15000 don't go to these games. After many years of avoiding Saskatoon, we were privileged to see the Calgary Flames play the star-studded New York Islanders. I paid $70 per ticket to sit in the 2nd row from the top of the upper deck to take my son to his first NHL game. We were so pumped! Then we take an hour to cross the city and get to our seats. And all the star players were nowhere to be seen. Cory Sarich was the biggest name player on the ice, and he played a grand total of about 3 shifts.
We and many others cried BS and decided that was the last exhibition game we'd pay big bucks to watch. I'd rather pay $20 to see a Blades game any day.
That's why the rink was half full.

Anonymous said...

Alex, if you think only Regina people go to Rider games, go out to hwy 11 before to game is over

Anonymous said...

Gunderstonehead.'re a BOZO!

Anonymous said...


Mr. John Gregory will be named the new Saskatchewan team gm bringing with him Mr. Ken Miller as the head coach. Contract details unavailable as per club policy, but both signed to five (5) year contracts.

Anonymous said...

Written by a idiot, posted by a idiot, thanx Alex. Your a a**clown !

From the engine that drives In the 306, V8.

Anonymous said...

The Thunder have become the better organization in this town. Why? It isn't that hard to see. Put Brin Werrett in charge of the Rams and imagine where they could be. I won't go any further or someone might lose his free blizzard deal.

Anonymous said...

The Sports Cage is on par with a pimply-faced kid broadcasting from mama bear's basement.

Anonymous said...

Oh admit it, Rod would be perfect for the villain role. Chirping the crowd all match and then passing his guy a foreign object to get the win.

Then the place erupts after the ol 96er himself comes out and powerslams Rod in the centre of the ring. Who wouldn't pay money to see that!

Gunderson's Yorkton
Up by da mall 'dere

Anonymous said...

ive hear the nfl is looking into playing friday night too if that happens the cfl is in deep doodoo lol

Anonymous said...

I love the CFL because I don't have the time to watch the NFL. I like the small league as I know most of the players etc. Too many players in the NFL for me to watch. I am a sports fan but I am too busy to sit my ass in front of a tv for 80 hours a week!

That said I do appreciate the talent and skills of the NFL and watch it when the CFL is over. I don't get near as excited because it isn't as personal as the CFL. I also appreciated the "we play in the CFL as we love the game, not necessarily the paycheque mentality"

The CFL should move the schedule up at least 2-3 weeks, who cares about how this could interfere with NHL playoff's. NHL is night games, CFL could be day games! Really not that hard to figure out.

You would get more fans out to enjoy the weather in the spring that freeze in the winter...we are in CANADA folks!!

As far as HONOR...get over the typo...As long as your are honorable...that is the real issue.


Anonymous said...

I loved your comment on Mondays sportscage. "Corey Chamblin lost his mind." I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

The CFL a Farm league to the NFL??? Really ???

What a defeatist attitude!

Besides, unless you are going to change the rules to the American game, that formula will not work. You could never have the CFL as a farm team because the players are different sized for different positions.

There are some players that are so large in the NFL (350 pound offensive lineman), that simply could not go make it on our big field. Also, we have small linebackers in order to cover the big field, yet the Americans use a bigger sized linebacker to cover the centre of the field.

Not going to happen Rod, please don't plant that seed...