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Monday, September 14, 2015



1 - SO ... NOW WHAT?:  Winnipeg's Investors Group Field is quickly turning into a House of Horrors for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  The tailspin the franchise currently finds itself in began exactly a year ago when star quarterback Darian Durant saw his season ended with a torn right elbow tendon in the 2014 Banjo Bowl.

Despite our hopes - and the fact the Riders were favoured going into the 2015 Banjo Bowl - more devastation was ultimately heaped on Canada's Team with Saturday's loss.  Now at 1-10, you couldn't even begin to convince the most optimistic of Rider fans that there will be a playoff spot waiting at the end of the regular season seven games from now.

The stark reality is the franchise is facing its worst season in history.

The plan for the weeks ahead is currently being discussed for hours on end in the offices at Mosaic Stadium.  Right now, we're told there is no plan.  Interim head coach Bob Dyce admitted on Saturday's postgame show that they're in a "day-by-day" scenario with how they play to set their roster for the games ahead.

Regarding a starting quarterback for this Saturday's home game against Ottawa, that will be discussed a few points below.

As far as the 2015 Banjo Bowl goes, no one performace that coming.  Buoyed by their 37-19 victory over Winnipeg the previous week in the Labour Day Classic, the Riders felt they were on bit of a roll heading into IG Field.  At least, as much of a roll that a 1-9 team could be on.

Coordinator Greg Quick's defense came to play, forcing five Blue Bomber turnovers in the opening half but the Riders only had a 7-3 lead to show for it at the break.  Slotback Rob Bagg - perhaps the team's top performer the past two weeks - called Saturday's offensive showing "just horrible" and Bob Dyce alluded postgame to the challenges presented by starting a rookie quarterback.

Brett Smith had shown improvement in all of his prior five starts but for some reason on Saturday, his youth and inexperience showed.  It seemed to have cooled the Rider Nation on the notion of starting Smith the rest of the way.

One thing we've learned this CFL season is:  if you lose your starting quarterback and continue to lose games, you're apt to be fired.  Ask Tom Higgins or Corey Chamblin.  Winnipeg's Mike O'Shea might have been in some peril as well had Matt Nichols pulled the Banjo Bowl out of the fire.

Kudos to the Bombers by the way, for getting Nichols prepped for a game after having only been in town for a week.  The Eastern Washington product wasn't a CFL neophyte however, having beaten the Riders twice in the past calendar year while with the Edmonton Eskimos.  But that makes us continue to scratch our heads  even more over why the Riders couldn't be more successful with Kerry Joseph last year when he showed up in town on October 9.

We've got a full week of radio and TV shows ahead to deliberate where this franchise is at, where it's been and where it's going, but an interesting email came into blog headquarters on Sunday which made me pause for reflection.

CTV Regina's Don Hewitt wrote via email, "Element of sadness I sense today ... fans realizing it wasn't all Chamblin ... players need an upgrade too".

Of course the wreckage of the past year isn't all Corey Chamblin's fault but when the man seized control of the defensive coordinator responsibilites, along with those of the head coach and basically all of Football Operations, there was no doubt who was going to pay the price.

"He put it all on his shoulders," one Rider staffer said this summer.  "If we'd had success, he'd have been in position to take all the credit.  Which is fine.  But we haven't, so he's got to take the blame."

Plus, Chamblin had no answer for why the team went into the toilet last year when Durant went down with the elbow injury but he vowed steps had been taken in the off-season to ensure that wouldn't happen again.

Durant goes down in Week 1 this year and the team promptly goes 0-9.

See ya later ...

The months of September, October and November will make or break Bob Dyce's chances of remaining this club's head coach into 2016.  After the Labour Day Classic win, I was comfortable see Dyce take a step forward towards taking over the job on permanent basis.  After Saturday's loss however, one Regina media member asked me if that would be enough to cost Dyce the opportunity.

How preposterous!  The loss in Winnipeg does not fall on Dyce's shoulders.  That was not a coaching loss.  If you scoffed at him getting the job after only one win, you can't howl for his head after only one loss.

However it will be incredibly interesting to see how Dyce handles the next seven games.  Does he prep the franchise for the future (i.e. "play the young guys") or does he worry about his own personal record a la Ken Miller in the back half of the 2011 campaign?

As Dyce himself mentioned, it's being sorted out day-by-day.

2 - MILLER TIME:  As devastating as Saturday's loss for the Roughriders was, it was equally as uplifting for the hometown Blue Bombers.  At 4-7, they're right back in the playoff discussion now with as many wins as B.C. (4-6) although the Lions have a game in hand.  Sunday's result was a massive relief for Bomber President Wade Miller who's been charged with selling tickets for the 2015 Grey Cup on November 29 at Investors Group Field.  With just over 27,000 tickets sold so far, the event's tracking to be the lowest-attended Grey Cup game in 50 years.

Miller, a Blue Bomber Hall of Famer and the CFL's all-time special teams tackles leader (184) is a much-respected figure within his hometown of Winnipeg and across the CFL.  "Wade gets it," is a phrase I often hear from CFL executives when the topic of Miller comes up.  But turning around that franchise has been a gargantuan task.

"I think for the last two years since I took over, it's been a lot of sleepless nights," Miller told us on Saturday's pregame show.  "We know we're building, and the record isn't showing it.  Being down our starting quarterback (Drew Willy) hasn't helped us at all.  But we have a plan and we're sticking to it.  The results will come, and we see the positive steps forward but there's the occasional backwards slide.  That we need to get corrected."

Miller said it's amazing how supportive the Blue Bomber fanbase has been given the fact their Grey Cup drought is at 26 years.

"Yeah, and then not making the playoffs since 2011," Miller added.  "So we have a great fanbase and so do the Roughriders.  But it's a fanbase that deserves better, will get better, and we want it now.  We're building this and it's gonna take time."

Investors Group Field is billed as the loudest stadium in the CFL and it could also be the nicest as well although B.C. Place Stadium is certainly in the discussion.  If you haven't been to Winnipeg's new stadium for a game before, why not make your first game the 2015 Grey Cup?

"Absolutely!" Miller smiled.  "It's going to be something really special.  The pregame and halftime shows are going to be at one end of the stadium so everybody in the facility will be able to see the concert which is unique to a lot of Grey Cups.  And there is not a bad seat in our venue.  It's a sunken-in bowl, you can sit in the 200 section and you feel like you're right on top of the action.  Our Sky View seats, which are temporary seats we added, which are up for Banjo Bowl, you're a part of the stadium."

To purchase your 2015 Grey Cup tickets, visit

3 - THE QB CONUNDRUM:  15-year veteran quarterback Kevin Glenn is elligible to come off the 6-game injured list for this week's home game against the Ottawa RedBlacks (7:00 pm Saturday, TSN, CKRM).  Given the Riders' 1-10 record, and Brett Smith's tough outing Saturday in Winnipeg, the club may be moved to start the 36-year old Glenn against Ottawa.  Those are some of the factors which will be taken into consideration.

"All of those are key factors that'll go into that decision," Riders interim GM Jeremy O'Day said on the weekend.  "Obviously the nice part of being in my shoes right now is I have a coach that gets to make that decision.  But Kevin's getting back to health and he's starting to do more in practice.  We're excited to have him back.  He's a very good player but by the same token, Brett Smith has taken a lot of strides.  We're hoping that it's a very difficult decision in the end but that's for those guys to play out."

The Roughriders' stable of quarterbacks grew last week with the addition of former Georgia Bulldogs pivot Hutson Mason.  The Riders' list of arms now includes:  Darian Durant, Kevin Glenn, Brett Smith, Keith Price, Blake Sims and Mason.  It has fans - and likely the players - wondering what they're going to do with all these quarterbacks?

"With Darian and Kevin out, right now we only have four guys that are practicing,"  O'Day continued.  "With that we're able to kind of control the amount of reps and still get guys the most possible reps.  As we get guys back, then that becomes a little more difficult.  The last thing you want to do is eat up a spot where a guy's not getting any reps.  We may have some decisions moving forward but we feel we have a very good young group of quarterbacks and quite frankly, the reason why we have so many is because it's a very important position on the football team."

The past two weeks the Riders have had to dress all rookie quarterbacks in Smith, Price and Sims.  Price was one hit away from going in and Sims was two hits away from taking his first snap.  Are they ready for game action after only arriving in town during the summer months?

"I think we've been talking about the young guys for quite awhile and Keith Price is one of those guys," O'Day explained.  "In a lotta situations, you don't know until they get an opportunity.  I didn't know (as a rookie centre in 1997) if I was going to be a good player until I got into the games and I answered my own questions in those games and realized I can play at this level and be very good at this level.  All indications are that those guys are going to be very good players.  It's just a matter of when they get that opportunity."

4 - CARTERI'S CORNER:  Each week we transcribe the postgame thoughts of 27-year Rider Radio analyst Carm Carteri - a former All-Star CFL linebacker - and this is what he had to say after the Banjo Bowl.

"This is a game the Riders had to win Roddy,"  Carteri said.  "Right now you can pretty much write off the season.  I know people were writing them off before this game but we still had hope!  A victory in Winnipeg would've brought them two points closer to the Bombers but it wasn't to be for the Riders.  It was a Rider team that really couldn't get on track offensively.  When you look at what this defense did in the first half, they had five takeaways and the Riders could only muster seven points.  That was the big difference here.

"In the second half, the Blue Bombers exploded.  They were trailing 7-3 at the half and they just took it to the Riders after that for whatever reason.  I don't know if the defense got tired or what but offensively no points by the Riders in the second half.

Carteri agreed that 6-year veteran Matt Nichols - in his Winnipeg debut after only being in town for a week - won the quarterback battle against Rider rookie Brett Smith.

"I would've never guess that Nichols would be able to do what he did to this Rider secondary,"  Carm said.  "He was throwing the ball downfield and I think that was the big difference from last week in the Labour Day Classic.  Give Matt Nichols credit - he hasn't been here long but he attacked the Rider secondary and threw some good footballs.  But if you're a Rider defense, you can't be that unhappy with the way they played.  To hold Winnipeg to only three points in the first half, it's just unfortunate because you expect more out of your offense.  It was exactly the opposite all season up until today."

Regarding the seven games ahead, Carteri said "It's going to get ugly" as it pertains to the pressure from the Rider Nation.

5 - JUST NOTES:  The CFL is being suitably scorned for scheduling a B.C. Lions home game on the afternoon of Week 1 of the NFL schedule.  In the League's defense, the CFL schedule is drafted months ahead of the NFL's but they should have guessed the Seattle Seahawks would be in action at roughly the same time.  On Sunday the Ottawa RedBlacks won 31-18 over the Lions at B.C. Place and the announced attendance was 19,833.  I'm told that's the lowest in the Wally Buono era which began in 2003, and a CFL official said there were likely 3,000 less than that in the building.  The Braley-Skulsky-Buono-Tedford outfit is being flamed for what's going on in Vancouver these days but at the very least, the franchise is not in financial peril ... Hamilton Tiger-Cats Coach & GM Kent Austin was fined $5,000 on Sunday for shoving Argonauts player Dave Stala in the back on the sidelines Friday night at Rogers Centre, despite the fact Austin issued an apology on Sunday afternoon.  The move was a head-scratcher, definitely intentional, but incredibly un-Kent-like.  He wouldn't have thought twice about doing that as a player, but he's assured us many times he's changed! Maybe not ... Happy birthday today to Roughrider cornerback Paul Woldu and his twin brother Peter! ... Rookie Rider phenom Nic Demski informed us on the flight to his hometown of Winnipeg that he played left wing on the Oak Park High School hockey team and later with a Manitoba Junior AA squad ... Rider quarterback Brett Smith wears a size-14 shoe ... Smith has taken to calling Rider fans the "13's", kind of like what the Seattle Seahawks call their fans (the 12's.).  How many 13's will be in attendance at Mosaic Stadium for Saturday's game?  The early forecast looks nice ... Had a great pregame visit with former Blue Bomber lineman Obby Khan who has become a very successful restaurateur in Winnipeg.  He has four Shawarma huts at IG Field and offered a Shawarma up to this newby before the game.  It's kind of like a pita, wrapped tightly around beef/lamb, chicken, lettuce, onions and turnips.  Khan said he's in negotiations to open a location in the New Mosaic Stadium ... The CFL's Board of Governors held meetings in Toronto late last week ... but ... who knew?  If this was the NHL, TSN's Darren Dreger would've been camped outside the boardroom.  Tsk, tsk on the CFL for not publicizing the meetings ... Former Ticat defensive back Delvin Breaux was all over the statsheet in his New Orleans Saints debut Sunday in Arizona, taking four penalties but also coming up with a fumble recovery.  Fox play-by-play man Kevin Burkhart talked at length about Breaux's inspiring personal story ... Wednesday is the deadline to book your cabin on the inaugural Football Fan Cruise to the Caribbean hosted by Blue Bombers greats Chris Walby and David Black along with Carm Carteri and me.  I've got 15 cabins left to sell to Rider fans!  All the details are available by clicking here:


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Anonymous said...

Its time to see some of the other Rider rookie QBs other than Smith
Lets see if they can play for real instead of just fooling around on the PR.

Anonymous said...

Put Glen back in , Smith looked like a junior QB except for a couple of plays during the Banjo Bowel. Crowds will start to diminish at home from here on in so the Scalpers are going to lose their shirts for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

CTV Regina's Don Hewitt wrote via email, "Element of sadness I sense today ... fans realizing it wasn't all Chamblin ... players need an upgrade too".

Duh, that's why there was a double firing. Anybody that just now realized the Riders need an upgrade has been living under a rock. The truth of the matter is, there's less than a dozen Riders that could make any other CFL team.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Messam being out cold and then being allowed to continue in the game?

Anonymous said...

Here's some realities for you. This was Brett Smith's worst game as a Rider. But this was also a coaching loss. How do you let Smith get killed on every play and do little to no play action? How do you throw one screen pass when relentless pressure is coming? The riders o line was so bad, Bo Levi or Ricky Ray or (pick any good QB) couldn't have been successful in that scenario.

No to Kevin Glenn. We have to see if Smith has a future. We screwed around last year with Joseph and guess what happened? We had to bring Sunseri back to training camp because we didn't prove that he wasn't the guys last year. Besides Smith has an edge over Glenn. Smith has won a game!

The Riders are lucky they are building a new stadium. With this crap from the past two seasons they've put on the field, the new stadium and my opportunity to secure a seat with my season ticket is the only reason I will buy seasons for the next two years. If the on field product continues to tank, watch for a mass exodus of season ticket holders for 2018.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to see why people were so surprised that Taman got dumped as well two weeks ago. Fact is, our football operations is terrible. Reynolds had the foresight to see that things are in terrible shape, unlike a former president who wanted all the credit for himself.

I say start Price this weekend. Yeah Smith is a rookie and is going to make mistakes but at this juncture we should see what the other guys have for talent. What if he comes in and lights it up? You'll never know either way if you don't give him a shot.

Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) I was ahead of the curve a long time. Ago - no Quarterback(s), no Canadians, and no kicking game. Start and end there.
The talent isn't there, and this franchise was more interested in selling jersey's and merchandise, then it was making sure the talent was upgraded. They got old and stale, and now you guys are back to 1999 babe.

2) Jeremy O'Day was along for the ride the past 4 years while the roster was being built so that is why he should not have the interim tag removed. They need a GM who can manage a salary cap, and at the same time build a scouting department.

3) Darian Durant is not coming back. If he does come back it'll be like Pet Semetary - he won't be the same.

4) It's a sad commentary when Cory Chamblin is chastised for hollering or benching his QB. That poor young QB. Well he made the same stupid decision at the end of the game for that last pic.

5) I won't be at the Ottawa game. I have tickets bought at beginning of the year for the Montreal game but I'll be moving onto other forms of entertainment. I'll watch on TV, but my disposable income doesn't go to that team.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

This will be a big "test" for Reynolds, this club needs a longterm plan, winning needs to be key and building not only for each season but future seasons needs to be the priority....knee jerk reactions and short term vision need to end! This franchise needs leadership and an actual recruitment, scouting, development and building framework (exampling that of the Stampeders).


Anonymous said...

I read Riders football annual ops budget is $12M while Stamps spend $7M. so this product is result of a lousy GM. Simple. Even if the coach whiffed on player choices a good GM would provide such a stacked roster anyone could win. (see Blue Jays). Need to find the best candidate to head up football ops. can't see an O'Day, Dyce, Brett Smith triumvirate being too inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why no-one is saying trade Glenn to a team in need. BC?

He's only a on a one year contract. Anything is better than nothing.

Everyone knows we need to look at the future.


Anonymous said...

Agreed 'Trump" what is the Riders long term plan? Is there one? Or is this team only in it to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year and hold their breath and see what happens?

Anonymous said...

Not a terrible idea Gundersons. Start Smith and if he's really struggling, out in Peice and watch him get killed.

Anonymous said...

I like how now everything is on Reynolds after a loss ... Reynolds made his move! And what did you know a long time ago there Glencairn Obama? No quarterback? When the season started they had no QB - Durant, arguable best in franchise history, Glenn top 10 statistically in league history, and a no name Brett Smith.

I agree that the Canadians are thin at the seven starters and this falls solely on Chamblin for forcing the def tackle spot into a Canadian. Having two legit starters on 6-game right now (Emry and Getzlaf) doesn't help.

And this team did get old fast. Tamans error was hanging on to crowd favourites or local guys like Brackenridge, Getzlaf, George, Best.

Final point - here is a reality check for you Rider fans. Jerome Messam is an average back and only here because he is Canadian. If O'Day or the new GM can flip the ratio it will be bye bye Messam.

Anonymous said...

Here's a secret dumb dumbs ... O'Day will be a GM and will be incredible. He will hire his own coach. Brett Smith will be a backup for at least two more seasons.

He has shown 'Potential' and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This Obama guy is connected!

Can't believe he already sat down and talked with O'Day about his salary cap management, future direction of the team, scouting system, and coach characteristics and has made a sound decision that he is not the guy.

Oh wait, it is because he sat back and watched one regime fall apart so the next would have to follow suit. That's his (fried) government brain.

Anonymous said...

On the Obama predictions...

Remember, this was the guy who perdicted that Buono would be back on the sidelines last year...

Anonymous said...

You guys slam Obama and then agree with him. Laughable.

Anonymous said...

Give Price a shot PLEASE!

Christopher Evans said...

Sounds like you're back travelling with the team, Rod! If so, glad to hear it!! :-)

Anonymous said...

We were in Regina on Labour Day weekend walking from downtown to Dewdney via Broad St. Passing the Casino we had to dodge the many panhandlers and prostitutes. How Regina-ish.

Anonymous said...

Anon said; "Final point - here is a reality check for you Rider fans. Jerome Messam is an average back and only here because he is Canadian. If O'Day or the new GM can flip the ratio it will be bye bye Messam;"

I say, If Jerome is only average then Anthony Allen is way below average and that sits on Taman and his merry band of scouts. The first thing O'Day should do is dump Craig Smith.

Play Keith Price next.

Anonymous said...

The "Saskatchewan Roughriders organization structure" top to bottom has to be called into question. A pro sports franchise with an abysmal track record indicative of something wrong and not working. Four Grey Cup titles to a club with a long storied history, not good enough. Team revamp/restructure/overhaul/rethink would seem the first logical step in order to move past a on field product of perpetual losing and year after year struggles that cannot and should not be condoned by its fan base moving forward into the future. A few select individuals making crucial decision (Board of Directors) with no background in professional sports management should be the first point of reference. Wake up Saskatchewan, its your team.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I can't believe you are comparing a 28 year old Matt Nichols who had already won 5 games this year to 40 year old Kerry Joseph who hadn't played a down in a year.

Anonymous said...

Smith has not shown his "moxy" since benched in Ottawa. He is too scared to make mistakes, so him "thinking" before throwing has him taking to much time. In my opinion, he needs to go with his gut, like he did before the benching in Ottawa. He has not been the same since. And yes he will throw interceptions, he will make bad decisions, and we will probably lose, whoopdie doo but he will learn. For crying out loud he is 23 years old ,rookie in his first CFL season! Even the experienced QB's throw interception in game's, Lulay has 10 int this year, Harris has 9, Mitchell 10 & Collaras 8....any decent defense will get some turnover's! More from a rookie!

I am not a football expert, but I think they need to roll him out of the pocket or move the pocket more, he thinks quicker/better when moving and not sitting back worrying...

Not sure what is up with the O-line, did we have too many blocker's and our receivers too well covered? TSN did not show the field very much. In the past I have liked Chapdelaine's play calling, not so much this game.

Kudo's to Ritchie Hall defense and their adjustments, and also to our defense on a very good showing, 5 takeaways, that took minimum 21 points away from the Bombers, and we should of had at least 21 points. Should of been a totally different game.

I think our D got tired, Wpg only had 20 more rushing yards then us.

I think we should also use Anthony Allen on kick returns....he likes to bounce around tacklers :)

I am thinking we should do well against Ottawa defensively, if we can rattle Henry !!!


Anonymous said...

No background? Jeff Stusek is a coach in RMF. He'll tell you he doesn't run a football team, but he runs a football program. The rest of the Board played small town 6 or 9 man football, and have their kids in RMF

This is your group.

Anonymous said...

The calling into question attitude is misguided. When someone or a board is called into question it logically follows that somebody is asking the questions and knows the answers. Who is this somebody? Gainer? Obama? Anonymous posters? Carm?

Anonymous said...

How Vancouver-ish Calgay-ish Edmonton-ish Winnipeg-ish Toronto-ish Ottawa-ish Montreal-ish New York-ish ... New Orleans-ish St. Louis-ish Dallas-ish Phoenix-ish Los Angelos-ish Bangkok-ish ... Sage advice for Mr. Snooty, don't walk and dodge. Stay home!

Anonymous said...

Play Glenn for sure! The team has many rookies now starting in other positions on the team and they need to be fairly evaluated. How can new receivers and other players be evaluated when a rookie QB is under-performing?

The team needs an influx of talent for sure and some of that talent sits in the long-term injury list. Shea Emery, Jeff Knox Jr. and Weldon Brown would be an effective line-backing group. Our O-line could use a player like Levy Adcock.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious that the talent pool was eroded for about 1 1/2 seasons. This was the doing of Taman and Chamblin.... Dyce is truly an interim coach. Need to bring in someone like Higgins, Benevedies or Lapolice. Keep Smith playing. he needs the experience. Come next year we will need a credible back up to Durant, and that's the only way we can get one.
that o line really needs a major upgrade. Is Heenan coming back anytime soon?? Tough losing both him and Picard, and its showing...

Anonymous said...

Sad to see so many talented NFL players fall to injury this past weekend. Even Terrell Suggs with the Ravens is lost for the season with an Achilles injury. Suggs, like Durant, is in his early 30's and can, like the older and much bigger Vince Wilfork, bounce back in the future.

Anonymous said...

The fans in Redblackville are very happy campers these days and are looking forward to watching a Henry Burris smack down of the Green and White defense. They love Old Hank in Ottawa town and are making preparations for a Grey Cup victory parade.

Anonymous said...

The calling into question a "organization sructure: top to bottom that's not producing not misguided, its eighty so.

Anonymous said...

Smith needs some playing time but so does Glenn. I agree that Glenn needs some playing time, receivers and O line need to be properly evaluated. We are building for the future and need to evaluate all aspects of the game. Can the new guys play? do the veterans still have what it takes?


Anonymous said...

Another indication of this team's performance: How many western finals have we hosted, a first place finish, since 1976?

One. That's a forty year span.

That's pathetic. A direct result of incompetent management and old boys club mentality. Hopefully Reynolds isn't part of that club cause if so we're in big trouble. Glad we just got rid of the last of that club (hopson, Taman).

Anonymous said...

I think our O-line is getting a bum rap. They're better than average for running plays and for passing plays you can only hold off a bullrush for so long. If they had an OC that called a few 'hot patterns' and a QB that could complete them the out and out bullrush would slow down. 'Hot patterns' and draw plays should be the main focus in practice this week and if Smith ain't capable give the reps to Price. It's pretty simple for other teams, if all they have to do is pin their ears back and go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, time to put in place an old girls club!


Anonymous said...

How Winnipeg-ish??
Well you know what they say about Regina eh, it's just a "little" Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Redblackville? Sorry, slap to your hands for being incorrect in your exuberance to the excitement of Hank and the crew as they go on their merry way and "keep on winning". Here's the correct name for your future reference,

R Nation!

R Nation!
Ottawa Canada.

Anonymous said...

Two and half years as a participating assistant GM under a lifetime losing GM..ya that really qualifies a guy to be the GM here. It's just the idiots and old boys club trying to make things fit a certain narrative, thats all.

What team in the nine team loop would have the current HC on their short list for a HC position?..Between slim and none?…Slim has left town.

We gave the GM title to the next guy up last go around and look what we have become. i.e. Hamilton is soaring and we're tanking..reality. Three years to build a dynasty and three years to tear one down.

More than at any time in the past we can't make a mistake with the people in charge going forward. We are not in the business of letting someone cut his teeth with a struggling franchise, that has an "eat your young" mentality. This is now about winning and nothing less.

It doesn't matter much who is at QB since this is nothing more than mop up time. Glenn will likely start since the interim guys want to try and show something. Going 1-8 doesn't look any better than 0-9.

We "NEED" a proven builder and winning builder at the helm. Nothing else will do. If we continue hiring mediocre candidates in our management and coaching ranks, this team will struggle for the next decade. But then again maybe thats what we like in this province. Wallowing in our self inflicted pain with pity parties. Hire great experienced people and get great results. No more convenience hires to satisfy the feel good narrative some are wrongly trying to create.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear !! Dito

Anonymous said...

We missed a PERFECT opportunity to move ahead in the west division by losing to Winnipeg and BC losing! We would have been in the race!

Anonymous said...

Well one thing for sure, RNation is bigger than ArgoNation but small taters in comparison with Rider Nation. Rest assured that the Riders will rise from the ashes of the 2015 season back to the land of Durant for a fantastic year in 2016.

Fred in the 666

Steve said...

Simple plan:
Groom Glenn to be QB coach...don't play him.
Give Smith and Price equal opportunity to win back-up position. Band aid Durant won't last full season next year.

O'Day needs another 3-5 years to be mentored by a quality GM and establish more USA contacts. Dyce not at level to be a CFL Head Coach.

Anonymous said...

I think the talk about how many grey cups In our history needs to stop.

Its been said time and time again. You really need a history lesson.

Look at the Rider record post salary cap!!


Anonymous said...

Very true. Perhaps putting expectations of any kind on a 1-9 team was our first mistake. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Roughriders are going to lay a smackdown on the Green Riders this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Go original Roughriders !!!

Anonymous said...

Smith vs. Glenn ... How is the even a debate?

Smith = 6 starts (1-5) 1,016 yards, 61.1 comp, 79.7 eff.
Glenn = 4 starts (0-4) 1,483 yards, 72.3 comp, 100.7 eff.

You play to win and right now Kevin Glenn gives the best chance.

No brainer.

Anonymous said...

Try telling the veterans on the team that winning isn't important right now so that's what you're starting Smith at QB over Glenn. Good luck with morale.

Anonymous said...

Put Glenn in and you can evaluate the rest of the offense. Put Smith in and you don't learn anything.

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated to today's posting, but I hear there is some serious friction between Remple and Jamont. A friend of one of the parties was beaking about it this weekend, and I heard about it today. Tell us some salacious stories Roddy!

Anonymous said...

it's rightly so

Anonymous said...

Dear misguided delusional Fred in the 666,

Fred Fred the taters dead. So are the "Riderville" riders. No fantastic years forthcoming anytime soon. Sorry.

PS, no such thing as Rider Nation. Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club forever and a day known as "Riderville", always will be. Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, that's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dean
4 Grey Cups/100+ year history. 2 courtesy of The Sk. Football God Mr. Kent Austin. End of story. Why do you insist on the history lessons? Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

"If they had an OC that called a few 'hot patterns'"

As someone who has never played the game of football, can you please define a hot pattern and how it is used?

If anyone thinks Smith, Price or Sims will start next year and expect the Riders to win more than they've won this year, you're out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Kent Austin is actually a God until they forget him. - 4 Grey Cups in 100 years - Look up Al Ford. 1966, 1989, and he was the guy that worked to get Kent Austin here as QB. Him and Tom Burgess so not bad.


Anonymous said...

Kent Austin "The Sk. Football God" never to be forgotten. He's personally responsible for 2 of 4 Grey Cup titles to that Roughriders franchise.

Anonymous said...

Rough Riders: name given to 1st United States Volunteer Calvary.
Roughrider: A person that breaks or rides wild horses.

Anonymous said...

Remple Pemple a big cry baby wannabe In grade school/high school. He still is, in his old age.

Anonymous said...

Whats this crap about Smith being the next great Rider QB

So far he has done "nothing" !!!!

Lets see what the othe rrookie QBs can do - let them fight it out, game time

Then we will know if any of them are up to the job !!!!!

Right now Smith is crap.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Price, Smith has proven he isn't the answer.