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Thursday, September 3, 2015



- The smiles on the peoples' faces in the photo above illustrate the mood at Wednesday's Roughrider practice on the first full day of the O'Day/Dyce regime in Saskatchewan.  While some coaches and players admitted to "mixed emotions" during the interview session afterwards, the renewed spirit was clearly evident throughout the workout.

- It started with the massive speakers which were wheeled out near the playing surface.  They'd soon blare loud rock music during the team's daily stretching period, led off by Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart.

- The exchange between injured quarterback Darian Durant and his new head coach in the photo above shows the support the Face of the Franchise has for Dyce.

- If you want a straight-from-the-heart assessment of what's going on with the team, you can always stick your microphone in the face of running back Jerome Messam.  The team's leading rusher and six-year veteran out of Graceland University always wears his heart on his sleeve and has become a go-to quote.  Here are some of his comments from after the workout:


JM:  "Honestly I didn't see BT coming.  We kind of had the feeling after the game that some changes were coming.  It's tough man.  That's the nature of the beast and just how the business goes.

"Just the way we performed.  We just got beat by a team we feel we should've beat handily.  There were just some things going on.  There were some things said after the game that I can't really get into but guys kind of had that feeling."


JM:  "I don't know it but it was a good playlist!  It had us flying around through (the stretching period).  It was great energy.  It was just an all-around good feel today."


JM:  "I hope so.  It was cool today.  It was a good feel.  Guys are re-energized and we were focused.  Guys were out there playing free, not worrying about job security or pissing certain people off.  We just want to play football."

"The difference out here today is guys just feel they can play free.  Guys were tight (before).  I feel like it kind of trickled down from up top down on the players.  So now there's no more worrying about jobs, there's no more worrying about our record, it's just play ball."


JM:  "We wanted to play well.  We wanted to play well for our coach.  He expected a lot from us.  I think it was tough on him, with all the pressure that was being put on him and it kind of reflected in his demeanour."



Defensive coordinator Greg Quick is in his first season with the Roughriders and like everybody else, never saw an 0-9 start coming nor the firings of Chamblin and Taman.  He offered his thoughts on the current state of the team:

GQ:  "It's the next day in the process, right?  We're moving forward and we had a great day.  You always wonder when there's change like this how the players are gonna react and I thought they've handled it very maturely and with great professionalism.  They have some heart-felt sentiment but they understand what their job is to do as a coaching staff.  I thought it was a great day.  We got a lot of work in and we move forward."

Quick is obviously a guy who feels a strong connection to Chamblin and clearly wasn't entirely comfortable with the moves which were made on Monday.

GQ:  "Corey's the guy that gave me a call on New Year's Eve and said, 'Let's meet and see what we can do'.  I've got mixed emotions because I've come to love the man.  He's been good to me, been good to my family.  We're 20-30 years separate (in age) but we're kindred souls in a way.  It's tough.  But also this job is about doing your job.  One thing I've learned the past 35 years is I'm going to come in and do my job every day and I'm going to do it well.


- When the smoke clears - and it already has for Bob Dyce - the job in front of this team is a big one.  They're facing many of the same problems which Chamblin and Taman had to encounter.  Middle linebacker Jake Doughty was in a left knee brace, defensive tackle Brandon Tennant was in a sling and starters Levy Adock and Chris Getzlaf were in street clothes.  They're not going to be able to simply wave a wand and have a stacked deck.

However with the renewed optimsim surrounding the club and the clear new direction, perhaps this club's luck is about to change.

- The Riders host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (3-6) in Sunday's Labour Day Classic 49.  Saskatchewan holds an all-time record of 32-16 against their prairie rivals on this weekend including a 35-30 victory last year.

- There will be plenty of coverage to come in the days ahead as we preview the match.



Anonymous said...

Good luck Riders.
WE are with.
You have another chance - do good !!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a different atmosphere around there without the narcissist running the show.

HF (happy fan)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, what were the results of the Tillman for GM poll?

Anonymous said...

Let's see... all of the coaches know they are probably out of a job at the end of the year. Everyone is happy and smiling at being 0-9 and there is music blaring during practice.
Sounds like a country club rather than an actual practice.

Anonymous said...

Riders will Move Forward with a 32-19 Win in this one. Smith will have an outstanding game along with Dressler and Bagg and many others. Go Riders ! And A Sold Out Stadium As Well.

Anonymous said...

Agree good luck to the team. Bottom line is this regime is interim. Quick has no resume to be a DC at this level. The Cdn depth still is bottom of the league. They need to hire a good GM, draft well, trade some old guys for picks and re-tool. 0-9 is earned. Woz can say lynch mob was after Taman. But he lynched himself by running this ship into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to the new look team, hopefully things get turned around and the players can enjoy a victory on Sunday. Good luck to Coach Dyce and GM Jeremy O'Day, the problems are still there and will take time to fix all. Good Luck to Corey Chamblin and his family. Bad things happen to good people and they usually happen for a reason so I choose to think there are better opportunities coming your way.

Anonymous said...

I see the Riders are back to the good old days where the Labour Day game was seen by their fans as their Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

From Jerome "Butterfingers" Messam:

"Guys were out there playing free, not worrying about job security or pissing certain people off. We just want to play football."

"The difference out here today is guys just feel they can play free. Guys were tight (before). I feel like it kind of trickled down from up top down on the players. So now there's no more worrying about jobs, there's no more worrying about our record, it's just play ball."

A few things:

1) I'm glad it's all about fun now and everyone can get their participation ribbon.

2) At 0-(insert number) - if it isn't tense, tight, claustrophobic, and if I guys aren't scared to death to make a mistake then you got the wrong players, and you certainly have the wrong leadership group on the field and off.

3) This will not be the team going forward. So I'm going to enjoy CFL football, but the expectation is this team will have a new experienced GM, a new scouting staff, and an new Head Coach who can pull in quality Assistants going forward.

4) At the end of the day the change had to happen. As for sustained success that Reynolds talks about. Read War Room on how the Patriots were built. It all started with Belichik inventing a new scouting system, sticking with that plan, and bringing in up and coming rising stars as his Assistants. There was no entitlement. Bledsoe got hurt and never got his job back. The mindset shifted that you have a right to a job, just not a starting job.

...the Roughriders don't have the sack to implement that because it takes time. It's win now and stop gap everything and eventually the holes appear.

5) Oh and John Hufnagel in Calgary? - he was Belichick's QB coach on the SuperBowl team before becoming OC for Tom Coughlin in New York - he had quite the resume coming up here.

So maybe join the arms race and find a guy that can stand up to that.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Coach Dyce for the music! Young men love that type of noise, while it would give me a headache. Let's not harp on the small stuff.

Anonymous said...

I see Obama is feeling superior, again.

Anonymous said...

This is the result when a corporate business attitude is adopted in the workplace. It poisons everything to the extent that even superstars are reduced to ghosts. It will take years to change results after the git er done culture is removed.
The province is next to suddenly become a have not. Ya think its time for some firings and change?

Anonymous said...

Exactly Obama, if you aren't playing your game at it's best effort, without the worry of looking over your shoulder, you aren't playing your best, exnd of story.

Play your game at 110% LIKE there is someone trying to steal your job.

That was the dumbest thing Messam could've ever said.

The Woz said...

There are no experienced GMs out there willing to take this on. Tillman cannot be brought back given what happened - Reynolds simoly will not go there with his first hire given the history and public relations issues.

They will kick some tires but in the end will make the announcement that the best candidate is O'Day based on his long history with the team, his enthusiasm and his strong relationship with the CEO with full support of the Board. This will then instantly resume the comparisons to Justin that he is not ready, that he was trained by the useless Taman, and we should have hired Tillman (in fact it looks like a certain faction will go on abiut Tillman for the rest of their lives no matter who is hired now and in the future even if they win Cups at home again). O'Day will then be like Taman was - under intense scrutiny for every move he makes - he will get no credit for the good moves and crap over and over again for other moves). He will be in an impossible situation because of the Taman stench and the constant calls that we should habe hired Tillman. Then two years from now - just like the 1980s - he will get canned and a new GM will want to bring in his own coach who will want his own assistants and everything will turn over again.

Personally I am willing to give ODay a fair shake. I think he will be passionate about it. And lets not forget that he was likely going to get the next GM job that came up somewhere else cause he is well thought of in the league (now the next job will fall to Taman but that is another story).

O'Day will hire Lapolice guaranteed.

So there you have some honest reasoned predictions to chew on.

Have a good O'day

Anonymous said...

Obama: We all get that you are a Patriot fan, you can stop mentioning them every post. Oh, and check your tires, they look low. I did see Tom Brady walking thru the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Obama: Another good book on the Patriots: If you're not cheating you're not trying. A close up look at coaching by Bill Belicheck

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod - the current poll should read 100% 'no idea' if people were voting honestly. Because really, who outside the hallways of the stadium has any damn clue if oday should or shouldn't be hired.

Anonymous said...

Oblahma is such a smart little cookie, isn't he? He should start his own blog which people who suffer from insomnia could read before bed.

Y'all welcome ya hear,
Noonish Rider

Anonymous said...

@ Woz,

This is why you never went anywhere it life.

There are two types of people in this world. A company sends two salesmen to two separate villages to sell shoes. The one Salesman calls the office and says, "This is a waste of time. These people don't wear shoes. I'm coming back."

The other Salesman calls the office and excitedly says, "Oh my God, send me triple the order I asked for these people don't have any shoes to wear!!!!!"

I'm the other Salesman and you're're shootin' for the middle.

There's nobody out there? That's why B.T got fired. When the QB went down I listened to SportsCage. I heard Sharky and Remple say the same thing. If a guy steps in my office and says, "Well no more options or nobody out there." the paperwork is getting started right there and it'll be a new guy giving me the different answer.

....there are no excuses in this world. You think it's to hard, go home and play with your kids, and leave the hard work to men.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

The Woz - your comments are dead on, I'm sure this post will get the anonymous "whoever happens to be GM" haters all fired up. The first 2 years I had season tickets the team was 4-28. The coaching and GM changes occurred every 18-24 months with the help of the trolls that called the phone in shows. It easier now for these experts who can post as anonymous experts.

Just the opinion of another wannabe blogger.


CM said...

Agree with Obama on Woz. If no experienced GM's will take on the job for the leagues marquee franchise tell TSN as they have a program void to fill when the CFL goes defunct. That definitely is a loser attitude. as for O'Day hes not the most qualified candidate. If people crap on him it will be because of his record, nothing else. Taman was dumped on for the record of his team, not because he is unpolished or the fact he made several specific trades that can be questioned. Its the overall product he is responsible for and frankly, it stinks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh a Woz/Obama spat is erupting right in front of us. What neither one of them realizes is nobody else gives a shit. They're both wingnuts.

Big Tony

Anonymous said...

While it appeared Corey's coaching methods / decisions were detrimental to the success of the Rider Team, those decisions may prove to have the opposite effect of the direction they were heading.
Corey's decisions led to his dismissal and Tamans as well. (Taman trusted Corey and became a spectator - and not the leader he was supposed to be)
This opened the door and created opportunity for O'Day and Dyce; opportunities that may have otherwise never materialized.
Brett Smith's development and maturity has taken a big step forward. His teammates have rallied around him with their support,
The shakeup has galvanized the players commitment and they now realize it is "all on them". No one to blame now - no time to feel sorry for themselves or complain about their lot in life.
"Trust" in the Leadership is now evident.
0-9 record created anxiety amongst the Board and Reynolds (as it should have) and caused them to evaluate who this Organization was - where it was heading - and what needed to be done to correct the problems and point it in the right direction. The President and Board need to be more vigilant about the direction and actions of the entire organization - " we are the Riders" is not good enough to manage in today's environment. Expectations are high - financial commitments are high - the Rider Organization needs to get it "right".
Message sent - mediocrity is not acceptable

Anonymous said...

I wonder if internet tough guy Oblama would have the balls to talk smack like to Messam's face. I highly doubt. Go back to your posting your crap somewhere else. I get he drives up your internet hits but man that dude is annoying.

Anonymous said...

Oh Obama for sure would say it. He'd say it and look right at Messam. If you ever get the chance to meet "Obama" he's quite the character. What he does for a living I'll guarantee you that man is not conflict averse.

Anonymous said...

So, any updates on today's practice??
Oh wait, new regime and one practice a week is still closed to the public.

Anonymous said...

Obama may be a clown, but he is our clown.

666 in the 306

Red said...

Wozzy and Barak(i am going to save the world from keystone ) Obama are both right. the media is in love with Oday and lapo. They run this team. They wanted Shivers fired,Tillman fired, Barrett fired and now Chamblin. The only surprise is that invisible Craig fired BT as well. The media in their profound wisdom was giving Taman a free pass. Kudos to invisible Craig. The media wanted BT hired so bad that Hopson promoted BT instead of aggressively pursuing Murphy out of Calgary. Sorry folks Calgary is the flagship team in this leauge in terms of winning.Sadly the riders will give Oday the job and he will promptly hire Lapo, just like the media wants. The only problem is that invisible Craig put his foot in his mouth by stating that the GM job is the most coveted position in North America. Sorry guys that should instantly remove ODay from the short list. How could anyone learn how to win from BT seriously people??This team boasts about its resources but consistently hires subpar people. Obama is right, up untill now no one has had the stones or brains to not listen to the media and hire quality and yes people maybe an expensive GM. Sadly though Woz will be correct and we will be talking about this again in 2-3 years.
I told you so .....

Anonymous said...

Damn, would it be nice if "OBAMA & WOZ" were never on here taking over the entire Blog. Hey Rod why not limit guys that want to show their names to one (1) comment per column and give others a chance to voice their opinion ? Riders will win on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

No, sadly the Rod Pedersen charicature azzclown moniker obama has no balls. He's in "trans" sition ala bruce.

Anonymous said...

O'Day learned from Taman by watching what NOT to do and what DOESN'T work. Experience is the Best teacher.
If Taman had taken control,and done what he was supposed to do, this Org would not be in the mess they are in.
And someone needs to question Reynolds as to what took him so long to intervene. Even though Taman was blowing smoke up Reynold's backside in their weekly Monday morning meetings it was evident to all a few weeks ago (week 4-5) that this was Corey's show and he would do as he darn well pleased.
Hope they all learn from this.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think will get a phone message from a major American college returned? Tillman or O'Day? Tillman because he knows all those guys. If O'Day learned how to be a GM from a real GM I'd feel ok about O'Day retaining his job. Please vote NO to O'Day getting the job permanently.

Anonymous said...

Roughriders trades

Many have criticized Taman's trades. Below is a summary. judge for yourself.


TRADED N DL Ricky FOLEY to Toronto  for N LB Shea EMERY

TRADED N WR Kris BASTIEN and 2015 2nd round pick to Winnipeg for N WR Cory WATSON AND 2015 3rd round draft choice and one neg list player

TRADED N PK Jonh MARK to Ottawa for 2016 conditional trade pick,

TRADED N WR Cory WATSON  and 2016 second round draft choice to Edmonton for N LS Jorgen HUS and  2016 third round draft choice


Feb 6 traded Drew WILLY to Winnipeg for NI receiver Jade  ETIENNE both were going to be free agents

Feb 17 traded 2014 9th  and 11th draft pick to Hamilton for NI linebacker Shomari WILLIAMS and NI Josh BARTEL

July 8 traded I DB Dwight ANDERSON to Toronto for conditional draft pick

Sept 23 traded 2015 and 2016 3rd round pick plus neg list player to Hamilton for I DE Brandon   BOUDREAUX and 2015 and 2016 4 th round draft picks


Anonymous said...

"We're the Riders, we'll be fine". Chilling words from the prior administration that I hope are never repeated around here. Complacency kills.

Anonymous said...

woz and Obama actually go way back. they are both dungeons and dragons masters. their feud goes back to the late 80's and it wasn't pretty. Obama rolled that 8 sided dice and destroyed Woz's dreams of world domination. however what remains the same is they both still live at home and neither of them has touched a live female. still livin the dream they tell each other every time they see each other at 7-11 when they are filling their big gulps for a night of intense gaming.
y'er welcome
the truth

Anonymous said...

Annon said........Feb 17 traded 2014 9th and 11th draft pick to Hamilton for NI linebacker Shomari WILLIAMS and NI Josh BARTEL

We also got the 8th overall from Hamilton in the trade

Anonymous said...

Its incredible how all these so called experts are already predicting O'Days failure as a Gm. How about we give him some time to show us what he can do before passing judgement. All these other experienced good Gm's out there all had to start out as a rookie at one time and if they were never given a chance by someone they never would have had success. I'm not saying that O'Day is for sure the right guy but its way to early to tell so lets see what happens the rest of the year. Its funny how everyone on here constantly complains when we bring in experienced players from other teams and keep saying we should develop our own younger talent but the same doesn't apply to a Gm? It's tiresome already listening to the cries to bring back Tillman.

Anonymous said...

New direction for the Riders...same old crap in the remarks section of one of the best blogs anywhere. Sure glad most off these knuckle draggers aren't indicative of the real fans.

Go Riders

Anonymous said...

They should get married to each other, it's legal.

No one ever said...

I can't wait to hear Mitchell Blair's take on all this tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Did Remple just say we still don't know if Smith can play?
Tell Remple to stick to hockey which he isn't very good at either.

Anonymous said...

He was known as Remple Pemple in grade school. Very stupid to boot. Now he's a obnoxious wannabe insider radio big mouth who speaks from his rear end.

Anonymous said...


New GM and coach in place in Sask.

Time to move on. Getting very boring to hear about anything to do with Taman and Chamblin. That horse has been beat to death and who gives a rat's ass anymore. What is done, is done.

Anonymous said...

I had to listen to the other station today because I couldn't get 620 to come in over the Rider app or tune in Radio.

Now that was painful

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dan Rambo will be the next Rider GM.

Handy Andy said...

Too many ignorant GM experts on this blog. (Did we expect John Hufnagel or Kent Austin to resign their posts and come to Regina?) I have NO IDEA if O'Day will succeed and neither does anyone else. Same thing with Dyce. I approve of their first transaction, releasing Tino. No point keeping him who will never lead us to a championship. Plus I would like to see Price and maybe Sims get some playing time.
We will all get our first taste of the new leadership's success this Sunday.

Dave said...

kelly Remple is someone i can't stomach and when Rod has him on i promptly change the dial just sickening to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, at least Remple is good at posing for pictures. Any time Rod has the lens out, it's pose time.

"Hey, Roddy, get a shot of me with Mrs. Sportscage"

"Uh, didn't I just do like five shots?"

"Yeah but what's one more. Come on it'll be quick"

"Oh alright. You owe me lunch one of these times"

"Yeah yeah, next week I promise...."

The Woz said...

CM - the record means squat with the mob here. People were still wanting Taman gone after wevwon the cup or when we were 8-2 last year. I am just saying that as soon as the media and the mob disagree with something ODay does the witch hunt will begin....look at the postings the poor guy has been on the job three days yet some are already saying he is not qualified and learned from taman so he cant possibly be good.

All I can say is I will be back here in January when Oday and Lapo are announced saying I told you so.