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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Thursday: Edmonton at Montreal
Friday: Toronto at Winnipeg
Saturday: BC at Hamilton
  Ottawa at Calgary

BALL (14-14):  EDM - TOR - BC - CGY
SCRUFFY (14-14): EDM - TOR - HAM - CGY
COIN (14-14): EDM - WPG - BC - CGY
PHIL (13-15): EDM - TOR - HAM - CGY
RP (13-15): EDM - TOR - HAM - CGY
SHARKY (12-16): EDM - TOR - HAM - CGY
LYNCH (12-16): EDM - TOR - HAM - CGY
SCHULTZ (11-17): EDM - TOR 9 HAM - CGY
LUC (11-17): EDM - TOR - HAM - OTT
ABOU (10-18): EDM - TOR - HAM - CGY

* Winner gets a $50 gift card to the Press Box Sports Bar


Anonymous said...

Rod mentioned on the SportsCage that he was happy to meet the PM, one of the leaders of a G7 country. I am curious if Rod wanted to comment how glad he was to have met the one leader who not only denied that Canada was in a recession, but that he is the leader of the only G7 country who is in a recession.

Hey Rod, as a CF military member, a few years ago I was asked to be in a photo op for PM Harper as he was making one of his announcements - I purposely got out of it as the idea to be a prop for that man disgusted me.

On a side note, the military procurement announcement that Harper was announcing (like so many announcements he has made) did not come to fruition. Harper famously uses props to make great announcements of things that never come true.

If you are gullible, you are likely a fan of Harper. If you have an education or you simply pay attention, you likely are not a fan.

Anonymous said...

Someone should have toured Harper to the new stadium site... You know, the one that he d*cked us around for almost two years before finally saying no to Federal funding!

After that it took Regina another year to, again, begin the planning stage could commence as Harper clearly set back the progress with our new Mosaic stadium.

Ironic in that Harper is also holding back the progress of our country.

Anonymous said...

I get a chuckle out of the experts CFL predictions. At first glance it looks like only two guys are as smart as a coin. But when you remember that they're all scared to predict a Rider loss or they'll never get another interview you realize that if you took the Riders games out of the equation everyone would be over .500 it puts it in a different light.