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Thursday, August 27, 2015



1 - First and foremost, it's important for the Rider Nation to stay patient and supportive during the club's torturous 0-8 start.  It's really the only choice we have.  In the brief dealings I've had with the braintrust of the football club, there's no appetite for a change at this point.  That's actually a good thing, so the coaches can come to the stadium each day and not have to look over their shoulder or fear a call into the GM's office.

Hopefully however, it's not blind faith from the higher-ups and they're taking the necessary steps to ensure this season is merely a "blip", and not a long-term franchise slide.  Do they know what they don't know?

2 - Those pining over the current success of the 6-2 Hamilton Tiger-Cats need to get ahold of themselves.  As one CFL executive noted on Thursday, "Hamilton's been through their pain.  Both on the field and off, financially".  They got murdered in the 2013 Grey Cup, jobbed (they feel) in the 2014 Grey Cup, and owner Bob Young has lost MILLIONS since taking over the team in 2004.  It's just finally turning around for him after a decade in charge.

Rider fans want our recent history and the Ticats' future.  It doesn't work that way.

Don't be so greedy.

3 - 2003 was the year the Hamilton Tiger-Cats went 1-17, with their only win coming in September at Ivor Wynne Stadium against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  I remember it well, although I had to look up the details yesterday.  Paul Osbaldiston kicked the winning field goal in overtime for a 27-24 Hamilton win.  The Riders went on to an 11-7 record that year.  Ron Lancaster was the Ticats coach, and Alan Ford was the interim GM.  What a disaster.  Al and I joked about it this week.  The next year, Bob Young rode to the rescue.

4 - The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Michael Vick as a back-up to Ben Roethlisberger this week.  Didn't hear anyone criticizing Steelers' GM Kevin Colbert for recycling players from the NFL scrap heap?  Incidentally a friend of mine in Calgary is a Steelers fan and was bummed out by the signing of Vick.  He called him the "biggest POS in the history of sports".  I disagreed and opened the phones on the SportsCage on Tuesday to see who people feel is the biggest jerk in sports.  The consensus winner seemed to be woman-beater Floyd Mayweather, of boxing fame.  Oddly, some respondents voted for CFL'ers Drew Tate and Odell Willis.  Both those guys played for the Riders and I can tell you they're not jerks.  Different ducks perhaps, but not jerks.  People also nominated Mike Tyson, A-Rod, Sean Avery, Pierre McGuire, Barry Bonds, Adrian Peterson and even me.  What an honour to be in that list.

5 - Why are the Montreal Alouettes a dumpster fire this year?  Sportsnet's Arash Madani pointed out this week the Als are without Marc Trestman and Anthony Calvillo.  That's why.  I wrote on earlier this year that the backbone of the team is the Coach and the QB.  When you're good there, you're golden.  The same would apply to the Riders.

6 - CFL game notes point out the winningest quarterbacks in the CFL this season (all at 6-2) are all under the age of 30:  Zach Collaros (26), Trevor Harris (29) and Bo-Levi Mitchell (25).  And, none of them have more than 30 starts in the CFL.

7 - Collaros has won 14 of the Ticats' last 19 games and figures to lead them back to the Grey Cup.  He has a years-long feud with Rider QB Tino Sunseri which goes back to their college days (Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh) but right now Collaros is getting the upper hand.

8 - Bo-Levi Mitchell is on pace to be the greatest quarterback the CFL has ever seen.  At 21-4 as a starter, that's better than anyone in CFL history.  TSN's Paul Lapolice says Mitchell has a looong ways to go to be considered with the greats of the game however, and walked into a great situation.  Having said that, he's stepped up and answered the bell.

9 - Lapolice also said on the SportsCage injuries cannot be used as an excuse.  Maybe for a few games, but not over the course of an entire season.  Lapolice was the Riders' offensive coordinator in 2008 when the club suffered 12 broken legs but rallied to finish 12-6.

10 - The Toronto Argonauts are 6-2 for the first time since 1997, the year they went on to beat the Roughriders in the Grey Cup at Commonwealth Stadium.  In Week 10, the Argos are featured in the marquee game of the week as they visit the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday Night Football.  It's a rematch of the 1996 Grey Cup.

11 - For what it's worth, scoring is up in the CFL, average 50.3 points per game.  Not once during the 2014 CFL season did scores average that total.

12 - The Roughriders have lost six games by four points or less.  The record is seven games by that margin, held by the 1996 B.C. Lions.  The Lions went on to finish 5-13 that season, and miss the playoffs.

13 - Paul McCallum's streak of 802 consecutive converts made spanned 21 years, or 8,008 consecutive days dating back to September 25, 1993.  It was the longest active streak in the CFL, but it was broken in Saturday's 34-31 loss to Calgary.  Corey Chamblin is being criticized across the league for having McCallum kick the convert into the wind in that game since Calgary's John Hufnagel attempted only two-point converts into the north endzone Saturday night.  The next longest convert streak in the CFL is Troy Westwood's 657 with Winnipeg.

14 - Calgary's Eric Rogers has caught a touchdown pass in six consecutive games.  That's the longest in the CFL since Weston Dressler did it during the 2012 season.

Poor Weston Dressler.  I mean it.  As the leader of this team, he's now the go-to guy for interviews after practice and after the games.  You can see the pain in his eyes and how much losing is hurting him.  Hopefully it doesn't last much longer.

15 - Interesting comment by rookie Rider receiver Alex Carroll (Queen's) who will draw the starter's role this week due to the injury to Chris Getzlaf.  "When I look around the locker room, I see winners," Carroll told me on Wednesday.  He's right.  A tweak here or there, and this team could be back to prominence.

16 - The Regina Pats open training camp on Friday.  Not too many are focused on hockey around here these days but I'll be in the rink a lot in September the way things are going.  #GOPATSGO.  Ironically I turned on TSN 1050 in Toronto this week and they were talking about the Leafs.  That's why when you turn on the SportsCage here, you're generally going to hear about the Riders.  It's the way it is.

17 - The Darryl Sydor story is painful yet educational.  The 43-year old Minnesota Wild assistant coach and former Kamloops Blazer entered treatment this week for alcohol dependency.  There were some intriguing quotes from his lawyer in the StarTribue this week.

Lawyer Ryan Pacyga said Monday. "Right now, it's about Darryl taking care of himself and really getting his arms around this."  Pacyga said Sydor recently relapsed because he did not continue in a recovery program beyond last summer's rehabilitation.

"Those are the people that relapse at almost a 100 percent rate," Pacyga said.

Pacyga said: "If the disease doesn't continue to go monitored with a real active recovery program, the nature of the disease is that it's progressive. We often see that with people in a relapse situation where they think they're able to manage whatever's going on and next thing they know they feel like the carpet's been pulled out from under them.

"You go into a binge and before you realize it, wanting to have two drinks turns into too many. Rigorous daily maintenance is needed in order to remain sober, and if you don't, you're in danger of a relapse at any given moment. So when he returns, I personally plan to help him get into a program of recovery with daily support. It's going to be longer journey for Darryl."

18 - Got some news on the Patrick Kane situation this week.  It's not good for the Blackhawks superstar.  This story isn't going away anytime soon.

19 - It's funny what winning does for a franchise.  Take, for instance, the Toronto Blue Jays.  I find myself scrolling the dial for AM 1190 in Weyburn to listen to Jays broadcasts for the first time in years.  I'm also paying $3.49 per month for the MLB At Bat App so I can listen to the games on my Iphone.  Winning.  That's the best marketer.

20 - Caught the movie Straight Outta Compton this week, believe it or not.  Two thumbs up from the MMG, and a big toe too.  I probably don't need to tell you what it's about -- just go see it.  Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Ice Cube, they're the greats.  Pioneers.  They changed the world.  Unlike the movie Vacation, which we caught a couple of weeks ago.  It was silly, and a waste of time and money.


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Anonymous said...

2-15 is not a "blip"

Anonymous said...

Cue the pissers and moaners.

Anonymous said...

Of course if you turn on the SportsCage in Regina they will be talking about the Riders. There is nothing else in Regina. If not for the Riders being there what else would there even be ? It's not like they have an NHL team like almost every other CFL city.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy! Saw you and Kevin Gallant at the Pats golf tourney on Monday. That would've been great if you two were on the mike for an hour telling stories!

Why didn't that happen?


Anonymous said...

I have found in life people in general are idiots. The Riders are already poised to "win the off-season" because before next season they will add players like Durant, Brown, Hollins, Doughty, Moore and Steinhauer back into the mix as game changers and depth at no cost. By adding guys for free they can make tough but important decisions like moving on from Brackenridge, Getzlaf, George, and most likely Best to free up overused cap space. They then can look to solidify a linebacker, a big receiver, another defensive lineman, and a young offensive lineman.

They will have a high first round pick this year and should get at least two solid players from potentially the first overall pick and a high second rounder. I would bet my house on the fact they will also add either one or both of Heenan or Jones.

I do believe a coaching change will be made and whatever coach comes in here will have a legit chance to come and coach an instant contender.


Anonymous said...

"Rider fans want our recent history and the Ticats' future. It doesn't work that way." WRONG! I don't think it's greedy to have a team that rivals the Stamps over the last ten years. Or even Montreal until a couple years ago. The New England Patriots usually don't fall into the abyss like we have twice in the last five years. Set your expectations low and you'll achieve them

It should work that way if you have a coach and a QB. We had a QB in Glenn and the supposed #1 offence in the league, yet we are where? So if we have a sufficient QB, what's that saying about our coach?

We are not an elite franchise whatsoever. We have been more fortunate than good. We started to turn the corner when Tillman arrived. He set us up for a few decent seasons and a GC but bit has slipped since. Bit by bit this team has started it's decline. Even in 2013 after a five game skid, we barely recovered enough to get 2nd spot. We weren't the best team in the west but won a game in Calgary (one of only two in about seven seasons) and got to the GC. Calgary had one of their worst games at home in years. Hamilton represented a pathetically weak east division. The stars aligned that season.

To think that our recent history is golden is understandable considering how bad we have historically been. However make no mistake we don't come close to the overall excellence Calgary has shown in recent past. We should aspire to be as good and consistent as they are.

Dream low and you will certainly achieve it!

Anonymous said...

Got some news on the Patrick Kane story this week ...

Nice reporting. We don't come here to listen to how cool you think you are.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question how many coaches in the cfl have made it through an 0-8 start?Let alone 2-15 going back to last year how pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) Darryl Sydor is not alcohol dependency he's flat out alcoholic and there is a big difference. Alcohol dependency is when you're still fooling yourself you can control it. At any rate he needs help and I hope he gets it.

2) Straight Outta Compton - Great movie, and very telling. It is a pioneer story of essentially the museum of social decay. I remember this era fondly. I was listening to the class of '89 - Tritt, Brooks, Jackson, and Black. - those guys made a difference and were positive. N.W.A essentially made it cool for middle class suburban kids to be all ghetto.

Dr Dre he's a smart guy. He's on record for a few of his endeavors where he says, "Somebody gots to make money off these fools."

3) The Roughriders are 0-8. Best line ever in football came from Bill Parcells. You are your record. The Roughriders are the worst team in the CFL, and this didn't just happen overnight. Toronto found Collaros and Harris all while having Ricky Ray. Saskatchewan did nothing regarding the QB situation. The core is old, the Canadian talent isn't there, and the kicking game is obsolete. The defence is putrid, and as for offense when they had Kevin Glenn they were not winning.

Bottom line - it isn't working, they'll be lucky to win 2 games and if they lose to Ottawa here is the news. Finish the season and then it's new GM, new Head Scout, and they can decide what to do with Chamblin. Coaching is not the issue on this team.

The players are no good.

3) Bo Levi Mitchell didn't walk into anything. That guy literally pushed Kevin Glenn and Drew Tate off of the field, stepped up and took the job. That's what winners do. The last time I saw a guy that dominant Ricky Ray came off of a Lays Chip truck.

4) The Als are a dumpster fire for this reason. Jim Popp spent to much time looking at NFL jobs, and it upset his Owner. His Owner then put in Tom Higgins. They are no sympatico, so now Popp has to step in and fix the mess. This is not a win for Jim Popp. This is Jim Popp on notice and all things come to an end.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

....oh yeah my last point. Most of you wouldn't know this because you don't read. Well I do read.

There's an old saying you're known by the company you keep.

You're hero Brad Wall had Republican Senator Lindsay Graham up here to look at SaskPower's carbon capture with clean coal.

Lindsay Graham if he becomes President wants to start war with Iran, and doesn't believe in human rights, nor any type of environmental protection. This is also a guy that has no issue with restrictions on hand guns yet a huge massacre occured in his state.

He's stood up for the confederate flag until the winds of political change made that unfashionable.

That's your Premier's new buddy that got welcomed up here with open arms.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Rod what you fail to mention is why Hamilton is doing well. Hamilton finally picked the right coach and GM with the right supporting cast. Both Austin and Tillman were here. Had Hopson not forced Tillman to retire, he'd still be here and so would our credibility as a franchise. Tillman may have even stepped aside to allow Austin to be coach and GM when Kent was ready to return to the CFL. Austin was never going to come here with Taman as his boss. He wants to win. Other than the 'blip' that was 2013, this GM has done nothing to improve this franchise into the future. Those who disagree need only point to Taman's 83-104-1 record as a GM. That SHOULD BE the only fact on which a GM is judged. If this franchise wants to win the sooner they cut him free, the better!

Anonymous said...

I'm a season ticket holder and thanks to the new stadium I will be through 2017. If Taman is still our GM then, I won't be renewing for 2018!

Anonymous said...

...and Rod considers Blowbama a friend. Go figure.....

Anonymous said...

Are people still talking about QB's in Sask and thinking our offence is the issue? Get the f'in blinders off. Number one offense in the league numbers wise, worst defense in the league, no questions asked.

If Chamblin actually knew his crap does stink we might get somewhere. Until he changes his tune, that if he doesn't know it, it isn't worth knowing, we will always be CLOSE, like he couldn't wait to tell us 10 times in a 5 second span.

Anonymous said...

Montreal and Saskatchewan are both using rookie 3rd string QBs. The Allouettes are 3-5, The Riders 0-8. In eight games the Als have been outscored by 17 points the Riders have allowed 54 more points than they've scored. Yet you refer to Montreal is a "dumpster fire" but claim the Riders are only a "blip". Those are might green glasses you're wearing Rod.

Concerned Fan

Anonymous said...

Hidden agenda Pedersen? Why don't you just come on here and proclaim Paul Lapolice to be the next head coach of the Riders because the love affair you have with him is obvious. Lapo says this, Lapo says that, Lapo blah blah blah blah blah.

The crap you spew out of your mouth is getting worse and worse and worse with every day.

I'm guessing it is your thought if Lapo was here, the team wouldn't have missed a beat and would be right up there with Calgary and Edmonton. It sure comes off that way.

Like the Riders, pick up your game because like the team, you're nothing but a joke right now.

Anonymous said...

Obama claims to be well read, yet can't spell. Ironic. Or false bravado. Or an insignificant guy trying to be an online somebody. Take your pick.

Oh, and the Riders are very, very poorly coached.

Anonymous said...

Here's to the #$%$@% Jays collapsing and going back to being the loser that that they have been for over 20 years.

Anonymous said...

For those that care- premium is on for the rest of the year at 9.99 seems to include Jays games as well.

Anonymous said...

I see you are taking the edict about supporting the team at all costs very seriously. I am amused that everyone assumes DD is going to back next year like nothing happened that injury can be a career ender.

Anonymous said...

To quote Roddy..."BYE"

Anonymous said...

Funny how some clown always steps in to try and re-write the Tillman/Hopson/Austin history. Tillman admits to being the author of his own misfortune and Austin went back to his Alma matter by choice and to be near family - the Riders were kind enough to let him out of his contract. NOTHING was done wrong by the Riders in a situation forced upon them.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Hearing of the Richard's drug bust, I can't help but harken back to Don Cherry's comments on Coaches Corner this past spring when he characterized hockey players as all good clean-cut (white) men unlike the bad boys in football.

Anonymous said...

Old Hank, can you just drop the act and use your real name; Mitchell Blair?

You're not fooling anyone. It's the most obvious attempt at a secret identity since Andre the Giant wrestled in a mask.

Anonymous said...

Obama: You say that you read but yet you continue to bring your political views to a SPORTS BLOG!! Please find an appropriate blog foe these views.

Anonymous said...

Hey Obama...come on out to Alberta, we will give you 3-4 years of uninterrupted NDP governance before you have to relocate again.

Anonymous said...

2013 was the "blip" this is reality and it's here to stay until Taman/Chamblin are gone.

Anonymous said...

Dr Dre is a woman beating piece of human debris, and Straight Outta Compton is revisionist history. NWA's legacy is worth a movie, just not this movie. Too bad it glosses over the ugly (real) stuff so much.

Riders win 4 straight and pass the Bombers in the standings by mid September.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how a couple posters continue to say Tillman set us on the right path and basically built the 2013 Grey Cup team and Taman just walked into a good situation.

Maybe i'm missing something but i somehow remember the 2011 disaster and then Taman getting full control heading into 2012 and had to gut the team after 2011. 75% of the team was let go.

Tillman left our cupboards bare with terrible drafting and no depth.

The 2013 Grey Cup winning team had 8 guys left from Tillman's last year in 2010.

Tillman only walks into good situations. Anytime he's had to build a team (Ottawa, Edmonton), he's failed.

Sorry about the facts. I know there not welcomed here.

Anonymous said...

Come on Pedersen, Spill your guts about Kane or do you have to keep all those "Top Secrets" to yourself? Probably know a hell of a lot more news about the Riders than you want to share , so why even bring this stuff up unless you are going to tell it all. After all News Reporters usually like to get the ball rolling with all their hyped up B.S on most stories . So what makes you so different ?

Anonymous said...

FYI: Hey Rod, just thought I'd mention that the Calgary Dinos beat the Regina Rams 25-9 in an exhibition game played in Medicine Hat last nite. Fairly entertaining game.

Dave in the 'Hat

Steve said...

You guys blaming the offence need to get your head out of your butt. The stats speak for themselves you clueless "football experts"...given the below plus being the most penalized team and worse giveaway/takeawy rotio...WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? Most of you illiterates may need someone to read it to you...where is the problem?

Total Offence
1. Saskatchewan Roughriders425.8
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 380.9
3. Edmonton Eskimos 375.9
4. Calgary Stampeders 370.6
5. Toronto Argonauts 362.4
6. Ottawa REDBLACKS 359.5
7. Montreal Alouettes 353.3
8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 338.8
9. BC Lions 331.0

Total Defence
1. Edmonton Eskimos 308.4
2. Ottawa REDBLACKS 338.8
3. Calgary Stampeders 339.8
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 355.3
5. Montreal Alouettes 366.4
6. Toronto Argonauts 376.1
7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 385.6
8. Saskatchewan Roughriders 406.5
9. BC Lions 421.3

Anonymous said...

2015 will be the "blip" this is reality and its that way until Durant and others leaders return from injury in 2016 with Taman/Chamblin. 2015 is the Year of the Ticats anyways (unless Collaros gets hurt for the play-offs).

Anonymous said...

Rod: re your first point. I know personally that I have neither the time nor desire to follow the Riders through another cycle like the '80s and '90s were so if this is a couple of years futility I will hang in but if this becomes an accepted "oh well, be happy we have a team" cycle then I will be done. 0-8 is hard to choke down and 2-whatever over two years is totally unacceptable. There is no reason we can't be competitive every year.

Anonymous said...

Tell us again how the Rams are switching their name to Cougars.


Anonymous said...

@steve with the stats;

So who's in charge of the defense? Oh yeh, "The Ego" is in charge.

Dave said...

Great post hit the nail square on the head. Add in terrible scouting and a lame GM who is responsible for the disaster this team is in

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!
Astute observations to post.

Steve said...

At no point did I say I was happy with the head/defence coach, my point is that it is not an offence issue....maybe I didn't type slow enough for you. Put the blame where it should be and focus your efforts on fixing what is broken. Anyone with an ounce of football intelligence realizes we are missing a QB, it just happens to be a solid defensive QB (A MIDDLE LINEBACKER). Every Grey Cup winning team has a solid leader at MAC.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the note about Rams changing name to Cougars should read today's paper before he looks even more like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Just brutal. Abuse the team all you want but don't abuse Pedersen. It's not his fault the team stinks.

Steve said...

For you couch potato armchair coaches who have likely never stepped on the football field...MAC is an abbreviation for middle linebacker.

Anonymous said...

I get that Eric fired himself Old Hank. But Hopson didn't have to pick the lowest hanging fruit for a GM. This demise is 100% on Hopson! Plus Hopson forced Tillman to quit because Hopson is delusional enough to believe he's the reason for the riders winning and losing. What a mess he left for Craig Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

Tillman wasn't successful in Ottawa because he had no money. Tillman was successful in Edmonton. They made the playoffs every year he was there after missing them for years. Edmonton is even more successful because of the base he built there. The 2011 Riders weren't successful because Tilan's hands were tied in 09 and 10 by Hopson and Ken Miller. Sorry about the facts. I appreciate Rod allowing them to be welcome here.

Anonymous said...

It's not Chamblin, we need to blame the person who hired Chamblin (Taman) but if it Taman's fault we need to blame the person who hired Taman (Hopson), so if it is Hopson's fault we need to blame the person who hired Hopson (The BOD), so if it is the BOD's fault we need to blame the people who appoint the people who sit on the BOD (Community), since it is a community run organization, we need to blame ourselves! Hay wait, this sounds like a debate my 10 year old and his buddy's have who likely have more football sense than half the commenters on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Tillman, Shillman .. who gives a rat's ass. The past is past, he ain't never coming back for so get over it...

Anonymous said...

so how were tillmans hands tied by hopson, yet Taman builds a grey cup winner under him? These facts of yours appear highly subjective.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous, that was well said.

Anonymous said...

put it this way. taman and chamblain made the right moves to address gaps that appeared last year. a la shea emry and kevin glenn, releasing Tino and Doege and bringing in Brett Smith.

Unfortunately, u dont know what a rookie QB can do until they actually play. Are we 2-15 if Smith is here last year instead of Tino? unlikely. Injuries arent an excuse, but the severity, length, and personnel affected are very impactful.

Ive been less than pleased with how Chamblain has handled himself this year, but he is young and hopefully he learns from this. Taman has shown an inability to provide consistent depth. But again, made all the right moves in the offseason.

The Riders have been close, almost every game., That's diffrtent from the mess of 2011, and the stretch last year without a viable option at qb.

I would commend the BOD and CEO, if they can manage to not buckle under pressure and make changes simply because "thats what you do when you're losing'"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Tillman hired Chamblin who went on to win a Grey Cup!! BRING BACK ERIC!! DOWN WITH TAMAN!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Obama , you obviously fall short on what the role of a premier is , because wall opens his arms to a possible U.S. president that does not mean he supports him , maybe just the opposite , good for wall getting to know a potential us president , hopefully he opens his arms to all of the potential candidates and it gives us an inside edge on future dealings with our biggest and most important trade partner

Anonymous said...

Just fire Taman. It doesn't matter who replaces him they'll fire Chamblin.

Anonymous said...

Stats are for losers.

Anonymous said...

Tillman was pushed into the background while Ken Miller and Hopson and to an extent Taman ran the show. They poached off his players and took none of his recommendations regarding the young talent he brought in. Much of that younger talent was not correctly assessed or cut outright which led to Ken Miller sticking with the veterans in 2011 that got him to two Grey Cups in 09 and 2010. That's how.

Anonymous said...

As to how Taman built a Grey Cup Winner? He gave away draft picks and spent like a deunken sailor to buy every free agent he could, a real NY Yankees model. We're still paying for it because he sold the farm to win it all in one year. Tillman knows how to do both.

Anonymous said...

No BT hired coach Chamblin. Sorry 100 percent wasn't Tillman.

Anonymous said...

"Just fire Taman" And bring in who???

Anonymous said...

FIRE Taman!

Anonymous said...

Rod, when you call the Riders 2015 season a 'blip' I can only assume you don't know how to spell 'train wreck'.

Anonymous said...

A bum off the street corner as our GM could surely provide the talent for an 0-8 team. Seriously though, give it to O'Day for the rest of the year and get Tillman back for 2016. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Fire the people who hire the Board! Starts and ends at the top no? So how many anions voted at the Riders AGM? Show of hands people!

Anonymous said...

Doubt if O'Day would be an improvement providing little change and would he fire Chamblin?

Anonymous said...

Tillman ... HA HA HA , what a bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rod but I want to be greedy. Yes, we just had the best years this franchise has ever had with 2007-2013 with 2 Grey Cups and 4 appearances. But compared to other franchises we have not had sustained winning for a long periods. We even missed the playoffs during this stretch of time.

And we have finished in first place once in almost 40 years which is absolutely pathetic. I know the end game is winning the cup but finishing is first place is definitely a pride thing and carries a nice aura with it and there is only 3 grey cups during that time. Look at the mystic of the Eskimos for all those years of being in first and winning championships and Calgary for most of the last two decades. Why can't we be greedy and want that. Way to long since the 66-76 so called dominant Riders, who only won one championship.

Anonymous said...

Bo Levi Mitchell is decent QB but his great winning record is more a reflection of the team he plays with than his level of talent. Hate the Stamps but Huff has been damn consistent at building a winner for the last 6 years.

Mike from Vita said...

I love how anonymous posters like 2 troll, but won't give their name. If u say it- own it!

Anonymous said...

God, what is it with the Tillman bone smoking going on in here?

Don't remember many shed tears when he left.

Parkside said...

A bit late to the conversation here but what is with any Tillman talk? He walked into Roys team.

RP, yes Straight Outta Compton was very well made.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I understand that you sold your sole to the devil to get the PxP job but I don't think they told you that you have to appear to be brain dead. You're yapping about how great the last decade was, well the reality of it is the Riders still sucked other than two years. We've won the regular season once in 40 years and you tell us we should be happy with this. You might have the job but your credibility is gone. You are a joke. I know your DAD and it must be hard on him seeing his son make such a fool of himself.


Rod Pedersen said...

You're a real loser man. But I'm sure you've been told that many, many times in your sad life.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one getting a bit tired of hearing "we were close ".. sorry pro anything is about winning . I was a chaimblin fan before but his attitude is wearing thin. You can't accept losers or you become one. All his excuses with no accountability. Almost seems like he's trying to get himself fired with his bone head play calls and awful defence. Btw what ever happened to Joe Womack? Wasn't he a talent finder in the US for us a while back? Just wondering. Here's to a lost season.