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Thursday, August 13, 2015



1 - Blog hits are through the roof.  During the bye week, Roughrider fans have been hitting up this website four, five times per day checking to see if there's been a firing (or firings) in Riderville.  However I can tell you there have been no firings.  And the last word we received out of Mosaic Stadium is that there will be no coaching change today, tomorrow, next week or for the foreseeable future.  It's on Corey Chamblin to salvage this 0-7 season of 2015.  Things will then be re-evaluated at the end of the season.

Incidentally the vast majority of the Rider Nation doesn't want to see Chamblin go.  Check out the Titan Auto poll on the left side of this page!  Over 70% of respondents don't want a firing.  Please vote yourself.

2 - Former Roughrider defensive coordinator and CFL nomad Gary Etcheverry told the Offsides Podcast with Luc Mullinder this week that a seven game losing streak under Chamblin shouldn't be a surprise.  "Etch" says all of Chamblin's Roughrider teams have been streaky since he arrived in 2012.  What I took from that is these Roughriders could just as easily come back from the bye and win seven in a row.  Wouldn't that be nice?  However Etch also advised that regarding the amount of penalties the Riders have taken, it's likely "too late" to be corrected if that wasn't part of their mindset coming out of training camp.

3 - Gary Etcheverry's name has come up as a possible interim replacement for Chamblin if a coaching change were to be made.  So have Dave Ritchie and Doug Berry.  Guys who may come here just until the end of the season.  This is just coffee row speculation.

ITH with George Reed, Marshall Hamilton and me
CFL legend George Reed disagreed with that on In The Huddle on Access 7 this week.

"Are you crazy?" Reed asked me.  "You know what - those guys had their day.  It would be like me going and putting on a uniform and wanting to rekindle what I had before.  I don't think it's time to make a coaching change here and even if you did, it's time to step outside and get a guy like Dave Dickenson.  You won't get him because he'll coach Calgary next year but get somebody like that.  Somebody with some upside.  Etcheverry and these guys had their swanswong and it's time to move on."

4 - So many across the CFL have asked what it's like in Saskatchewan right now with the team at 0-7.  They want to see us squirm.  However I had to tell them the truth -- everybody's stunned but nobody's turned on the team.  Sure there are the whackos and nutjobs who want everybody fired but those are the same people who complained Geroy Simon wasn't being used enough in 2013 when the team was 8-1 and romping to a championship.  (How silly does that look now?).  I'm as surprised as anyone that the club is 0-7 but equally surprised that the fans continue to be right there with the Riders, and haven't missed a snap of any game.

5 - One thing's for sure ... we continue to have fantastic people in that locker room.  That philosphy was ushered in during the Tillman/Austin/Miller era and continues to this day.  During the bye week Tristan Jackson, Dan Clark and Matt Vonk were seen donating blood at Canadian Blood Services as part of a blitz for donations from the public.  The players are making community appearances all over the province this week.  It seems not many players actually left town because I've seen them all over.  We Walk Among You.  And the players and fans are in this together.

6 - It was frightful to consider that, with the exception of future Grey Cups, last Saturday night was the final Saskatchewan Roughriders game ever in Rogers Centre.  The stadium opened in 1989 and was christened by a Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup championship that year in the most-exciting game the Green & White has ever played.  The first time I experienced "Skydome" was 1999 in my first year calling Rider games.  It was jaw-dropping then and in a lot of ways, it still is.  Of course the Riders' 2007 Grey Cup title was won there as well so Rogers Centre will always have a special place in Rider lore.  Having said that, we were all craning our necks at BMO Field as we drove by on the weekend wondering what that place will be like for the visiting Riders next season.

7 - The 20,642 fans in attendance at Saturday's Roughrider/Argos game was a good start to their home schedule.  The Argos averaged barely over 16,000 all of last year.  Observers are estimating that 6,000 of those were Rider fans Saturday night.  Meanwhile Argo President Chris Rudge issued an apology via email to the fans who attended the game but were delayed getting into the stadium.  "What happened on Saturday night with regard to lineups and wait times to enter the stadium was not acceptable," Rudge wrote.  "Officials have informed us that the average wait time at Gate 11 was approximately 20 minutes and even longer at Gate 5.  Wait times were significantly longer (at other gates) - more than an hour."

Rudge also noted that "gates were under-staffed" and there "weren't enough experienced security staff available to assist and many of those on-site were still in training".

Like I wrote in the MMG, the Argos are unwelcome visitors at Rogers Centre and everyone is holding their breath until they can move into BMO Field next year.  Remember, Rogers and Bell are violent competitors and Rogers owns Rogers Centre while Bell now owns the Argos.

If everyone would just grow up, that would be really nice.

8 - The two most ecstatic CFL markets right now have to be Hamilton and Ottawa.  The pair is tied for first place in the East at 4-2, along with the Argonauts.  The RedBlacks issued a news release this week informing us that fewer than 500 tickets remain for the Sunday, August 30 game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at TD Place Stadium.  The news release even quoted TSN's Duane Forde who surmised TD Place is becoming the best venue in the CFL to experience a game.

"Our fans are obviously making a name for themselves, and rightfully so," said Jeff Hunt, President of OSEG.  "We're all very proud of our fans and our team."

Hopefully one day soon the word REDBLACKS will pass the spellcheck on my Iphone and laptop.  Regardless, the RedBlacks are warning Rider fans that if you're planning on coming out for the game, get your tickets now.

9 - The significant injury to Winnipeg quarterback Drew Willy (6-8 weeks, fractured knee), makes him the fifth #1 quarterback to go down this year.  The others:  Mike Reilly, Jonathan Crompton, Darian Durant and Ricky Ray.

10 - Something to consider when making your CFL picks this week -- home teams have won the last eight consecutive games.  And the East is 10-6 against the West this season.

11 - The Saskatchewan-Toronto game on Saturday was the second-highest penalty total in CFL history at 43.  The very next day, the Winnipeg-Hamilton game drew only 11 flags.  That's the lowest total since October of 2013.

Brian Peters
12 - DOWN SOUTH:  Spoke with the Voice of the Minnesota Vikings Paul Allen on Wednesday -- the greatest football play-by-play man in the game -- and he's very impressed by linebacker Brian Peters, the former Roughrider.  "Brian Peters looks good!" P.A. texted.  I informed him that "B.P." is a great football player but an even better person ... Ben Heenan is getting surgery on his torn meniscus (knee) and will be in Indianapolis for awhile ... And Weyburn's Brett Jones is listed as #3 on the N.Y. Giants' website at centre as they visit the Cincinnati Bengals in NFL preseason play Friday night.

13 - If Scottie Douglas doesn't win WMBL Manager of the Year, there should be an inquiry.  Once at the bottom of the division, the Regina Red Sox are now on their way to the league final after winning the deciding Game 5 of their second round series, 5-4, in Weyburn last night.  The Red Sox visit the Lethbridge Bulls in Game 1 of the league final tonight.

No one is more happy or relieved about this than 620 CKRM's Mike Abou-Mechrek who waved a broom in the direction of the Weyburn Beavers at Currie Field on Monday, with Regina on the verge of sweeping Weyburn in the series.

14 - You are seeing Blue Jays merchandise around this town everywhere.  I'm assuming it's the same all across the country as the Jays have won 10 in a row and people are starting to wonder if they'll ever lose again.  They've taken over the division lead.  Someone dared called these fans "bandwagon jumpers" but that's false and unfair.  We've always had an eye on Toronto's baseball team but they never gave us reason to care past August 15.  Get out your Blue Jays stuff - or buy some - and wear it proudly!  I've been wearing mine for years.

15 - A hockey note.  Like every other Regina Pats fan, I was stunned at Monday's trade of Jesse Gabrielle to the Prince George Cougars (hockey's version of Siberia).  I knew the guy was high-maintenance but was excited to see what he'd bring to the Pats as an 18-year old this season.  However John Paddock shipped the Moosomin product to P.G. for a prospect we've never seen but are told he's as good or better and is in the same age group as franchise star Sam Steel.  While I was critical of Gabrielle - only because he was capable of so much more - I didn't want to see him leave the Pats.  I guess John Paddock saw what I saw.

I really, really can't wait for the Regina Pats season.  Incidentally I met with the QCSEG this week and I'm happy to tell you the team is expanding its television broadcast package and I'll be back in the booth providing the play-by-play in 2015-16.  Back in the hockey booth!  What a thrill!




Anonymous said...

Great read Roddy,

Florida Panthers are now in the market for a radio PxP man, going to through your name in the hat? What a great place to call games from!


Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) The quality of play in the WMBL is exceptional. Standings didn't apply because any team could beat any team on a given day. I'm not surprised the Red Sox made it to the final. It's outstanding baseball and go to these games.

2) I listened to Etch yesterday. I texted in and I'll say this. There are 9 teams in the CFL. There are 9 Head Coach jobs, 9 DC jobs, and under that an entire host of defensive coaching positions. - Nobody calls Etch to interview for them you know why? It's because he does not have the slightest idea what he's talking about. He's like Jim Daley. If you are a new coach, with no contacts, and hired late in the off season you call this guy to get the job filled. You dump him as soon as someone better comes along.

I got news for him. His defense or whatever you call it has never won a Grey Cup. To my understanding it has never won at any level.

Interesting guy for radio, but like I've said before. If any professional coach listens to him then it won't be long before he's watching games in the stands with him.

3) I look forward to Pats games too.

4) Regarding Stephen Harper and the PCs. - He's not a big picture thinker. He's not capable of looking at issues and deciding what's best for the greater good of all. It's not in his bones, and he's for the individual. I doubt he's ever played a team sport in his life, and it shows in his lack of ability to relate and work with people.

If anybody votes for the PCs and returns that many MPs to Ottawa as this Province as it has in the past then y'er all a bunch of Uncle Toms.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

I listened to Luc's podcast and took a lot more from it. IMO when Etch talked of streaks he was referring to the fact sustainability and process is more important than motivation and immediate gratification. When a HC has a very thin resume he hasn't been throughout the wars and can't pull a team from a tailspin. In 2012 the fact that the Riders changed 10 people on defence but still expected to win. Coaches and management had to to be complicit in all the changes. In other words it was too much too soon. This year we changed to a DC that has had no experience in that area. We have overall a rather thin coaching staff with the exception of Chapdelaine. That includes our HC. Additionally our GM does not have a great history of winning in Winnipeg and the 2013 was more of a refining of what someone else had already started. It could be argued the fans were bought off with a Grey Cup at home and some are still basking in that euphoria. The facts may be that we did not build sustainability into our football operations.

He talks of Pop and Tillman are the only two GM's who consistently high end talent into their organizations. While Austin has the title, we all know it really is. One might put Huffnagel and Buono into that mix but the two best are Popp and Tillman. I think that is very accurate and I also think that we have to wonder if we're strong enough in that area. The 2007, 08, 09, 2010 season were primarily from Shivers and Tillman. 2011 was because a coaching mistake was made. 2012 we had a rookie coach and too many changes.

The truth is the Riders are a thin organization and more bent on instant gratification than sustainability.
As long as Tillman is in Hamilton they will be outstanding and will win the GC this year. Popp will have Montreal on top real soon. No we can't entirely blame this on injuries. All that does is offer up and excuse to those who shouldn't be providing them but results instead. Etch was here in 08 and 09 and I think we went to the GC both years. It's funny how we couldn't move the ball well in each game yet the defence was the problem? In the 2nd half of 08 we did nothing. Additionally Kavis Ried couldn't count to 13. 2007, 08, 09, 10 is pretty consistent. Who did all that. Etch may have some faults as a knowledgeable football man I would take him over Obama any day. H appoints out something telling; last year in Wpg they felt the offence was good but the defence had to be better. This year in Wpg the Offence is scoring less and the defence is giving up more. Funny how teams and managements create story lines to deflect the blame elsewhere. There is uninformed perception and then there is reality.

chad said...

Rod please block any post with politics in it please !!
I'm sure Stephen Harper , Thomas Mulclair and Trudeau don't care and can't fix the riders either !!

Anonymous said...

Roddy, can't wait to hear you back in the hockey booth!! The hockey season can't come soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with politics not being allowed published on here.....please stick to Radio calling Roddy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here's the way CFL works and the hiearchy of GMs. If you read Bill Parcells biography. His mentor was Al Davis. First thing - you need a QB that can win. You also need a head scout. It starts and ends there. You can't win without players.

CFL - same, but it goes QB, Canadians, Kicking Game

There are two tiers:

1) Wally Buono - he has Roy Shivers, works for a sane Owner, and has a good fan base. His issue is nobody can coach as well as him so with him watching over a shoulder it's very difficult in that situation.

2) Jim Popp - He should be in the NFL. He worked in Saskatchewan and left. He has a sane Owner, and has a good fan base.

3) Kent Austin - 3 seasons, 3 Grey Cup appearances. Funny how he has a good scout in Eric Tillman. Tillman is right where he should be as he implodes when running the show. Tillman has the ability now to be the Paul Jones of the CFL. He can make a great living and not be bothered. This will allow him not to either self destruct on the job or self sabotage himself....surprise. They work for a great Owner and have a great fan base.

Tier 2

1) Jim Barker - Can find QBs, Canadians, and Kicking game. He could be a tier 1, but he is solid. Works for a great Owner, and Toronto you're left alone.

2) Brendan Taman - I truly don't know about him. Is he a personel guy or Head Scout, but as a GM I'm not seeing his vision. In Winnipeg Dave Ritchie was there, but when he took over it imploded. It's imploding again, and he can't find QBs or a Kicking game.

Craig Smith - no idea what he brings to the table. Here's what I see. 2016 the Riders have no QB, and no Kicking game, and the Canadians are old. Who's that on?

Kevin Glenn does not win. In Winnipeg he stuck with Troy Westwood way to long who should have been gone after missing 3 FGs in the 2001 Grey Cup.

It's not happening in Saskatchewan so I just can't see him sticking here. The lunatic fan base won't stand for it.

3) Marcel Dejardins - Lots of salary cap space, and a 40 year old QB a hamstring injury away. He'll coast off of Jim Popp's recommendation for awhile. Low expectations in Ottawa, great Owner, and incredible fan base.

4) Ed Hervey - Good leader, Chris Jones is a defacto personnel man, and Paul Jones is there. Edmonton will always win.

5) Kyle Walters - Completely screwed franchise.

...end of the day Saskatchewan is the worst franchise to work for. It should be a short term, get in and get out before you get eaten alive.

There have been good guys pass through, but you can't stay here. The fan base are idiots, and the franchise is back stabbing. Actually no it's not. If you work there you'll get stabbed in the forehead you'll see it coming.

Winning a Grey Cup in '07 or on home turf in '13....means nothing. They want you gone the slighest adversary.

Y'er Welcome
Midnight Rider

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you Obama, but Mr. Harper has played a team sport before - it was called 'Save The Duffy', and Nigel Wright was his quarterback. The good news is that he lost the game.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

alright Obama please tell us who to vote for, so we can blindly follow you and your lame ass ideals. In fact why aren't you running for office? you have all the answers to all the problems that are affecting our world. oh wait, you live in your basement and your soap box is getting worn out.

Anonymous said...

The Midnight Rider clown sounds an awful lot that Obama fruit cake. I for one am not buying his usual BS.

Anonymous said...

"What a thrill!" I can see Pedersen rolling his eyes as he typed that... or at least he should have.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Obahma you freaking idiot!

Anonymous said...

There are tiers of fans. The first tier is the know it alls. Put Obama, Kel, 306, and anyone stupid enough to sign with a handle. These are the worst types as they think they actually know something but are deluded.
Tier two consists of Brad Wall types. The what's in it for me fans. With no connection to the club they use the name for personal benefit. They are not really fans but hucksters and tend to draw support or ire from tier one fans.
Tier three fans live in Regina. They support anything Regina and usually forget that the team has Saskatchewan as its first name unless the team is in a losing streak.
Tier four fans drive more than one hour for the games. They have a sense of entitlement. If from the rural areas they are the first to shout fire someone. These are the fans the Banjo bowl was so aptly named for.
Tier five fans tend to quietly buy merchandise, do not know or care who the above fans are. They usually attend games as a form of entertainment and may on occasion attend in costume. They create the atmosphere.
The club could survive and survive well without tiers 1 to 4. There is no survival without tier five. Generally life is more pleasant without tier 1 to 4.


Anonymous said...

@ Old Hank

I'll give Stephen Harper credit for one thing. Did you read his book, A Great Game?. It chronicles the start of professional hockey in Canada. He wrote this while in office.

It's a tad dry with an academic slant, but very compelling and he did a great job on it.

@ Anon

Did you read Harperland? I'm in the middle of it and can't put it down. In one respect Canada finally has their version of Richard Nixon/George W Bush light.

I can empathize with one thing. His need to control messaging, and freeze out the press I get that. Past Tory governments usually consist of Cowboy MPs that can't keep their mouths shut, and it conflicts with the key messaging.

Harper took it to the extreme of essentially being on par with Soviet era control over what the pilot bureau or in this case the PMO puts out there for messages.

Who to vote for?

Easy. On record and evidence the PC have done nothing for this Province. Absolutely zero. Where to start first rescinding an $800M transfer payment which Calvert fought over yet Brad Wall said in effect that's okay we'll take it from behind with no grease, no hard feelings. Then the Potash issue which Goodale was the only one to speak up for, and then you have the big one for me.

Harper loves military stuff, and as a neo-con is built on being a war monger. He comes up with the Canada Strong b.s, and what does he do? To balance the budget for soccer moms, he holds back $1 Billion from the Department of National Defense - this had such an impact that veterans and their families had their benefits cut back. You think about that when you think of the Vet who did 6 tours in Afghanistan, has PTSD and blows his head off from it.

Chickenhawks love War, but they never see the impact. You vote for this guy and if the USA makes a change. Guarateed war happens with Iran, and he'll have Canada right in there. This guy wanted to follow George W into Iraq if you can believe that when he was in Opposition.

So you give the Official Opposition the chance to form government and see what they can do. The NDP better move right to the middle because they'll get one chance and one only.

So I am voting Federal NDP.

Y'er Welcome
.....O..'er Mid...

I told Rod I'm one and done today.

Anonymous said...

Obama just saw a picture of Rod with Mr Harper. think of the shame he must feel....stick it up your A$$ you blowhard wannabe

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod Regina is the Siberia of the WHL and has been for quite some time. Perhaps the new ownership will turn it around. It has been a league wide fact that the only nice thing about playing for the pats is a few short bus trips

Anonymous said...

Well here's the great thing about that.

I have dear friends, that could call me in the middle of the night for literally anything. I would come right now, no questions asked, and would expect nothing in return. Rod Pedersen and Tony Playter are two of those individuals. They support Mr. Harper. Trent Fraser is running as PC MP and he's a great man.

This is what's great about Canada. We can disagree. We can vehemently hold opposite positions. However that's Canada and when the discussion is over then it's onto the next topic of discussion.

That's what friends do.

Mr Harper he made a change to Canada, and this is why he needs to go. For the longest time PC/Liberal/NDP, even Bloc could disagree. No big deal. In fact Liberal Jean Cretien got NDP Roy Romanow to conduct a report on Health Care in Canada. PC Brian Mulroney kept the long term Liberal in charge of the Federal Public Service. In fact told him he trusted him completely.

Harper changed that. Harper with his Alberta isolation, thinking he's getting screwed at every turn made a change. He made it fashionable to not only disagree, but to utterly hate your opponent in the process. You disagree, therefor you wish utter destruction for your adversary. Government reflects our society and I'll just say the tone and style today lends a lot of credence as to why this would appear to be a very mean world we live in.

Under Harper we're not Canadians. We're Western vs Easter, vs Quebec Nationalists, vs Muslims, it goes on and on.

Chad said...

Ummm ... ! Harper this and Mulclair that !!
Who gives a tinkers fart ! Who you are going to vote for ! There are thousands of blogs and decussion groups that will gladly listen to your crappy commentary! I read this blog for rider coverage and pats stories !
And Obama and the rest of you that argue politics ruin it for those that do as well , with stupid comments like the political party's are your team !
It's one of the reasons I should stop reading this !

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Nutjobs,

Remember all those guys last year( it was probably actually one or two posting multiple comments on here) saying how Brian Peters was brutal and wasn't good enough for the Riders.

Hmmm...and yet it looks like he's good enough for the Vikings!

And another thing, when is Winnipeg going to learn how to treat a QB right. They ruined Buck Pierce, and they keep on trotting out a banged up Willy. Now he has a fractured knee and a torn ligament, and there saying 6 to 8 weeks. UNBELIEVABLE.
Sad, I'm a fan of Drew Willy, but he won't last 5 years the way that organization treats him like a piece of meat.

Anonymous said...

Really??What about when Trudeau Sr. Did not hold a seat west of Ontario? It was east vs west back then and way before that. If anything we are not a democratic country. The election is over before even one vote is cast in Sask. Till there is equal representation across this nation there will be no true democracy. Blame Harper but get your facts straight

Anonymous said...

Bringing in a different coach that would only finish off the season is beyond stupid. This is Chamblin's team, give him a fair chance to finish this season. The Riders are six points back of BC and Winnipeg of the final playoff spot. Winnipeg is in serious trouble due to injuries and the Riders have a good shot to win 2 games against them. They also still play BC one more time. It won't be easy but if the Riders can come out of the break refreshed, ready to go and go at this like a new season they still have a chance to make the playoffs. I like what I see in Brett Smith, our offence has major talent and our d is coming along. Lets not quit on our team Rider fans! Lots of football to be played yet! Go Riders Go!


Anonymous said...

Well one thing for sure Obama, it would be much better to have Harper writing books on hockey than cooking the books for his rich friends. Lets hope Canadians decide to liberate him in October so he has a lot more time to write other dry books about hockey.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

While it didn't hurt the Blue Jays to upgrade their pitching staff the biggest change is attitude and that change came when they traded away the me, me players. The 'hot dogs' I'm talking about are Brett Lawrie and Jose Reyes. Their replacements Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitski are both humble all-stars, they are team orientated and that's a big difference from the show-boats they replaced.

Maybe humble and team orientated are two qualities the Roughriders should be shopping for. Lord knows there's a couple of 'hot dogs' on the defense.

Anonymous said...

Are Obama and Old Hank agreeing? Check the forecast I think it froze over

Anonymous said...

I am against the legalization of cannabis, I prefer the following:

- I like it when my kids can get weed like I used to, from a drug dealer
- If we legalize it, then we would put the drug dealers out of work - we couldn't do that.
- I support the black market and all the profits going underground rather than to the government
- I like the idea that when my child seeks advice from a qualified drug dealer, that my child then has more options to buy other drugs, including the latest pill drug that seems quite the rage
- I don't like taxes. So I am definitely against legalization as I don't want to tax cannabis.
- I also am known to have my head permanently stuck up my a**, so me and my friends usually stick together on such issues
- I like being conservative - please in October - vote pro black market! Help keep our gangs happy and the profits underground. After all, do we really want to deprive our children their right to seek advice from a qualified street drug dealer.

Harper get's my vote - down with legalized and controlled cannabis sales.


Go Riders

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau is no friend of the Biker Gangs. If they want to protect their profits, they better get off their bikes and start helping the Conservatives get re-elected.

Jax Teller

Anonymous said...

Just a question...why are your kids seeking advice from drug dealers? Really?

Anonymous said...

A few more things: Voting NDP is voting for a leader that will do anything to get into power, like align himself with the separatists in Quebec. My Canada includes Quebec.
Wearing BlueJay stuff or even cheering for them, never ever gonna happen. Ever.
I remember Trudeau senior and his Eastern bias so that is not an option.
Coach Chamblin deserves a chance to finish the season then we shall see. Lets get some of the injured back and see where we go.
Never was sold on BT as a GM, but he's way better than the GM of the 80s.
That's it.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Roddy you're such a BIG DEAL!! TV and the PM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do some parenting and maybe your kid won't confide in drug dealers. Good heavens man!

Anonymous said...

GO ahead and vote NDP, but understand what will happen within a year after the election;
-Gas prices will surpass $2 a litre
-your grocery bill will double as shipment costs will be through the roof
-many families that have a household income at 100k to 150k will be destroyed (ie: loosing their house, declaring bankrutcy) because the increase in taxes will be too much
-the West will start dieing a slow death as the East will now get a bigger piece of the pie in regards to resources and Prov Gov'ts in the West will have to make even more cuts in the public sector. Good luck.

I think Harper is a d-bag but honestly, families are better off with him as opposed to the alternative ..... unless you are someone who stands at the latest "rally" looking for a handout!

The Professor said...

"will do anything to get elected"

Seems to apply to all the parties, but Harper has the upper hand because he used his new election law to put in place a LOOOONNNGGGG election to best maximize taxpayer funds to promote his party.

Also, he was smart to use government funds to run his ads leading up to the election call to tell us how he is spending our money.

Harper has watched and learned from the way the tough guys in power stay in power in other countries. And having two other parties to split the vote can only help ensure that when a majority want him gone, he can, like Jerome Messam, run up the middle and stick around.

Anonymous said...

Gas prices now are nearing $2.
Groceries have more than doubled in the past 4 years. Food banks lines are increasing.
Don't have an income close to $100 to 150k. Maybe I would be better off if they did pay for something or at least live within their means.
Resource wars are a past fight, the issue was settled years ago under Lougheed and Blakney.
Is the above post in jest? No one could be that stupid!

Pilot Bureau or is it Politburo? If you read the books you'd know.

Anonymous said...

Wow such great supporting comments to keep drug dealers going on forever. Amazing, it's like the lessons of alcohol prohibition went right over some peoples heads.

If your child has ever smoked a joint, or knows of anyone who has smoked cannabis, it has come from a drug dealer. The dealer may be a stereotypical type that we all imagine (a disgusting individual), or could be the likeable and local kid just next door.

If you want to keep drugs illegal (if you are incapable of understanding that prohibition does not work), than you will continue to fall prey to the simple (and mentally challenged) message of the Harper government.

If you are capable of seeing past that, and understand that after 50 years of wasting tax dollars on the 'war on drugs', then you must be willing to move forward against the 'simpleton' message that Harper feeds you; it's time to say 'enough is enough' - it's time to regulate it, tax it, control it, and.... wait for it... Set the highest penalty imagieable for any person caught providing regulated (legalized) cannabis to a minor.

Anonymous said...

We're waiting on the sliders (oh my fat finger, riders) to get back from vacation, huh? Shouldn't those hicks be on the field trying to fix the mess there in? No wonder the're losers.
Vacation, lmfao!

Go Stamps Go !
Go Stamps Go !
Go Stamps Go !

Anonymous said...

Nor sure who I find more odious - Harper or the Calgary Stampeders.

Anonymous said...

Slow week in Riderville judging by most of these comments. Can't believe you clowns let obamma wamma dictate a political agenda....again.

Anonymous said...

Are you part of the Conservative Base of voters?

The focus on marijuana is “opportunistic,” says UBC political scientist Max Cameron, adding that he’s “constantly astounded by the hypocrisy and inconsistency” of the government’s drug policies. Harper is “trying to paint Trudeau as a pothead. If he and his government really cared about the victims of drug abuse, he would focus less on enforcement and prohibition—which plays to the Conservative base—and more on harm reduction.”

ps., if reading that simple paragraph went right over your head, then consider yourself a Conservative base voter. Don't worry, Harper has his education, he will do the thinking, and message delivering, for you... you don't even have to think...


Go Riders ---Keep CC!!!


Anonymous said...

Alcohol is costing society billions of dollars in health care, legal costs it is the single most destructive thing in humankind today. Alcohol laws now clearly do not work and have become more and more lax over the years. Dope will take the same route once legalized. There are enough youth having their lives stolen by this drug and way too many adults dependant on it. Addicts gonna protect/promote their addiction.

steven said...

The poll is in favour of keeping CC now the survey after the season, regardless of the team's record, and I would bet the survey results are flip flopped!!

Anonymous said...

If you put that pool in my coffee shop it would be unanimous in favour of a double firing.

Red Neckerson

Anonymous said...

You may be right, or you may be wrong. But there is a good chance of you being wrong if the Riders start a winning streak in latter half of the season, as there is some good talent emerging which bodes well for a Durant lead team in 2016. If the losses keep piling up, then there won't be a need for a poll at the end of the season as the Riders would quickly announce that they are going to bring in a new coach.

Old Hank

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Politicians of any stripes are pretty much corrupt. Money buys access to all. Lobbyist control everything!

Governments looks after nobody, just themselves and friends. All parties are pretty much socialists buying votes and power. You really have a hard time determining who is who. When crude is at a big low, yet a litre of gas is at criminal high, is it hard to figure who controls governments?

Now that we've solved the political conundrum, sports are the only thing that counts for anything.

The Riders are a model franchise the financial envy of all. They are however a very thin organization fraught with managers and coaches whose past success and resume are thin to say the least, built on reactionary trades and devoid of real depth especially canadian. We consistently find adequate but few stars. By seasons end we will have had three brow .500 season under the current GM and his assembled scouting. Last year as well after DD went down was a joke. This season is starting to look the same way even though the offence has done pretty well in DD once again absence. Yet some refuse to admit it's a management and coaching issue! No actual or qualified leadership. Now just create a story to mask the reality. Nero fiddled while Rome burnt!

Anonymous said...

Put up a pole asking;

1. No firing
2. Chamblin firing
3. Taman firing
4. Double firing.

Anonymous said...

Most of us fans have no idea how to run a team. Fire the coach and bring in some retread? Maybe watching too much hockey and the 'coaching shuffle'. It's like musical chairs. One of the most successful NFL coaches ever was Tom Landry in Dallas. Was losing early on and fans trying to get him fired ... like some on here. The owner responded by giving Landry a ten year contract. He knew more than the fans. Didn't say it out loud but he looked at reasons for losses. Guess he hadn't heard that nothing is a reason if you lose.

Anonymous said...

Rod sucks !!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Way to go George, loved your comments.

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Interesting poll. Could coffee row be out of step?

Anonymous said...

4. Double firing. CHECK PLEASE !

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